Many Projects Cancelled During Ubisoft Restructuring

By Ishaan . November 16, 2010 . 9:52am

imageUbisoft outlined their plans for restructuring during this month’s investor presentation, making mention of "many" cancelled games in the process. In the past six months, Ubisoft cut 200 employees from their distribution business and internal studios.


We know of at least one of these cancelled titles, although there are several more.


There is an unnamed Nintendo 3DS project, which consisted of minigames in some form. Once this title was cancelled, one of the designers creating minigames for it went on to develop Michael Jackson: The Experience for Nintendo DS and PSP.


Ubisoft absorbed a one time €62 million loss ($84) related to cancelled games following the company’s reorganization.

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  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    *Crosses fingers that Beyond Good and Evil 2 still exists…*

    • MrRobbyM

      Oh good lord D: I hope it is.

  • Apart from Assassin’s Creed, and Tom Clancys, there was really nothing else I like from Ubisoft.

    When is Beyond Good and Evil 2 going to become tangible…

    • GamerKT

      Have you played the first one?

      • Unfortunately I was never able to get it. I saw it on STEAM, but I prefer console gaming and rumors indicated that Beyond Good and Evil was going to come out in an HD version on consoles

        • StealthKnight

          Who knows when that will happen but the first one is also on gog for $10. I’ve played the demo and it’s playable without a controller.

  • MemeticRichard

    I certainly hope they didn’t cancel anything regarding their PoP reboot from awhile back.

    I honestly really liked that one, and thought it was a fresh start from the disasters that were Warrior Within/Two Thrones.

  • bring Beyond Good and Evil and RAYMAN ORIGINS!

  • Xeahnort

    You can call me “Ray-cist” if you want, but i´m glad they cancelled some Rayman games, however, i don´t like the idea of hundred of people losing their jobs

  • Joanna

    Is it wrong for me to be happy to see Ubisoft in such a predicament given how much shovelware they shoved onto the DS and unsuspecting parents? Because I am and I’m glad there shall be one less mini-game complilation on the 3DS.

    Also, I don’t know if this is Mozilla problem or a Siliconera problem or both, but I’ve been getting error messages on a few posts:
    “Content Encoding Error
    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.”

    This article was one of the victims of that error message. I had to use Internet Explorer to be able to view it. :/ I much prefer Mozilla, so I was hoping you guys could tell me if there is something wrong on my end. thanks in advance.

    • I think it time for you to upgrade your browser. Maybe it is something your doing, this loaded fine on my Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Browser. No issues on Google Chrome Beta either.

      • Joanna

        I’m pretty sure my Mozilla is up to date since I periodically get prompts to download the latest version. The funny thing is, my Internet Explorer isn’t up to date yet it’s not having these problems.

        It might also be some kind of weird operating error on my end. I had this happen to me before but it went away after awhile. Maybe it shall go away soon. Currently it’s coming up every other article. Really weird. ~__~

        • Perhaps it is time to ditch that clunky browser and switch to the secure, fast, phenomenal, professional, Internet Explorer, as your main browser. If this issue is arising after persisting, not once, but now twice, one would ought to switch browsers.

    • RupanIII

      I’ve been getting that same Content Encoding Error, not as much the past week or so tho. I’m thinking it might not be on our end tho, cause it only seems to be certain posts, and when I reload them a few days later they show up fine. I never tried to load the same post in IE tho.. I’ll give it a shot next time it happens

      edit- for example, this thread ‘Milestone Shooting Collection 2 Bundles Five Shooters For Wii’ didn’t load yesterday or the day before, but today is fine

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