Facebook Files: Buying Habits: New vs. Used

By Ishaan . November 21, 2010 . 10:28am


This week, we’re discussing the subject of buying new vs. used games. The complete discussion thread for this week’s topic was considerably longer and debate-heavy, in case you’re interested in checking it out.


Anton wrote:

Over the past couple of years I have been hearing a lot of debate over the purchasing and selling of used games by major retailers. While the sale of used games doesn’t benefit the developers at all, it’s a huge profit to game retailers and can be very economical for consumers. With major retailers taking games in for low credit and selling back for merely $5 below new SRPs, there is no wonder in my mind that it is cause for concern.


However, for some consumers $5 can be a big deal. In addition, most major retailers have some form of store membership or discount card. For a game that sells new at $59.99, it may sell for $54.99 used. With a membership discount card, the price could be as low as $49.50 which, in my opinion, is a pretty good deal. But, of that $49.50 the developers don’t get a cent. It’s pure profit for the retailer. While buying a used game for a lower price is a benefit to the consumer and retailer, it hurts the developers, which in the long run, may come back to bite the consumer and retailer.


I look at it like this: if a developer is losing 1 new sale for ever 1 used sale of a title, it could result in spending cutbacks during development which can result in games of poor quality. Consumers buy these poor quality games from retailers, become dissatisfied playing it, and trade it back to the same retailer.


These days I would like to say that I purchase mostly new games, but the fact is that most of my buying is of used titles. This is only because I buy a lot of older games for collector’s purposes. However, I will always buy new games that interest me from Atlus and NIS America.


Andre wrote:

I see no problem buying a used game when it is a game a year or two old. It is normally at the right price due to loss in value due to age and the introduction of stronger production values in newer games. Last year I shopped around in Gamestop and was happy to be able to get my hands on two Xbox classic gems; Panzer Dragoon Orta and Jade Empire. I think its fine to have a market for used games because many, many, many new games come into the market every year and no one except maybe the upper class could have the money to pay for every game they want to own.


Antonio, you mentioned that used games can sell just a tad less than the new version and I think this is absurd. A used game should be like buying a used car, by the time you open it up and use, its value has decreased. Nothing stays close to the value it had when it was purchased new.


What usually is a deciding factor in buying new games IMO, is that I know it is in good condition and now a days, some companies are putting in incentives such as free DLC to buy a game new.


Samwise wrote:

I know it’s a really selfish way to think of it, but I can sum it up easily: If I can get what I want, I’ll do it at whatever price I’m alright with. I’m never thinking “Oh the publisher/developer deserves my money” if it’s something I don’t care about.


That’s the gist of it, and all that really needs to be said.


What are your outlook and buying habits when it comes to new vs. used games? Are there any particular publishers you try to support by buying new, or are you more the type to hunt down the best deals you can find?

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  • Personally, I buy new than I do used and I get better deals with new games over at Best Buy now. I don’t trade in any of my old games because I can sell them myself for a higher profit if I have to. If I have to resort to used, its usually for something in which I can’t find anywhere else.

    As for support to devs and publishers, I only buy what I feel will be good or whats interesting. Some companies have let me down far to many times and I typically do not buy any more their games. There are plenty of other companies out there that could use the support more than these bigger corporations.

    • theoretically though; you are still part of the problem in the eyes of these publishers; the retailers still dont see a dime from that game someone is buying from you; the problem isnt so much the retailer making a profit; as it is someone not buying the game new and sending profits to the developer

      • True enough but I’ve only sold 2 games. Oblivion and Saints Row 2. Two games I know for a fact would have been fetched for close to nil at GameStop or anywhere else. Just because a friend was willing to part for a little bit of change for games out of date, I am willing to oblige that offer. Every other game however (upwards over 70) are still in my collection or deemed nonexchangeable due to digital distribution and saving them for relics of my past to show my future kids to compare to what they may be playing during that period.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          You sold Saints Row 2?! That’s it buddy, you’re on my to jab-in-the-arm list. >:(

          (Kidding. Maybe. :P)

    • also since you do your own selling you might be interested in this


      its similar to trading in at gamestop; but you get the same points out as you put in for a game.

      for example i got nier for 1000 points and 1$; and when i was done 3 weeks later it turned around and sent it back out and it got me 1000 points back (minus a few $ shipping). The program is slow to start but as an avid gamer i have found it to be a better alternative to gamestop and selling games for myself online

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yup. I wouldn’t think twice about buying game used that’s already sold millions versus a niche game that could use every sale and penny it can get.

  • Yui

    I’m an amoral, penny-pinching bastard like Samwise, so I’m all over used games. But generally, it’s either that or simply the fact that they’re impossible to find new – I never, ever, ever found a new copy of Demon’s Souls in the UK when I started looking, for instance. I’m sure they were there, but there were cheap used copies of the Black Phantom edition for less than new copies of the normal edition on Amazon or Play, so I picked and chose my battles in order to save money.

    Yes, it makes me a monster. But I’m fairly certain that if games are purchased wholesale by retailers, the developer at least makes some level of profit, so it can’t be all bad if people like me dominate the money-spending circuit in videogames, right? =P

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Hey, I loved used games too. But for me, it’s not the rare used games, it’s the dirt cheap ones. The collective PS2 bargain bin (games that are $5.00 or less, Walmart, Gamestop, anywhere in physical location) is a true gold mine, and at those prices I’ll pick up games I wouldn’t give a second look at otherwise, much less search for online. It started in PS2 twilight era and trickled out over the years, but I’ve been surprised by just how many fun gems are buried in those piles.Often when I went to get a game I’ve anticipated and out recently, I’d pick up 2 or 3 from the bin for a total of ~$7-10, provided I’m not too picky about missing cases and perfect condition. Heck, sometimes it’s brand new. I’ve built up a massive library this way, one that continued on long after I had already gotten all the games I consider to be part of my “perfect condition must-have treasure collection for shelf display.”

      • Yui

        Haha, wow, late reply, sorry! But yeah, I think along the same lines too. It’s how I came across my copy of DQ VIII, after all. There’s a shop near where I live that deals exclusively in used games, and I pop in every now and then to find some real cheap gems. Rare ones, too. I got my hands on Z.O.E 2 and Yakuza 2 the other day there, after all. =D

        You sound like my kinda guy. I respect that. Way to go, stingy old bastards! ;P

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Ah, sorry, now I’m late. XDI was gone for a few days…Haha thanks, the world could use a few more stingy old bastards like us! :P Especially when 6-7 old used games sure aren’t going to hurt their respective company sales.

