Keiji Inafune Starting A New Company Named "Comcept?"

By Spencer . December 14, 2010 . 11:25am

imageA securities analyst apparently had a run in with ex-Capcom developer Keiji Inafune. His meeting Inafune, the first in two years, at Akasaka-mitsuke (note: that’s in Tokyo while Capcom’s headquarters, presumably the area that Inafune lives in is Osaka) where Inafune the two apparently exchanged business cards.


Inafune handed him a new card that with Comcept on it, a new company Inafune is starting post-Capcom.


Honored to receive a new card, the analyst rushed to tweet about it. The analyst doesn’t tweet much so this meeting was probably really significant to him.

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  • Comcept? I dont get it.

    • Com’on…Why don’t you just ‘cept it.

    • What? You mean you don’t understand, understand the Comcept of love? HUH?!?!

      • Code



          • This whole string of comments is probably lost on him… but I still lol’d.

  • Gio32k


    • Capcomcept!

    • RupanIII


      Like the idea but.. Comcept? Sounds a little awkward/Engrishy, unless he’s trying to stick it to Capcom

      • Code


      • Aoshi00

        I like it, definitely sticking it to Capcom/con, just like Sakaguchi’s Last Story to his hijacked Final Fantasy :)

  • Code

    Sounds like a secret agent service from the early 1990’s to me! Every episode will end with Inafune saving Miami in a helicopter.

  • DAZE☆!!

  • krokounleashed

    So, Inafune is starting a japanese company to save japan instead of joining a western one?

    • puchinri

      He can bring the West to Japan this way, however he wants. Seems like Inafune logic to me.

  • puchinri

    I haven’t felt much (except some contempt, probably misplace) lately for Inafune, but I am curious about how this will all go. Mostly what his first project/game will be. (I can’t even begin to guess a genre or platform.)

    • RupanIII

      I was reading your post quickly and thought you wrote ‘comtempt’ x.x

      • puchinri

        Hahaha! Maybe that’s what I’ll start using if the article is related to Inafune or the company. >u<

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I want to see that business card. Heck, I WANT that business card. :D

    The motto on that Comcept card can only be this:
    Inafune Intercepting Capcom’s Business Like Its Nobody’s Business

  • PrinceHeir

    too bad we probably won’t see a Onimusha 5 unless capcom DMC3 Team is working on it, or maybe a new Chaos Legion?

    good luck with him, don’t like his remarks in the past but i still like his work due to Megaman X being my favorite Megaman game ever.

  • cool man! Comcept sounds nice, originally sounding like Concept.

    Capcom can go fark themselves!

  • I was just thinking to myself the other day that Inafune ought to form his own company and hire Keita Takahashi.

  • d19xx

    It’s like a Chinese knockoff of Capcom. :p

    • Confirmed titles include Demon May Cry, Resident Malice, and Uberman X.

    • Aoshi00

      People know that Capcom in Jpn is CapuCon (カプコン) right?

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Good. I like the fact that he is starting his own company. It means he will have to face the realities of the gaming market if he wants to succeed and he will be a better game developer for it. Whether or not he is up to the challenge, however, is up to debate.

    We will see how this turns out.

  • Tokyo Guy

    How fitting. Inafune goes on and on about how he can’t stand Japanese-minded companies like Capcom and how he would love to work for a western company, and then what does he do? Start a Japanese company that will no doubt end up continuing the same “problems” he cited in his reason for leaving Capcom.

    Seems to me that he was angry Capcom wouldn’t promote him to top tier management (i.e. like VP) and so he had a tempertantrum and left.

    I’m sorry but it’s difficult for me to take someone seriously who pulls this kind of nonsense. Granted we don’t have any kind of official confirmation on anything so I am open to retracting my comment, but if this is indeed true then Inafune is very well on the road to utter hypocrisy.

    • puchinri

      Honestly, those were pretty much my thoughts. That’s exactly how I feel.

    • Aiddon

      I got tired of him at the end of his tenure. Sure, he’s worked on some good projects, but his attitude was PATHETIC. He always whined about how Japanese games are horrible all the while seemingly ignoring a lot of CAPCOM’s own work, Nintendo, Atlus, and Arc System Works.

