Square Enix Plans On Using Reboots To Strengthen Existing IP

By Spencer . November 8, 2010 . 12:26pm

image One of Square Enix’s goals is to strengthen their long list of intellectual properties. The publisher mentioned this during an investor’s presentation with a vague list of franchise names. This quarter’s financial results presentation has more information than colorful circles.


Square Enix has a two pronged strategy. First, they want to strengthen existing IPs with reboots. As examples, Square Enix listed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Front Mission Evolved, The 3rd Birthday, Deus Ex, and Dungeon Siege in this group.


Additionally, Square Enix wants to continue to build new brands. Nier, Mindjack, and Gun Loco were in this group. "Starting up new IPs has been extremely difficult," Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix, commented.

  • Guest

    I’m assuming by listing “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Front Mission Evolved, The 3rd Birthday, Deus Ex, and Dungeon Siege”, they consider those recent games as the “reboots”.

    • The slide also has a “…” after Dungeon Siege III either expressing Squall’s nonchalant attitude or future titles.

  • vadde939

    CHRONO. MANA. SaGa. Do it SE. But don’t screw it up. I want me a new chrono game. :P

    • puchinri

      This. So frickin much.

    • Neckbear

      A new, HD Mana game?

      …YES, PLEASE.

      Too bad it’ll be developed by some no-name Western developer and will include guns, being a typical, lackluster Third Person Shooter.


      • Because the Japanese never have guns or make Third Person Shooters. EVER!!

    • AdamBoy64

      Ah yeah. Gees. Didn’t the Mana series fall from great heights very quickly.. Heh.

      Everything Square Enix seems to touch turns to fail of late. So I’m not confident any Mana/Chrono game could live up to standards set.

      They could be reasonable games in their own right, though. Could be. But wouldn’t.

      • Code

        Yeahh that’s kind of my fear at this point too — I’ve always been wanting a new game in the Chrono series, but given Square’s work lately, I’m not exactly brimming with confidence that they could do it justice T_T’ And even more so I’m concerned about them out sourcing.

        • Aoshi00

          Square guy 1: “We’re on the verge of destroying the FF franchise and tarnishing the brand, what’s our next goal?”Square guy 2: “Let’s see.. what did people like from Square back in the days.. right, Chrono Trigger!”Nomura in the shadow (petting his cat): “Oh yea… from that fella people called the Gooch right?”

          Truth is after playing Blue Dragon a couple of years ago, I was hoping CT would get a remake w/ graphics like that, I thought Artoon did a cute rendition of the Toriyama art, but w/ S-E these days.. I’d be just thankful if they don’t muck up the games we loved..

          • Code

            Yeah when I first saw Blue Dragon it was one of the first things I thought of. But I don’t know if I’d want Artoon handling it, they’ve already ruined Yoshi’s Island DS for me x__x; and that left me extremely sour about anything they work on omo; But yeahhh I’d rather them hold off on any Chrono projects until they get there head back in the game.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Personally I didn’t care for Blue Dragon at all. Akira Toryiama rehashes the exact same character designs that he has been churning out for decades now, the game designers create an annoying pointless character (MaruMaru), etc.

          • RupanIII

            It all makes sense now.. Nomura = Dr. Claw!! xDDitto on CT..as much as I’d like to see a new installment, I’m almost positive S-E would screw it up somehow

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, after playing Crisis Core, I so wished for a PS3 remake (w/ the similar gameplay, just given an Advent Chldren facelift), like Lost Odyssey you know, which was basically the first HD FF. But knowing S-E, they would not be content w/ a simple remake without giving a complete overhaul to the gameplay and adding more unnecessary baggage to the story.. Crisis Core was the only good thing that came out of the FF7 compilation anyway…

          • Tokyo Guy

            You know if you want to play a real Chrono Trigger 3, try playing Radiant Historia for the DS. It’s practically everything Chrono Trigger tried to be, including multiple branching storylines and frequent changes that can be made to history.

          • Aoshi00

            That good eh? I never finished Radiata Story on PS2. I’ll check out some reviews and think about it, right now importing is tough for us, $70 for a DS game! And I don’t want to keep expanding my wish list lol.

          • Joanna

            *crosses fingers that Atlus brings it over*

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder


      …did you play The Last Remnant? (PC, which was an upgrade over the Xbox360 version) It was a SaGa game in all but name, complete with the same team and rushed deadline.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I truly hope that the upcoming Saga 3 remake doesn’t fail as much as the Saga 2 remake, because Saga 3 was actually a great GB game.

  • Shinixis

    Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story and a new rocket slime game(suprsingly awesome) would win it for me :D.

  • TS would love this news.

  • nyoron

    Time to reboot FFVII

    Edit: so mad

    • neogeno

      Knowing FF fans, that may bring about a new age of gaming or usher forth the Apocalypse.

      • SolidusSnake

        I’m going with the latter, not so much because of FF fans but because the whole thing smacks of a last-ditch effort by Squeenix to bring in new fans in the face of falling stock prices and the reaction of former fans to the last two FF titles. I can’t imagine this working out any better than Hollywood’s numerous “reboots” of once popular franchises…

    • SolidusSnake

      Oh god no. Please, no.

    • MemeticRichard

      Go away.

    • Yes please. I would finally like to play this lauded game.

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        It’s on PSN…..

      • It’s already out. The Gameplay is/would be the same. If You’re not gonna play it cause-a the graphics, then…well, not surprising.

        • Age hasnt treated the game well, unfortunately, I do not think I can get over looking at it on my HDTV. :(

          • coughgraphicswhorecough

            Try FFIX then. I much prefer IX to VII and IX has much better graphics than 7.

          • I love me some good graphics!

            Gosh, Imma have to follow what someone said and get the virtual PS1 memory card going on my PS3. I have FFIX (ps1 games are still sold on AMZN new apparently), so I will play it. I had saw a few minutes of it, and the graphics looked comparable too FFIII DS, I think, so its still bearable to me. If its so lauded then I need to push it closer to the top of my backlog list, lol. Ill have to hunt down a good walkthrough too.

          • Aoshi00

            Play it on a PSP, they should look pretty good. Like Mark Shaver said, I think IX still holds up, graphics in IX was a lot better than VII because it’s the last FF game on the PSX. It has a medieval fantasy style too like FF1-6, unlike 7&8’s more futuristic setting. IX is fun you won’t regret it. And it’s just $30 for 3 of the best FFs, one Naruto game is like $50-60.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      If that game is ever remade, I hope squeenix goes bankrupt

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I would be more satisfied with a 3DS remake.

    • Oh, YES.The internet’s cup would runneth over with sweet, sweet tears of nerdrage, and I would bathe in the resulting ocean. The lulz would be too sublime.

    • I’d be for a remake. I’d not be for a reboot.

    • OMG no. -_- Let VII just die already. Nothing against it and whatnot (since I am a fan of it — well, mostly a Turk fan)… but really, a reboot or remake of VII would be horrible. It wouldn’t be the same, just look at all the other FF games they made after it. They’d just update the graphics and change the game engine and add in useless stuff to appeal to current gen. USELESS idea. Thank god they said they’re not gonna do a remake for it. (But y’know.. it’ll happen later in the future anyways.)

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Sorry, couldn’t reply above!

        Out of all Tri-Ace games that I’ve played, I gotta say Resonance of Fate is my favourite.

        I liked SO, SO2, loved SO3 and SO4 was lots of fun. I only played VP for about 11h, gotta finish that one sometime…

        Battle system, soundtrack, characters, graphics… It’s got it all. The customization is a really nice touch too. The story may be kinda low-key, but I see it more as an opportunity to develop the characters and the game world. And it succeeds. You have to try the English voice track, it’s really good!

        About The Last Remnant , I played it on PC (and with the Japanese voice track too =P). I remember being fascinated with the Conqueror, nice character design too. David (I think that was his name) and his generals were interesting as well. I know it was also planned for PS3, that’s why I said that maybe it didn’t sell enough, so SE eventually lost interest…

  • Aiddon

    uh, Front Mission Evolved was a huge FLOP and NIER didn’t exactly light the world on fire. T3B is also looking to not only mess with PE1 & 2 but even the NOVEL by blatantly ignoring the basic premise. Deus Ex, MIGHT work better, but we’ll still have to see on that one.

    • They probably see NIER as the ideal direction for their RPG franchises because of the heavy emphasis on Westernizing their games. In that regard it makes sense to continue it as a series.

      • neo_firenze

        At least Nier is freaking awesome. Best non-Dragon Quest game S-E has released in YEARS. Maybe now that the director (Taro Yoko) has left AQ Interactive, Square-Enix could hire him in-house instead of going out to third party devs for sequels like they did with cavia for Nier and the Drakengard games…

        Man, I’d LOVE that. Doubt it would happen, but now I’m kinda hoping.

  • Shinixis

    Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, New Rocket Slime(3DS) = Profit!.

  • MrRobbyM

    To SE, reboot = more western.

  • I want new IP’s. Or at least sequel’s to the games that they’ve been ignoring forever. Valkyrie Profile 3. NOW.

  • They need to finally announce the Tomb Raider full scale console game. Im ready for more Lara (with an experience that isnt split across console generations or something again).

    I like the idea of going forward with new IP’s though, I think mindjack is one of the intriguing ones.

    Dungeon Seige III so far looks like a good move, I hope isnt connected too much to the previous games so then I dont feel out of the loop when I get the game.

    I just realized that I often find myself always getting excited for series midway through and then just jumping on board…lol, people always hype stuff up.

    • I Plan to get into Dungeon Siege too, but I would understand and actually endorse having some connection to the older games, as to not screw fans over if there is some sort of continuity. From my experience, you don’t necessarily need prior experience with an IP to enjoy it (Prime Example: Chrono Cross. Probably my most beloved game of all time, a threeway struggle with KH and FFIX. It’s apparently a sequel to Chrono trigger which, when I played it as a kid, I didn’t know that. However, I still understood the story 95% (the Chrono References went over my head, but i never knew i didn’t get them until I knew about Chrono Trigger.

      Essentially, if it weren’t for the number 3, I doubt a lot of People would know it was a Sequel.

  • Neckbear

    I really don’t know how they’ll make a sequel to NieR, when Cavia went down….Space Marines?Anyways, jokes aside, I must say…Square Enix have alot of different IPs and just game concepts/ideas they could do magic with.Personally, I would like to see a game like the first Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Well, at least on combat, emphasis on Co-Op, the way you crafted your weapons, armor, ah, just an online reskin of the original FF:CC with different dungeons!) for XBL and PSN.Seriously, Square just has too many great ideas they never take advantage off, and instead somewhat screw up on their games.

