Another Batch Of 2D Samurai Warriors Chronicle Screens

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 10:37am

Tecmo Koei’s first Nintendo 3DS game will be Samurai Warriors Chronicle. The game takes place within the Warring States period with you as the lead character. Here’s what the hero and heroine look like.


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On the battlefield, players can switch their position and character by touching a different general on the bottom screen. You won’t see any menus in these screenshots, though. Tecmo Koei bombarded us with fights and conversation choices.


Out of all the third party Nintendo 3DS games, we hear about Samurai Warriors Chronicle most often. Tecmo Koei has the game slated for spring 2011 in Japan.


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  • Guest

    I didn’t get the 2D part of the title until I really thought hard about it. I feel stupid. >_<
    Anyways, I wanna be excited but SW3 was lame. The customization of this game has me interested though. Playing Samurai Heroes right now and its fun but I suck at these games. =/

    • vadde939

      Yeah I was also really disapointed by how boring SW3 was. I’m not so optimistic about this game though, the graphics are subpar compared to most other 3DS games we’ve seen, it seems to be reusing almost all its assets from SW3, the gameplay seems to be another rehash of every other SW game, and if the character customisation is as pathetic as it was for the custom characters in SW3 then I’ll be very disappointed.

    • Testsubject909

      Samurai Warrior’s a bit of a different beast then Dynasty Warriors in the subtleties. First of all, pick a style you will end up feeling more comfortable with, whether it’s committing yourself to a normal combo style which enables you to string up multiple strikes for crowd control with triangle combo finishes to enable a variety of different attacks to take control of the battlefield; Having a limited normal combo attack but a more varied combo finishers that enables a more streamlined and focused control of the battlefield (charge); Having a character more focused upon their specials.Though even if they are clearly classified, each characters have their own little quirks as well, with a few higher tier characters but it really just depends on how well you control them… Hmm, it’s a bit difficult to give proper suggestion on how to play well if you don’t possess the required skills. Though skills can be attained so practice would make perfect…Though on top of knowing how to battle, which is basically just knowing how to deal with the camera as well as being relatively well aware of the battlefield (despite an unagressive A.I., you still need to pay attention so to not get ambushed), it’s also about tending to the battlefield as a whole. Take care of all the immediately pressing matters and make sure to ensure the survival of your officers. Story battles with grave events may require some memorization so that you may respond immediately to any surprises, ambushes, fire attacks and whatnot.As for Samurai Heroes. Rely on your guard, always tag the enemies to increase the amounts of hits and make good use of your specials. It has some similarities to Samurai/Dynasty Warriors though could be considered simpler. Tag the enemies, then attack them to death. In an odd way, Samurai Heroes sometimes feels far too similar to the Renbu system employed in DW6, that is, a bit repetitive.

      Oh and, keep your musou bar for emergencies until you gain enough confidence in your skills. They’re great for breaking out of a combo and should be immediately used if in fear of death or when locked in someone else’s musou.

  • How come it’s not in 3D?

    • Testsubject909

      There’s no absolute need for 3D. And if you go full 2D, you basically double the resolution you can use and take away a lot of processing power that would’ve been otherwise committed to maintaining a steady 3D effect.

      So a non-3D 3DS game isn’t a bad thing, it’s quite a good thing. I for one welcome any non-3D games that’s to come. Mainly because I want to see this 3D gimmick die asap.

      We’ve only recently got HD… 3D can wait another five year in the incubator or more until we actually get proper holographic sets, since they’re currently under construction and research at the moment anyhow.

      So yeah, let the stereoscopic 3D die. It’s not as if it’s something everyone can enjoy anyways (I can, my eyesight is just fine, but I nevertheless maintain what I state.)

    • Because you can’t see a still, 2D image in 3d -.-

  • Character models and effects look awesome!

    Unfortunately my fear with the device is becoming to be realized. The environments and the inability to display true to life ground (grass) and building textures are nearly on the same level as the DS. Its a shame that even with new hardware the nintendo devices are still too low power to be unable to generate fantastic environments.

    • I hate even bothering with you… but, that’s just how Samurai Warriors looks, dude.

      Check out MGS3DS, the grass looks snazzsexual!

    • vadde939

      I think you should look at the screens of some other 3DS games. Samurai Warriors is one of the graphically least impressive games announced so far.

    • Testsubject909

      I for one don’t really care for graphic whoring, but keep in mind these are early games we’re talking about. Nobody’s going to be pushing the specs to it’s limits just yet, as far as I’m going to be guessing.

      When they do, you’ll find some truly incredible things to marvel at… When they do.

      • I do not understand why they cant be pushing the specs on day 1. Apart from this gen, Ive not been around for many new console launches, but is it impossible to see just simply stunning and fantastic stuff at a system launch/launch window?

        • Guest

          Because they’re not used to the platform yet and haven’t figured out how to tap it’s resources and push it to the limit. Programming and such.

          Anyways the two main characters look like they’re going to a Anime cosplay event more than actual historical Japanese war battle but meh I guess whatever works.

          We need a Shaw Brothers Musou imo

        • You’re expecting a system with graphics equal to or slightly better than a psp with not even a day to it’s name to have the same graphics as a Home console built to create photorealistic environments out of gigs and gigs of data. Besides, would you rather have a fun game with as many enemies as possible ripe for the slaughter or a barren game with pretty grass?And as far as system launches, compare Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2. Did Uncharted 1 push the limits when it came out? Has any game pushed the PS3 to it’s limit YET?

          • I think I would choose the game with pretty grass. I would hate to play a game ripe with enemies that all utilize the same character build but have different costs of paint on them. But as I said the character design for this game looks nice, its the environments that look ugly.

            I remember being shocked with how Uncharted 1 looked when I bought it around the time of my PS3 (I had only had D3 for a while), and then Uncharted 2 looked even better. If UC1 was close to a launch title then it looked gorgeous.

        • First off, its a new medium to work with, and both artists and devs are simply not experienced enough to take full advantage of all the system has to offer. Consider the first PS2 games (if you’ve ever seen ’em) – they look absolutely terrible. Not much better than their PS1 counterparts, as a matter of fact. Now compare those games to a PS2 game released later down the line, like Valkyrie Profile 2 or Shadow of Colossus. Another issue is with time constraints. The beautiful graphics you see in video games takes teams of talented artists and many months of work to create. Game devs for launch titles have to work on a very tight schedule, else they’d miss out on the first customers of the console. They have to cut corners and make priorities, and a little eye candy is a small price to pay for a polished game.

  • I just hope we get some new stages. All I’ve seen so far is from SW3.

  • MarkMario

    Yum, I’ll probably get this since I kind of like the Samurai Warriors series

  • oichi is so sweet in this version

  • surfguru1234

    wow these characters look much better than the doll looking girls from doa

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