The Last Story’s Lost Battle Mechanic

By Spencer . December 9, 2010 . 5:08pm

imageGathering is one of the innovative systems Mistwalker created for The Last Story. Elza, the main character, gains this ability at the beginning of the game. It allows him to emit a blue light from his hands and draw enemies to him. Players use this to distract enemies while magic users prepare spells.


Hironobu Sakaguchi said in an Iwata Asks interview players aren’t required to use this system to defeat monsters. Players can choose their style to play, either to use guard to protect their party or just attack. Takuya Matsumoto from AQ Interactive was the kind of player who just wanted to fight.


At one time The Last Story let players watch battle replays. The game would automatically recorded a few seconds of a fight at a time. Players could rewind and watch magic spells effects and see who hit who in the chaotic battlefield. Sakaguchi scrapped this system because he felt it disrupted the tempo of combat.


While replays are not in the final game, this inspired a change for the command system. When players pick a command the game pauses and you can see the fight from a bird’s eye camera angle.


Another interesting addition is you can climb walls in The Last Story. This system was added later in development, which meant Sakaguchi had to redesign dungeons to suit the game.

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  • This game and Xenoblade… i will truly (finally) feel some epicness from my wii.
    Btw… Elza sounds like a female D:<.

    And i feel happy that he scrapped the re-do's play system, i ""think"" another game had it, and i didnt liked it too much, even if im just imagining this, im sure i wouldnt like it too much

    • Aoshi00

      I wonder if he hates his own name like Camille in Zeta Gundam too :) This has to be one of the best if not the best looking Wii games to date.. all these gameplay/battle description still sound a little abstract on paper to me, I don’t think I could fully grasp them till I try on my own. I’m looking forward to memorable story and chars though, just 2 more months!

      • WizardoftheBlueOrder

        Elza’s a man’s name, and I’m a man! *punches*

        I’m really hoping for a western release. This looks to be a very promising RPG, and I trust Sakaguchi and Uematsu for some nostalgic charm in a very modern game.

        • Aoshi00

          lol, sry I didn’t really mind his name at all, I thought Elza sounds cool and unique too, reminds me a bit of the ship Elsa in Xenosaga.

          Yes, very confident in this game, since the master seems to be pulling out all the stops, he makes nostalgic RPGs (Blue Dragon, Lost Odysssey, nd ASH were all filled w/ old school charm) that’s what the man does, his games always have “heart” to me. Need to get the soundtrack as well, I love Uematsu, they work so well together.

          • Well, maybe i think Elza sounds female because in spanish we treat most of the words that end with “a” as female (also Erza from fairy tail).
            I already want to see some fighting videos, ahhh, and the soundtrack, Xenoblade’s soundtrack was just epic… You know what other game has an amazing soundtrack? Cladun This is a RPG, that game has some catchy and great tunes, i could spend minutes just standing there, enjoining the pixels around :D. Oh and dungeon’s were just epic, with violin and all *_*

          • Aoshi00

            yea, it does sound unisex if anything, but I don’t think it’s too feminine, at least it’s unique (reminds me of the joke if the word computer should be feminine or masculine :)

            Xenoblade’s soundtrack is okay, I bought the OST, some tracks are more memorable than others, some are only so-so if you’re not playing the game. I like Shimomura just okay.

            Cool, I never saw Cladun before, kind of like half minute hero, nice music indeed like Ar Tornelico. I got 3D Dot game hero but haven’t touched it yet.. Nier’s soundtrack is epic too in a different more sad way.

          • lol don’t forget the female gunner that Clive was chasing in Suikoden 1 & 2 was also named Elza (but you actually got to see her in 2)… *hides the fact that she’s totally a Suikoden fangirl*

  • PrinceHeir

    yes announce this and Xenoblade for the west maybe in the Summer since not alot of games being released in that time(don’t know why though)

  • Hmmm. The idea replays sounds interesting but to be fair, it’s not something I would use that much so I’m not too sad by its loss. Still, The Last Story is sounding more inticing each time I read about it.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    The environment playing a large role in combat, with the ability to scale walls and such, is very interesting and a concept I want in my action-RPG. The replay thing… I don’t feel sad from its exclusion. But the ability to have semi-turnbased combat and an overview of the field in that too is very welcome.

  • vadde939

    So you can scale walls? Neat. Things like knee-high barriers that characters are somehow unable to jump over have annoyed me in alot of games.

  • please give time 1 or 2 months for last story and xenoblade to release, or I will have head ache to choose which game to play and buy first …

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