  • A new Bahamut title and Valkyrie Profile 3? Yes pl0x Squenix.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Why can’t I help but have a jaded reaction to this…

  • anbu

    I’ve been waiting for a sequel/reboot/remake of Vagrant Story. Anything.

    I love this game so much and hope to see it again on a… psp. lol. jk. on a console. lol. No I want it on a psp just like Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3. lol.

    • Exkaiser

      Make up your damn mind!

      And where is America’s PSN release of Vagrant Story. ;_;

    • I still need to play it. I’ve heard great things about it.

  • Schwer_Muta

    If they made a new Einhander game I would instantly forgive them for everything they did wrong this entire generation.

    • Even if the new game sucked ass and ruined the image you had of Einhander?

      • Code

        I don’t know about that, a new Einhander seems like something Square is in position to excel at. After acquiring Taito, Taito’s been putting out some great shmups, like Darius Burst >w<; Taito x Square working on an Einhander 2 at this moment in time, I'd be 100% behind!

  • MemeticRichard

    Out of the all the game companies as of right now, *to me*, it seems like Square Enix is the one that has the least clue on what the hell they’re doing, and what their long term plan is.

    Capcom, Bamco, sure, they’re doozies here and there, but SE seems truly, *truly* lost in the woods. They need some *massive* reorganization, followed by a long term strategy.

    A good place to start would be getting rid of Youichi Wada and Tetsuya Nomura.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Why do you dislike Nomura?

      (I’m taking the chance to try and understand why people hate him, besides the “belts and zippers” thing.)

      • kupomogli

        Have you ever played a good Kingdom Hearts game? Yeah. Neither have I.

        • MrRobbyM

          I did. Kingdom Hearts 1+ 2. All the spin-offs kinda suck but I haven’t played BbS yet.

          • Testsubject909

            My friend played it earlier this month and told me about his experience.

            So he took about something like 20 hours to complete one character’s story, then started up the next character because you need to complete the game three times, visiting various similar vistas, to get access to the true story/end story/end game.

            Starting up another character is exactly as you might think. The character is stripped barren of any equipment save the starting items, has no magic, has no skill, no D-links, no finishing move, nothing but the simple combo.

            So he stopped playing. (for now)

            Now, if playing a game that’s vastly similar three times through with three characters who’ll, admittedly grow differently from one another, then that’s all. But if you find the idea of going through three characters just to get the ending a bit of a chore…

          • Tokyo Guy

            20 hours?? Wow, I seem to remember finishing Ventus’ story in like 7 hours and was shocked how short it was. I was so bored and unimpressed with the game I never even bothered to play the other 2 characters.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          So you dislike him because he’s the director of a series of games that you don’t care about? Or am I wrong in assuming that, since you consider KH games bad, you don’t care about them? If that was the case with me, I simply wouldn’t even mind the guy. But that’s me.Well, putting aside the whole “it’s all a matter of taste” thing, yes. Yes, I have. I liked all KH games I’ve played so far (didn’t play Days or Coded). II and BbS being my favorites for the amount of fun they offer (and a bunch of other reasons). The story in II was convoluted, but not impossible to follow. It’s all up to the player whether they want to immerse themselves in the game world or not. I did, and I don’t regret it. It’s a fun, well realized universe and… it kinda rips off from Star Wars here and there (I remember I got that impression, but I can’t remember why anymore =P).Well, that’s what I think.

          • kupomogli

            As a game developer I don’t like him. As a person who knows. He might be the coolest guy ever.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Unfortunately, I’ve been a fan of Kingdom Hearts one and not much since. I enjoyed parts of 2, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I never owned all the systems the others were on at the right time when they were released, but from what I’ve sampled and seen they just… don’t interest me..EDIT: Not a fan at all of Organization XIII, but they probably reminded you of Star Wars because they dress like sith lords and you fight Xenmus? Xehanort? (I forget which) while he flips around with twin lightsabers.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I remember I considered certain details of the story a bit too SW… Can’t remember specifics =P But then I remember the whole Nanaki-Anakin thing from FF VII and I think “yeah, gotta get used to it.”.

            But yeah, Xemnas with his twin hand light sabers is a bit too sith lordish =P

          • neocatzon

            really, Organization XIII should have not exist at all.

        • All of the KH Games I’ve played were enjoyable as hell, except maybe 358( And even that wasn’t TOO bad).

          By your logic, I should hate Kojima because I don’t like MGS games.

      • Aoshi00

        I like the zippers, his drawings are fine (though I haven’t seen any for FF13).”It’s the Kingdom Hearts (es) stupid!” lol Just do a search on KH posts and you would see, another commenter “Tokyoguy” put it the best I think, on the subject of Nomura’s whim and S-E’s shamless milking, it’s like the eternal question, chicken or egg comes first :)

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I like most of his designs too (except for the clown shoes in KH, that pisses me off).

          Thanks, I read Tokyo Guy’s posts, and yes, I agree that the VS XIII thing is a bit irritating. He’s also right about time management skills, but I’m not sure that’s his fault. Being overloaded with projects, I mean.

          The thing is, in a general way, I like the stuff he creates. So, even though it’s been a ridiculous wait for Versus, I’m willing to wait for it, because it will most probably be awesome.

          And it’s not like all I play is made by Nomura. There are lots of excellent games coming out to play while we wait!

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, clown shoes are the worst and most irking invention.. you know the manga Houshin Engi, the artist was crazy w/ big shoes and in his subsequent manga, so distracting..I remember liking KH1 a lot, I’ve only played a little bit of 2 like the Mulan world. The PS3 was out and I just didn’t go back to play it because the Organization XIII thing looks kind of ridiculous, can’t even tell one guy from another.. and Days and ReCoded are among the numerous shameless spinoffs I heard are awful.. Nomura is always gloating how excited he is about every new KH and all the new projects, while people just want a simple PS3 KH3 (guess it might not be that simple for S-E since they had such a hard time pulling off FF13 and it was still mediocre to put it mildly..).The other night I was on line to get Kinect (the wait was awful), a kid was playing BBS, he was w/ his dad, I was like “That’s Ventus right?” and he said, yea, but that’s Roxas, and later he was mumbling to himself about the story, not sure if I would get the whole convoluted thing.. I’m not that interested in KH though, I was more in it for the Disney chars and it was cool to fight Sephiroth in the first one, so maybe I’d just get Epic Mickey. I only played a little bit of BBS, the game looks good (I imported it and didn’t get very far, thought the game was quite hard, got the US version for the PSP skin too), I just wish I’m more into portables.. (my Mario DSi XL came tonight, and I can’t find a Hori screen protector :(….Like I said, after FF 11-14 over the last 10 yrs, I will not get my hopes up on anything FF, I won’t, because the more I anticipate the more I would be disappointed, every time I was like the next one would be it.. also they’re numbering all the MMOs now.. If VS13 could surprise me, that’s great. But we know almost nothing about it at this point, so I’ll just wait and see..Until I see some solid positive reviews from Jpn gamers (NOT Famitsu’s 40/40), I won’t be spending 9000 yen on it, wonder what the exchange rate would be when VS13 does come out like 2 yrs later lol

          • It actually isn’t that Convoluted or confusing in the slightest. I’ve played them all but Coded/Recoded and It all makes sense to me. And the Org all have distinct personalities, abilities, traits, and even their Coats are actually different between each character. It honestly isn’t as convoluted as many people try to make it out to be.

            And I love Sora’s Big Shoes :O They’re Awesome!!!

          • Aoshi00

            It’s been on my to-do list for a while, I keep telling myself I should go back to play 2 one and then BBS.. Just so many games this gen I haven’t even finished, hard to go back to backlog last gen..

          • MemeticRichard

            1- FF13 is *NOT* mediocre. How do I know this…? Because I’m throwing down ten shillings on the bet that you liked the battle system… In my opinion, this is a learning experience for SE. Provided Nomura stay far away from whatever they apply it to.

            2- Contrary to popular belief, FF14 isn’t the worst thing SE released this decade. It’s Kingdom Hearts ReCoded. Saying that it’s a piece of crap would make crap cry. And worst of all, Nomura is absurdly giddy and proud of it and thinks everyone should play it. That alone makes him a top man for the TSA’s Terrorist Watchlist.

          • Aoshi00

            The battle system was fun once the game passed the 20hr mark when it finally does open up, by then it felt way too late, there were several times I lost patience along the way, but even then it’s still flawed in many ways, like you can’t change char in battle midway, and once the main char dies it’s game over and there’s no way to have other party members revive you, i know compromises need to be made for such fast paced action, but still the system is very flawed, also you can restart during any fight at any time, no penalty for dying so you’re not worried you mess up (it’s good in a sense of trial and error and you don’t need to go back to last savepoints, lots of them anyway). And that’s just the battle system which wasn’t the worst part of the game :(… I don’t think Nomura had a lot to do w/ 13, it’s Toriyama Motomu, that guy wrote X-2 and 13, so… he’s the guy I want to stay away from future FF installments. The premise was great and filled w/ potential, written by Nojima Kazushige who wrote for FF7, but Toriyama couldn’t follow up w/ the rest.. the person who wrote the novel did a better job though.. There’s a reason why FF13 is not liked by so many man :)

            I’m not a big fan of Nomura when it comes to directing, but I did like the drawings/design he did for FF7-10 (10-2), 13 was okay, I just wish I could actually see his drawings instead of just generic CGs.. I was only talking about FFs though, I’m not getting my hopes up over anything, if somehow he could pull it off w/ VS, then my hat’s off to him, I would be very grateful. But again I keep telling myself “don’t expect anything from S-E”.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I remember watching one episode of Houshin Engi and not liking it… Damn clown shoes (no, it wasn’t because of that =P).

            I am into KH for its rich world, not particularly for Disney (even though it’s a huge part of it, of course), but for the series as a whole. About him hyping new KH games… Well, that’s part of his job, right?=P But yes, what people most want is a HD KH, even though I’m not sure we’ll see it this century.

            About the Kinect story… xD

            Maybe I’m way too willing to accepting all the stuff he puts in his games because I so deeply care about the KH universe. So, you see, even if it takes replaying the games and reading a few things to fully understand the storyline, I’m willing to do it, because, to me, KH is a lot of fun, and the games are great.

            I think SE is using VS XIII to redeem the FF brand, which is a bit tarnished in some people’s opinion. That’s the impression I got. “Hey guys, there are cities. And a world map. And airships.” It seems like they’re trying to make up for it.