          EDIT: Actually it wasn’t so much as I was “gone” as I felt like it might have been a good idea to take a breather from comment spamming.

          • Yui

            No worries. An eye for an eye, right? Where did you go? =P
            That’s an attitude I like. You’re absolutely right, we aren’t hurting them when new copies are way out of production, and at least there’s someone willing to buy their games, right? =D

  • Achrmaeiad

    I personally buy all my games new unless it is impossible or prohibitively expensive to get them that way. This means I have only ever bought a couple of used games. I’m not really thinking about who gets the money, though is is more important to me that the publishers get it rather than a game store I don’t have to get it from or another store that sells other things and doesn’t really need game money for their profits. To me is is more about the collection aspect of it. I just dislike not being the original owner if I can help it.

    • Aoshi00

      I have never thought about the deep issues who gets the profit either. I almost always buy my games new (be it on release day or later on after price drops), if it’s something I can’t wait I buy on day 1. I money pinch too and look for coupons and deals even if buying them new (for imports there’s not much leeway for saving, and used stuff on ebay aren’t that much cheaper). Like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood now, I could get it day 1 from many retailers for $40 or less, but since I haven’t finished AC2, I would wait till it drops to $30 or $20 because they price drop so fast, but by then I’m still getting them new, just not on day 1.The only exception is if the game became greatest/platinum hits and I have no way of getting the original print w/ the regular boxart at a reasonable price anymore, then I resort to ebay (one example was Dead Rising 1), and even then I check w/ the seller to make sure “mint” or “like new” is really like new, because I’m very picky about the cosmetic condition of my games. If people buy my games, they would look like new copies w/o the shrink wrap. Trading in to Gamestop is not worth it, they just give you scrap change. Recently I have learned to use the trade-in w/ Amazon, if your game is fairly recent release, you get a lot of money back, sometimes as much as 70-80%. I usually don’t feel like putting it up on ebay for auction because I’m lazy, w/ Amazon it’s simple free shipping it back and they put the credit in your account, for me to buy new games.Other old games I would buy are of course for the old systems. But now there isn’t much incentive to collect actual vintage stuff anymore due to VC/XBLA/PSN, the premium for a boxed copy for an older system is just not worth it, like all my Sonic games for the Mega Drive are just in the drawer now, I could play them more conveniently on XBLA.

      • You dont ever have feelings of regret after trading games or selling them?

        • i have a couple of times and i just hunt down a used copy of them. think i have bought my fair share of tales of phantasia copies lol

        • Aoshi00

          I seldom sell games, unless I think I made a bad purchase (the game could be bad or I found out the gameplay just isn’t for me). I just look at the game and ask myself “do I still want to play this?” If not, I might as well get some money back. But I rarely sell games.Recently I sold Mario Kart DS back to Amazon and got a $18.50 credit and apply it to the new Mario DSi XL because it’s bundled w/ Mario Kart, so I saved money getting the DSi XL. My original copy was like new too even though it was several years old.I bought Rise of the Ninja for the 360 before, I didn’t like the game so I sold it on ebay and almost broke even. I don’t like Samurai Shodown Sen either, bought it for less than $20, but if I trade it in to Amazon for $3 I’m not going to do that.

          So no, no regret, if I like them they would stay as part of my collection. I only sell stuffs that I don’t want to own or play anymore, like Ultimate Shooting Collection or Dewy’s Adventure on the Wii, good riddance.

          There was one time I have slight regret, I traded in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz to Gamestop because I couldn’t stand the game and then got Sonic and the Secret Rings. I didn’t feel bad because I sold a bad game, but it had some sentimental value because it was a gift from my ex-gf (she wanted to give me a video game and didn’t know what to get me, it was kind of cute..), I think one day I might rebuy that game lol.

          There are games that I’m not crazy about, like Metroid Other M, not that the game is bad but I just didn’t like it very much, but I won’t sell it, I want it to stay as a part of my collection.

          • Happy Gamer

            Me too i seldom sell games (u don’t get much for it anyways)
            I prefer new games only because well..it’s in good condition. I collect games and as a collector I don’t mind used games if it is in great condition. I bought some almost mint games or pretty much mint.

            problem is places like gamestop where games are in horrible condition or my favorite, don’t even have cases and manual.

            I think gamestop its really abouy profit. If they only accepted mint games and buy sell for similar price i don’t think they would want that.

            I know it sounds more logical to say if game is poor condition, buy for less sell for less and good, buy for more etc.

            this only happens in a unselfish, greedless world. Companies have to make profit it’s reality.

            I have seldom seem amazing used games stores. sell only top of the line, mint games. It seems to target a niche crowd and make ok profit. The owner seemed to more think of it as a hobby.

          • Aoshi00

            You know what’s worse w/ Gamestop though, selling “open” copes as new, they go get the box and then get the disc somewhere.. like my Bad Man 2 on PSP, I paid $19.99 + tax and it was an unsealed copy, I could’ve gotten a sealed one from Amazon w/o tax. So it felt stupid I paid $1.40 more for something alrdy opened (the box was a little scratched up..)..I definitely want things in pristine condition that’s why I buy new, but wouldn’t mind used either if they’re mint. I think a lot of used copies in Japan are almost like new. Book Off in NYC has a small selection of used import games, I got Sin & Punishment 2 and 428 like new for $30-35 each. It’s too bad they don’t have more games, otherwise I would get imports used that way, especially importing a game costs like $80-90 now on average :(.. like Last Story, Catherine, Dream Club Zero, those games are gonna cost me, and shmups are killers..

          • Yeah, the only games I tend to sell are bad ones. Last two games I sold for my PS3 were Soul Calibur IV (which was missing so much of what I liked about the previous games) and Silent Hill: Homecoming (which was a heartbreakingly bad game, especially for someone who was as big a fan of the series as I was). Otherwise, if I like a game, even if I’m sick of playing it myself, I’m very big on showing my games off to other people. I think I’m responsible for most of my friends’ game purchases at times, especially on games like Resonance of Fate or Valkyria Chronicles that got zero promotion when they were released.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Ah, Sega, the company that I have a Love/Hate relationship with this gen.

