Exchange Dollars For Money Idol Exchanger And Sonic Wings Special

By Spencer . November 15, 2010 . 4:41pm

sonicwings7MonkeyPaw’s next digital imports are (you guessed it!) Money Idol Exchanger and Sonic Wings Special.


Developer Face took the concept of Puzzle Bobble and mixed it with idols almost a decade before the [email protected] phenomenon. In this game you shoot and match yen coins to clear them.


Sonic Wings Special is an arcade compilation of the Sonic Wings shooter series. Pilots from three Sonic Wings games come together in the PsOne game, which MonkeyPaw is bringing to North America as a PlayStation Network download.


Both games will be available tomorrow for $5.99 a piece.


Money Idol Exchanger

MoneyIdol2 MoneyIdol3 MoneyIdol4 moneyIdol5 moneyIdol6 moneyIdol7 moneyIdol8 moneyIdol9 moneyIdol10 moneyIdol11 moneyIdol12 MoneyIdol1


Sonic Wings Special

sonicwing2 sonicwings3 sonicwings8 sonicwings5

  • EvilAkito

    Sweet! Money Idol Exchanger is a really fun puzzle game.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Darn! Being dinner time and all, I read the title coming in here thinking Sonic’s Drive-thru had struck some kind of crazy deal with some J-game company to promote their new special chicken wings… Articulating this in my head and typing it out made me realize how implausibly absurd that thought was. ^_^

    Money Idol Exchanger looks like Shojo Bust-a-Move. Maybe I’ll have a bite after all…

    • MarkMario

      I wonder how Sonic Wings would taste like o.o
      Maybe they’ll have blue cheese that is actually blue?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Haha I wasn’t referring to that Sonic. I guess the chain isn’t all across the US…

        …But you can’t get wings from Sonic the Hedgehog. You can only get *tails*.

    • Joanna

      And I thought it was some Sonic the Hedgehog mario kart like game except with air planes. xD

  • godmars

    After playing Pale Mist, which was in obvious need of polishing, I wish They wouldn’t do straight ports. Build up the games to PS3 standards.

    • ?

      These games are Japanese PsOne games for in North America. Digital imports, if you will. They’re not made for PS3 ports.

    • I thought they did polish up Crescent Pale Mist?

  • androvsky

    I know Japanese games can have a lot of English text, but apparently even the tutorial is in English in Money Idol Exchanger? Did Monkeypaw do a little localization, or was it always like that?

    Might have to get Sonic Wings Special. I kinda feel sorry for the puzzle games, going by the ratings they’re not selling well at all, even compared to the import shmups. I do hope Monkeypaw keeps going with this, and I know I keep saying this, but I really hope they can start localizing titles with more text than these.

  • Macker is the best game.

  • Chow

    Based on the number of screenshots between the two games, it’s nice to see where the priority is. :)

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