            Oh, and I would like to hear your opinion on BbS! Too bad you’re not too inclined to play it =P

          • Aoshi00

            I thought it was very funny the kid was excitingly tell his dad about KH’s story and chars (kid was like 11 and dad 48), not sure if the dad actually understood lol, even though he’s also a gamer. Exactly, they’re not giving people what they want, just one stinking HD KH3, not countless spinoffs. I guess as a fan people wouldn’t mind more KH goodies, but too much milking gets on my nerves, like Dragonball (I love it but I’m not about to buy it like Madden). Exactly, FF13 was as bareboned (lazy) as they could get, they really think people don’t want towns/cities/NPCs/world map/exploaration/air ship, it’s like they think people are satisfied w/ only CG movies.. I would go watch Toy Story 3 or MegaMind instead, they do that better than Square.. I hope they do redeem the franchise, been in the gutter for so long (see, I’m still hoping deep down.. must abandon all hope..)

            I know, guilty as charged, just not too big on portables.. I’ll get to BBS one day, when I saw the kid playing it from afar, that game looks beautiful, probably one of the best if not the best looking PSP game, eyes just get tired easily and a little hard to play for long.. If I don’t plan to play it for 3 times, which char do you think I should play w/ at least? I started w/ Aqua and that’s it, because it’s a girl lol.

          • MemeticRichard

            @Mark: Compared to other works, no, KH isn’t that convoluted. It just *doesn’t make any sense.*

            Organization conspiracies, revenge plots, French intrigue, those are all elements that work well for certain things. KH is not one of them.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            About milking, it’s definitely irritating. But, people have a choice not to buy the things they put out. I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not playing coded or days… I’ll just go to youtube, see a few clips, read a summary of things, and I’m ready for the next entry.

            But it’s as TS said: it’s like they are aware that KH3 is what people want, but instead of making it, they’re just releasing endless spin-offs with small clues to suck money from the fans. That’s just ridiculous, I completely agree. But my previous point stands: fans can choose not to buy them.

            Reading the stuff I wrote makes me feel like I’m way too apologetic… But that’s just the way I feel about it.

            Don’t lose hope for FF! It will return in glorious fashion! …. I hope.

            I don’t know, it depends on what type of gameplay you like the most… Terra is the tank character, Ventus is nimble and Aqua is the magic user.

            I personally prefer Terra, but don’t mind my opinion, I’m fan, and as a fan, I am most certainly extremely biased =P

          • Aoshi00

            Dang, he made so much sense you quoted him lol. Then he’d be like ‘I’ll buy all 50 Naruto games”.. gotta hand it to him for being a dedicated fun. Well, let’s just see if FF could return to its former glory one day, w/ more contents and fun, no more Toiryama Motomu that’s all I’m asking :)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            xD Crap, I’m quoting TS, what has the world come to? (Just kidding TS)

            Man, why did Sakaguchi have to leave, and why don’t I have a Wii to play the Last Story…

            Maybe his next project will be on PS3 (I could only afford to buy that one, unfortunately)!

          • Aoshi00

            Oh man, you have no reason to own a Wii up until now? It’s not my fav system, but still quite a few good games on it. Not sure if Last Story is definitely coming stateside, if you want to get one, you should get the 25th year anniv Mario red one now from Kmart, just make sure you sign on w/ the “Shop Your Way Reward” cards, it qualifies for 50,000 points, which is $50 worth, so that’s a red Wii w/ NSMB and the new red remote plus and nunchuck. For those who have yet a Wii, this is it. The deal is this week until Sat, no I get no commission :)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Thanks for the tip, but sadly, in this case, I’m from a tiny little country in Europe, so no Kmart deals for me =/

          • Aoshi00

            Doh! Gotcha, so many European brethren here.. truly global indeed :) Hope you guys would have deals too, but it’d probably be like 200 Euro or something.. at least you have some cool LEs lately.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            You’ve just articulated all my feelings about Square, FF, and Nomura. Well, more or less, anyway.

          • “Compared to other works, no, KH isn’t that convoluted. It just *doesn’t make any sense.*

            Organization conspiracies, revenge plots, French intrigue, those are all elements that work well for certain things. KH is not one of them. ”

            How does it not make sense? All the pieces are there: Heartless are made certain ways, nobodies are made certain ways, I don’t get the confusion.

            A Major arc in KH1 was based on Revenge AND a conspiracy and it worked out perfectly -.-‘

          • “2- Contrary to popular belief, FF14 isn’t the worst thing SE released this decade. It’s Kingdom Hearts ReCoded. Saying that it’s a piece of crap would make crap cry. And worst of all, Nomura is absurdly giddy and proud of it and thinks everyone should play it. That alone makes him a top man for the TSA’s Terrorist Watchlist. ”

            WHAT is so bad about Re:Coded? The game looks fun as hell to play!

          • Tokyo Guy

            Yeah…Kingdom Hearts 2, IMHO, was such a horrible disappointment. The game had such promise as hinted in the Deep Dive movie contained in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I remember how excited I was at the time and couldn’t wait for KH2. But instead, the story became this convoluted garbage that I neither cared about nor even fully understood.

            Also, I will say that the Kingdom Hearts series has some rather poor plot development. To this day I still remember the uber revelations contained in the Sea of Eden are of Chrono Cross, and recall how shocked I was both in terms of its connection to Chrono Trigger, and to the actual story of Chrono Cross. Likewise, Xenogears’ Tree of Raziel section at the VERY end of Disc 2 was equally amazing. Those two moments stand as the most prolific in my entire video game life. Square has yet to produce anything even remotely as “mindblowing” if you ask me, though it’s no doubt a result of the very people who made these games I look back on no longer working with Square.

            I kind of see SquareEnix like Sony: a company that built itself on some of the best ideas and products in the industry, but that lost all of its talented staff and vision and has become little more than a hollow shell of what it once was. Both still churn out new products and have legions of worshipers, yet nothing will ever reach the same level as the companies enjoyed in their heyday.

          • MemeticRichard

            It isn’t SE dumping their projects onto him – it’s him being an irresponsible jackass and badgering them to do 10 things at once, naturally half-assing his way through all of them.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            If you know this for a fact, well, thanks for enlightening me on it. I was not aware that it was up to him to be involved in so many games at once.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Oh man xD Let’s wait for TS to start showing his personality disorder around here

        • Tokyo Guy

          LOL thanks for the shoutout. Like I have said though, I absolutely loved Nomura at first. I thought he was the best thing that happened to Square when he overhauled their art direction (see Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy 7, The Bouncer, Brave Fencer Musashi, etc) and Kingdom Hearts proved to be superb.

          But now, I have no clue what the hell is going on. It seems like every few months there will be a new Kingdom Hearts game released, though it will be nothing more than a rehashing of the old ones with the same characters and same worlds. Meanwhile, all of the NEW games he is supposed to be putting out, like 13-Versus, are nowhere to be seen.

          As for two side comments, (1) wasn’t Disney supposed to be in charge of Kingdom Hearts? And (2) if only Akira Yamaoka had been able to change roles even half as good as Nomura did, perhaps Silent Hill would still be made by Team Silent.

      • MemeticRichard

        I think most of the criticisms have been covered quite a bit, but it generally boils down to this:

        He’s an egotistical, arrogant prick who’s far too in love with his own imagination to even realize what works and what doesn’t. He can’t time manage for crap, and he’s an utterly lousy scenario writer. He pays ZERO attention to criticisms and critiques, and thinks that everything he makes is a work of art.

        I would love nothing more than for Tomonobu Itagaki to spit whiskey in his face, then proceed to give him an ass beating. In an Irish pub no less.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          You really hate him! Well, I wanted to know why, and now I know. Thanks for indulging me. I never got the impression that he’s arrogant… (Not saying you’re wrong or anything, just my opinion)It’s ironic though, that I feel the same way about Itagaki. I don’t hate him (love NG), but he certainly fits in certain parts of your description of Nomura.

        • Tokyo Guy

          I couldn’t agree more. IMHO Nomura thinks he’s a hot-shot because people liked his character designs and Kingdom Hearts sold well. I’m not sure if you were the one who made this analogy Richard, but someone likened him to M. Night Shamalyan. That’s a good comparison really…

          I dislike Nomura for the same reasons. He has no clue how to prioritize his work and no ability to see things to completion. What he has done to these games is tantamount to Miyamoto deciding to make 7 new games and then letting everyone else finish them because he is trying to think of 7 more. How much work did Nomura ACTUALLY put into the 2 recent DS Kingdom Hearts games? How much work is he even putting into Versus considering it was announced YEARS ago and we’ve yet to even see a functioning build of it in VIDEO let alone a playable demo. What the hell is he doing all day?

      • karasuKumo

        Because some people instantly blame other staff members mistakes on him because he is SE’s public figure. They say things like “Oh he’s making too many KH titles!” when that is Wada’s decision. They should really just be criticizing his designs and things they know for fact were his decisions.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Who was the one who was responsible for Final Fantasy 13? That person needs to be fired IMHO. It’s time that Square starts making Final Fantasy games again and not Mistwalker…though considering that Sakaguchi basically WAS Square, I don’t think that will ever happen again.

          • karasuKumo

            I can’t remember who but in an interview one of the staff members said it’ll be very story driven and wont have exploration. It could have been story driven (What FF title isn’t?) and still have large maps and exploration. The first FF on the PS3 and they mess it up. I haven’t even completed it! I have zero motivation. Versus and Agito look like FF’s redeemers at the moment.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Yes I think that’s the most baffling part of the “talent” responsible for Final Fantasy X and XIII. It’s not like the FF series was ever non-linear to begin with. The games were VERY much about “Do A, B, C; go to X, Y, Z” and yet none of them ever felt as linear as 10 and 13. Heck, even Final Fantasy 12 didn’t feel linear, though that was partly because of the HUGE areas and the plethora of hunts.

            It’s also worth pointing out that Final Fantasy 13 did have some very large environments when you consider the area as a whole, but the fact that they are so restricted and tunnel-esque ruins them.

            Also I can not stress enough how poor the story in 13 was. It was cliched Japanese melodrama that most people (save for the Japanese apparently) seem to be growing tired of, and was as horribly abridged as was Final Fantasy 12. Why is it that Dragon Quest 8 managed to realistically capture a giant world environment half a decade ago, and yet with all the processing power on the PS3 and the storage of the Blu-Ray Disc, Square puts out a seriously underwhelming game and then ADMITS to cutting out significant portions of the areas? And why don’t people complain about this?? Gran Pulse should have been the rule, not the exception…

    • Confused-chan

      @[email protected] confused…

      So you want them to fire the only person with a global outlook and the designer who makes the most money…?

      • Tokyo Guy

        Why do you think that Nomura has a global outlook? His games are VERY much Japan-centered.

    • TyeTheCzar

      Indeed. Ever since Final Fantasy VIII, the Final Fantasy series has rarely been on levels of quality of VI and VII. I attribute this with Sakaguchi being “promoted” after the disaster that was The Spirits Within. Their over-reliance on Tetsuya Nomura is another reason FF has been falling. Also Squeenix–people are getting tired of male leads who are made to be Yaoi fangirl bait! But that doesn’t mean we want the stereotypical macho a la Nier; No, we want characters that have a more “realistic” design to them.