        • If he was willing to sell it, I would guess not. Though there are times when it could happen, I’ll admit.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I NEVER get Greatest Hits for the PS3. I can envision the horrifying maroon red pulsating revoltingly like a bruised, swollen, lymph tumor parasite in between all my clinically translucent and crystalline row of PS3 cases. Not sure if I’ll get one from online? No buy. The only version in the store? No buy. New on sale? No buy. For free? No buy. It’s GOTTA be original print. >:D>:D

        • Aoshi00

          You said it my ever brilliant poet :) (I was eating when I read that lol.. )The greatest hits copy could stare into the windows of my soul w/ its evil red eyes and dangle its $9.99 price tag all it wants, NO BUY. *in Rorschach’s voice* “No Compromise!” (I just finished watching the Watchmen Ultimate Cut, he so aweomse :)

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Whenever we do this back and forth thing I always feel like we derail the thread with our colossal discussions of hell and back (XDXD), but thanks and I have to say it anyway… Rorschach is the only true hardass who can *get over himself* of the bunch. He deserves his own book.

    • TyeTheCzar

      I would only buy used if the game was from a company I don’t like in order to boycott them while playing them. Also, if a game is nearly-impossible to find new or download, I’ll use used games as a last resort.

      • Avojavo

        … That’s a pretty feeble boycott. You say the product’s worth your time but the company’s not worth your cash?

        Huh. I can’t say I agree with that philosophy for your purchasing decisions.

      • I have to admit to doing that with Dead Rising 2 and Fallout 3, not so much because I don’t like the companies, but specifically because of their 360-exclusive DLC. I have no problem giving Betheseda and Capcom my money, but not for those particular titles. And when the DLC for Fallout 3 was available, then Betheseda got my money. I’ll do the same thing with Dead Rising 2 (which I either haven’t been able to find used when I had money or only find when I can’t afford it).Otherwise, I specifically believe in giving the publisher my money. I’ll often buy titles day one if they’re something I’m either really anticipating or if they’re from a company that’s been good to me (NISA, for example. They could put out a paint-drying sim for PS3 and I’ll still pick it up first day. Hopefully, they don’t, though).For some reason, my dislike of ActiBlizzard extends towards even buying any of their products used. I know they don’t get the money, but somehow, it would bother me to have something from Bobby Kotick in my collection. I actually felt bad when I downloaded Wolfenstein 3D off the PSN without realizing it was from ActiBlizzard.I will also buy used if the game is rare or out of print and I can’t find a new copy. I had to do that with most of my MegaTen PS2 games after the ones I had bought new got stolen a few years back.

  • thaKingRocka

    When I was hard up for cash back in the day, I bought used games, but that five-dollar difference was never enough. It had to be a B2G1 free sale or the game had to be in the teens.

    Once the money started rolling in, I abandoned that practice. Not only do I now buy new games nearly 100% of the time (mainly thanks to CAG’s frequent posting of ridiculously good deals), but I even sometimes buy at release at MSRP so that my dollar will carry greater weight with publishers since they tend to be shortsighted morons who only consider the first month’s performance of a product.

    One of the other problems is that here in The Bronx, people treat their games like crap. It seems to me that people around these parts use their games to clean Four Loko stains off of the concrete or something. Back in Japan, I could buy a used game and the disc would sparkle and shine with cleanliness as if fresh from the factory. My games get some normal wear and tear since I don’t keep cases, and only use books, but I have never had a game end up like the ones I’ve seen Gamestop and the like try to pass off as acceptable product.

    • Aoshi00

      CAG kicks ass :)! I like their reviews too, how they assign a dollar value to how much they think a new game is worth, like Kung Fu rider is $10 (instead of $40), and Limbo is $10 (instead of $15). I find that to be really useful reference.

      • thaKingRocka

        I’ve been a member since 2003 and though it definitely has caused me to buy more games since that time than I would have otherwise, it has helped me to get a whole lot more for my dollar. CAG 4 EVA! :P

        • Aoshi00

          I think I stumbled upon CAG around 1 yr or 2 ago, it definitely made me buy more, I can’t imagine going on w/o them now, that Kmart game guy contributed a lot every week too. Cheap ass = Kick ass :)

    • Heh, I remember when I was starting college and so hard up for cash I had to sell in my copy of Urban Reign to cover the cost of riding the bus that week.

      • thaKingRocka

        In my freshman year of college, I traded in Symphony of the Night after paying fifty bucks for it. I bought it again the next year using some of my work study pay (5 bucks and hour, baby!), and I bought it again when it came out for XBLA. I believe I have atoned for my sins of poverty. :P

      • I remember I paid the rent for my first apartment, partly with the money I got for selling Panzer Dragoon Saga on ebay. I know it was a ridiculous amount of money for a videogame. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was definitely over $150, might’ve even been $200, but it was so long ago.

        I wouldn’t have sold it if not for the fact that my Saturn had broken down and it just seemed cheaper to stick with my PS1 at that point.

  • Ive started to always buy new. Games drop by $10 so fast these days that I never see any benefit to buying used. I usually like to get games on day 1 as well. However, for games that I missed on day 1, if I just wait a few months then the price for new, if I can catch Amazon at the right time, will be marked down to just 19-29, which is a bargain in my book.

    I just like getting the games, preorder bonuses, and extras, and so far, I do not think any of that is offered with used. A savings of 5$ isnt really alot in my book, so why not pay more to get it new, $10 as well.

  • I buy both new and used.

    For certain titles/series, I normally go with new, unless it’s hard to find. If it’s hard to find or just plain old, then I go used. Either way, you’re getting a game that you’re probably gonna like and keep playing. If not, then you’re shit outta luck because you spent a god awful lot of money on a new game that was horrible and can’t return opened.

    Most major retailers (that I know of) have a policy where you can’t return new games once they’ve been open. If it’s defective, then you can return it for another copy of the same game but not your money back. While for used (depending on where you get it), you can exchange it for another game or get your money back.

    As for supporting the developers, I often do support the developers by buying the games new, but with how things are going for me money-wise at the moment, I gotta think smart and choose between the two prices of the games instead of going by my habits.

  • I agree with Andre the most; if the game is over one or two years old (or even older), I don’t think buying it used is a major problem. Chances are buying it used is easier to do than finding a new one. However, from my observation, most gamers I know would wait for only one or two weeks after the game is out just so that they can buy the game used, for (as Anton stated) merely $5 cheaper. What I would suggest is that game retailers should only resell a game that is well over 4 or 6 months old, to at least give the developer a good estimate of how well did their game sell.