      • Ladius

        He has the same attitude as many western game “journalists”: criticize Japan for some AAA titles’ flaws while ignoring altogether the 90% of the offer simply because it’s niche, not marketed well enough or low budget.

      • I recall him saying he wanted to help Japan grow, but he really isn’t showing it. All he wants to do is grow the American brand in Japan, which may help in the short term, but not in the longterm. As for your comment about Atlus, I suspect he just doesn’t care about them or the smaller companies’s games because they aren’t “high budget enough”.

        • Ladius

          He wanted to help Japan grow by outsourcing key japanese franchises to unproven western developer, closing exceptional teams like Clover simply because they weren’t as mainstream as he wanted, eliminating japanese elements from Capcom games simply because they could have been perceived as japanese (gasp!) and badmouthing everyone and everything who tried to make videogames in Japan without being called Keiji Inafune, to the point of criticizing even the japanese consumers’tastes simply because they aren’t the same as the western’s.

          I say good riddance, his ideology is probably the biggest problem with Japan’s gaming industry and the key reason Japan hasn’t been able to succesfully promote its artistic and gaming assets in the west like they used to do till some years ago.

          • Aiddon

            the unproven Western dev thing comes off to me as people trying to find the next Cinderella story like Retro or Rocksteady who were handed key brand names and make exceptional titles out of them. As we’ve seen though, most of the time it ends up as COMPLETE GARBAGE. The one good title CAPCOM has had out of this is Dead Rising 2 while I guarantee that NT’s DMC reboot is going to be a flop worse than DMC2 (the lead guy’s pompous attitude doesn’t help either)

    • Ladius

      I’m completely with you. I really can’t understand the “Inafune love” I see on some sites, especially from japan-oriented gamers. Saving the japanese gaming industry by eliminating anything that makes it recognizably japanese isn’t the way to go at all, when I want to play western games I simply buy western games.

      It’s rather entertaining how Inafune promoted sad efforts (and commercial failures) like Dark Void and Bionic Commando reboot in the name of westernization (not to mention Ninja Theory’s DMC emo reboot, Onimusha 3’s Jean Reno featuring and so on), going to the point of saying that he wanted Dead Rising 2 to have nothing even remotely japanese (even after outsourcing it to a western team), when he contributed to eliminate Clover, a developer which has proven to be able to mix western and japanese game design choices in a masterpiece like Vanquish.

      Another example of this way of thinking is Namco: instead of promoting their japanese titles they have invested a great deal of resources in creating new IPs aimed at the western public, only to see them bomb one after another (Enslaved and Majin being the prime examples). Square-Enix has done the same with Front Mission Evolved, an outsourced western tpsArmored Core title worse than team 6’s Front Mission Online that has alienated the fanbase from the series and has probably taken more resources than any tactical Front Mission entry.

      • mikanko

        The end of Clover had mostly to do with their commercial failures. He takes a lot of heat with the Street Fighter crowd similarly for ceasing development on fighting games for such a long time. Truthfully Street Fighter Three Third Strike was an incredibly great and detailed game that lost Capcom a good chunk of money. As head of Capcom R&D it was his job to see the company develop profitable games. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the reason why he started hating his job.

        Also, according to him, his bosses in Capcom were all pencil pushers who don’t care/play games at all, and only cared about the sales figures at the end of the day. He also knew his job was as far as anyone who actually worked on games could go in the company. The fact Ono twittered Inafune leaving Capcom was not going to help bring out a new Darkstalkers any faster with one of Ono’s frowny faces, kinda backs up the notion he didn’t fight against Capcoms better developers, but in performing his job description as head of R&D he had to cut some of their better dev’d franchises when they started losing money. As soon as Street Fighter started becoming profitable again, a new Darkstalkers started looking like a possible reality again.

        He kinda had a pretty thankless job. I don’t really think it’s fair to criticize his moves at Capcom till a few years have passed and we can see how much Capcom improves, or if we just get a handful of new Monster Hunter portable sequels, followed by multiple Super Street Fighter V Turbos. Stuff like Powerstone, Darkstalkers, and Breath of Fire stay completely ignored, and there are no new big budget IPs at all, because no one wants to take the risks.

