Give Atlus Characters A "Hat Attack", Win A Naruto Cap [Update]

By Spencer . December 12, 2010 . 2:53pm

atlusnarutoAtlus sent us a pack of Naruto Shippuden caps, promo items for Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles and Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke, to giveaway.


Want one? Then photoshop an Atlus character modeling the cap and send the picture to [email protected]. We’ll give caps out to the ten most amusing entries. Here’s a cap with a transparent background you can use for the contest. It’s up to you pick the Atlus character, but Jack Frost is out since he’s already wearing a cap.


The contest starts now and runs until December 18th @ 11PM. Residents in the US and Canada are welcome to enter. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

Update: Here’s a proper link to the Naruto cap PNG with a transparent background.

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  • Er, can someone do an entry for me? I will be eternally grateful for you! I hate missing out on anything Naruto!

    I think having nyx sport the hat or mitsuru’s one eyed father sport it would be, well, you know.

    • Why would you be unable to do it yourself?

      • Im not good with photoshop program. I would have to find some tutorial to describe how to get that image onto a render of some character model from Atlus since I do not know the keystrokes :(

        • its not that hard, you could even do this on paint, open the image you want to put the hat on, then look around for insert image, and insert the hat, you can put it wherever you want, even resize it

        • 1. Ctrl + C
          2. Ctrl + V
          3. ???
          4. Profit!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    What if I photoshop Jack flushing said cap down the toilet?

    • Feynman

      I like the way you think.

    • Code

      Haha, but baseball caps don’t fit down toilets and I figure this wouldn’t count as modeling said cap, lol >w<; But I like your tabasco though!

  • Heh love my Naruto but for just a hat I don’t think I can be bothered…Well that and I’m a beginner when it comes to Photoshop >_<

  • Testsubject909

    *Puts on his Junpei hat*

    Why do I need a Naruto cap anyways? (And anyhow, I’m more partial to One Piece).

    Oh and, how about a Jack Frost Hat? You know, for Winter… it’s coming here. I’d wear it. Keep my head warm during the holidays…

  • Code


    • lol Junpei! lol

    • lol that is the first thing i thought to do when i was reading this

      • Code

        Yeah same here, first I was actually going to photoshop the hat over his old hat, but then I realized how much more awesome stacking them would be, Junpei would totally be down with that! If I win this, I’m TOTALLY going to stack it with the Junpei hat I won earlier this year and wear them for extra defense and or awesome!

        • You didnt buy the P3P that came with the Junpei hat?

          • Code

            Nah I got Persona 3:FES on PS2, was tempted by P3P but I just didn’t have any money at the time and wouldn’t have gotten a hat without a preorder and figured I’d rather hold out for something new >w<;

          • I won my Junpei hat on here, personally.

          • Wow you all are lucky, I never win/won, lol.

          • Yeah, I don’t actually wear hats, but there’s a girl I know who is a big Persona fan, so I thought it’d be nice to get it for her, so I entered one of the contests they had on here. Unfortunately, she had already bought the PSP Persona 3, so she got it that way, so it’s basically now part of my videogame periphernalia collection, along with my Street Fighter IV headband, my various Lunar objects, that big hardcover Atelier Rorona artbook, and more.

            I wanted to take a picture with it on, but it’s too small for my head, so it hurts when I try to wear it.

          • Code

            @Charles Lupulahaha yeahh I’m the same, got spiky hairs thus I don’t wear hats often, plus I find they don’t compliment my visual aesthetic. But my love of Persona 3 means I totally value and appreciate my Junpei hat >w<'

  • inb4 mara

  • banballow

    Where’s this picture I’m supposed to be using with the transparent background? The only pic I see in the post is Jack Frost wearing the hat, which is hardly transparent.

  • first thing to come to mind was junpei

  • DDanny

    Hmmm…. a certain black character that wears hats in america only would be perfect for this.

  • I’m sorry Atlus. I’d rather photoshop a picture of every single Atlus character burning the hat, or destroying the hat.

    • Code

      Now that’s tabasco >w<~! Seriously though makes me realize perhaps Atlus has gotten a bit of flack for taking on localizing the Naruto series — although if you ask me, if it funds Atlus continuing there own great localizations and projects like Catherine, it's okay in my books.

      • I couldn’t agree more, but you know, we still haven’t had any news about it coming over…

        • Code

          Oh it will >w< I'm not even slightly concerned about it, Atlus is pretty smart when it comes to this stuff, and I think the game has gotten plenty of attention even on non-Japanese gaming sites that I think it already has a lot of interest around it outside of Japan.

    • Hate Naruto Much Dude?! Its simply stunningly awesome, oh and reminds me that I need to preorder Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble, its gonna be epic (I hope they offer the hat for preorder bonus again!)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        But wouldn’t it be more awesome if Naruto like powered up for like a whole episode like he was prepping himself to take a massive dump? Or like dropped a top on the ground while making one of his pithy sayings? Or or making one of his pithy sayings while pulling cards out of his butt? Or or or screaming “I choose you Sakuuura!” while throwing her out to fight some evil nin nins?

        • GamerKT

          I would like to see those things.

      • Code

        Whoops replied to the wrong person opo;;

  • Wait,someone WANTS a Naruto hat?I guess they need it for kindling…

  • GamerKT

    More like a Konoha cap…

  • Trisagion
    • Apollokids

      Woah i like it!! Probably for all the wrong reasons though.

    • Would’ve been funnier if the hat was covering her crotch.

  • Pichi

    Was the Dragon Ball Z contest winners ever announced?

    • Not on the site, but the three winners have been contacted.

  • I hope I don’t get dinged for there being more than one character!

  • I hope you guys post the results, I could use a laugh when I wake up.

  • I found out about this contest to late :(

    The hat is so hard to find saw it in nintendo power.

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