  • anything i plan to own for good i generally buy new; but with recent years (and with me nolonger working for a now extinct games retailer) i have begun to keep a closer eye on the games i buy. i am one of those “niche” gamers that buys games from atlus and NISA; and i use to buy their games day one; but recently i have noticed that they sit in a backlog for a few weeks or months while i finish my current game; often times resulting in a killer online sale or discount at gamestop, while my opened but unplayed game sits there. as far as used goes; i have seen the sales numbers on just how much the gaming industry benefits from used sales and if i were a publisher; especially small ones; id be thanking retailers who take used games. 1 of every 6 brand new games were bought with some form of trade credit; quite a large percentage of those (sadly the specific number escapes me) would not happen without said trade credit. Sure the activisions of the world can afford to be butthurt because the used sales definitely get them where they otherwise would have had quite a few sales more; but for the publishers at least on the level i buy, i think the benefit of the extra purchasing power from trade ins out-weights any potential sales lost due to used purchases

  • MemeticRichard

    Used games mostly.It’s a completely legitimate, legal and solid business practice. I don’t care who gets the money, or who’s bitching more than somebody else. As long as I get my product, and as long as I obtain it through legal means, I’m happy, publisher & developer whining be damned.

    • Agreed. The only time I’ll buy new is if I know well ahead of time what I want (and in those cases, I’ll prolly already have it preordered) and/or if It’s a company I Like (Mainly Square Enix, haha, though I did buy Crisis Core used). Of Course, I’m pretty broke 95% of the time and all my income goes to riding the bus to/from school, so maybe I’m not the best judge of this trend @[email protected]

  • FireCouch

    The only Used games I’ve bought are harder to find games like ICO, We Love Katamari, Wild Arms 5, and maybe some others.I never buy new games used, the only exception was Nier. I found it used for 30 dollars the day after it was released. You can hardly say that was used.

    I never sell my games anymore. When I was a kid I ended up selling a crap load of amazing N64 games like Earthworm Jim 3D, Sarge’s Heroes, Pokemon Snap, and Rayman 2 and also some PS2 games like Jak & Daxter. I learned my lesson not to resell my games.

    • RupanIII

      Same here on selling my games.. I kept most of my stuff, but the ones I sold I regret >.<; It never occurred to me that they would go out of print and be hard to track down some day, I was just thinking about saving up for some new thing.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Hahaha I remember when I sold my N64 I had to sell all my games as well. I sold Harvest Moon 64 at our family garage sale for like, $5.00. Crazy little bastard I was, it’s now worth like $60 on ebay. XD

  • doubletaco

    New, when I can.

    I love tearing off plastic wrap.

    • like i told my tumblr followers…nothing beats the smell of fresh new games, I love that smell and feeling (although the plastic wrap can be tough sometimes)

      • Aoshi00

        Just go easy on the sniffing, I think those chemicals could give you cancer, just like the new car smell, it’s actually not a good thing, even though the smell brings you satisfaction :)

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Ever try sniffing sharpie, white-out, and glue together? It’s heavenly.
        (No, don’t.)

    • Aoshi00

      The part of tearing off plastic I like, but not those annoying anti theft stickers on game/blu-ray/DVD, sometimes they’re a pain to peel off..

  • regreto

    i buy only new games.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Same, because the practice of used game sales stinks. I prefer devs/publishers to get rewarded from my sale rather than stores I don’t even like much (GameStop). If it’s something I don’t have a major interest in, I’ll just rent it.

      However, in defense of used game sales complaints, particularly the low trade-in value of games compared to what stores resell them for, I will say this: the entire point of hte practice is to make money, so they obviously will not give you what they sell the game for.

  • I see no reason to buy used, Amazon for instance usually has the best prices I seen on new games. Most often than not Amazon is at least $5 or more off from list price, no tax for most states and free shipping. That is also on top of a bigger selection that you will ever find else where for new and out of print games.

    If anything I say it really comes down to convenience, much easier to walk into Gamestop than tracking down a game online or new in a physical store.

    • Aoshi00

      Epecially nowadays Amazon and other retailers compete so fiercely in this economy they give at least $10-20 (or more) credit for new games. So buying most games new is like around $40 instead of $60. If it’s a game I can’t wait to play, I’m not going to wait several months or a half year for it to drop to $20.

    • Oh, heck yeah. It’s like the biggest unknown secret! Any one place can offer whatever deal they headline, I’d say 4 out of 5 times Amazon will always be the cheapest for me simply by cutting shipping cost and tax(California’s is over 8%). Then again, that may depend on your purchasing habits, too. Especially if you calculate things like “I’ll get this since it’s marked down now. Oh, but this other gives you credit so maybe I could use it when this goes on sale”, etc. It’s crazy how much time I waste doing that on my wishlists, heh.
      I think I do that because I try to stay on a budget, but Amazon makes it easy to get great deals as well as difficult to decide what to take first.

  • Pichi

    If I can’t find a game that came out long ago new, then so be it, I will buy it used.

  • I only buy new games… becuase the only way i have to get new games, is getting them new so…

  • MrRobbyM

    If games were about 20 bucks cheaper day 1, I’d probably always buy new. But I can’t afford to buy every game I want day one. In fact, the last game I bought new was a few months ago.

    • Aoshi00

      Kmart is giving $20 credit for Donkey Kong Country Returns (another extra $40 credit if you buy a Wii, like the red mario one), and later the same for Epic Mickey, so if you want those on day 1.. It’s almost better not to wait (unless there’s better deals like Buy 2 get 1 free later or something).

      • MrRobbyM

        Thanks for the heads up. Though I’m saving for other things now.

        • Aoshi00

          No problemo, you did get Kirby’s Epic Yarn right given your avatar lol :) I still have like $110 coupons from Kmart before (they expire at the beginning of Dec), so I might as well spend on DKCR and Epic Mickey.. or some PSN/MS point cards..

          *typing this from my Kmart cubicle* :)

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            My buddy works at an unnamed store that sells video games and he got Epic Mickey early. It’s great. Nintendo didn’t sent out DKCR early, though, probably because they’re so anti-pirate, but you don’t even need to play that game to see it’s going to be awesome. Actually, it’s out today now that I think about it.

          • Aoshi00

            Glad to hear that. I’m pretty confident about DKCR, Epic Mickey I’m having slight doubt, I think I would just pick it up though w/ Kmart’s offer, and hopefully it’s awesome like your friend said. But I won’t get the LE (Kmart actually throwing in a $30 coupon), but I don’t think it’s worth it, most LEs aren’t in retrospect, as they drop in price later cheaper than even the regular edition.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    I usually try to buy new unless it’s hard to find, really expensive, or if the game was made by a developer I hate

  • New games all the way… Although I had to wait a couple of months to get the games I want to drop in price. I bought a used game once before from eBay and it smells of cigarettes. Ugh

    It may be only me, but so far I’ve never heard of companies complaining about this aside from devs in the US fighting the holy war against gamestop.

