Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #9

By Chunsoft . December 13, 2010 . 9:09am

< Spencer’s note: As a treat for fans of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors we’re going to countdown the most popular characters in Japan. These blogs from Chunsoft have *major spoilers* so you may want to avoid reading them until after you complete the game… twice. Check back everyday to see sketches, concept art, and comments from Chunsoft. Also, Aksys is hosting their own character ranking poll for North America. Vote for your favorite character here.>


Starting today, we will be announcing the top 9 characters.

Today’s is the least popular.




It’s me, the 9th man. The one with the messy hair.



As most of you assumed, it was the 9th man.


He gets in serious trouble in the early stages of the game and takes it out on another character. That didn’t do anything to help his popularity, unfortunately.



By the way, Nishimura, the character designer, says that the 9th Man is her favorite character.

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  • Poor 9th Man can’t catch a break XD

    • 9th Man will always be my favorite at least. *Totally spent his question asking everything he could about 9th Man*

  • neocatzon

    it’s funny to find someone loved him besides his mom (or designer in this case)

  • @Spencer: He gets in serious trouble in the early stages of the game and takes in out on another character.

    Change it to say “and takes it out” instead :) Thanks!

  • Rofl, the 9th xD, well since the first time i saw him i knew something wrong was with him (or maybe he was just shy xD)

    Voting for the US char poll was the hardest thing ive ever made, choosing between junpei or june…. i love both characters, and even more, i love the relationship between the two T_T.


    Cant belive her fav char was this one O_O, if is design we are talking about, i love june, clover, ohh and snake :D

    • onilink888

      Definitely a tough choice between Jumpei and June. June is just plain adorable, while Jumpei was the kind of cool, all around nice guy.In the end, I succumbed to June and her cuteness. :D

      • Dont feel bad, i did the same, if you cant decide by personality, you go by looks, and June, is just too June :3.

      • neocatzon

        SPOILER ALERT!! June already has Junpei! :p

  • neo_firenze

    I like that the true ending fleshes out the 9th man’s backstory a bit more.

  • I’ve only beaten the story once (submarine) then I went and SPOILED IT HARD by reading the character section on Wikipedia. I thought it would only be a quick overview but NO they give out all of the endings.

    **** ME

    • D:

      • *whispers* Yoo Beli~, i would be making a wild guess here, but surely Junes is winning #1 in US branch right? xD, and she must be followed by junpei >8O

    • Totally no bueno :( Beware of Wikipedia my 999 friends!

      • *whispers* Yoo akselziys, i would be making a wild guess here, but surely Junes is winning #1 in US branch right? xD, and she must be followed by junpei >8O

        • Haha, I’m not sure :) I’m taking care of the questions and Ben is taking care of the character poll ;D

          • Oh, ok then, i think it is time to click on the reply button of someone with a cat’s avatar>8D

          • Omg just saw record of agarest zero teaser trailer, WHY SO SHORT T.T Anyway i love it, and i wish summer 2011 would be tomorrow

    • Ouch, that’s bad ><

    • Arg, that sucks. :( I deliberately avoided looking at anything relating to the game until I’d finished it completely because I’ve accidently spoiled things for myself in the past merely by googling the title.

  • Aoshi00

    Doh, wanted to read this article but can’t scroll down since I just started the game :(..

  • How many votes did the guy actually get? *curious*

    My vote belonged to the person who was ‘shocked’ that pressing buttons at random didn’t actually work. I loved his sarcasm. And he was amazingly terrifying in the Safe ending. XD To be honest though I liked pretty much all the characters and loved reading their banter. Such a wonderful game.

  • Roses4Aria

    Ha ha. No surprise there. The poor guy probably didn’t stand a chance…

    As for my favorite, Snake all the way, folllowed by Junpei and June. They were just so cute together!

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