3D Dot Game Heroes Studio Adapts Magic Effect Middleware For Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 8:38am

imageWhile you may know Silicon Studio for their work on 3D Dot Game Heroes, their main business is middleware. In fact, 3D Dot Game Heroes was made to demonstrate their developer tools.


Bishamon is one of Silicon Studio’s products and it’s used to create special effects. This middleware makes fire, smoke, explosions, lightning, and particle blast effects often used for RPG magic attacks. Square Enix used Bishamon for Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals and Gyromancer. Child of Eden from Ubisoft and Q Entertainment is also developed with Bishamon.


And in the future, Nintendo 3DS developers can use Bishamon too. Silicon Studios made a Nintendo 3DS version of Bishamon, which has real-time stereoscopic output. So, one day we may see special effects like these in 3D.


image image

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  • Code

    Honestly I never thought about this kind of thing being middleware. Personally I’ve always had a distaste for those kind of “magic” effects, because to me they’ve become rather generic. To me these kind of effects should have a unique feel that match the look/style of the game, but often it’s felt that magic like “Fire”, “Ice”, etc. has become rather uniform and generic in recent years.

    • But it will be in stereoscopic 3D, so it will be unique1

      • Code

        Hmm not quiet getting what I’m saying — Let me put it this way if you cast Fire in most JRPG’s in the last 10 years you get something pretty similar most of the time, sure I mean really how different can fire be xpx; but still I wish when doing these magical effects they’d think about the visual look/style of the game and try and implement that feeling into the effect.

        • How else is fire supposed to look? How about water? The water in most games seems to vary…

          • Code

            lol, I see what your doing, but your missing my point >w<'

            The point was these things in "magic" form can vary a lot more then what JRPG's have been doing. If you were to rip some magic from one game and put it in another, there's practically no distinguishing features about it that says "oh that magic effect animation is totally from this game, or that game” now a days magic is so static and generic. Which is likely why for me magic always takes a back seat to the more visually unique, interesting and animated physical attacks and specials.

            I’m not making the point about just environmental effects such as how games handle fire and water, which isn’t really what this article was about.

          • I’ve noticed the Tales games never seem to have the same two animations for their magic attacks. Which is really awesome, considering different characters are casting the spells in each game.

            Even better is when one character attacks a certain way with say… Tiger Blade, and then two other characters in the series have their own unique twist on the same arte/eres.

          • I still dont understand, but I will just accept what you say and believe it

    • Exkaiser

      I agree. Everything is kind of… shiny? Kind of hard to describe.

      I think FFXI comes closest to showing off what I mean.

      Is that the kind of thing you mean?

      • Code

        Yeah that’s basically it, I mean it’s almost hard enough to tell the difference between the levels of magic there let alone anything that really says “Final Fantasy IX” to me.

  • Cool I love Special Effects ^-^

    And like Code said, Variety is the spice of life. One thing you can say positively about Dissidia is that, despite the rehashing of some magics, for the most part, even the same spells are varied among the different characters (There’s at least 3 types of Fire in that game).

  • HarryHodd

    They should license this middlewear for some PS3 JRPGs.

  • Yukito

    I was wondering what the heck these guys were doing all this time. Good, you did that, now get back and make us some more voxel goodness pl0x.

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