    And EA managed to screw people with “buy new or pay to play online” crap with NFS Hot Pursuit.

    • What youre not a fan of online pass? Its just $10 so even if one gets it used it isnt that much of a pain. Though I couldnt imagine playing NFS Hot Pursuit without the connection to autolog and such. My Sims 3 also had online pass and such. I do not think consumers large scale have made any complaints about it. (not like everyone wants to play online)

      • I always buy games new, so it’s not really of an issue to me, but I kinda feel sorry for 360 gamers.. XBL Gold + another $10 for online pass. Oh well in the long run it wouldn’t matter I guess…

    • I don’t really see how that’s them screwing anybody, though, as if you buy the game new, you don’t pay anything. Now, if they were charging that for every copy, new and used, I’d totally agree with you.

  • Aoshi00

    Just want to add, Amazon gives pretty good trade-in deals for newer releases. There was one time they were giving $40 for Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario Galaxy 2 w/in the first two weeks of their release, one could’ve sold them and get 100% of their money back if they finish their games soon enough and don’t want to collect them (I bought RDR new for $40 because of the $20 credit, and MG2 for $30 also because of another $20 credit at the time), there’s not much point to wait, unless you’re patient and wait for those Buy2get1 free or Buy 1 get another 50% off sale down the road. W/ Thanksgiving coming though, a lot of new games have price drops even sooner in the last several months due to stores’ price matching.

  • DlanorKnox

    Because most of what I want to play is niche titles, it is important to me to support the developers and buy games new whenever I can. I tend to plan out my game purchases, and I usually pre-order most of the games I want to buy throughout the year. I get most of my games through Amazon, so I don’t have to worry about finding them new in store.

  • ndjn3979

    I only think of myself when it comes to buying. I only buy games I know I’ll play for a long time, and I don’t like the idea of someone else already having gone through my stuff. Thus, I buy new.

  • I’ll buy rare games used, since usually they’re absurdly expensive new because they’re rare. It’s just a matter of finding a used copy in good condition…

  • For as long as I can I buy games new and fresh. Since that´s what I like to buy. I trust people with buying second hand games, but after a few setbacks there I went back to original and new games.

    And if I want to buy LE editions I really have to buy them new :p

  • i buy more new games the used because if almost the same price i only think i hate wend i buy a new game and the game is no in the case like with plastic how they call it new if its have been already open

  • shion16

    ive bought a lot of used games for my PS3, and i dont regret of itits great for know old but good games like Infamous or resistance , now i cant wait for infamous 2So if i want to play an old game i buy it used, i finish it and then i sell it

    • Aoshi00

      Only if the disc is in good shape though, especially w/ PS3’s slot drive instead of tray, I don’t want dirt getting inside even though the Blu-ray has a pretty good scratch resistant surface. That’s why I never rent blu-rays from Netflix, just DVDs for my DVD player. If I’m watching something on blu-ray, it’s movies I want to collect anyway.

      • shion16

        thats obvious
        you gotta check the conditions of the disc first

        • Aoshi00

          yea, but sometimes there’s no guarantee on ebay (that’s where I get my used games if I ever need to), I just check the sellers’ feedback carefully and always question them first, if they meant it when they say “like new” or “no scratches”, I can’t stand any of my discs having even hairline scratches. One time I accidentally put KH2 on top of another disc alrdy in the PS2 tray and it was scratched pretty bad, that really pains me. I still don’t trust any used disc though putting into the PS3.

          • shion16

            oh i get itwell nobody trusts ebay xDi always ask for a meeting first to check the gameif they dont accept i dont accept too

            to sawada : i dont go with the money when i go to check the game
            and yeah…. meet a stranger is always dangerous xD

          • Isnt that dangerous? I would be afraid to meet with a seller or something, what if they try to take the money and run with it?!

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Meeting strangers are dangerous, but it also depends on what neighborhood(s) you live in. I’ve used Craigslist countless times and have never had a shady transaction (buying or selling).

      • Ive never had an issue with a Blu-ray from netflix, then again most times Im usually the first to request a movie, lol. I Dont think people get them that dirty.

        • Aoshi00

          I only have the 1 disc out at a time plan, so chances are I could only be the first one to receive some new movies (after that I wonder if people try wipe their coffee tables w/ them, or just kids throwing the discs around, how could you scratch a disc anwyay). I didn’t even pay $2 extra for blu-ray because I buy and collect blu-rays and rent DVDs. But to stick it to my PS3, I need to know it’s pristine w/o a speck of dust.

        • shion16

          what is netflix? o.o

  • I always buy new and will never support the used game trade. The only used games I own were given as gifts and I’ve never traded anything in.

    My biggest quam is, as a collector I don’t like to purchase games with any damage to the case or disc, which the vast majority of used titles feature.

    It’s also just screams dishonest practice for me. For one, it results in lost sales for the publisher and developer, I can’t stress enough how bad this is. Ever wonder why that obscure JRPG sequel never made it over? It wasn’t just because it was obscure, that’s for sure.

    I also can’t stand how places like GameStop can essentially con people out of their games, giving minimal store credit for something someone could usually just sell for much more on ebay. Then they turn around and make massive profit.

    So yeah, I never buy used, and never will.

  • malek86

    I usually go for the lower price. New or used doesn’t make a difference, as long as it’s not in terrible conditions… but even then, I still bought a couple of games with torn boxes and stuff like that, if they were especially cheap. Only the disk/cartridge really matters, although I still like having a box to put the game in, to keep it safe. Since I buy a lot of games, I try to save money in any means possible.Of course, only original games. Not for some sort of moral upstanding – if I cared about morals I would only be buying new games, because it’s the only way to give money to the companies. Simply, I won’t have a pirated game in my collection. That’s the whole point of a collection, after all. If you were a stamps collector, would you accept a fake? I don’t think so.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Unless you’re a collector of fakes… XD Nah I know.
      When the game’s a fake… you’re a fake. The game looks bad amongst real games; you look bad amongst real people. The game’s not a real game; you’re not a real man… etc.etc. :P

  • I’m not even gonna lie. I buy used and that’s because I need to save money and whole on to every cent in this day and time.

  • nyoron

    New only, so that the devs/publishers see the money. I have no interest in lining the pockets of Gamestop or Joe Blow on eBay for used goods of questionable quality.