      • Hey, XIII had Sazh.

      • Have you even played Nier? He’s one of the most sensitive, clumsy, flawed, yet well-spoken male leads in a game I have ever played. The only stereotypical thing about him was that he had muscle.

        • Aoshi00

          It’s really sad people just “assumed” him to be the caveman and not even play the game judging from his looks, old man Nier is one of the best char in games that I deep care about in recent years.

      • Aoshi00

        For me the cut off line is 10. 9 was Sakaguchi’s favorite FF since 6 because it went back to the more light hearted medieval fantasy route (not that it’s very serious at times) which is what he likes to do if you look at Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, ASH, or the upcoming Last Story, that’s what he would’ve been doing w/ FF if he’s still in S-E. I loved 10, at least it still had “towns” and a touching ending that doesn’t suck, the only thing that was missing was the actual overhead map, but it still had everything FF has like sidequests and mini-games, which 13 again doesn’t have. The online games are non-issue as well.. And yes, Nier is actually one of the chars in recent years that feels realistic like a human being instead of a cookie cutter video game character, there was just so many layers to him. People ought to play that game before making judgment, it’s like the best thing that Square had come out in 10 yrs (but wasn’t even made by them)

        • Tokyo Guy

          While I disliked Final Fantasy 9 because of the (IMHO horrid) Amano character designs and the removal of technology, it still beats out FF10, 11, and 13 any day in my book.

          Final Fantasy X was one of the biggest disappointments for me ever. It had terrible characters, downright pathetic English voice acting, a HORRIBLY linear design, and the sole “revelation” about Titus’ identity was ripped straight out of Namco’s original Klonoa game, released many years before. Why people worship this game is beyond my comprehension, though I think it has more to do with their being easily swayed by graphics than anything else.

          Final Fantasy 12 I loved, but will fully agree it had absolutely nothing in common with a Final Fantasy game whatsoever. It might as well have been called Vagrant Story Adventure or Final Fantasy Offline 2.

          Final Fantasy 13…I had zero interest in this game leading up to its release and sure enough the game failed to provide any interest during the playtime. It had as many loopholes and as much missing content as Vanquish does.

          • Aoshi00

            We just have different taste though, I thought Nomura’s design for 7 & 8 were good, but it was refreshing again to see Amano’s design making a come back in a medieval backdrop, also I like Minaba’s SD rendition of the chars, it was cute like FF7 or the old FFs again.

            I liked X, really got sucked in by the story, the rich world of Spira, and got attached to the characters. The Eng. voice acting wasn’t the best but I thought it was charming (later on I did play the whole game in Jpn again after getting a Jpn PS2 and the voice acting was of course a lot better), the problem was they were forcing the dialogue to match w/ Jpn lip sync, so it was filled w/ awkward pauses sometimes, especially Yuna. I loved her voice though. The ending was very emotional and satisfying for me, unlike FF13 which literally made me go WTF. I dunno, at the time I was really sucked in by the story and couldn’t stop playing for several days. I like the Blitzball mini-game too lol. Graphics played a part too of course because up until that point not many games looked as beautiful as X, the graphics was quite revolutionary like 6 having the best graphics on the SNES along w/ Chrono Trigger, 7 making the jump from 2D to 3D w/ great looking pre-rendered background, and X was a big jump from IX (which looked really good at the time too as a late PSX title). They threw out the overhead map but I didn’t miss it because I could still visit the towns all over Spira, I thought it was so exotic and interesting w/ rich culture, a very believable world.

            Yea, FF12 was not very FF like and more like Vagrant Story. I was just bugged by the gambit (at that time) because I didn’t like the MMO, played 2 months and got fed up w/ it.

            FF13 could be much better, the story and chars were more fully realized w/ the addition of the Episode Zero prologue novel, delve much more into the chars’ feelings and relationship, also the world of Cocoon. Believe it or not, as much as I disliked the game, I’m getting International for the new Epilogue novel as well. The books made me appreciate the game more, made me think that’s what the game should have or could have been.

  • neo_firenze

    “First, they want to strengthen existing IPs with reboots. As examples, Square Enix listed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Front Mission Evolved, The 3rd Birthday, Deus Ex, and Dungeon Siege in this group.”

    Lara Croft is a pretty interesting and fresh take on the franchise, so I’ll give them that. The rest of these examples are baffling.

    Front Mission Evolved was nearly unanimously trashed by critics, so the “reboot” here doesn’t strengthen a brand that might not have been massively popular to the Western mainstream, but at least was well received in the niche market. Now they’ve only succeeded in tarnishing the Front Mission name.

    The others aren’t “reboots”, they’re just sequels. Just because the previous entry in a series wasn’t in the past 1-2 years doesn’t make a new game carrying the name a “reboot”. And no, Third Birthday becoming more action oriented is not enough to warrant it being called a “reboot”, since there never really was any consistency in game type in the previous two games – going from turn based in PE1 to a pure Resident Evil style survival horror game in PE2.

    If these are “reboots”, so is every Final Fantasy game, since they’re not related by story or major game systems.

    • Well not to say that downloadable games arent full games, but I would have preferred if Tomb Raider had been an actual disc based full scale game reboot. Thats what I think a fresh take or reboot would be. Though at the end of the day, I guess it was a lower cost alternative to enhance the Lara Croft name (but then, is even still Tomb Raider?)

    • I see what you’re saying, but I think in Square Enix’s eyes, The 3rd Birthday is not a sequel to Parasite Eve. It’s a fresh start for Aya. And for the Deus Ex team, they consider Human Revolution a “reboot.”

      • neo_firenze

        I think it’s more my frustration with this stupid trend of claiming every new game based on an existing property is a “reboot”, but none of the publishers really seem to know what that means. I agree with the Wikipedia definition that the term reboot generally means to discard much or all of the previous continuity and history of the series and start fresh. Stuff like the 2009 Star Trek movie, the modern Battlestar Galactica series, the 2008 Bionic Commando game or the new Splatterhouse.

        Deus Ex: Human Revolution is specifically IN the timeline of the previous two games. Third Birthday is a direct story continuation of the previous two games. These simply aren’t reboots, they’re very tied up in the existing fictional world of the previous series entries. They’re sequels.

        It’s just one of those obnoxious marketing-speak things that can get irritating. It’s not just S-E doing it either, just the unfortunate industry trend.

        • Aoshi00

          Exactly, it’s like they dumped Toby and reboot the Spidey Origin again (or more like a retelling).. they might do it again w/ Batman soon since Bale didn’t even want to do another Termniator after Salvation.. Castlevania LoS was a reboot, but I agree, these aren’t reboots at all.

          • Well, the Spiderman movies needed to be rebooted after Spiderman 3. I mean, my god…

            And Terminator…if there ever was a franchise that just needs to die, at this point. They had a good trilogy (I’m one of the few people out there who actually loves Terminator 3). That’s it. It should be over. Salvation was an abomination, but that’s what happens when you get the director of “Charlie’s Angels” to do a Terminator film.

          • Aoshi00

            I dunno, Spidey 1/2 were great, 3 was not as good, but I still want Sam Raimi and the old cast to continue, it just seems too soon to do another Spidey origin w/ another new guy again, Toby was such a likable Peter Parker, I like Kristen Dunst’s MJ too but I don’t think those two actors are on good terms.I thought McG’s Salvation was alright, and I liked Bale’s John Connor except he was still doing too much of his raspy Batman voice, just the 10 sec CG Arnold at the end made me all giddy :) I have Salvation on the Jpn Blu-ray, he sounded very cool when he was voiced by Kisame in Naruto :) You liked T3!? That’s just NOT the way how I imagined John Connor grew up to be, and Claire Daines :(… Yea, the Terminator series did have a good run. But I guess there’s still room to tell the story if they could do it well, I only saw the first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles and thought it was pretty good, I bought the 2nd season but haven’t watched it yet.

            EDIT: the guy who directed Charlie’s Angels aka FFX-2 didn’t do so hot w/ 13 either lol..

          • Spiderman 2 was pretty good. Spiderman 1 was alright, but they shouldn’t have done the bridge scene if they were going to alter it like that and I hated Power Ranger Green Goblin. Spiderman 3 does not have a single redeeming feature. I hated every single moment of it and find it Batman & Robin bad. People make excuses for Raimi (who really should’ve just stuck to making Evil Dead movies, as that’s all he can really do effectively), saying that it was the studio forcing Venom on him, but if you take Venom out of the movie, you’ve still got a disaster. The single positive thing I can say about the movie is that they cast the Sandman right.

            But MJ never felt like MJ. Tobey Macquire was whiney and ridiculous, and so far, I am loving the casting of the reboot. I love that they’re going the Gwen Stacy route. Hopefully, they’ll do what Raimi’s should’ve done and kill her off when the series gets to the Green Goblin, putting Peter with MJ (and hopefully, they get an attractive MJ this time who doesn’t act like a harpy) afterwards. Everything I see about the Spiderman reboot makes me happy it’s being done.

            As for Terminator Salvation…well, I can’t argue with someone who likes it. It’d be like if you were arguing to me that the sky was green and water was made of chocolate. It just isn’t. It was a movie that never should’ve been made and everything about it was wrong. There was no need for the Marcus character. There was no need for any single part of it. If you’re going to do the future war, why ignore everything that was established in the first three movies? What happened to only going out at night? What happened to the piles of skulls everywhere?

            And here’s where I’m going to blind you with science by giving an extremely unpopular opinion…I like Terminator 3 more than I like Terminator 2. That’s right, I said it. I like 3 is more in line with the tone of 1 than 2 is. The first one is still the best of the series, but 2 has not aged well at all. That movie, even when I was a teenager, always reeked of focus groups and trying to make the series more palatable for a mainstream audience. 3 is brilliant. And that ending? I almost cheered in the theatre. 2 is not a bad movie, by any stretch but it isn’t as good as 3 and it is not even in the same league as 1.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, T2 was one of those movies that really made a big impact on me like Aliens, there were total classic to me and I just loved those movies i watched them so many times, not to mention T-2000’s liquid metal CG was truly scary back then. I liked all the Spidey movies, 3 was a bit silly w/ Venom/Topher Grace, I thought it was one of the superhero movies that jump started the genre like X-Men.

            I really liked Salvation, it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. I really liked Marcus too, I was like where did this Sam Worthington dude come from all of a sudden, thought he was real cool, but then he did Avatar and Clash of the Titans both of which depend more on CG than acting.

