Valkyria Chronicles 3 Jumps Right Into War

By Spencer . December 2, 2010 . 9:16am

Sega released the opening movie from Valkyria Chronicles 3, which has a song from May’n playing in the background.


While the intro movie from Valkyria Chronicles 2 focused on campus life and the relationship between the three main characters, Valkyria Chronicles 3’s opening emphasizes the hardships of war.


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  • Neckbear

    [Insert obligatory WHY MUST THIS BE ON PSP?! comment here]

    That aside, am I the only one that still dislikes the idea of Melee classes?

    Ah well, I should perhaps get a PSP…or something.

    • I like melee classes >8D they were fairly fun to use and useful in VC 2

      • Neckbear

        My main problem with them is how ridiculous they are, when thrown in an alternative WWII where everyone else has big, shiny guns. I mean, honestly, would you like being thrown in the middle of a war filled with rifles, machineguns and tanks, only with a melee weapon?

        Perhaps I’m just overthinking it, since it IS a videogame, but in my opinion, they should’ve stuck to a kind of realism when it comes down to the setting and weapons.

        On a side-note, it’s not like the first game had its fair share of ridiculousness either; after all, magical beams thrown by invincible women and flying bacons aren’t too logical.

        However, I think that a Valkyria Chronicles without all the surreal out of this world bullshit would be awesome.

        • SolidusSnake

          Maybe she’s polish dood!

          Seriously though there are WAY more “realistic” WWII games then there needs to be, honestly I was sick of them even before the Call of Duty series got big. If VC was just another WWII game there’s no way in hell I would have given it a chance. Besides, you can’t have an anime style game without invincible women shooting beams, it’s just not possible.

          • Neckbear

            I meant it like this:

            You can keep the lolis.

            You can keep the overly big breasts.

            You can keep the fanservice.

            But imagine it, if there was a Valkyria Chronicles game based on a Squad without beam shooting nor Valkyrias nor anything like that.

            Just a few guys being heroes, with the typical Valkyria Chronicles gameplay.

            In my opinion, that would be cool. And honestly, with the alternative setting itself, Valkryia Chronicles was actually out of the norm when it came down to normal WWII games. Remember, about one third of the first VC was exactly what I wanted- men being men, women being women, bros being bros, and war being war. After that, though, it kind of went for a path taken out of an Anime.

            Ah well, I’m not saying that current VC games aren’t awesome, because they are- it’s just than I feel a game along the lines of what I’ve explained would be fairly cool.

          • SolidusSnake

            You’ve got a point. I do like the VC games as they are, but a straight-up war story with the same battle system and aesthetic would be pretty badass.

          • “men being men, women being women, bros being bros, and war being war.”

            Damn right, along with Irene Ellet, who I believe is one of the most original character in the series.

          • I think that would work as a side story, but I like the mystical elements the first one had. Wouldn’t know about the second one, as I don’t have a PSP, but we won’t get into that…

          • Valkyrie Chronicles has always been anime, it’s just 1 was more along the lines of psuedo realism one. Also, loli fanservice isn’t an issue in a war game for you, but powaz are? I am sorry, but that’s just stupid.

        • Hraesvelgr

          There’s also the fact that melee classes were stupidly overpowered in VC2.

        • Well, then you might want to check out any of the hundreds of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor games. They’re plenty realistic depictions of WWII.

  • RAVENKam

    By the time I get through my back catalogue of new games, which includes Valkyria Chronicles 2, 3 will be localised and on shelves. Guess I have nothing to complain about then (no, I have no problem with 3 being out on PSP although a PS3 sequel would be appreciated).

  • kariohki

    The game keeps looking better and better, especially compared to 2.

    • But compared to 1, it still looks bad.

      • joesz

        Son,once a wise man said”never compare a psp game to HD games”

        • I’m not really just talking graphics, though I do have an issue with the more anime driven style of 2 and 3. 1, while having some of that vibe, I felt strove for a different feel than straight up anime design.

          • The anti-anime argument you are passing off is kind of tired. V1 was just as much anime as the latter 2 were. And I urge you to convince me otherwise because I am not seeing it. Strip away the nostalgia and you will see how silly your argument is.

          • Suppose it was the presentation of the style. So maybe that’s it. I don’t like the art style change. I have no problems with anime styles in a general sense, I’m a big fan of medium, I just don’t care for the art style change between the first game and the PSP sequels.

            I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. It’s simply my opinion on the matter.

      • Wait, i imagine you are comparing the story, right? Because if you are talking about graphics and whatnot, it would be really pointless to compare them =P… Umm well, that is hard to know, it actually seems this one will be in a more “high pressure” environment, maybe it will be more “exciting” for a way to put it, VC 1, was kinda relaxing xD dunno why, there were high pressure times, but i dont get the same air im feeling from this one.

        • I’m most certainly talking about story and actually art style as well. Not polygon count mind you. I don’t like the more anime look of the sequels.

          • anbu

            How can you compare the story when the game isn’t even out yet.Actual Art style (on psp) comparing it again to ps3. lol.Haters will always hate.

            Edit: I know a hater when I see one. And your one imo. lol.

          • Art style is easily comparable across any platform. How is this hard to understand? Style has nothing to do with the power of the hardware. An NES game can have better style than a PS3 or 360 title.

            And I’m going by the information we have. From what I’ve seen of the story, it looks nothing near as impactful as what the first Valkyria was able to produce. It just seems to be further diluting the franchise. I could be wrong though, and I hope that I am in that regard.

