Journey On PlayStation 3 Is About Exploring With Strangers

By Ishaan . December 10, 2010 . 12:27pm


The developers of Fl0w and Fl0wer have a new game in development for Sony’s PlayStation Network on PlayStation 3, titled Journey (no zero this time), and today, Sony released a new trailer for the game, which gives it the same peaceful feel as a lot of thatgamecompany’s previous titles.


You might be surprised to learn that Journey is an online adventure game. The player awakens in an unknown world, and sets out to explore it, learning more about a mysterious civilization along the way. From time to time, you’ll cross paths with strangers (other players) in this world, and can choose to travel together with them.


According to thatgamecompany, the point of Journey is "creating authentic moments [players] will remember and discuss with others."


Since there probably wouldn’t be much to discuss if every “experience” involved you walking through long stretches of sand alongside another player, it should be interesting to see how thatgamecompany try to promote discussion around the game.


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  • mikanko


  • PersonaBull

    This actually sounds really interesting. I’d definitely give this game a shot. The concept is pretty great, and exploring is one of my favorite parts of some games. I usually go everywhere else I can before I have to advance story in action/adventure type games (as well as RPG’s, of course). It kinda sounds like that’s what this game is, while meeting strangers! Count me in.

  • thebanditking

    The people of thatgamecompany are some of the most creative people in the industry, and as great as their titles are now I can’t wait to see what they evolve into as their talent and team size grows. It also amazes me how huge Sony’s first party has become in such a short time, especially with the quality of the titles they put out.

    • Neckbear

      I disagree with your statement, as I didn’t like neither fl0w or Fl0wer. Both, for me, were utterly boring.

      It doesn’t helps that people go around talking about these games like hipsters talking about art.

      • Testsubject909

        One could argue that it’s just your personal taste in gameplay and that other gamers could view fans of sports games, or action games, or FPS to talk about their games like damn hipsters as well.

        Really, in the end, this is mostly a matter of taste here.

        or would you also like to include Shadow of the Colossus, along with many other great fun games out there, into your whole “Hipsters talking about our games like they’re art” deal? (Katamari Damacy for exemple could be taken as surreal art)

        • Neckbear

          It is a matter of taste, indeed. I was just stating my personal opinion.

          However, this is how I feel regarding these games:

          Remember how, at least once, people praise something completly stupid for being “artsy”?

          How people will go into full hipster mode for a display about someone doing some stupid crap, and then OH NO IT’S A SYMBOLIC EXPRESSION ABOUT INNER FEELINGS?

          Well, it’s exactly the same here. We saw it on Braid. We saw it on Limbo. We saw it on Fl0wer. People praising mediocre games because THEY HAVE A DEEPER MEANING and OH NO IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I CRIED.

          Ah well, it’s just my personal opinion. Also, Shadow of the Colossus was kind of fun thanks to the Colossi design that kept things fun. However, the framerate kind of killed it, at least they’re releasing it in HD with a more playable framerate.

          • An opinion is one thing, but ad-hominem attacks on the people that do like games like this are pretty juvenile. Calm down.

          • no man shadow of the colossus is art how can art be fun

          • I would actually like to know your definition of “hipster” since you seem to be misusing it. Maybe we have different ideas of what the word means.

          • I was wondering the same thing, the art that the hipsters at my school do is very photography based and not really as stylistic as this…

          • You keep pointing out this “stupid crap” as if it were a bad thing. Did you feel any sort of experience playing Flow or Flower? Did you feel your mind was put at ease for a least a few minutes? The games are more than just a visual experience, it’s to prove that you can make a good game without blood, guts, or headshots. And Journey proves they have succeeded.

          • Aoshi00

            You didn’t like Limbo? The simplistic yet expressive silhouette and ambience were so moody and scary. You don’t even need to see blood or anything, it was just good use of black and white and lighting, the first time I saw the kid got decapitated I was so shocked. Yea, it wasn’t a long game, but for $10-15 it was a neat little atmospheric puzzle game and unique experience. At least it’s something different and refreshing.

          • RupanIII

            Totally agree about Braid. My PC gaming friend who never played a classic platformer hyped it like crazy to me; he had quotes from it in his profile and everything. I found it, as you said, totally ‘mediocre’ gameplay wise, and kind of overrated concept-wise. imo you can get arty in a game so long as you remember it’s a game and it therefore needs good gameplay, not something clunky like Braid. I’ll cite MGS2 as a game that pulled both off well, imo.