            Yea, there would be plotholes, w/ all the time paradox and all, it’s like they keep making new Castelvania it’s hard to keep a straight timeline. I might not be as familiar as long time Spidey comic fans, the movies were exciting for me (I think Byrce Howard as Gwen was very hot and she was more pretty as Connor’s wife compared to Claire Daines), I just think both of the actors were bad looking from T3, Connor was played by the yellow monster in Sin City, and Claire Daines, I wanted someone else in Romeo and Juliet back then.. I want attractive leads you know. I’ve always had a thing for Kirsten Dunst though ever since Interview w/ the Vampire. So I guess so are my favorite actors so.. Bale was awesome in American Psycho and Equilibrium, Salvation was ok, I guess he doesn’t like doing blockbuster anyway.

            T3 was pretty much universally considered as the blacksheep of the franchise. I guess we just have way too different taste man.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Funny they don’t parade around the fact that they’ve rebooted FF 14 times and yet that’s more true than other games they claim to be rebooting.

  • So, Chrono Break?

    • Aoshi00

      The word still haunts me to this day… Would be awesome for a Horii/Gooch/Toriyama reunion..

      • At this rate, it’d be more likely to see it from Mistwalker than Square.

        • Aoshi00

          Tell me about it, I would rather leave it up to the Gooch and Uematsu… imagine a CT reboot written by Toriyama Motomu (X-2, XIII)… I definitely heart Mistwalker more given their track record so far, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, ASH, and the upcoming Last Story should be epic as well.. I still hope the old Cavia staff and Gooch would find some way to resurrect Cry On one day.. w/ S-E now I’m not expecting anything from them anymore.

          • No Yasunori Love? Or is Mitsuda the Gooch? @[email protected] I’m so confused.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea Mitsuda too of course, but he hasn’t done much lately, he only did one vocal track for Xenoblade’s ending, so I’m not sure if he’s still got it, I liked Xenosaga Ep 1 but no so much Cross (but that’s because I didn’t like that game too much). I personally prefer Uematsu, maybe they should collaborate again, Uematsu did contribute a bit to the CT soundtrack when he got sick right?

            No, the Gooch is the guy that made the first 10 FFs lol..

          • So Sakagukchi is the Gooch. Nice.


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          • WizardoftheBlueOrder

            The Gooch, or Hironobu Sakaguchi.

          • Aoshi00

            Oh, I know Mitsuda did a lot of stuffs, I just meant recently, most noticeably Xenoblade is more of Shimomura & co. (though she didn’t contribute as much as the others). Of course I haven’t played Inazuma Eleven. I have Soma Bringer but I’m not big on ARPG, and I played several hours of Arc Rise Fantasia, the soundtrack was okay but didn’t feel that special to me. My favorite of his is still Chrono Trigger and Xenosaga Ep 1, I don’t think he’s done anything that has topped his debut CT yet, I’ve been listening to that for years, and some tracks from Xeno ep1. Also I meant for Xenoblade the latest RPG, they kept advertising his name but he actually didn’t really compose any of it other than a vocal theme, the other artists do share a similar style so maybe it was under his supervision. Xenoblade has some good music. Yea, I mean Sakaguchi Hironobu, affectionate nick the Gooch, I love his Mistwalker games just like the old FFs :)

            Bring of Time was an okay jazzy arrangement I guess.. Track 4 was my favorite or the main theme.. speaking of epic and emotional soundtrack, the people that did Nier’s was awesome, that’s one amazing soundtrack.

  • This makes me feel ill. I remember that other article reading about Obsidian wanting to do a Chrono game and I can’t help but imagine what Western hell they’d turn it into. You know, the wheel is fine. It’s a shape. It gets you where you need to go. It does its job. I don’t see why so many seem to be convinced you have to take a cube, call it a wheel, and then somehow think that that is better.

  • Hey Hey hey! What about Terranigma? This is something I would love to see in my PSP. And [anything] of Mana.
    AND the US version of Legend of Mana on PSOne Classics.

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder

      Terranigma’s Quintet, who I believe went the way of Cavia.

      Or at least hasn’t said or done anything since 2008.

      • AdamBoy64

        As bad as this sounds, I’m actually kinda thankful.
        I know Terranigma’s one classic that’s not going to be dug up and mangled by square-enix.

        I need more faith in them, I know.

  • Bushido Blade 3, here we come.

    • Unfortunately, it’ll be made by Ed Boon.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        What? No! God no! Whoever did that Deadliest Warrior game would probably make a pretty good Bushido Blade 3 or something like it if they had some help. I kid you not I thought the demo was pretty entertaining, and reminded me a lot of BB.

        • Coming soon from Square-Enix, from developers Double Helix…Bushido Blade Redefined! With a soundtrack from the Wu Tang clan and special “Kill Bill” movie filters! Now with extra gore and 16 player deathmatch! Other features include:

          – Tea-bagging taunts!
          – Guns!
          – Take your opponent’s sword and stab them in the face with it!
          – A Pirate character!
          – A zombie!
          – A time-traveling bald space marine, trapped in Feudal Japan!
          – Playmates of the Years 2005-2008 as the ring card girls, because now it’s got rounds, like MMA!

  • maxchain

    I see their strategy doesn’t include giving Blood of Bahamut a fair chance over in the States. :/

    Oh well, I’m still pleasantly surprised that they didn’t just smother Taito with a pillow after that acquisition.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    What’s with the reboot thing? It’s like the new trend or something.

    Well, as long as Nier is left in the hands of Taro, Vagrant Story in the hands of Matsuno and Xenogears in the hands of… right.

    • I think rebooting helps get new generations of gamers interested in the titles. It seems the gamers are still just stuck on Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy’s, I think Dungeon Seige stands a good chance for their future, as well as fortunately Eidos and that Tomb Raider.

      -Hey, why no Star Ocean?!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Hm. I suppose you’re right. But it also helps to allienate their IPs previous fanbase. Front Mission Evolved? Front Mission is supposed to be SRPG, not mecha action. They made me lose interest in it. Maybe I’m just being close minded and selfish.I don’t know about people being stuck, but many miss Square’s golden years. Years when they released excellent RPGs/ARPGs/SRPGS on a timely basis. I know I do. Yeah, what about SO? Damn SE. Even though I would prefer a new Resonance of Fate. I’m gonna go bug Sega now, see ya.

        • Ladius

          The genre switch isn’t the main problem of FM Evolved, mainly because the series already had three titles that weren’t tactical JRPGs (Gun Hazard, a side-scrolling shooter, Alternative, a strategy game, and Online, a game who followed exactly the same idea as Evolved).

          If the level design wasn’t a mess, the bonus far too common and the storyline a disaster written by Motomu Toriyama (WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyy…. -_-) Evolved could have been a nice addition to the series.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            The games you mentioned are considered spin-offs, I believe. Evolved is considered a reboot, which means it’s the new direction the series is taking… That’s why I was complaining about it.

            But, I assume you consider that Evolved’s main problem was its execution. If so, I agree.

          • Ladius

            The fact that they are spinoffs (aside from the obvious “they aren’t tactical jrpg numbered entries”) is debatable since the events of Alternative and Online are included in the canon FM timeline (Gun Hazard on the other hand enjoys its own setting). Even Evolved is not a reboot in the common sense of the word, since its story takes place in the same continuity of the other Front Mission games (of course being set a century after FM5 the actual links are fewer than in the other FM games, where character cameos and cross-references were common).

            That said yeah, I think FME’s main problem is the way things were handled rather than the concept itself.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I’ve got some good news and some bad news for ya:

          Tri-Ace has been working on a new game since Resonance of Fate, using an improved version of their proprietary engine. Can’t wait to see it. :)

          Taro is gone and so is Cavia. :(

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider


            YES. On the other hand, why am I so ignorant?! How come I didn’t know about this? Great news, thanks =)

            Taro WILL return with his cavia pals! He will… Just… Wait and… I’m sad.

            BTW, didn’t you find the message under Tri-Ace’s logo on the RoF splash screen comical? Something about being made with Tri-Ace’s superlative technology. “WHAT. You arrogant litt- WOW, this game rocks.” was my reaction.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            No problem. There’s an interview somewhere about RoF’s development and what’s great about the engine.

            “tri-Ace Superlative Knowledge-based Architecture.” XD
            Those guys are sure are proud. As they should be. They seem to have a pretty solid grasp of HD console tech and development, unlike Square themselves. But Square will get a hold of it eventually… I hope.

          • So thats what Tri-Ace has been doing? Them and er Tri-Crescendo have been quiet as of late (at least in terms of press coverage). Both companies have a special place in my heart, lol.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Now I’m wondering what happened to Tri-Crescendo. Maybe they’re working on the PS3 exclusive Tales game? That sounds crazy, but could happen.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            It does, don’t worry! But, for the first time in my life, I haven’t used the JPN voice track because -brace yourself- the English VAs are actually good!

            That’s right, you heard me. Get ready for a steep learning curve. That and a great game!

            The X360 needed the JRPG push, so Microsoft did the whole exclusivity/timed exclusivity/regional exclusivity thing with a few publishers. The Last Remnant did come out on PC, but maybe its reception was not good enough for them to bring it over to PS3… But if that’s the case, why are they doing it with XIV?

            Oh Square…

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Resonance of Fate has dual language tracks.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I gotta search for that one then, thanks again!

            Yeah, that’s it! Indeed, they should. Star Ocean, while not perfect, was solid and fun, and Resonance of Fate, well, it’s on a whole different league, it is GREAT (spoiler spoiler – Zephyr vs. Lagerfeld – fangirl squee). Also, the dialogues with the bosses on the last dungeon were just too good.

            I didn’t play Infinite Undiscovery, but from what I’ve read, I don’t think I’m missing too much.

          • Please tell me Resonance of Fate has a JPN language option (I dont think I will ever be able to get over not calling the girl Reanbell, which I think is better than Leanne…)

            I wanted to play Infinite Undiscovery…I think thats another mistake Square Enix did this gen…why did they make Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant X360 exclusives

          • -_- The Tri-Ace team needs to make another Star Ocean like Second Story. That’s the ONLY one in their library of games that I enjoyed the most.. and I’ve played parts/most of all the other games. *still has to go back thru and restart Last Hope for the PS3, since she played it on the 360 first*

            Tho.. Resonance of Fate IS amazing~! I’m still in the beginning of that game.. so I can’t really comment much about it, besides I love the buying/finding new outfits for people. XDD *LOVES customization of characters the most in games* And I love the idea of dual audio, since I’m not a big fan of English dubbing anymore.

