Rockin’ Android’s Next Game Is Qlione Evolve

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 3:07pm

QLIONE-EVOLVE-WPThe liquid world, bomb dropping "shooter" from Shindenken is evolving for PlayStation 3. Rockin’ Android crammed Qlione 1 and Qlione 2 together into a single PlayStation Network package called Qlione Evolve.


Qlione Evolve is scheduled to come out December 7th.


We’ll have news about another Rockin’ Android game on Monday. Until then, check out this video of Qlione 2.


  • Code

    rar, looks neat, particularly like the liquid flow inspired theme — although I think having to fly in set a bomb and then fly away constantly might get really taxing and rather tedious quickly.

  • Intensely Geometry Wars-esque.

  • cj_iwakura

    Come on Touhou. You guys can do it! Kidnap Zun if you have to!

    • TrevHead

      Just offer him free booze and a hat stand full of trendy new flat caps :)

  • I’m still curious as to whether or not they’re going PS3-exclusive now.

    • TrevHead

      me too. We havnt seen a new PC game in ages. While it sucks losing yet another company to consoles I cant blame them considering just how starved for good shmups the PS3 is, of which PS3 owners wanting shmups should stop blaming developers and instead look towards sony and the over zelous licensing rules they have.

      • cj_iwakura

        SOE are involved with Rockin’ Android, so I think that answers that.

        I’m happy the PS3 has what it does.

    • It’s not like that, nor is that what we want. x.x

      • Hey, that wasn’t meant to be hostile. There would be reasons to do so, in certain senses. Lord knows that certain aspects of Recettear have made an attempt at console exclusivity look awwwwwfully tempting. :x

        But with such a long time between PC release announcements, you can’t blame people for wondering.

        • TrevHead

          Yea it is a shame western localised doujins are far and few between. While piracy on the PC is rampant especially for doujin games (which considering how hard it is to get hold of most of the Japan only games is understanderble) There are many users of Steam who are starved for good games, especially japanese games and would be more then willing to open their wallets.

          I know ppl who pirate PC games but draw the line at Steam games due to many of the games been cheap and hassle free to buy and that they want to support the service because of what its doing in keeping PC gaming alive as most highstreet shops nolonger sell PC games. On the other hand they have no qwarms with (easily) pirating games on M$’ games for windows label(god i wish that label would go away and die)

  • TrevHead

    BTW when are we gonna get the answers section of Ask RA a question? ive been waiting for it for a while now

    • A little patience please? Putting together fan-powered Q&As is extra work. We do it for you guys and gals, but it isn’t uncommon for an interview to take place later on, you know, after we ask readers to send us questions.

      • TrevHead

        No worrys, the Cave Q&A was the 1st one ild seen and with that one been such a short time between Q and A article release dates I came to expect the same with from other companies.

        • Even if we have the interview back it may not be posted right away. All we ask, especially when it comes to reader questions, is for readers to be reasonable on 1.) what questions get picked and 2.) patience for the interview to be posted.

          The two Deus Ex interviews also had Siliconera reader questions too.

  • tubers

    Just a trivia. Google clione or sea angels. They do look like that and they are real animals :) Very cute :) Better yet, youtube them.

    • neocatzon

      cute and scary at the same time O_O maybe cuz we can see the insides

  • JustaGenericUser

    If Rockin’ Android and the developers evr hope to get a decent amount of sales, they should release it on both PS3 and PC, not just PS3. Crescent Pale Mist would probably do better if it were a PC/PS3 multiplat, especially since it’s really cheap. Steam would probably be the best choice for PC since it’s very highly known and used.

    • It’s not as easy to get on Steam as you think it is…

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