Pictures Of Photography And New Weapons In Dead Rising 2: Case West

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 10:08am


Dead Rising 2: Case West takes place right after the events of Dead Rising 2. In this downloadable episode, Frank West, the lead character from Dead Rising, teams up with Chuck Greene to infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility right outside Fortune City.


Capcom brought photography back in Dead Rising 2: Case West. Players have to take photos of evidence to prove Phenotrans involvement with the zombie outbreaks. The combo weapon making system also returns and Capcom made a few new weapons for the Xbox Live Arcade game. Screenshots show the Reaper and the Zap ‘n Shine.


Dead Rising 2: Case West always has two characters slicing zombies, even in single player mode. If you’re flying solo the computer takes control of Frank and he’s invincible. In addition to Frank West, Capcom says Case West will have other cameos from Dead Rising to tie the two games together.


Dead Rising 2: Case West is slated for a winter release on Xbox 360.


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  • Code

    rar, Frank West is invincible regardless if he’s computer controlled or not >w<'

    • No, only if he’s CPU. Also, you are quite annoying.

      • Code

        It’s a joke playing up the fact, Frank West is practically an invincible hulk-like monster in Dead Rising >w<' Also I have no hard feelings against you new-guy, so no need to be mean owo'

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    My, those pimp shades do accompany that zombie head jar quite nicely.

    • Code

      Frank’s gotta wear shades now, even if Frank was to simply gaze upon a zombie it would combust from the pure badassity that is Frank West.

  • evilmoogle


  • Gelsa

    This looks awesome. To bad it’s 360 exclusive or I would have bought it.

    • Guest

      Yeah I skipped this game since my main console is the PS3. Stupid business practices this gen

      • It’s not a M$ deal, capcom is doing it for the loyal fans of the original.

  • Code

    I’m wondering a few things, one is I’m hoping this is standalone like Case Zero. The other is I’m hoping you have the option to play as Frank over Chuck in single player opo; that would be such an lame move by Capcom if you couldn’t omo;;

    • It is standalone, XBLA exclusive, playable frank only if you’re second player, and apparently, there’s a MvC3 easter egg that reveals something…

      • Code

        Likely that Frank/Chuck is part of MvsC3’S cast, although if the leaked character list is correct, then it’s nothing too major.

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