            Infinite Undiscovery was originally a Microsoft game that SE bought and completed.. The game itself isn’t tooo bad, imo, but too short (if you just run thru the story). I finished the game in about 24 hours and didn’t do side quests and crafting. There were some awesome characters in it (like with Last Remnant) but other than that, I can’t really tell you anything else about it. XD Only because I remember little bits of it and haven’t gone thru and played the game again. The story was decent, same with the music. The AI isn’t too bad and I loved the idea that you couldn’t pause the game.. even if you go to the menu.

          • Oh.. forgot to mention… Last Remnant wasn’t 360 exclusive. XD It was originally played for the 360, PC, and PS3, but Microsoft has a contract that allows their titles to be released a year before PS3’s for certain games.. but SE, I guess, kinda just gave up on releasing the game on the PS3. The game was also released on the PC, with extra characters and battles and such, that the 360 version didn’t have. Plus dual audio. XD

      • Stuck on Kh? KH is maybe 8-9 years old and only has 2 Main games. But Tomb Raider is older, and has a lower track rate, but is more secure? @[email protected]

        And omg, make up your mind? Do you hate old games or not? You said earlier that “remakes and prequels” were stupid and now you’re agreeing that they’re good? Have you actually picked up some good sense?!?!

        • Tomb Raider is in a different league (she seemed to have trouble finding herself in the last 5 years when I was interested in her), but she has movies and the games havent been failures. Kingdom Hearts, I think a separate group of fans or something are deadset on the series and wont go to anything else Square Enix offers to play, why else do they keep releasing everything BUT Kingdom Hearts 3 and gamers keep buying the games? (I think they have effectively trapped people into staying attached to the series, by not making KH3 but throwing small hints in each game, people are obligated to buy each one, I fear they will drag it out for as long as possible :( )

          I had to adopt a different viewpoint or else I wouldnt fit in to here.

          • For the Same Reason you would would buy a Naruto Dos-Box with only the word “SASUKE!” in it. Because we’re Fans. And I don’t know where you got the idea that KH fans only play KH -.- Do You only play Naruto?

            And Yes, the Games have been failures. The reason Lara Croft was made the way it is is because the games were failures. The only good Tomb Raider games/Movies were the ones made before your time. “Having trouble finding herself” does not excuse bad gameplay and is subject to the same scrutiny as any other game.

          • I guess I meant in that, the people were really only buying KH games from Square Enix and are not really buying their other games, which I think in Naruto’s case is the same thing with Namco Bandai, based on that article on this site today.

            SE may need to find someway to get these people to still embrace KH but to also look at the companies other offerings. (2011 is kind of barren for Kingdom Hearts though, apart from Re:Coded) or they need to bring a KH to the consoles (HD collection?)…surely they could find some way to tap the FF/KH fanbase and get them interested in things like new ip’s like nier, or tactics ogre, or 3rd birthday, etc…at least for the regions not named jpn.

          • “I guess I meant in that, the people were really only buying KH games from Square Enix and are not really buying their other games, which I think in Naruto’s case is the same thing with Namco Bandai, based on that article on this site today.”

            Do you have any basis for this assumption? Because I know for a fact KH isn’t the only Square Game I’ve bought. Last Remnant, Crisis Core, Dissidia, FFIV, FFTactics, FF13, Star OCean, Infinite Undiscovery (Not Really Square, but w/e).

            “SE may need to find someway to get these people to still embrace KH but to also look at the companies other offerings. (2011 is kind of barren for Kingdom Hearts though, apart from Re:Coded) or they need to bring a KH to the consoles (HD collection?)…surely they could find some way to tap the FF/KH fanbase and get them interested in things like new ip’s like nier, or tactics ogre, or 3rd birthday, etc…at least for the regions not named jpn. ”

            But Tactics Ogre and 3rd birthday aren’t new IPs… And While I don’t believe the KH Games NEED an HD Collection (As personally, the Graphics have aged rather well), I would LIKE an HD Collection. Hopefully the Final Mix Versions as well, considering they already have them dubbed >.>

            And Like Doomrider said, you don’t have to change who you are; Just be more understanding and not make such ignorant, blanket statements, that way you don’t have to look like a douche when you completely flip-flop your viewpoint out of left Field.

          • @Mark Shaver I guess I see what you mean, it was a rather weak assumption I made, lol, I was aiming to delete that comment but I failed to figure out how.

            “And Like Doomrider said, you don’t have to change who you are; Just be more understanding and not make such ignorant, blanket statements, that way you don’t have to look like a douche when you completely flip-flop your viewpoint out of left Field”

            I guess I was taking the most drastic approach, I just felt bad or felt bullied with all the rampant negativity I was getting from people on here; so I thought why not just completely flip, then I would be liked and not bullied. :/

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Tomb Raider is a pretty cool girl, she jumps around and doesn’t afraid of anything.Sorry, I had to. I don’t use memes, but this one just popped in my mind.Damnit TS, you don’t have to change your viewpoint because of what other people say! Just be polite about saying the stuff you feel like saying. Be mindful that many people with many different opinions exist. Accept that and be who you are.I sound so full of crap, you bring out the worst in me you DEVIL.

          • Aoshi00

            It’s like TS is having an identity crisis or developing a split personality.. TS said something that makes sense, “SASUKEEEEEEE!”, made some more sensible comments, “NARUTOOOOOO!” It’s like he’s getting his awakenings and growing tails :)

          • RupanIII

            I agree with what you said about how he’s handling it – it would be v easy to just say ‘oh I’m right, you’re wrong’ but he didn’t react that way. And yea, don’t have to change your opinion, just be considerate

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Just wanted to say that I admire the way you handled all the negativity. Instead of just brushing it off, you tried/are trying to be more considerate of other people’s opinions.

  • kupomogli

    Either a new Legacy of Kain which would finish out the story or a new Legacy of Kain reboot. Blood Omen over Soul Reaver.

    Oh yeah. And a Final Fantasy reboot. In the sense of making a new game in the series that doesn’t suck balls.

  • As I said in many posts on here! SE is a pain in my ass due to the fact that they aren’t givin US(fans) wut we want. Who the hell wants GUN LOCO. SE needs to STICK WIT WUT THEY DO BEST! RPGs!!! I cud use another chrono cross, legend of dragoon, xenogears, etc. Games that brought SE where they r today! F the FPS,TPS. Give us either remastered classics in HD, sequals, new titles wit old school mech. Sumthin’ to make it worth spendin $70-$80. If i’m wrong sum1 please comment.

    • Aoshi00

      You said it bro, you said it *tears*…

    • Tokyo Guy

      SquareEnix lacks the ability to understand what appeals to western gamers, owing in no small part to its archaic conservative Japanese business mentality and its failure to listen to its own foreign staff who quite frequently tell it what would be a good decision.

      Instead, the company thinks that by acquiring a bunch of western game studios it can just “materialize” what western gamers want.

  • cmurph666

    Can I just have a new Chrono game already…?

  • Happy Gamer

    To me Final Fantasy reboot was 13 in a very bad way.
    I don’t hate the game but if you remember how the older games were…need i explain? :)

  • Ereek

    This is another one of those articles where we need the “Ignore All Comments” button. Same debate, every single article.

    Because everyone is being so negative, I’ll do my best to be positive to offset it.

    I’m, of course, very interested in a new Parasite Eve title.
    Brave Fencer Mushashi? Yes, please.
    What about Fear Effect? There was a PS2 game planned but was canceled. I’m well aware it was only published by Eidos, but if they still have the rights to it., who knows? The series has a very nice art style and I think could greatly benefit from a reboot.
    Bushido Blade? Absolutely!
    I see someone already mentioned Legacy of Kain.
    The new Tomb Raider game was excellent; Eidos still has it. I’d like to see more from this particular team.

    • Aoshi00

      Yes, you’ve mentioned it many times in every single article, we all agree, you’re the ONLY voice of reason here and nobody other than you is qualified to say anything on any subject. Sounds pretty higher than thou to me. The only thing people are allowed to say from now on related to S-E posts are the following,”Parasite Eves are the best, Aya is the best female char ever created, Kingdom Hearts are the best, Nomura is a god and could do no faults, FF13 is the best etc” That’s all the comment section ever needs.

      All of us have so much fun discussing things and learning about each other’s taste, you seem to be the one filled w/ the most hate and condescending attitude, I don’t know how else to put it. In other words, since when are you the boss, are you like the unofficial siliconera moderator?

      • Ereek

        Why so hostile? There’s no need for it.I’ve nothing to do with any of your discussions and I haven’t even commented to you. I’m just trying to bring some light into an otherwise dark topic. I see little-to-no optimism here, so I’m trying to break out some new ideas and start a discussion in a more positive direction.If you think I believe SE is perfect, you’re mistaken. I just think SE still has some good left in it.

        • Aoshi00

          Well, you have directed your comments to me regarding my dislike for FF13 more than a few times and basically tell me not to feel that way or even if I do I shouldn’t say anything about it, even though I sometimes make jokes in their expense, what’s wrong w/ saying FF11-14 suck, they don’t? You don’t think Chrono Trigger (thought to be one of the best classic RPGs by most) or Nier is that great either and mentioned quite a few times in other comment section, nobody has beef w/ your voicing your opinion either, that’s your opinion, you are free to put down my favorite game if that’s how you feel.

          I think a lot of commenters (gamers of all ages, experience, taste, and region) brought a lot to the table in any discussion, not to mention funny comments. I like to share my experiences w/ others and have a lot to learn too as many people are more knowledgeable than me in other aspects. “we need the “Ignore All Comments” button. Same debate, every single article.”Yea, that sounds very friendly and optimistic.

          • Ereek

            I see. It’s not that I don’t like anyone voicing their opinion, it’s just that sometimes it’s so negative everywhere. Not you in particular, but someone saying something is simply “crap,” simply because they don’t like it, isn’t something I particularly respect. As you said, people have differing opinions, both sides should respect the other.
            Edit: For that matter, I think Nier and Chrono Trigger are fun games. I’m not sure why you think I dislike them? I’m not a picky gamer at all and can only think of 5 or so games total that I can’t stand.I apologize if you think I’m being hostile and not respecting your opinion. I do not mean to come across that way.Finally. . .isn’t it true? We (Siliconera) do have this same debate every time SquareEnix’s plans for the future is mentioned. I’ve seen this exact same Nomura argument at least 4 times in the last month.It’s just a bit frustrating, you know?

