Catch Pokémon: Black And White In Q1 2011

By Spencer . November 1, 2010 . 1:40am

imageWhen Nintendo announced Pokémon: Black and White for North America at E3 it was a "spring 2011" title. Nintendo’s latest bit of supplemental financial data says something else.


According to the Q2 report, we’re getting Pokémon: Black and White in "CY2011/Q1" or, in plain English, the first quarter of 2011.


Here’s how Nintendo listed Pokémon: Black and White in July 29, 2010.



And here’s their Nintendo DS lineup as of October 29, 2010.


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  • Banzai! I already got a really nice team on my japanese version :3 Traded a lot online and got all the starters :D so I’m pretty much done :P Gotta need a fresh new copy to finish xD

  • maxchain

    Any idea if it’s Pokewalker-compatible? I’d be lying if I said that didn’t heavily influence my decision to purchase SoulSilver.

    • I think people tried it with the Japanese versions and it didn’t work.

    • Still, the feature to put pokemons in th dream world and do stuff with them in a webpage, and download stuff to the DS (like changing skin of C-Gear), and etc is pretty neat, this is what is tempting me to get the game

      • Joanna

        Same here. Dream World looks very interesting. I like the pokewalker, but having it work for SS is enough for me.

  • Hours

    Announce Fire Emblem, Chibi-Robo! and Last Window now please NoA.

    • puchinri

      Oh yes, please. (Especially Chibi-Robo.)

  • Might be wrong on this one but isn’t the ‘Financial Q4 2010’ actually running until March 2011? When we (non financial) say Q1 of 2011 we usually think the first 3 months of a year – when a company like Nintendo says Q1 they refer to the time around spring/after March? In other words the street date might still be sometime around spring 2011 (after March) as this is the ‘Q1 2011’ in Nintendos world Might be totally wrong on this one, but this just struck me. (Sorry for typos – I’m from Denmark)

    • LastFootnote

      I think the CY means Calendar Year, as opposed to Financial Year. I’m just guessing, though.

      • superdry

        Could it be that its the same date with a different name? Q1CY is pretty much the same as Q4FY.

        I guess it would make sense to release Pokemon at the end of the fiscal year.

      • Ye… makes sense. Due to me being foreign I didn’t excatly understand what “CY” meant. Seems I was wrong then. Good news though :)

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      At vaere dansk er ikke en undskyldning for grammatiske fejl, haha. ^_~
      Men lader ikke til at være nogle stavefejl så vidt jeg kan se.
      Translation: Being danish doesn’t excuse grammatical errors, haha.
      But there doesn’t seem to be any typos as far as I can tell.

  • Well Im glad that they actually state Calendar Year 2011 Q1, which is pretty much a universal way of understanding the dates versions companies individual definitions of “Fiscal Year Quarter 1’s.” I cant remember but some companies Q1 occurs in the summer, gah!

    Anyway, I cant wait to get my hands on Pokemon Black/White. Ive pretty much not seen many of the new Pokemon fortunately, but Ive seen so much fan art of Trainer N, Belle, Cheren, and Black and White. (N x Black, artwork is the best), well just N too, one of there best designs for a trainer to date.

    I hope the games eliminated the moves, Tail Whip, Growl, Defense Curl, and Sand Attack; they are such useless moves.

    • Fan art……………. So you’re…… er… never mind.

      Anyways… They haven’t eliminated those moves but I don’t think those moves are completely useless. With the new EXP system that discourages grinding, you’ll be on equal footing with most trainers early on, so those moves will give you an advantage in battle you wouldn’t see if you over-leveled.

      • Discouraging grinding, care to elaborate? Because I usually get Dragon PKMN in the games, I need to be able to grind just to get them all up to their 2nd or 3rd forms fast.

        • It’s scaled so you’ll get less EXP when you battle a PKMN that’s lower level than yours. The reverse is true too. It won’t matter at the point where you get Dragon PKMN because there’ll be plenty of high level battles to fight.

    • Useless?! After 3 or 4 sand attack my pigeot was untoucheable!, and with tail whip my moves hit 2 or 2.5 times more than the beginning, helping you a lot with people that use potions when they are weak, and soooo on

  • This makes a lot of sense. Assuming the game doesn’t have some kind of heretofore-unknown 3DS features, they probably don’t want their big game release and their big system launch getting in each other’s way.Also, I’m glad it’s coming out sooner than expected- my brother’s been writing about it at our site and it sounds really, really good. The wait’s starting to drive me nuts.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me. I’m actually glad that we are getting it sooner because I’ve heard great things about it and the sooner I can play, the better~

  • gatotsu911

    Feel free to confirm Xenoblade and TLS any time now, Nintendo… aaaaaaany time now…

    • I feel like its been forever since we had any article on Xenoblade coming to American soil.

  • Josh

    Make sure it’s out before 3DS.

  • So we should expect the game maybe in February 2011 then. I’ll be ready.

  • Smugleafm or no sale! *crosses arms*

  • puchinri

    I’m excited we’re getting it so early, though I wonder if it’s going to see any changes.

    My friend and I were talking a lot about it recently since he has White, and Aloe and certain trainer sprites came up. He actually made it sound worse than it was and the other trainers don’t bother me, but Aloe did get an ‘uh huh…’ when I first saw her, though after consideration, she didn’t feel offensive. But I don’t know what to think since he told me her gym is like an underground.

  • SouskeSagara

    I think they should finish the pokemon series and have an all in one pokemon game. They should call it Pokemon start and finish 2 versions containing different pokemon. That would be great!!!

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