    Although I’ve picked up a bunch of used games in Japan that were in such good and complete condition they might as well have been new. If Gamestop could become like some of the shops over there I might consider buying used from them occasionally. But it won’t happen.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I wish I could afford all the games I want new, but buying from Gamestop or GAME retailers here in Denmark – like a new PS3, Wii or 360 big title game – costs like 90$. But I’ve taken to importing my DS games from playasia.com and other online retailers since that’s considerably cheaper, and I’ll probably start buying PS3 games that way too.

  • RupanIII

    I used to buy used sometimes. But I guess I’ve grown more ocd over the years and I really like a game/dvd/etc to be new/fresh. I also bought a couple used games that turned out to be really scratched up and in lousy quality. I tried again recently because I wanted an old PSX game. I bought it off Amazon marketplace for $30 (it’s out of print, but not rare or anything) marked as ‘Excellent and Like-New’ quality. The disc and manual were in good shape, but the case was scratched to hell and fell into two pieces when you opened it. Like new huh? I would’ve been a lot angrier if I was buying it for collection instead of just to play, but still.. there’s too much duplicity like this. I have had some good experiences buying used out of print stuff from people on gaming forums though.

  • Neveryll

    I would say generally I like to buy new copies as opposed to used. However, with the economy tightened I will sometimes buy used as well. I would say 2 out of 5 copies are new vs used. Honestly at fifty to sixty dollars a pop new vs thirty to thirty five dollars used six months to a year later its obvious which route is the most economic if your pinching your pennies. For me its a choice of what I’d like to do vs what is economically feasible at times though.

    That being said I think part of what pushes new game sales is online play and wether your a social gamer or not. If all your friends are playing it and it offers online play then I think your probably more likely to buy new vs used as most gamers want to play it day one. If however you do more single play my guess is you would probably have less pressure to buy new vs used.

    For me I am watching companies latest push back to used retailers with interest. EAs interest in activation fees. The latest GOTY Borderlands game that offers the content by code and not on the disk. These and many others are ways I can see developers fighting back against such. As a gamer I don’t mind supporting the people that make the games however they will have to realize that they can’t have it all ways and expect us to like it either. Developers saying that a game should still sell for full price a year after release would probably not go over well. They need to allow some give as well.

    For me I could see dropping five bucks maybe even ten on some each time to activate a used game if that meant showing my support for development. The thing is it would take a hunk outta the sales for used retailers as well. And while some developers may look at those places as the enemy in tough times like this, keep in mind these are the front people for your product as well. You want them to do well and stay in business so you as the developer don’t have to sell and distrubute your product. I think there is some middle ground for everyone here its a matter of proffesionalism and greed that will dictate how this goes. Keep in mind too that piracy is still very really for games and you’d rather not push the general public to look at getting their games in less scrupulous ways.

  • Neveryll

    I forgot to add this in my original post but there is one other quirk that places that sell used games do do for developers. Its advertise in an indirect way. Consider this. Most stores have limited shelf space and as a result only display the newest or hotest games. Now imagine that all games can only be used once by someone and then the activation on such is done. Well noone would want a used game at this point since it would be worthless. But who wants a new copy of Call of Duty 1 when they could go out and get the newest version “Call of Duty 7” which has better graphics and content? Used games are an indirect way for old games to get played and offer a chance to generate interested in a developer or franchise. I’m sure there are many people out there that buy used everything but how much is it worth a developer to generate interest in their product and buzz?

  • skymap

    From what I understand, buying new doesn’t necessarily guarantee the publisher money (and in turn, the developer). The publisher makes money when they ship it to stores. The stores buy from the publisher, and stock their shelves. Then they pocket the money they get from the games (- tax). If a game sells out, then they might ask for more copies and the publisher can make more money that way. This is my understanding of how the process works.

    For those who say used games are unreliable or damaged, look outside of gamestop. Ebay is a great place for people to find games in very good condition. The only problem is that if you live in the USA, some US shippers don’t package very well and certain cases can get broken (in ways that are clear pressure was applied that caused it to break).

    Personally, I buy used almost all the time but that’s because I almost always buy old games. I did recently buy 30 second hero new from Amazon, but I’d be kidding myself if I thought a portion of that was going to go to the developer now. The game was already sold before I ever bought it and I doubt they will stock more.

  • kylehyde

    I prefer my games……

    Like a virgin, hey
    Touched for the very first time


  • It depends for me. I always buy Atlus, Aksys and NIS America games new when possible, whether for myself or for a gift. And if there’s a really awesome preorder incentive (like the free Dragon Age 2 BioWare Edition upgrade) I’ll do that.

    But I’d say at least half of my current generation games are from GameStop, Half Price Books or Disc Replay. And for older gen it’s probably more like 3/4ths (maybe more) were bought used. But then, that’s because for older games I didn’t get the systems themselves until they were 3-4 yrs old.

  • Like many fellow commenters here in Siliconera I never sell my games and I bought them new because I choose only games that I wanted to play and keep it for good. Except for one.. It was purely bad.. lol.. I misjudge it. Well, personally I think that used game benefits purely to the retailer and some for the consumer. It will not increase the sale for the developer in any ways because, well, just look at pirated games, many people played and like it but will never buy a new original copy. Same goes to the second hand games. But worst, it feels like the retailer are leeching off more from the developers.

    They double the income for themselves at the same copy of game that they did not really own. It feels like a legal piracy here. It is ok if they sell a new game with a high price since it is their freedom to do so, but, selling used game, like what people says, will cause the lowering of the real game sale thus decrease the revenue for the developer to create better game next time. Not only that, by selling used games the retailer even earn more than selling a new game expensively. I understand that they did buy the game from the gamer, but, as a big game retailer don’t you think that there should be some ethic and responsibility going on towards the developer too?

    Price cut is inevitably essential to many out there.. Heck I even bought some (actually once) myself and really love the idea cuz it save so much of my money. However, for the justice of the developer I think the retailers should pay at least some back to the developer and limit the resale number. Imagine things when you are positioned in their shoes instead, its like you have been working so hard on something but people earn like how many times more than you do while you only sold only so many copies less? I admit that, those thought are only from the perspective of personal justice on behalf of the developer and also from a gamer who wanted more quality games, but, seriously its really unfair. The real sale did not go any higher but the retailer are having a boom. It sure sucks big time if you ask me.

    In conclusion, no matter what, a used game is really a leech that bring no good to the gaming society. If you love the company, please support new original game and choose your game wisely.

