Storm And Crimson Viper Duke It Out In New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Screens

By Ishaan . December 13, 2010 . 10:14am


Here, finally, are high-resolution Storm and Crimson Viper screenshots from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, courtesy of Capcom Europe.


If you scroll through, you’ll see Storm has both her black and white costumes, although the white one looks a bit…odd. Here’s hoping Capcom include the full-leggings from the Jim Lee design in the 90s.


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  • ZOMGSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!! SO Can not wait!!!!! urk! this is gonna be awesome!

  • Apollokids

    I am still buying The King of Fighters 13 over this. Haha!

    • I’ll be picking up both.

      • Apollokids

        I didn’t pick up Street Fighter 4. Did i miss out? Buying MvC 3; i wonder if i’d really miss out on anything that hasn’t already been done. Its the same game engine as SFIV, maybe new systems (Hyper Combos and Team Combos) but it seems too familiar.

        • I really liked Super SFIV, myself. The new characters kinda suck with the exception of Juri and C. Viper (El Fuerte is probably one of the most useless characters in fighting game history), but otherwise, it’s a pretty cool game. Reminds me of my favorite in the SF series, Alpha 3, really. Nice mix of SFII, Alpha, and SFIII. The focus attacks can either be really strategic or really cheap, depending on who is using them and for what, and the Ultra attacks remind me of the old Fatal Fury desperation moves, in that, when you take enough damage, you can do a big devastating super move. At the same time, they kept the Super bar, so you can potentially combo a super into an Ultra if you know what you’re doing.

          It’s definitely slower than I had gotten used to, but by now I’m used to that. Also, some people really didn’t like that they went 2.5D with it, but I feel that as long as it’s still a 2D game in the way it plays, it’s okay.

  • raymk

    Why do people still want her 90’s costume so much? This isn’t even her 60’s debute costume its the current one she has in the comics same with wolverine,ironman and thor. I like this look a better as she is from africa which is the reason she wore what she did the first time,cause all her costumes are fanservice.

    • Dude!!! Fanservice is never bad, I think we can never have enough fanservice.

      • Fanservice makes me want to put things down in disgust.

        Small doses of it is fine.

      • Thus, Bayonetta. lol

        Although, honestly, the ridiculous amounts of fan service in that game were part of its charm to me. It never felt like it was trying to be sexy. More like a parody of games that try.

    • I just care about DAT ASS.

  • Crimson Viper… serious….? D:

    That’s it.

    No Megaman, no care. KOF will be taking all of my money.

    • Isnt Megaman in the game?

      • The only one I care about to be honest.

      • Zero is in the game, but it isn’t looking like Megaman is, which, honestly, I’d rather he not be if it’s not X.

    • Code

      According to the leaked list it’ll have Mega Man and Mega Man.exe playable — but the leaked list also didn’t have Viper and Storm which lends evidence to it being a fake.

      • Yeah, I was going to say that the leaked list didn’t have a lot of the characters that did make it in and a few that were officially deconfirmed (like Mr. Fantastic).

  • Hmmmm…is that new background hinting at Elektra? Those look like members of The Hand to me.

  • Guest

    Storm in, Magneto in, just Sentinel and the game will be complete….complete for broken gameplay heaven amirite?

    Also, why are people desperate to play KOFXIII? Didn’t KOFXII gave you enough glitchy gameplay?

  • I love the inclusion of C.Viper but only because I love her design :D With Storm in I can see EVO contestants and fans just begging for Sentinel to be included.

  • ken, akuma, cable and jin need to be in it !!

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