The Last Story Brings Sakaguchi and Uematsu Together Again

By Ishaan . November 18, 2010 . 2:14am

People have suspected for a while that Nobuo Uematsu is the composer behind The Last Story, based on some of the music we’ve heard from the game. Give yourself a pat on the back…you were right.


Uematsu is indeed the composer on The Last Story, and if you pick up a first-run copy of the game in Japan, you’ll get a mini-soundtrack CD along with the game. 


Aside from The Last Story, Uematsu has also recently worked on Final Fantasy XIV, and is the composer for Level 5’s Fantasy Life. Effectively, The Last Story and Fantasy Life have had Uematsu working with two of his old Final Fantasy co-workers again.


Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is the director of The Last Story, while original Final Fantasy character designer, Yoshitaka Amano has been called upon to provide artwork for Fantasy Life.


Previously, Uematsu also worked with Sakaguchi on other Mistwalker games, such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.


Image sourced from Nintendo’s “Iwata Asks” column.

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  • Happy Gamer

    his music is just so memorable or at least i don’t get sick of it. Lost Odyssey had an incredible sound track among his recent game compositions.

    I notice alot of games lack the memorable music these days. not bashing western games but i think especially games made in the west…alot of atmospheric sounds and orchaestrated music…its really nice at times don’t get me wrong but memorable? no.

    Uematsu has a gift. I was eyeing this from day 1. Mistwalker to me is the Square Soft in 90s; I expect anything they are coming out with with much enthusiasm! :)

    • Aoshi00

      I know, I love Lost Odyssey’s soundtrack, quite a few memorable tracks, they felt very suitable for the story too, unlike Hamauzu’s music for FF13, while decent on it own felt somewhat disconnected w/ the game and they don’t make you remember memorable scenes from the game. Uematsu and Sakaguchi have worked together for so long they really understand each other well.

      I loved all the Mistwalker games too, I’m going to replay ASH (one of my favs) on the DSi XL, it’s much easier to use the stylus on the bigger screen. Though that has music from Sakimoto Hitoshi / Iwata Masaharu (FF12, Tactics) which of course was epic in its own way, like Muramasa.. They really should localize it, I want to play it in Eng..

      • joesz

        ASH…wow you actually managed to play it?
        That game was so lurkwormish.

        • Aoshi00

          I really loved the story, music (Sakimoto, FFTactics/12), chars (char development and design by Minaba Hideo, FF9’s art director), and gameplay, usually I’m not big on strategy RPGs, many elements felt like an old FF or Chrono Trigger to me. Most people had beef w/ its rather simple looking 2D sprite graphics on the map when you move your units. The actual pre-rendered 3D models in battles are really good. What did you find bad about it though, did you beat the game? I really like the battle system. The stylus-only control was a bit restricting and inconvenient w/ the original DS’s smaller screen though, playing it on the XL would greatly benefit it (I played the game w/ the Phat before).

          At any rate, very happy about the artbook/mini-OST bonus and the release date 1/27 :)

          • joesz

            Found it at a really cheap price weeks ago,Might pick up that next week then:)

          • Aoshi00

            yea, unfortunately the game got bad word of mouth and went straight to bargain bin shortly after release. I felt guilty about killing my ash troops and absorbing their powers though, spent a long time lvl’ing them up in battles.

          • Tokyo Guy

            You found what? ASH? I’ve seen that game sell for 100 yen, brand new.

      • Guest

        Hamauzu’s Chocobo theme rocked though and makes me want to pick up and play a funky bass guitar

        also lol at the names “Fantasy Life” and “Last Story”. Seems they’re really trying to stick it to S-E FF title

        • Aoshi00

          I do like the Chocobo theme too, the vocal one in the Nautilus Park, very cute. “Lost Odyssey” as well, and stick it to them they shall, it’s Sakaguchi’s baby after all :)

        • Fantasy Life is not a Mistwalker title. It’s Level-5’s. Uematsu just did the music composition for the game while working with Amano.

  • neocatzon

    these guys made Last Story a must buy…

  • Aoshi00

    I knew it !! (at least that’s what I was hoping all along) *dies happy*. Even though Cry On was scrapped, Last Story is the spiritual successor at least stylistically (Drakengard char design, Sakaguchi direction, Uematsu music). Will be ordering the game and OST day 1. His music is so memorable it really speaks to me (Lost Odyssey and Anata wo Yurusanai). As good as Hamauzu is as a composer, I thought FFXIII really could’ve used some Uematsu contribution, he’s so versatile, that’s why I preferred X’s soundtrack much more, had more heart.