  • I used to by used a lot. I’d browse through different outlets that features games and then I’d browse through eBay and try the title out. I used it like renting, or like Gamefly; buy cheap, play as long as I want, and once I’m done I’d sell if off. The cost was steady, too. It covered most games.
    I don’t do that anymore. I don’t have any time to play every game out there (let alone repackaging them), and I don’t want to. Even though my preference in games is opening up, the selections are naturally narrowing down (i.e. niche :P). Not to mention I really value room space so whatever game I felt I got all that it had to offer I sell it. And if it’s a download game, then que sera, sera.

    I buy new almost exclusively now. Even “old” games I get off Amazon or some outlet store. It seems like a good balance that way.
    I don’t begrudge anyone that exclusively buys used, either. It’s funny, but I see people condemning others for buying used and then others apologetic for doing it. Like one of my friends said, “I’m taking care of myself, in games AND money”. If he really liked the game, though, he’d take your entire evening talking about it, which is what most game fans do anyway, purchasing morels aside – I think that’s important and adds to the community, too, in a big way. Even if they didn’t hand in sales for the creators they help build awareness for others, so maybe on upcoming titles they can get amped up on that. Paying it forward so we could see more, hopefully.
    Or not. It’s their time and money, not anyone else, so I don’t care. It is what it is.

    Que sera, sera!

  • I buy new, mostly, but I may wait for the price to drop (the more I want a game, the more likely I am to buy for full price). I buy used (Amazon/Ebay only, never GameStop) when the game is old, hard to find, or if I’m really, really uncertain that I’ll enjoy a game.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    In my eyes, the consumer shouldn’t feel bad for buying a used game; it makes the most economical sense to do so. Even many developers have said that they themselves would naturally go for the cheaper product if they’re getting the exact same thing. It all comes down to this: developers/publishers need to give us, the consumers, a reason to buy it new. Whether it be like the Cerberus Network in Mass Effect 2, free DLC a few months down the line, whatever. It doesn’t matter. But you can’t expect people to pay more for a product when they’re not getting anything more.

  • Recently, I have been preordering most of my games off Amazon, so most of the games I’ve been buying are new. Occasionally I’ll buy a used game if it’s something old that I’d rather not buy brand new.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    There is one advantage to buying from a store in the neighborhood instead of online for me, and that’s returns for whatever reason. You got a stinker from a store? Shrug, return it next time you drive by. You open the box from the mail, it’s not what you wanted or you suddenly don’t want it anymore? Facepalm!!

    This really applies more to used, since if you buy new online it’s not as much of a problem (unless you’re a mind changer).

  • Guest

    I buy my games depending on the better price i can get, regardless of the game being new or used. If i can get a new game at a good deal then i will surely buy it, but if i can’t and the only option is the used copy then that’s the one i’ll get.

  • Day2Day

    It depends on how old the game is for me. If it’s a game that was just released, or a game that I want to support the company of, then I’ll almost always buy new. In fact, can’t remember the last game that I purchased used. Granted, the majority of games that I do purchase are through digital download, but as for my consoles, the few games that I do buy for them, I buy new. However, if it’s either a game that has been out for quite a while, or a game that I’m not sure that I’ll like, I’ll buy used. This way, I still have the 7-day return cushion to get a feel for the game and find out whether or not I actually want it, and make a educated decision. However, I really don’t buy many console games (for reference, the last console game I bought was Blazblue: Continuum Shift, if I recall correctly), instead vying for the simplicity of unlimited downloads and the comfort of purchasing from my own house that buying games for PC and PSP offers me, but when I do, the games are generally new.

  • I always buy it new. I buy new to show appreciation to the devs. I also tend to pre-order something if it comes with extra goodies. I used to pirate everything, so I try to buy things on day one if it’s a sequel of something I like, like Rune Factory 3, DJ Max Portable 3, and plenty more. But it also saddens me that even with my efforts, nothing ever lives. Clover studios, the Henry hatsworth Devs at EA that got fired (But are making this new game), the sales of Vanquish, and many many more. I try to make all these differences, but it doesn’t do a damn thing.

    I won’t buy a game new if, A. A used copy can be purchased for about half the price of a new one, and B. if I feel that the company doesn’t need my support. Like Activision Blizzard or Nintendo.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Hey, think of it this way. Your efforts might not propel them to the top, but enough people like you often keep these devs from completely sinking to the bottom, never to been heard from again. As you said yourself, The Hatsworth devs are making a new game; much of Clover has recuperated as Platinum/ Tango. They are able to do this because *they do have fans who recognize their talent* (my underdogs are Tim Schafer & SNK). If you feel they’re gonna topple, at least you’ll have what they already made.

      Bottom line, support what you love, because even raindrops form a puddle… even if not, you’ll have made a splash however tiny.

      • Well, I’ll continue doing what I do until I stop playing games. It makes me feel better though, thanks.

  • WonderSteve

    Perhaps the publishers should consider adapting a more flexible/variable price structure on new release prices. Killing used game sales may end up losing buyers for new games.

    Sometimes I find it difficult to justify 60 dollars on a game that is only 6 hours long. Some games are really only worth 30-40 dollars the most even if it is a new release. Knowing I can sell it after playing makes me more likely to give these “shorter games” a try.

  • tim_mbp

    Mostly used, thanks to Gamestop’s return policy. It makes buying decisions so much easier. I can take a game home, play it for a couple hours, and then decide if I want to keep it or return it for a full refund. Nothing’s worse then paying for a game you don’t like.

  • mikanko

    I buy an even amount of both new and used, really depends on the price and how much I want to play the game. I never shop at gamestop and the like, as it’s usually cheaper to get on ebay. I sell a lot of my games too via the bay, and can’t say I regret it. If I’ve sold a game I found myself hankering for a year later I can usually re-buy it on ebay or amazon for less than what I sold it for.