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you I suppose.. but yea, Nomura is a very controversial figure, the arrogant artist type I guess, people compare him to Itagaki.. On the contrary, Sakaguchi or Uematsu seem so humble and amiable right, at least what I see of them.. maybe cuz they’re older too.None taken, I was just a bit peeved you took some swipes at me, because I so wanted FF13 to be better but it felt so lackluster in some many departments.. and I remember what you said about the 1984 vibe, that gave me a new perspective, it’s just that they barely scratched the surface on many themes and seem to have squandered the potential making a more memorable game.I felt you were a tough customer since you said Chrono Trigger was only okay, it was not okay back then it was really a big deal.. in 2010 on the DS it might not be the best thing but still a classic. Nier just really struck the core of my heart so I have really strong feelings about it, and it was so fun.. I’m going back to play Replicant again, a while ago I was a bit “Nier’ed out”, it’s been several months now so I think it’s time for a replay :)

            Thanks for clearing that up and I’m glad we understand each other. (sigh, no basic cable for Conan…)

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Just passing by to say that Musashi on the PS2 was lots of fun!

      And that I think Fear Effect has 0 chances of being revived… But we’re seeing a new PE is coming out, so… who knows?

      • Ereek

        While I agree that there’s very little chance for a new Fear Effect, it would still be nice, wouldn’t it? This is one series that would benefit from a complete overhaul and remake. The controls in Fear Effect one were absolutely horrible, probably the worst I’ve ever played with, but everything else was good enough that it kept me playing.

        Not to mention, the stylized graphics in 720 or 1080 would be beautiful.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Of course it would! Now I’m imagining how good it would look nowadays… A bit more fluid controls and updated graphics… That would be sweet. I always thought it was fascinating to see that kind of game with anime-like graphics.

          It was an interesting choice for the genre.

          • RupanIII


            4:40 I would like more of this in updated graphics, plz.

            Admit it people, we stuck with the crap controls in Fear Effect for a taste of that sweet blocky-girl-polygon on blocky-girl-polygon softcore action!

            Also, @Ereek.. c’mon bro, you can’t see how implying that everyone’s comments should be blocked/ignored (except your own superior comment) might come off to some people as a teensey-tiny bit like conceited martyrdom? That said, I’ll agree with you on a new Bushido Blade. Perhaps given that the gameplay was so straightforward S-E would have a hard time messing with such a simple winning formula.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Bump for positivity, and for Bushido Blade. I’ll throw in Live A Live and Tobal as stuff I want to see revived. While very few people here (or anywhere else, really) probably think it’s a good game, I enjoyed Kain and Lynch 2 story mode with a buddy locally, mostly because of the Shanghai setting and low-budget documentary effects. I wouldn’t mind more of that from Eidos and Square.

      EDIT: Partial Positivity. “Ignore All Comments” is just a tad insensitive?

      • Ereek

        Eh, maybe. Did you know that you can ignore comment strings though? It helps immensely.I personally haven’t tried Kain and Lynch, but I’ve heard such mixed things that I’m cautious. I can buy the first one for some $5 new, but is it worth it? And why? Or rather, what makes them good enough to buy? I’m willing to try anything as long as it’s decent. Or if you have a hard time describing what you like, if you prefer, link me to a review that you feel accurately describes it.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I can’t speak for the first K&L, because I haven’t played it. I don’t know if I want to because I can’t enjoy a good story over what’s generally acknowledged to be terribly broken gameplay. What I do know is you can play the 2nd one without any knowledge of the first. Two old criminals getting back together for one last shot at glory… don’t need much backstory for that. The story for this one is really simple, I won’t spoil it but there’s not much to spoil. Basically things go wrong and you spend much of the game trying to escape/survive. What attracted me to this game was the setting and camera effects, and in those respects it didn’t disappoint. If you were to buy this, it’d be for those reasons. Shanghai, accurate or not, feels real and alive from all neon, clutter, griminess, and Blade Runner-esque terrain you traverse through. The experience is made more believable by excellent ambient sound and shaky cam/ bleeding lights/ intentional pixel censoring. Whether or not you like the visual style will depend on whether or not you can appreciate the aesthetics of the COPS show, Cloverfield, or Children of Men. Gameplay and the story are presented in such a way the whole thing feels like an intimate moment-to-moment documentary, which somewhat excuses the thin narrative. The game flow goes: shooting, running, cutscene, shooting, and the whole thing lasts about 7 hours. Shooting, albeit in diverse urban locations, is what you’re in for 70% of the time.Gunplay is not spectacular, but I found it comfortable quickly. This is not one of those precision shooters; don’t expect to headshot people from a mile away, and enemies can be bullet sponges sometimes. I liked the slight weapon inaccuracy for added realism, but I know some people don’t. Never was a problem for me.Other things worth noting:
          Highly destructible environments… nice to look at, but not good if you’re a cover camper. When you get shot down but not dead you can crawl to cover and do some blind firing while you recover. Mostly useless but looks cinematic. Also, I played through the story mode with a friend; i don’t know what it’s like single player only. I’d imagine not as fun because the two of us yelling at each other for back up and coordination made the experience much more intense, as well as hilarious during the harder parts. Shootouts felt like Time Crisis at times with co-op. Didn’t play online. Hope that helps.
          EDIT: I rented it from Redbox, took us 2 days to finish, on and off on a weekend.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Brave Fencer Musashi yes, but Musashi Samurai Legend 2, no.

  • All Square Enix needs to do:

    1) Get some good western developers to develop Final Fantasy XV.
    2) Make sure they don’t pull a Dante.
    3) Problem solved

    • Ereek

      1. Give FFXV to Bethesda.2. Use SE’s QA team because God knows Bethesda can’t fix their own bugs and glitches worth a damn, even 10+ years later.3. Effectively appeal to both Western and Eastern markets by using the tried system that has, at this point, sold well over 10,000,000 copies (I think the number is actually around 14 million).I know some people would prefer Bioware, but, eh, in my opinion they’re perhaps the most overrated western developer.

      This is actually an amusing prospect, because anyone who has watched the versus XIII trailer knows that it’s already giving off the “Fallout 3” vibe. It’s hard to say how far that “vibe” goes, though, until we actually see more footage.

      • Giving FFXV to Bethesda would be like sticking a screwdriver directly into my heart.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          What about Obsidian? That’s better, right?

          • Ereek

            Dear God, no.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            People these days…

            …. =P

          • Ereek


            I’m actually hoping Obsidian will redeem themselves a bit. They did a decent job with NV, but everything else by them (to me) has been a disappointment. I think their problem is that they’ve been rushed with their big name titles lately. They need a lot of time to put out a quality product, and even then they’re still glitchy.

            I am looking forward to the Obsidian developed Dungeon Seige and I’m, er, cautiously curious about how they will handle the Wheel of Time game.

            Admittedly, I mentioned Bethesda in the first place because I’m a huge Morrowind fan.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            My impression is that Obsidian have really interesting ideas and concepts, but they have awfully poor execution, so yeah, having more time would probably make things a lot better…

            But they have to start adapting to the deadlines given by their publishers.

            I never got into Morrowind. I played Oblivion, but I’m one of those sad people that only did the main quest, so my thougts on it are: yeah, boring RPG. A friend of mine informed me that the game shines on the side-quests, but he was too late, I became bored with it…

            With Morrowind, I did the exact opposite: I played with no real objective, I just wandered around the world… It was fun, but eventually, I grew tired.

            It’s too bad that I’m not willing to go back to those games. According to a couple of friends of mine, they’re really cool (one of them has played Morrowind for 900 hours. wow.).

            Maybe one day!

          • Ereek

            Yeah, you ruined Oblivion for yourself by only playing the main quest. The main quest is worst part of Oblivion; I can’t stand it. There is one reason and one reason alone I play the main quest: There’s a mod out there called “Servant of the Dawn” that is only something you can use after the Main Quest.

            I don’t think I’ve spent 900 hours with Morrowind, but maybe 500 with Oblivion. What makes Oblivion so nice is the huge modding community. There are mods that add hours and hours of extra content. Faction mods, quest mods, new world mods. There’s even one mod in progress that completely adds Vvardenfell, Solthseim, and Mournhold to Oblivion (SoVvM). I’m of mind that Morrowind is the better game overall, though. There are less mods, but there are still some great ones.

            Did you try Fallout 3 and NV? What did you think of them?

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            It definitely sounds exciting… Having a game you love constantly being updated with great content.

            I did play Fallout 3. I only played the main quest and a couple of side-quests (23H), and thought it was great. But then I thought to myself “DON’T make the same mistake”. I forced myself back to it, started doing some side-quests, and ended up aiming to complete the game 100%, all DLCs and all… Until I got stuck in the Oasis.

            Damn it, I was enjoying the game so much. I don’t remember why, but I never got to searching around a way to overcome the bug… But I’ll get back to that one, I already had 60 hours in anyway. As for NV, I want to try it out, and I will do so whenever I can. How do you like it?

          • Ereek

            I enjoyed NV, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in the state it’s in right now. It’s a buggy, glitchy mess. There’s some good, some bad over Fallout 3.

            There’s less “exploration” and the world feels a lot smaller. It’s very easy to make a mistake and go off the road into a place where enemies can slaughter you. Just to the north of the first town, for example, are Deathclaws, Giant Radscorpions, and a new (very annoying) enemy called Cazdores. The game basically tells you “Don’t go this way!” by placing hard enemies in your path.

            On the plus side, the faction system is interesting, if a bit annoying and bugged at times. Speech is extremely useful and is probably the most useful stat to pump from the start. Melee/Unarmed got a boost from Fallout 3, straight into the point that it’s broken and overpowered. There’s even green and snow! Moreso than simply the Oasis in 3.

            The Vaults aren’t as twisted or disturbing. One is rather bad, but other than that, the others just simply aren’t that creepy. If you’re interested, look at the Vault list on the Fallout wiki (google it) and read the stories.

            If you’re going to play it, get it for PC. Console commands to overcome the various glitches that can occur in quests is an absolute must. I know some people aren’t having problems, and I didn’t have many in my first 20 or so hours of play, but the longer you play the more likely you are to see them.

            By the time I hit 50 hours on one save I was freezing every half hour. It got frustrating, so I started a new save. The freezing started at around 30 hours there. I want to 100% it, but it’s so frustrating for me.

          • They’ll be too busy doing Dragon Quest XI.

          • This reply wins.

          • RupanIII

            Replying to your post that’s further down and lacking a ‘reply’ button..I felt the same way about Oblivion. One of my roommates in college played Western games exclusively and he’d sink endless hours into Oblivion, skipping class and stuff. I’d sit there watching him sometimes and be like man, I don’t get it. Our other roommate and I played more Japanese games, though not exclusively, and we could never get him to touch any of them, RPG or otherwise. We could agree on some things tho, like Fallout 3. He really got me into the first two games and since we’re both huge fans of 1&2, to us Fallout 3 was not a real Fallout game. ;P

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            It seems like we’re missing out… Sounds like engrossing stuff! Oh well =P

            Yeah, I remember that discussion when F3 came out! People were like “it’s not a real Fallout” or “yes it is” and all that.

