Konami Localizing Scribblenauts For Japan

By Ishaan . November 13, 2010 . 12:00pm

In Japan, Scribblenauts — the first game, not the sequel — will be titled something to the effect of Insight Puzzle: Maxwell’s Marvelous Notepad.


Konami are localizing the game, but have yet to release any screenshots or further information to the press.



Here’s the logo, for anyone who’s curious:

A Japanese Scribblenauts localization should be interesting just because the game is so reliant on the concept of turning text and terms into objects that we’re curious to see if the Japanese version is different in any way.

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  • Apache_Chief

    The original? I know we’ve had some differences in the past, but they don’t deserve that.

    • If you’re familiar with how adjectives work in Japanese, it might not be worth the effort without testing the viability of the original.

  • No they dont deserve it, unless they give us radiant historia and all tales of games for america

    • mikedo2007

      Geez, why so upset man. You don’t have to punish the Japanese for not bringing their game to US by saying they don’t deserve our game. Geez, that’s just mean and cruel (and maybe slightly racist).

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Ehh, it’s not racist. He’s just saying if we’re giving them something, they should give us something

        • Joanna

          But it’s not their decision to make, nor is it ours. I’d love to have some Japan-only games, but getting angry at Japanese gamers for getting these titles is misguided. Remember folks, aim all your rage at Namco Bandai ;)

          • Tokyo Guy

            Yes I have to agree. People need to remember that there is market research going on that determines what will and will not release overseas. To this day there are legions of Mother fanatics who despise Nintendo for shunning the international release of Mother 3 (or Mother 1+2) but then again there is a lot of evidence to support why they shouldn’t, the largest being mass-scale piracy and potentially limited returns on the localization investment. (I mean come on people: the second Nintendo would announce it, interested parties would do a quick Google search to find out more info and suddenly discover that some fan team already translated the entire game. Why would they wait?)

            As for the sales of this game, Drawn to Life didn’t even appear as a blip on the radar here, and thus I can all but assure you that no one will buy this product, all the more so when you consider how bad the controls and such were. (This of course makes one wonder why Konami has deemed it financially viable to release it here).

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            I know. I wasn’t agreeing with that statement. I was just clarifying what the OP meant with his statement and how it wasn’t racist.

          • Joanna

            My mistake. I assumed that by clarifying what he meant, you agreed with him. Sorry about jumping to conclusions. ^^;;

  • Konami… why are you doing this? I really hope they take the second game’s engine and simply import the levels from the first game or something. I mean, the second game already exists, so why go back to the horrible, horrible gameplay of the original. Hmmm… generally, Japanese gamers already have a poor impression of ‘Western’ games.

    • mikedo2007

      “Japanese gamers already have a poor impression of ‘Western’ games.”

      uh actually Fallout New Vegas would like to say Hi to you.


      • I don’t really understand your point. Yes, Fallout: New Vegas has recieved some success (though making it to fifth place in the charts isn’t really anything to write home about). But that is a single, isolated game. Look at the other top 10 games in that list. They’re all developed in Japan. In general, Japanese games do better than ‘Western’ games in Japan.

        Heck, just look at the whole Top 30 chart in that article… the majority of those games are Japanese!

        • mikedo2007

          True, but your statement was a bit prejudice. Not all western game did bad in Japan. I believe GTA 4 was the #1 game top selling game in Japan for a week. No western game has ever done that.


          Also I believe Modern Warfare 2 was the first western FPS game to make 100,000 sales in one day (no FPS has ever done this in Japan).


          Also let me ask you this, if a western game had a Japanese developer, does it mean it’ll sell better in Japan because the developer was Japanese, like let me give you a hypothetical example:

          -Dragon Age 3 was develop by From Software (people behind Demon’s Souls)

          -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was develop by Capcom, Platinum Game, or Kojima Productions (Hideo Kojima has express interest of doing a FPS game).

          -Ubisoft outsource the next Splinter Cell game to Konami and Kojima Productions (Notice that Konami and Ubisoft have been partnering up like Raiden appearing in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood as a playable character).

          Does this mean if a western game was develop by a Japanese developer, will it sell better in Japan? Answer me that and oh don’t give me the “Japanese developer will not do this for western publisher” crap. You saw Konami outsource Castlevania: Lord of Shadow and recent Silent Hill game to western developers, Capcom outsource Dead Rising 2 to western developer, and will outsource the next Resident Evil game to western developer. If Japanese publisher can outsource their game to western developer, then it’s possible western publisher could outsource their game development to Japanese developer (just like how we are outsourcing works to China).

          • Tokyo Guy

            With respect to GTA4, you need to look at what other games were released around that time period. There are no sales figures in that link there so it’s not so informative. And with Pokemon being so low on that list, it clearly had sold a majority of its sales already. Valkyrie Profile DS was a huge flop.

            As for development and such, many Japanese people have told me that they don’t like the Xbox because it’s made by Microsoft, or because it’s made by an American company. Just like that. It’s not intended to be racist, but it has to do with quality issues, and the type of games that release in America. Japan adores Windows, so it’s hardly anti-Microsoft.

            But I think you need to understand that Japanese people are very nationalistic when it comes to certain things. For example, Korean products are seen as inferior (to the point where, IIRC, Samsung doesn’t even sell televisions here anymore because their market share was so appalling). It’s actually quite interesting with respect to this, because the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone released here just a few weeks ago and is sold out. There is a waiting list until January. This is a bit peculiar because the Galaxy S is an old phone by now and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage whatsoever in any other country. So why the problem here? Well curiously enough, the carrier will have two JAPANESE Android smartphone competitors in the next month (one by Sharp, the other by Toshiba). I’m not saying there is something going on here, but it seems a bit peculiar how the Galaxy S is sold out when there doesn’t appear to be a stock problem…Also with respect to the phone, I have mentioned it’s unquestionable superiority over the [Sony] Xperia X10 smartphone that is also sold here, and some people have blatantly told me “Well Sony is Japanese and Samsung isn’t so I don’t like the Galaxy S”. Younger Japanese aren’t anywhere near as anti-Korean as older people are/the country use to be 10+ years ago, but at the same time there is a limit to what they do and don’t like.

            Also Fujitsu makes a point of marketing some of its PCs as “Made in Japan” and charges a premium for them (despite the fact that, IMHO, they are horribly inferior products when it comes to the technology inside them). Food is another big one.

            Basically Japanese people tend to like movies, clothing, and music from overseas, but don’t like technology from overseas unless there is no viable alternative (see Windows). It’s a bit sad really, because at this point in time Korean and Chinese companies are producing more advanced technology than Japan.

            It might be worth mentioning that the foreign developed Silent Hill games didn’t do well here, with Silent Hill Homecoming being canceled entirely. I don’t see Lords of Shadow selling too well either given how vastly different the game is from what the Japanese gamer wants. (In fact, I can easily see stores putting LOS in the discount bin after just a week).

          • mikedo2007

            True, but I want to see the reaction if maybe Modern Warfare 3 were develop by Capcom Japan, Platinum Game or Kojima Production. Also I would like to see maybe Lucaaarts had Team Ninja doing the Forces Unleashed 3 (since the 2nd one reminds me of Ninja Gaiden in term of gameplay). If a western game was developed by Japanese developer then maybe it may sell better in Japan.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Man, the Japanese versions always get cooler names

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