Grasshopper Manufacture Developing Game For Nintendo 3DS?

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 3:35pm

grasshWe know Grasshopper Manufacture is busy with Shadows of the Damned, but the growing studio has to be working on more than one game.


Perhaps, one of their projects is for Nintendo 3DS. Over on Facebook, a fan asked about a sequel to Contact, one of Grasshopper Manufacture’s Nintendo DS games. A representative replied, "No, no information on a sequel to Contact now. We’re not working on any games for Nintendo’s older portable systems. ;-)"


And later, the rep replied with another winking tease, "‎3DS? What’s that? ;p"


What’s that you’re trying to say? \(^_~)/

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  • Dimentionalist

    No More Heroes 3D! I can only imagine the awesome weirdness Suda would bring to the NMH world with 3D.

  • MarkMario

    Whoa, I remember this game. Haven’t heard about it in awhile

  • EvilAkito

    I just wanted to say, Contact was AWESOME! Screw all the haters. I loved the hell out of that game.

    • urbanscholar

      Ending still gets me. Also very pleased Grasshopper is working on something 3DS. I hope they can craft something fun & successful.

  • gatotsu911

    Smith! ^o^
    It is in the third dimension. Sparkles!! Rockets!! Such a spectacle! I was all like, whoa!! 0_0
    So impressed. So impressed with this, the newest form of games technology! I love games!! ^.^ But… I don’t have hands to play them. v_v
    If only they made games for heads!! Yeah! Head-games!! :O I’m, like, a genius!! Unless someone else thought of that before… but then I could just rip their ___ off and shove it in my ___. They’d be screaming and writhing! XD So much blood!! >.< And then I'D be the genius!!! :)
    See you around, Smith!! ^__^

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      You’re awesome.In the name of Harman.

      • gatotsu911

        We’re in a tight spot. A real tight spot. Like, I really cannot overstate the tightness here. It’s f*ckin’ tight.
        It is thanked. Great satisfaction from the compliment. My imagination, rewarded!! Who would have expected?
        Great thanks. Perhaps we will meet again, on some barren horizon.
        In Harman’s name…

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Smith, let’s talk serious for a second. Straight up, you know what you did was frickin’ awesome, dude. That’s right, just like what the Chief did to me that day, remember? Sh*t. That felt good. What. Don’t look at me like that. Go on Smith, go do what you do best.

  • PrinceHeir

    anything Grasshopper makes is just pure bizarre and awesome. sucks that sales aren’t mind that high.

    looking forward to this for sure. oh and please port No More Heroes 2 as No More Heroes 2 Paradise for the PS3 with the same features as the last one(dual audio, very sweet mode and so on)

    • lostinblue

      you really should be asking for PSMove gameplay.

  • lostinblue

    I want that The Silver Case remake+The Silver Case 25 Ward. Oh, and a Flower, Sun and Rain port, retaining the PS2 version graphics would be mighty sweet.

    • FSR has been already ported, and I don’t think it makes sense to port it again… unless it would be unlockable in Silver Case game. Man, that would be awesome.

      And I truly hate, hate Suda for not bringing Silver Case to Europe/US. His forte isn’t gameplay – he is “just” an incredible scriptwriter. No More Heroes’ plot sucks in comparison to FSR and SC. I was amazed by FSR. I fell in love with SC after reading about its setting – plot twists seem incredible, I had to force myself not to read more about them.

      Suda51 has even ported Silver Case on DS, but he doesn’t want to release it, because he “wants it to meet new gamers’ tastes”. Has he gone mad? It’s a visual novel, for God’s sake! I am afraid that he won’t create anything as mind-blowing as Killer7 anymore. He is going mainstream by becoming hipster (NMH, SotD). That’s a true irony.

  • : Really wish they were developing for a system that I own. No interest in a region locked Nintendo hand held device personally, at least not unless someone cracks the region locking.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      We currently don’t know whether or not the 3DS will be region locked. At least wait until we do. :P

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