            Before coming out, I actually tried Fallout 2, but it’s just horribly dated.
            If you played it when it came out, no problem, you’re used to it, you can replay it anytime you want and it’s still awesome. But if you play it for the first time nowadays, it’s really unbearable, unfortunately… At least, it was for me!

          • RupanIII

            Haha yea, if you go to the Fallout forums like No Mutants Allowed and stuff there are some really hardcore fans. When FO3 was coming out things would get pretty heated around there lol

            Actually, I first played Fallout 1/2 in mid-2000s. I thought the humor and gameplay were great and I guess I just have a high tolerance for dated graphics. Sometimes I prefer them even heh but I understand that many find it hard to get through compared to today’s graphics. It might’ve had something to do with playing as a group too, there were like 3 or 4 of us that would take turns playing while the others watched. After we played thru normally we’d do an evil game, make every wrong/bad decision possible haha Like.. hm… what happens if we shoot the guy that just helped us and turn the whole town against us? pwn him and find out!

      • SolidusSnake

        Dunno, Morrowind was an amazing game. The world was so fascinating I could spend hours just reading books in the game’s library (literally) and it seemed that I couldn’t run across the overworld for five minutes without running into something strange and awesome.

        Oblivion on the other hand… eh. The game just didn’t have that indefinable something that kept me playing Morrowind for hours on end. The world and the main story bored me and it really ticked me off that they didn’t change the annoying character advancement system. I was burned enough that I really don’t care to play anymore Elder Scrolls games any time soon, including Fallout 3 or a hypothetical FFXV.

        I absolutely agree with you about Bioware though. Dragon Age Origins was terrible and most of their other games are merely ok. I love how people make such a big deal out of the karma systems in their games, yet Atlus can make DS games with a more subtle and sophisticated alignment system.

        • Ereek

          I love Morrowind so much. I think it’s the only game that I found that I could really get into “role playing.”Then again, I find that I can’t get myself out of “Role-playing rut” in Morrowind. Always Telvanni. Always Dunmer. No exceptions, the very thought of playing as anything but Dunmer in Morrowind horrifies me. I’m just stuck in my ways.I thought vanilla Oblivion was okay. Definitely a step down from Morrowind. Shivering Isles was great, it added that sense of mystery and wonder back. As it is now, I find I can’t play Oblivion without mods.Fallout 3’s advancement system is nothing like Oblivion’s or Morrowind’s. It’s a traditional EXP system. What I enjoy Fallout 3 is the world itself and exploration. There are some seriously disturbing things in the game and a lot of little stories to find and explore.Admittedly, when people say (about the gameplay) “Oblivion with guns,” they’re pretty much right.

          • SolidusSnake

            I never really thought of myself as role-playing when I played Morrowind, it was more like an obsession to see all of the mysteries in the game and to find out as much about the world as I can. I played through all of the great houses and I have to agree that Telvanni is by far the coolest. There’s just something about a clan of ancient, insane wizards living in giant mushrooms and practicing bizarre rituals and experiments that exudes awesomeness.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        You know what would be more interesting than Japanese companies outsourcing to western devs?

        The reverse. Western companies outsourcing to Japanese devs.

      • For those nominating BioWare, remember the Sonic RPG for DS! REMEMBER

        • Ereek

          Ugh!Just when I thought I had that game cleansed from my mind forever. Forgive me, if there are any fans of the title here, but I found the game to be. . .unpleasant.

    • RupanIII

      1. I nominate Tales of Game’s Studios

    • Pull a Dante? I dont know, I think it raised awareness in the series, and doing redesigns/retellings/reboots brings in interest and opens the series up to a new audience and could convince those that gave up the series in the past to look into it.

      I guess Im a fan of reboots and stuff. I think outsourcing to Western developers….is a odd move, ironically this reminds me of the namco banda article today where it seemed to indicate that their forte is domestic lead development, and then here people suggest western development for SE.

      • No, pulling a Dante doesn’t raise awareness of a series. It makes the fanbase abandon that series.

      • Negative Awareness. Infamy…In this day and age, graphics is enough to get people to not play games *cough* so having the main char be so drastically different looking is enough to have people completely write him off.

  • C’mon, Squeenix. Chrono reboot. You will make money. Do it.

  • How about getting Dragon Quest VI out in North America and Europe?

    • Thats probably a Nintendo of America decision.

      • Don’t know about that, Nintendo was favorable with IX due to it’s heavy reliance on wifi content. Not the case with DQ6.

        Sadly though, some have already gotten the impression that the game is history here. I hope that isn’t the case.

  • Exkaiser

    Too bad Live-a-Live won’t be one of the things they touch.

    Or maybe that’s a good thing.

  • hush404

    I hate how Square Buys up a company like Eidos and then starts acting like they had something to do with the success of any franchise they got in the deal…

    Square is becoming a greedy, power hungry beast and it’s showing in both the way they do business and in the quality of their games. Look at their 2 latest “massive” additions to the FF series, XIII is so polarized it’s not even funny; You’ve got fans crying out that the game has be hacked up to appeal to anyone with a system, a small group that love it and another group who could care less. Jump in with FFXIV and people are dropping out of that like flies, reviews peg it below a 5/10 and MMO fans shake their head in disgust. Stocks are falling like no one’s business and if Square keeps this up I can see a once mighty RPG king falling into the pits of mediocrity and become but a memory.

    • Aoshi00

      I hope this is a wake-up call for them and Toriyama Motomu should be fired (Kitase was asleep on the job too…). And yet you still have people who believe 13 was not a “bad” game by any stretch… I hope Nomura is taking notes, but then he has like over 10 games to run… not confident.. In S-E’s backroom, 2 days before FF13’s release,Kitase (demoing the game): “It’s 10 hrs now, could someone please tell me why there isn’t a single f’ing town, who’s bright idea is that?”Toribomb: “I thought you ordered streamlined experience, who gives a crap about towns anyway. Also we S-E dun’t got no skillz in making a HD game w/ meaningful contents, adding 5 more towns would push back the release day another 5 yiirs bro”Kitase: “what was the last game you did again..”Tori: : “X-2, the one where Yuna had a gun.. you know the 3 hot chicks”Kitase: “Oy vey..” (keeps demoing the game, Lightning got spammed, gameover)Kitase: “How come nobody &^@#$ phoenix down me?!” (in Barret style)

      • hush404

        Yep, there’s a group who don’t mind FFXIII… but 10 years down the road I don’t think you’re going to see love for the game like other titles in the series. There are rabit fans for 6, 7, 10, 12 etc… I don’t think you’ll see that for 13. Square is on this weird trend lately that a lot of Japanese developers think they need to be on; the trend of trying to be like a western developer to appeal to a different audience. What a lot of them don’t understand is that a huge set of gamers enjoy Japanese made games… mainly because they’re not the same old re-hashed western style games that they’re sick of – instead they’re fresh, quirky ideas. Yet here we are.

        • Well like FF7…perhaps in 10 years I will look back and say that FFXIII didnt age well, for me it was an excellent entry point for people to look into the Final Fantasy franchise, I cant imagine that newcomers to FF series failed to enjoy the game.

          • Aoshi00

            The only thing that didn’t age well for FF7 is the 3D graphics, that’s it, the story, music, chars, gameplay they all hold up, it’s still considered by most as one of the best FFs, FF7’s gameplay quality didn’t diminish. For 13, most people who said the game was “OK” can’t see themselves playing it again, while that was not the case for the past FFs, fans played thru them multiple times because the stories were so rich and you really grew to care the chars.

          • LOl how would you know it hasn’t aged well? You haven’t even played it -.-

  • Testsubject909

    Final Fantasy 6 HD
    Final Fantasy 7 HD
    Chrono Trigger 3D/Ressurection
    Legend of Dragoon 2
    Dissidia on the PS3

    These options up there would ensure that they’d get back up. Until then, their stocks are now worth half of what they were last peak they had, and I for one am not surprised.

    Attempting to pander to a western audience whose first interest in you were the distinct sensations and story that were unique to the creation of a Japanese standpoint with your own cultural sense of style which in turn, when sharpened became a quality product that could be enjoyed worldwide. Causing said first sharpened senses to dilute itself upon attempting to please everyone and screwing it all up in the process due to their misinterpretation of what enabled a game’s success within the western audience and by western developers.

    In other news. I happily await to see Squeenix crash and burn, maybe just get reeaaal close to bankruptcy, buy a ton of their stocks, see them release certain key titles in the semi-near future which would guarantee success by finally listening to some fan appeals and then sell the whole stuff for massive profit…

    That and as seperate entities, both Squaresoft and Enix did some quality work, whereas together… Well, their most memorable event outside of game making for me was putting cease and desists on profitless fan projects that they could’ve easily adopted and made grand profit out of as well as strike major positive scores with it’s fanbase. Instead, they’re being very hit and miss with every single title they dish out and most of their memorable games tend to actually be developed by other studios.

    So yeah…

    • You have provided an oasis of reason in a sea of chaos…except for the Legend of Dragoon part. That’s a Sony IP. Otherwise, I agree with everything you said.

      • Testsubject909

        I’ll still keep Legend of Dragoon up as a “Make tons of money if you’re in deep doodoo” nevertheless. Just, change who gets the fat paycheck in the end, and my wallet.

      • Tokyo Guy

        What about Legaia for that matter…they should make a sequel to that.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      Last I checked, Sony owned the rights to LoD

    • alundra311

      I think Legend of Dragoon was developed and published by Sony.

      • Tokyo Guy

        It was. But it was quite a clone of Final Fantasy 7, complete with the villian being Sephiroth.

        Though my favorite FF7 clone was actually Shadow Madness, a little known game that actually proved Ted Woolsey could write a decent script when he wasn’t hacking to pieces a translated one.

        • alundra311

          I never really thought of it as a clone of Final Fantasy 7. Never finished it either because, at that time, I couldn’t find the time to play games and I just forgot about it. :(

          Never heard of Shadow Madness. I’ll try looking into it. :)

    • You didnt mention any HD Collections…Im quite sure people would be willing to buy the games (though which final fantasy would go together, etc).

    • How Could You skip FF5? That was was Ossim!

  • xxx128

    bushido blade please

  • karasuKumo

    How about finishing what you started before doing anything else, I need Agito and Versus to hurry up, it seems like it’s not even a priority! Hopefully their mistakes with XIV and XIII will slap them back into reality because at the moment they’re making too many bold decisions.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Hmm…how about rebooting the games people actually WANT to play. Like Xenogears and Chrono Trigger.

    Square has consistently and deliberately chosen to ignore the very games that people tell it to make. Then it starts whining because no one is buying the new ones. HOW many years have people been asking for a 3rd Chrono game? And Xenogears…Square basically ran out the team that made it; since they still have the IP how about USING it?

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