    I don’t like rentals because I never have the free time to cram enough playing into them to make the price worth it. Something like gamefly would probably be ok, but I prefer to have a stack of games that need playing, and the difference between buying/reselling online isn’t much different than a rental fee

  • doomspeller10

    I prefer buying new games since unless the difference is significant… used games sometimes aren’t in good shape. However…As far as I know, there’s no major video game retailer like Gamestop in my country, so I have to buy games mostly from department stores or specialized stores that don’t have a resale system… oh God they really have no shame, at least with the psp and the ps2 (the consoles I own). Crisis Core is still being sold at 29CLP (Chilean pesos), which is around 60 bucks, and Rock Band is between 60-70 bucks depending on the store. The same for most popular PSP and PS2 hits, like Chains of Olympus an Gow of War 2. The lowest a game that popular will normally go down to is probably 22CLP, around 40 bucks. The cheapest I’ve found so far was MK Unchained for 30 bucks… last year. You’re probably seeing a pattern, they use the same cypher of the price in dollars (or a close one) as reference for the price in CLP, so games almost always cost double of what they cost in North America, though in my country the tax is included in the price (around 19%). I’ve heard that games are even more expensive in Brazil. Having been once to Canada was a real treat with the used games system, it’s a whole world of difference, so I bought my PSP and many of my favourites there, though not all of them used. I even bought Tomb Raider: Legend for 9 bucks in a clearance sale (these are MVP drop-like rare in my country). Then they wonder why piracy is so rampant in South America. On top of that, you can find crappy games like The Con everywhere but you still can’t find Ghost of Sparta or Dissidia, so sometimes it seems some douchebag decides which games are sold and he doesn’t take quality, mainstream popularity, fandom popularity, or even comercial possibilities into account, just pure randomness. However, we didin’t get the psp go here, they probably realized that failure in advance ^_^. The newest games for the psp are Lego Harry Potter and Peace Walker, while not bad games, they’re kind of a month or two old. The focus towards the launch of Move and Kinect is pretty obvious, by the way.
    EDIT: Gotta say that after checking a bit, the price difference for xbox 360 games and accesories is smaller, around 25% more than the price in the US and Canada.

  • puchinri

    I always thought devs made a little money indirectly off used games… But I think I was thinking of the Amazon route. Like if someone buys new copies and sells them used, in a demand kind of way. But in the end, the devs do miss out on an extra sale.

    I buy a lot of older games used, but I like to pre-order new games, especially if they come with a pre-order bonus. I actually feel content putting aside money for the game if it comes with a bonus.

    And while I consciously make an effort to buy things early and new so the devs can profit, if I’m seriously broke, then I just kind of go for what I can get.

  • Tokyo Guy

    You know with respect to the issue of sales/profits and the publisher, I have this to say: If you fail to provide enough supply of a game and fans take to eBay or used game stores to get it, you don’t deserve any of the profits.

    Seriously, how many times has there been a game that a publisher makes a bare minimum number of units and then the game is nowhere to be found and becomes a rare collector’s item? With digital downloads this has become less of a problem at least with respect to Sony, but as Nintendo has yet to provide any portable emulation on their network (seriously, why is there no GB/GBC/GBA Virtual Console for the DSi?) it makes things difficult.

    I remember seeing the English Suikoden 2 for something like $250 some years ago on eBay, and like $310 for a used version of Bonk 3 CD (Turbo-Grafx 16), also on eBay. With respect to Suikoden 2, if Konami is too ignorant to notice the obvious fact that the game is popular and then chooses not to press new copies, then tough luck for them in terms of profits. As for Hudson and Bonk 3 CD, well that’s kind of a moot point because the console died a long time ago.

  • Joanna

    Very interesting topic this week. So many replies; I read most of them. It’s always interesting seeing what others think about this topic.

    As for myself, I usually buy new games, but rarely at full price. The times I buy at full price/day 1 are:

    1. If there is a nice preorder bonus
    2. If I want to support the publisher/developer (usually for smaller companies).
    3. I really want the game

    Otherwise, I usually wait because I’ve got a pretty big wishlist (which isn’t helping with my massive backlog ^^;;). I tend to buy older stuff first and those are usually cheaper. I also occasionally buy a used game if I can’t find it new or priced reasonably new. But like others, I prefer new because I don’t have to worry about the quality (I don’t usually get around to playing until a while later) and I hate the EB Games price stickers…they are so hard to come off and look so ugly. :'( Although, recently, the EB Games by my house has gotten better stickers, so that’s one less thing to bother me if I ever have to buy it used.

    • Code

      Actually the best way I’ve figured out to get rid of the price sticks off EB Game’s cases (I absolutely hate them too omo;;) is to take the game’s coverart out first, then if you can lightly peel it off as much as you can (carefully so that you don’t stretch the plastic sleeve).

      Next what you wanna do is using a cotton ball, dip it in olive oil, and then wipe it across the remaining sticker, what this does is it breaks down the glue and removes residue. If you do this and keep wiping you’ll remove a lot of the sticker. After it looks clean, basically using a damp cloth and wipe the oil off, then with a dry cloth you can wipe off anything that remains, and let it air dry for a little while. When your all done you won’t be able to even tell there was a sticker on there >w<'

      • Joanna

        Hey thanks for the tip, Code~

        I was using Windex before but it left the glue on and the surface became sticky so I had to leave most of the stickers on.

        Next time I’m sorting through my collection I shall be sure to give this a go and remove the remaining stickers. :3

        • Code

          Yeah trust me I haven’t come across anything that works better for removing stickers, the main issue you wanna watch out for is you don’t stretch the plastic sleeve part of the case, or leave fingernail marks in it well picking off the sticker. I’ve never tried olive oil just outright on the sticker without trying to feel off as much of the paper first but it might potentially make it easier to get the sticker off as a whole, but you’ll probably use a whole lot more olive oil xpx;; but the method above has totally works for me >w<'

  • Code

    rar, I generally buy a mix of new/used, I’d say I buy about 60% new, other 40% are games I either wait for a price drop or I’ll look out for on ebay/local trade sites/used, it mostly depends on the game and what price is right, and of course how much money I have at the moment. Generally I’m a real stickler for condition though, I’ll hold off on a game until the condition is A+ but in the last few years I’ve really good luck with used games being in excellent shape >w<; It's probably a little silly but one aspect I always enjoyed was the hunt for good games, rare games, and good deal, I was kind of afraid this generation I might lose that quality to my game buying, but I kind of feel like in the end I still have a nice pool of games to look for, and hunt down >w<'
    Also having started part time work at EB Games, I’ve maybe gotten a bit more of an appreciation that goes into making sure the discs are in decent shape, having done it myself now for a few weeks. Generally if any games looks even remotely iffy, my boss says it’s better to toss them in defectives then to have garbage on the shelf. Unless I’d personally play the disc, it doesn’t go on shelf is the rule. I know probably not all locations are like that but it makes me feel a little bit better about buying used, or buying new that’s already been opened opo; Also I was surprised to find out A LOT of games that are marked as used, were actually brand new games the store received in plastic but for stock reasons we gut them and mark them as used. Also in the last few years I’ve become much more thrifty, aka borrowed a lot more games from friends xpx; After a friend force/lent me Arkham Asylum I’ve generally asked off and on if I could just borrow a game if they weren’t playing it, which works out pretty well sometimes too >w<'

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