  • joesz

    dammit… they really make a good couple.

  • Aoshi00

    I heart Uematsu and his beanie, looking like a true master :)

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Don’t make me buy a Wii, damn you.Every time I look at Sakaguchi, I am reminded of that picture of him holding his surfboard. So much style.All hail him!

    Edit: Here it is. Yeah, you wish you were him. Me too.

    • Aoshi00

      Just proves again that all great men have ‘staches, dang Hawaiian surfer looking so awesome :)

      Wow, this shot really looks like the KH BBS guy..

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        He has “badass” written all over his face!

        Why is Andy Samberg there? xD

        He’s the man!

    • RupanIII

      “Don’t make me buy a Wii, damn you.”

      Haha, this. With the dream team back together my buying defenses will be thin

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        I guess we’ll have to give in, eventually =P

  • PrinceHeir

    please make Lost Odyssey 2 sakaguchi ^^

    • I hope not. the story in that game was terrible.

      • I hope so because that was real Final Fantasy right there.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Hmm…Uematsu has sorely disappointed me in recent years, though admittedly his soundtrack to Sakura Note was excellent-it actually reminded me, to be honest, of the album he released some 16 years ago, Phantasmagoria.

    Blue Dragon had very few tracks that I liked (though the dungeon theme with the “doot doot doot” melody was quite good) and although I loved Lost Odyssey and most of its music, there is a major difference between the Uematsu that managed to produce something like 175 tracks for Final Fantasy IX and the Uematsu of today who can hardly even make 1/5th of that.

    Nevertheless, I think the fact that he composed the score for The Last Story is like the final nod to the fact that this is the real Final Fantasy 13.

    • puchinri

      I’ve always been mixed about his work. But I haven’t heard Sakura Note’s music, so I’ll have to look into getting a listen.

      And I definitely agree with that. One thing I always loved about FFIX was the music. Not only the huge amount of it, but the variation and quality in general. Compared to most Uematsu works where I can think of five songs out of the whole OST that I enjoy, IX is one of those games he worked on that I can think of a ton songs off the top of my head that I love.

      That’s a nice way of looking at it too.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Actually Sakura Note was interesting in that it came with the OST itself, given away as a bonus item. It was the full score as well, not just a few tracks. The game was truly excellent IMHO, though it did horribly to the extent that stores had it in bargain bins just weeks later.

        I always find it sad because you have these unique, great games that occasionally come out only to be met with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever and then the company that published it blames the designers…

        • Joanna

          I wish someone had localized Sakura Note, it looked so charming…but I guess it was too Japanese…still that doesn’t stop me from wanting to play it in English. :'(

    • Aoshi00

      Blue Dragon was okay, I thought the anime and spinoffs kinda ruined the brand. I liked Sakura Note’s music too but the game was a bit repetitive, I haven’t finished it yet.. well, I like him doing different styles of music, and you could still a hint of his signature in his scores. Cute ones like FFIX, or epic ones like FF6 or 7. I definitely loved the jazzy soundtrack in Anata wo Yurusanai for PSP, even though he did like 1/3 of the tracks, but the other artists’ performance sounds very close to his style (very moody and adult).I wouldn’t take 13 away from FF13 even though I wish it could’ve been better, I would just throw out FF11 being an MMO. So I just replaced 11 w/ Lost Odyssey and 14 (Online 2) w/ Last Story.

  • if this game comes to NA/EU I will finally have to buy a Wii.

  • Aiddon

    once again proving that Uematsu is the king

  • Hey Ishaan… who found out first? ;) I heard it straight from the man himself and a colleague. lol not trying to brag, just glad they finally announced it publicly.

    • I was half debating putting that old story in there!

  • Seeing them together… *tears*

  • They both have such epic Staches. They did a good job reimagining Sakaguchi as Eraqus.

    And as was said, Uematsu looks like such a Boss.

  • Since when was Uematsu a surgeon?

  • Pesmerga00

    Yay! :)

  • Joanna

    Seeing them together makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’ve always like Uematsu’s compositions. Not all of them, but most of them.

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