The Last Story Creator Has No Regrets, Makes Lego Wii Remote Jet

By Spencer . November 27, 2010 . 5:25pm

imageHironobu Sakaguchi, Mistwalker studio founder and creator of The Last Story, loves playing with Legos. He even blogs about the Lego fighters and cars he built. This weekend, Sakaguchi got one of the Lego play & build remote kits, made this remote ship, and tweeted about it.


Sakaguchi also tweeted about The Last Story after fans wished him Happy Birthday. "Thank you," Sakaguchi replied. "The Last Story will be born very soon. You can clearly hear my heart pulsing. So, with this "end", I have no regrets with this title."


image image image image

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  • vadde939

    Oh that is so awesome. Especially the pic with the nunchuk plugged in. Awesome game making skills and awesome Lego skills. This guy is a certified genius. :D

  • Code

    rar, that wiimote is all like pewpewpew~!

    • Code

      Oh wow I didn’t even see his little Lego shmup fighter ship and the little robot and walker — those are great >ww<''

  • SneakyHawk

    This is making me want to buy Legos.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Is that first one a battleship with cannons coming out of the side and missles postioned for launch? Nifty.

    …Sakaguchi needs to stop talking like he has a terminal illness (heart pulsing, end, no regrets) and wearing that beanie like he’s a cancer patient, it’s worrying me. O_O

    • Wait, isn’t the guy who’s wearing beanies lately Nobuo Uematsu? Or are they both wearing beanies?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        OH EXPLETIVE. You are so right. I got the Gooch and Uematsu mixed up!! OH NOEZ could it be they are BOTH DYING?!!?

        In other words, I’ll leave my comment unedited so everyone can point fingers and laugh at my mistake. X)

    • Aoshi00

      (Gooch + Uematsu) x ‘stache + beanie = FTW :)

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        ‘Xactly. I’m going to start calling them “The Last ‘Stache Bros.” Or should I call them the “Final ‘Stache Bros.”? “The Mist’ache Bros.”? Ah, how about “Terminal Illness Bros.”? That’s catchy isn’t it? No? Fine be that way…I got it! “The Super–” OW Stop hitting me!! I’ll stop I’ll stop!
        SURGEON GENERAL’S EDIT: Cancer is nothing to joke about, kids.

        • Aoshi00

          I wish I could join the list of “great people” sporting a ‘stache.. but I would just look 10 yrs older w/ a dirty goatee like Ethan Hawke or something :(…

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I had a ‘stache for a couple of days, last summer. Me and a friend of mine, just for kicks.

            …. Felt like I was the king of the Universe.

          • Aoshi00

            My attempt at such feat was met w/ response like “is that dirt on your face?” lol.. like Bud Bundy in Married w/ Children or something..

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I was lying, I didn’t feel like I was king of the Universe, I just felt embarassed =P

          • Aoshi00

            “Do I recognize you from a film.. are you the actor Buck Naked?” I just don’t look so hot w/ facial hair *.*..

        • puchinri

          The Mist’ache Bros. …Can I start using that too?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Go right ahead. ^_^

  • Man, so much heart coming from this dude. Everytime I read something about him, I just respect him more and more, y’know?

    • I feel the same. He’s unabashedly passionate about what he does and his hobbies, and it’s honestly pretty refreshing.

  • That looks uncomfortable.

  • *looks at the Lego in front of him*

    I LOVE you more, Sakaguchi!!

  • PrinceHeir

    wow we need more sakaguchi people, he’s passionate, dosen’t take things seriously and he love’s his work. you’ve got to give the guy credit for creating one of the best JRPG in Video Game history, too bad enix is now shitting the work that he has done.

    can’t wait for The Last Story :)

  • joesz

    No offense to him of course,But he sounded very pregnant in that post.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s the adrenaline/hormones lol.. well, he can be relieved S-E ain’t stealing this baby from him :)

      • joesz

        I’ll be sure to buy 5 copies of this to support him and the company.This lego freak must live for our sake!

  • Guest

    Will we be able to play against Sakaguchi in multiplayer in the Last Story?? I wanna kick his ass

  • How strange, to love a 3rd party Wii remote like that.

  • 5parrowhawk

    The Wiimote is kind of meh, but the fighter on his blog is super awesome. He also has a really cool tiny quadrupedal robot (Robot 3) – looks like a cross between SRWOG’s Landlion and Barrelion.Anyone know how this guy gets all-white Lego blocks? Is it just that he has tons of blocks and uses only the white ones, or is there a way to get a whole bunch of assorted blocks in a single colour (apart from custom-ordering)?Edit: Oh – just read another entry and he says he custom-orders online. Sigh.

  • Joanna

    I wish Japan would stop giving him the finger. I’d love to get my hands on ASH (and Last Story of course)… I picked up Away: Shuffle Dungeon, but I haven’t played it yet. I was torn that it was released as a bargain game: happy because I saved money and sad because it needed the lower price to sell. :(

    Has any one played it yet?

    I’ve also been contemplating picking up the DS Blue Dragons, but I haven’t played the original and I’ve heard mixed things about the first one. So I’m sort of torn.

    btw: Did Sakaguchi have a hand in the DS games other than ASH? Cause I have this feeling he did not…but maybe I’m wrong? I recall he thought of the concept for Away, but I was under the impression that another company did the actual engine/coding.

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