Another Day At The Aksys Office Means More 999 Cosplay

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 12:10pm


We’re not quite sure if this a labor of love promotion for 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors or if they’ve been coerced by a hooded man. Either way we have a bunch of new photos of the Aksys staff cosplaying as 999 characters.


We’ll start off with Junpei, the protagonist of the dark adventure game.


Junpei01 Junpei1 Junpei2 Junpei3


Gotta love this shot, its straight out of the Nintendo DS game.


Junpei4 image


Here are more pictures of Lotus. She also modeled the 999 watch Gamestop is giving out as a pre-order bonus.


Lotus2 Lotus3 Lotus4 Lotus1 Lotus5 Lotus01


Ace is said to be the voice of reason in the group.



June, number six, has some kind of connection to Junpei.



Not all of the photos are of Aksys employees. One of the four is a professional cosplay. Can you guess who?

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  • That was a fun photo shoot! haha

    I was Ace ;D (Who is quite awesome in the game ;) )

    Only 5 more days, everyone!

    • Code

      haha badass >w< Your totally all like "grrr outta my way door! There's probably no time!" and then June is all like "What happened!?" and your like "gahh the doorrr it got mee" *dies* and then she steals your watch!

      • Pesmerga00

        He needs to master the “Fist of the Doorth Star”.

        “you’re already open!”

  • masuto

    OMG, wow Aksys is a pretty fun company! I love cosplays!

  • i’m guessing the last one is the professional

  • joesz

    LoL! sorry but these are the worst cosplays I’ve ever seen in my whole life,especially the kid….

    • You’re entitled to your own opinion and you can say that to me if you’d like, but please don’t say such rude things about the 3 girls that cosplayed. Thanks :)

      • joesz

        Dammit I was going to edit it before something like this shows up because I felt It might be offensive..
        I apologized for my previous comment…

        But to tell you the truth I didn’t really mean it in a harsh way,more like in a comical way.

        Extra,what made me laughed weren’t the girls but the guys,The first one looked very different from the actual character and the second guy looked much younger then the supposed cosplayed character.
        That’s what made this funny to me,Sorry again.

        But again, cosplay is about cosplaying the character you like, not the one that you think you could relate to his looks.

        • Haha, no worries. It’s all good since you apologized :)

          Just be careful how you phrase things next time is all. We’re all friends here ;D

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            *strolling by* …Yay people being friends! ^_^

    • Please don’t insult my friends. It’s not very nice.

      • Code

        rar, it’s the other-Jubei-cat-person! Go tell the Jubei-cat-person to be in Blazblue next time >w<~!

    • SolidusSnake

      …you’ve never been to an anime con, have you? -_-

  • no 6 is the professional

    • Pro_from_Dover

      Hmmm… Don’t think 6 is the pro…
      But she should be, huh? :)

  • I like the girl with the purple clothing (because ive been loving her clothes design ever since i saw her from the game xD)
    Still havent learned the name of her character though, im bad at memorizing names at the beginning, ill learn once i get the game xD

    • Her alias is June :)

      • Oh =O, ok i wont fotget it now… wait, so the number 6 is her… JUNE?! LIKE THE 6th MONTH, OMG I SOLVED A PUZZLE WITHOUT EVEN GETTING THE GAMEz0rz, all this years replaying phoenix wright were worthy.Now i need that clock to be happy… too bad i can only order from amazon….btw, i think the cosplayer’s clothes look a lot better, the single “shirt/skirt” by itself is pretty good (and tempting), but with those black pants…, i think it suits better xD.

  • the june cosplayer is very pretty indeed :3

  • Joanna

    Very nice Aksys! I love to see this kind of passion behind the people bringing us our games. :D

    All the cosplays are nice -Great job!-, but the Lotus cosplay remains my favourite (probably because I love the design and attention to detail in the costume). :D

    So who was the professional cosplayer anyway? My money is on either Junpei (the cosplayer is really into his/her role) or Lotus (such attention to detail in the costume).

    • The Lotus cosplayer is the professional :) But the Junpei one is also an avid cosplayer as well (who happens to work for us ;) )

  • MarkMario

    Well I know the Junpei cosplayer is out (I hope!)… Lotous?

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