            Also, grow your vocabulary and stop using mindless words like “haters.” People who don’t like the things you do do not necessarily “hate” anything.

          • Well, i dont mind the anime style, i actually feel that i can get more of the characters feelings that way… But i think they are going for that style more because they cant do much with the psp’s characters (if you remember VC2, their 3D faces were pretty crappy)

  • Funny, I like this song, but I like how this opening implements it more, like a sort of AMV. It almost felt western too.

    Unlike most casual openings, this gets a pass.

    • God, the girl with the big sword fights againts selvara!! EDIT: WAIT!!, is not selvara, is the other girl!! just realized after re-watching the video for the 10th time…..AND darn… i smell a love triangle, and it was so obvius at the end… i hate those things T_T. Surely the Valkyrur girl will win, because she is the valkyrur >8I . But ahhhh nooooo… multiple endings maybe!? … uhh it would be hard on a valkiria chronicles game repeating all over again, maybe different stuff happen… or i dunno…*commits suicide*

      • You noticed until now that there might be a love triangle? LOL

        And Sega posted a while ago that they’re “not trying to create a dating sim” or anything. It only implies that there will only be one ending.

        I dunno, if you got a lancer who can carry a 200 pound missile/sword/mortar, she’ll be the Kratos of VC.

        • Well, it doesnt necessary have to be a dating sim for there to be 2 endings xD.
          At some point in the game, he may have to choose between the 2 (not directly maybe, like going with X army to attack X place, or something like that)

          DONT LOL ME D:, this is the first time i actually see the darcsen girl O-O

  • raymk

    I like the opening in this game,to bad that it won’t be in the U.S release none of them ever make it.

  • i loved the part where the girl with he big sword was running while they were shooting at her (fused with the music it felt cool) And she even fights againts the other girl in valkyrur mode, that’s epic… She is better than the valkiria girl (not kawaii-er) but still, and she is darcsen, thats 20 points more in my list Edit: at the beginning i wasnt sure she was a girl, but later on the video i saw she is lol.But now im confused, it seems the 2 girls are important, but the valkyrur girl has black clothes, and the darcsen girl has blue Gallia’s clothes… does this means the MC gets to choose path, black or blue clothes or wtf? This reminds me of those kind of path choosing like in artonelico… Nah, but the MC is always wearing black clothes in the opening, maybe they just fight between themselves from part to part.. uhh so many posibilities

  • Hraesvelgr

    I like the way the third game is shaping up so far, but this opening is just making me go “meh”. Not fond of the song, quite frankly, so I wouldn’t complain if it were cut from localization and replaced with something more fitting.

    • I always have problems with that but I cannot disagree with you in this, I don’t like the song neither.

  • FireCouch

    Why is there a J-Pop song playing in the intro? Why?

    • haisihwait

      uhh… Maybe because it’s from japan.

    • Because someone put it on it

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t mind though, this is a beautiful song.. there’s always J-Pop for all the Rockman/Megaman X, Tales, and the first two VCs, they were just always taken out in the US ver… I have the Jpn ver of the first VC and I liked the Jpn opening. These songs actually make me want to get the games, like BoA’s song for Graces F (even though I’m not a BoA fan..). I really like the look of this game.…We did get the Vesperia Bonnie Pink song though, only w/ English lyrics.

    • > Why is there a J-Pop song playing in the intro?

      This song is specifically composed for this game. I guess it’s meant to be played during the game itself.

      It’s beautifully sung by May’n, who is probably the best and greatest J-POP singer in her generation.

      This song, entitled “If you wish it”, will be included in her forthcoming CD album “If you . . . “. The title of the album is probably inspired by the title of this Valkyria song.

      Anyway, this is a beautiful song and is sung beautifully.

  • So…all the Valkyries in the “good side” are kind of good girls? because I like Selvaria personality but she is your enemy and every Valkyrie in your side dislike war, love flower and peace or etc. I’d lol

    I prefer the Dracsen one even if they add some Tsundere tone to her.

  • anbu

    Never get tired of reading people whine about it being on the psp. lol.

    • There is only one post where someone whines about that O_O, and its not exactly a whine…

    • HarryHodd

      This sucks! Why can’t this be on the Wii. [sadface]


  • holyPaladin

    Nice opening

    And Valkyria form can be used based on the demo :)

  • So……… When are we getting it??

  • TIL NOOOOOW I ALWAYS GOT BY ON MY OWN…Ooops. Sorry, wrong song.

  • Chris Taran It’s sad that you tried to pass off your distaste with the art style change for V1, {which looks like a damn anime anyway}, as some deeply rooted issue with the game. Actually, it’s pathetic.

    Don’t worry, I know you weren’t trying to force your opinion on us.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Maybe…just maybe….
    IF this game actually manages to sell MORE than 300,000 copies(worldwide) then we might actually see a sequel on the PS3.

    Oh well…back to GoldenSun.

  • Gestahl

    Wow, I’m not touching this crap with a 10-foot pole. Guess the series is truly dead.

  • Guess there won’t be anymore beach/pool scenes lol

  • Oh my that’s just EPIC.

    Its just what i feel about it, but it seems like the beauty of the first game; the captivating drama, interesting characters, strong emotions.etc, are returning in this third game! finally!! yeaa~hJust one problem: Jap audio please? T_T ..I’m a fan of May’n..and jap voices in general.Please don’t bash me for my honest opinions~

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