            Also, regarding hipsters, everyone’s got a different definition, but there was an interesting article about them in adbusters (of all places) if anyone’s interested

            To me, it’s not about what kind of clothes you wear or what music you listen to, it’s the superiority complex and judgmentalism. I have a friend who some people might label as a hipster – he listens to a lot of obscure bands and goes to obscure parties in the city, wears thicker glasses. But he also likes more mainstream tv/movies/etc too, has clothes like a&f or more prep stuff, etc. Hipsters always act snooty to him because he doesn’t fit the image. Hipsters act superior, but really, they label people just as much as the mainstream. This is what I don’t like. Plus their affects are usually just that- not really interested in art/etc, just superficial to fit the image. In short, they’re pastiche and, like all counter-cultures, commodified.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        What do you have against hipsters? Or discussing fine art? Or why are people labeled hipsters? Why are people labeled nerds? Because they appreciate certain finer things in life that others don’t?

      • Having a strong sense of one’s own opinion is fine and dandy, but being an Anti-Hipster is just not that classy these days.

      • So, in order to appreciate art, you have to be a hipster, in your view? Or, for that matter, to like anything you don’t?

  • Flower was truly one of the most fantastical game experiences Ive ever played and enjoyed. Truly it is a great thing that Sony has built a platform that supports these games. This is yet another gem that seems to only be enabled and available on such powerful hardware. I am excited for this game and cant wait to see it in person.

  • badmoogle

    Loved Flower and this looks even better imo.I’m curious though how big this world will be and if it will be seamless or divided to parts with loading screens between them.The only thing i didn’t liked in Flower was that the environments felt too small.
    Sony better secure another contract with these guys because they’re definitely worth it.
    Can’t wait for this game!

    • Yeah that would be good, Sony should just buy them!

      • SlashZaku

        Them or Sucker Punch should be the next permanent residence at SCE. Sony should really budget them for a full retail release to see what they can do though.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Awed like a child once more… awed like a child…

    So glad there are still people who understand less can be more, when most other developers strive to build bigger and increasingly expensive games with mind-boggling feature sets and shoehorned multiplayer under a blockbuster mentality. I don’t mind those, but we could use more of this right here.

  • This is exactly the kind of game I’ve been wishing existed for as long as I can remember. Can’t wait!

  • MrRobbyM

    I just realized. Flow, Flow + er = Flower…. HOLY FLAPJACKS.

    • Aoshi00

      I just realized the logo reads “flOw” lol..

      I liked Flower more than Flow (I played it before the trophy patch so at that time it was even more aimless).

      It’s cool to see a humanoid char wandering in a desolate sand world, feels very lonely.

  • Chow

    If they renamed this ICO 4, I would’ve believed them.

    • Extra_Life

      It does have a Team Ico air about it, doesn’t it? Despite being an online game, it seems to have a very lonely quality to it from what I’ve seen so far. And I mean that in a good way. Maybe you’ll be wandering alone for some then meet up with some people before going your separate ways until you meet the next person or group.

  • what is this!? is the same as flower, i see no purpose… D:

    • Have you never played a game and just wanted to explore the game world but couldn’t because those pesky battle mechanics kept getting in the way?

      • Well… not really O.o, the thing i love the most on the games is the story, and to beat it giving a lot of effort to reach the ending xD, but well, in an artistic way, i guess it would be okay? a game like this..

        • There’s a type of gamer that just loves to explore… And this game is tailored to those gamers.

          • I see, well it does looks interesting :P, but still dont know if i will try it someday, good for the people who like these kind of games

  • kupomogli

    Flow sucks. That is all.

  • HarryHodd

    This is beautiful and innovative. My most highly anticipated PSN title.

  • Thought I was going to hate Flower, but found it quite beautiful. I now am excited for this.

    Hated Flow, though. No way around that.

  • PFFFFFFFF… Just watched the trailer (forgot one was posted entirely)… the detail blew my mind…

    I always love the “so much with so little” philosophy some devs have.

  • sounds pottentialy awesome, not every game has to be something to do, some games are more a place to be. I love both , its unfortunate that some awesome games have grown obscure because their battle system was weak

  • Wake

    I am in love with this game already. It really reminds me of SotC wherein if you explore the landscape you get rewarded with beautiful spots. It’s great that this team hasn’t bent on what’s popular or the norm about current games. They’re just doing their own thing.

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