Hyperdimension Neptunia Screens Wage Console War In English

By Ishaan . November 21, 2010 . 5:31pm

Hyperdimension Neptunia is headed to North America in February according to Gamefly, and Tecmo Koei announced it for March in Europe.


Meanwhile, over on the PlayStation Blog, NIS America have shown off a few high-res English screenshots of the game, along with a write-up on the game’s battle system, in case you aren’t quite sure how that works.


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  • Arfoire!!! Well this is the highlight for February for me it seems. Though my friends think Im strange for wanting this game, they cant understand how anyone can like the character designs :(

    The battle system looks interesting, and I see there is a “skip” button, I guess thats present during all the battle cinematics for faster battles…

    • The skip animation button was added to the japanese version shortly after release, looks like it’ll be in the western version day 1 which is great news if so. ^^

  • Happy Gamer

    This game looks and sounds so unique. I been eyeing this one! def day 1 for me. I been low on cash so skipped ton of games since Enslaved (none) and before even. My list is about 23 missed games i really wanna try but im gonna give it to this one.

  • I WANT IT, and it seems the prinny girl, wich i must say, is my favorite, is an add on girl… (she still appears in the story though) darn, i hope those add on girls are cheap T.T i want her on my team

  • Man, I can already see who these Hearts should be voiced by.

    Purple Heart – Kate Higgins
    Black Heart – Laura Bailey
    White Heart – Sandy Fox
    Green Heart – Karen Strassman

    as for the rest…………………such is left for rhetoricals.

    • shion16

      and where is wendee lee ?

      • The main bad girl(forgot her name)? ^_^

        But I never thought of that, supposedly cuz Wendee’s never been in a NISA title.

        • shion16

          its just that with so many female characters…..i coulndt imagine wendee wasnt in the game xD

          • Having played Cross Edge, I’m surprised there’s ENOUGH female characters for people to voice. Of course, most sounded better than others (I’m talkin to you, Miko). What’s sad for me to believe is how a dub of Neptunia will turn out considering the 95% portion of moe girls.

            Reply to bottom comment:

            *sigh* Only in Japan……

          • shion16

            japan said its the future =S

          • I have no idea because I will be using Japanese voices (if they are in it)

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Wendee Lee should be Purple Heart.
        EDIT: She can be any role she wants for anything.

        • shion16

          she can be all the roles in the game
          Example: Tales of Vesperia


        Her acting was great as selphie un rune factory frontier… and in so many freaking games

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I want Tara Strong… for everything. She’d make a good fit for Black Heart, actually. Michelle Ruff for White Heart.

      …Though what you got there will probably work anyway.

      • I wanted to pick White Heart for Michelle Ruff because of this alone, but I had second thoughts. Who knows? I might regret it.


        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I’ve only heard her voice work for games (being pro-subs for anime and all), but from what I have heard I find her to be a complete natural at it.Although ultimately I’d like nothing more than to have the original Japanese track, in cases where I only have the option of English (which is often, as many games aren’t dual track), I don’t mind having her at all.

          • Never seen an NISA game for PS3, though, without a dual voice option.

        • Joanna

          Very well done. Didn’t she also do Rukia’s voice from Bleach? I thought she did that pretty well too. Her voice has a sameness to it from character to character, yet still distinct enough to fit the character she voices. I’m also not much a of dub fan, but I do watch some dubs from time to time to see the comparison with the original. I will admit the English VAs are getting much better and capture the voice a lot better than in the 1990s.

          Also, wasn’t there an article here with a VA that went from doing anime to games saying that all the talent from anime is moving into games because it pays better? Sad to hear that. I’m happy the talent is going to games, but I’d like for both to get their fair share of talent.

          • Speaking of Bleach, I think Im starting to fall in love with all the Japanese voice actors for it. Rukia especially, “Nii-sama!”, actually a lot of the VA’s, though its probably because I havent been watching the dub for awhile, which I need to start buying again (boxsets are just $19.99, such a steal!!!)

    • MizuMikomi

      Hate to break it to you but according to a post made by Lyner on the NISA forums, Laura Bailey will not have a part in this game. :/

  • kashiwaba

    No matter how I look at Neptunia I can’t like it guess I will save my money for Ar tonelico.

  • DlanorKnox

    Can’t wait to pre-order this!

    • That makes two of us.

      The official site for Neptunia
      mentions “premium” under the info tab. I wonder if they have something special planned for orders at their site as they usual do. Even if it’s just an artbook or something, that would be great as I’m really digging the designs.

      • They need to do something about their high shipping charge

        • Oh, and taxes. It can’t be helped since we’re both HQ in Cali, but that kills me sometimes.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks cool to me. Can’t wait for the trailer.

  • YES YES YES YES!!!! *jumping up and down right now with joy*

  • mikanko

    I’m glad this got picked up, and may well pick it up, but disappointed that something like this gets licensed while Senko no Ronde DUO is left out to dry.

  • Guest

    I was excited for this game but it looks horrible…..but I still want it. =P

  • Day one purchase for me. I’m so happy that NISA are bringing games like this to the states, especially when certain other companies, whom I won’t mention but whose name rhymes with Namco-Bandai, doesn’t see fit to share the JRPG love with the West.

  • I’m so happy even i don’t think the game will be translated in FrenchIt’s easy for me to speak english but it is always better to play with best conditions as possibleNIS Typical…

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