Shonen Jump Getting A Reboot This January

By Ishaan . November 13, 2010 . 4:31pm


This January, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, published by Shueisha in Japan, and Shonen Jump by Viz in North America, will be getting a makeover. Additionally, the latter’s website will debut special subscriber features starting in December. had a chance to speak with Shonen Jump senior editor, Joel Enos, who is also the editor on Naruto, about the magazine’s reboot and what it entails.


Here’s what Enos has to say about the short-term changes:


“It means a lot of different things, really. But specifically, the most exciting thing for us, the editorial team is that we’re able to show off a different look to the magazine after eight years. Visually, it looks different, it looks fresh. It looks very organized.


The original version of Shonen Jump looked good for the time when it came out, but you’ve got to keep current, and keep up with what’s out there. I think this change makes the magazine look more contemporary.


The most exciting thing for the fans is that we’re bringing back Yu-Gi-Oh. We’ll be serializingYu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s every month. We’re also launching a new series by a relatively new manga-ka; it’s called Psyren. It’s a science fiction adventure story. It’s really, really cool. The first two chapters will be featured in the January 2011 issue too.”


Shonen Jump is also going to be offering more variety in the form of a digital magazine, Enos says, where the digital version will allow for complete serializations, rather than just previews. There are also plans for an iPad version of the magazine.


I’d highly recommend reading the entire interview, since it sheds a fair bit of light on what Viz’s upcoming plans for the Shonen Jump reboot are, with regard to serializations. 

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  • malek86

    Are sales of WSJ still going downhill?

    I guess they are lucky to have One Piece.

    • MemeticRichard

      I think they might start climbing back up.

      Bleach finally got out of the trollfest that was Aizen, and is more or less starting fresh. I think that’ll entice some new buys.

      • I think new series is key to getting new buyers, I know for awhile I was emailing the editor of shonen jump asking for new series to be considered for serialization (while still keeping Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, of course).

    • Day2Day

      I saw WSJ and I thought you meant Wall Street Journal…
      I agree with Richard, though…
      Now that artists are cracking down on scans, people may start turning back to Shonen Jump…

  • woot Psyren too bad its starting to get slow now

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Oh, man, I just got done reading the whole thing. It was very interesting. I’m glad they’re doing full-on serialization online now. They said they’re offering big discounts now. This may be the perfect time to restart my subscription. I mean, they’re giving everyone a signed copy of the Winged Dragon of Ra. What other incentive do I need? Oh right, the manga

    • Winged Dragon of Ra will be excellent, since I think I do not currently have it in my Yugioh 5D’s Tag Force 5 game game. I think the subscription (I got it for 20, I think), is potentially worth it, its just a small amount, and I love reading my Naruto! I also like the ease of being able to reread so many awesome moments in Bleach (although Im so far ahead of it thanks to the anime, as well as rereading One Piece, the writer packs the chapters with so much content that I need to reread chapters multiple times).

      And being in graduate school, the subscription price is such a bargain…I was subscribing to a journal for like $50-$70 and that was the discount price! lol.

      • Joanna

        20$ is a good price. Last time I checked it was like 40$ CAN. So I guess it’s still somewhere in the 30$ range for Canadians. Hate that, especially considering the conversion rate isn’t as big of a gap as it was and the Canadian dollar is currently worth more than the American, yet we are still getting charged more. >__> grr.

  • I can’t find them in grocery store hardly anymore unless I go to gamestop.

  • Whoa whoa whoa! Psyren!? YES!

  • Apache_Chief

    I stopped subscribing to Shonen Jump when I got tired of waiting a month for the next chapter of a series that had been over for 10 years.

  • Huh. I wouldn’t think that Shounen Jump would even sell well in North America, considering how far behind they are and how fans just read fan scanlations every week online. I can understand the want to buy manga volumes, but not anyone purchasing an outdated magazine that’s going to start running a manga that’s already 142 chapters into production. They’re also going to start running it in January while they’re publishing the first volume in English in December. Where’s the logic in that? Where’s the attraction?

    • I think you overestimate the number of people that potentially hunt for the fan scans each week or the comfort that people have in even buying the magazine just to have it in print. Didnt people who live in Japan where it comes monthly still just read the scans online as well?

      Online estimates puts its circulation at 200-300K subscribers, so it probably isnt doing terrible (currently, I think its the only manga type magazine on the market here in the North America, so there is no competition in the print realm). There is still novelty in reading it online and then still having it in print, or even just the other features that come with a magazine, I like looking at the fan art people submit, and the random stuff one can write to be featured in ti (heh, I was in it once for something on Bleach, lol), random factoids, and etc.

      It doesnt seem to say that Psyren will be serialized in the manga monthly, so providing the first two chapters in it, will at least allow people to check out a two volume preview of it and then if they like it, they can buy the volume, like theyve done with Bakuman, Shaman King, Gengagku Picasso, Toriko, etc.

      • Joanna

        “Didnt people who live in Japan where it comes monthly still just read the scans online as well?”

        No because Shounen Jump is where the chapters first appear, then someone scans SJ and translates it. There’s a bit of delay, so picking up the magazine gets you the latest chapter the fastest in Japan. Of course, for people who don’t want to pay, a day’s wait isn’t that long. Meanwhile, the North American Shounen Jump is quite far behind the one in Japan (not to mention our SJ is monthly, while the one in Japan is weekly).

        I think the print point can be negated with the actual manga volumes. You can get the experience of reading it online via scans (and be up-to-date) while still having the print experience by buying the books.

        Just my two cents.

  • TyeTheCzar

    but no Medaka Box? I CALL FOUL PLAY!

    Other things that Jump needs to fix is:
    Translating the sound effects ruining the authenticity of the manga.
    The bouts of censorship Viz has done – Like FMA censoring the crucifix scene(you know the one) and the removal of a specific symbol on one of the headbands in Naruto, etc.)

    Those are just some of the reasons why I keep boycotting what they publish, knowing Tokyopop doesn’t tend to fall into these accusations(with exceptions like Love Hina Volume 10’s cover.)

    • Perhaps VIZ is changing their ways…Tenjho Tenge will be unedited (no holds barred?!), maybe they will spread the lack of censoring to more series in the future…

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