        Also, as much as it sucks since it’s pretty much my GOTY for 2010, Vanquish hasn’t exactly turned a hefty profit.

        Bleh, I hope I’m wrong and Capcom improves and resurrects old series, makes inventive new IPs, and improves on their current crop of games. I also hope Inafune makes great new games with whatever he does because, hey, I like good video games. =/

        • I bought 3 copies of Vanquish, and it really saddens me that everyone I know is buying something else instead. For instance, I told pretty much everyone I know about Vanquish. Show them gameplay videos, ask them to play the demo, and everything.

          After a few days, they were all HYPED about the game and said that they’ll buy it.

          It got released, and look at this. Only one of them wants to buy Vanquish. 3 of them bought Black Ops, 1 of them bought Force Unleashed 2 and Assassin’s Creed BH, 1 guy bought the entire Rockband 3 package with the piano, drums, guitars, etc, 2 others buy New Vegas, and ONE other one still plans on buying it for sure. There were others too, but they’re ALL waiting for a price drop, for the excuse that “it’s just too short”.

          If they couldn’t afford it, it would be different, but besides the guy who still plans on getting it, all of them have a source of income anyway.

          Some of the guys bought Super Mario All-Stars. At least it’s supporting Nintendo (A GOOD company) and not ACTIVISION BLIZZARD. They weren’t willing to try Vanquish :(

          And so, I’m still buying copies of Vanquish whenever I can.

          • Like Nintendo needs support


            Anyway, Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is the only one I couldnt understand?! Thats essentially the most disappointing game of the year, surely they cant truly be enjoying it over what enjoyment could possibly be gained from Vanquish, lol. But maybe is the timing of the release of Vanquish, maybe it should have released in September or January…instead of mid October when everyone had their eyes set on the latest additions to phenomenal series (CoD, AC, FallOut)

        • Ladius

          Clover’s titles were commercial failures only for someone like Inafune who seems to think that a game is worthy only it it manages to be a million seller. His insinuations about the japanese gaming industry also stems from this same misconception, since he seems to totally ignore anything that isn’t AAAhigh budgetmainstreamtrying to be a million seller. Moreover, he probably wasted more Capcom money on commercial failures (not to mention bad games) like Dark Void or the reboot of Bionic Commando because of his western obsession than Clover used for titles like Ookami, God Hand and the VJ series. It’s better to be a masterpiece with low sales like Vanquish than a piece of turd with low sales.

          Also, don’t buy anything he said as truth simply because no one cared to reply to his ramblings with the same lack of respect he always sported. He showed an utter lack of professional behavior by spouting hate and abrasive comments on everyone, including the company who gave him work for more than twenty years, while others often avoided commenting since the Japanese industry isn’t used to this kind of unpoliteness and rashness. For him Capcom was a bad company simply because it refused to be ruled by his whims.

          He also isn’t the gaming-God many seem to think, nor as a game designer nor as a producer. He isn’t the creator of Rockman, even if he contributed heavily to that franchise as a character designer and producer (but not as much as many think, the Legends series’ identity for example has much to do with director Kawano), and even his role in the Onimusha franchise is often overrated (he surely had a pivotal role being the producer for three out of four main chapters, but one must also consider the role of the games’directors like Takeuchi or Nakai, key-staff member and scenario writer Sugimura and so on).

          Of course, since he is really good at promoting himself while treating others as inconsequential nobodies many gamers seem to think that he made the whole Rockman and Onimusha franchises almost by himself and that Capcom is a void shell without his holy light, but as far as reality is concerned this is utter bullshit.

  • I was waiting to see what he would do next. Gotta say that naming sense is not good. That said, I wont pass judgment until I see what he’s going to do different, if anything at all.

  • mikanko

    The biggest complaint he had about Japanese game design is that the devs basically become salary men making the next “insert sequel here” following guidelines set out by higher ups who don’t make/play games, and make all their decisions based off marketing.

    It’s probably a big case of seeing the grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s not like he’s completely wrong either. I don’t really see the reason for Inafune hate. He doesn’t hate Japanese games for being Japanese, he seemed like he was just under the impression Western dev operations promote original ideas far more freely than what he saw working for Capcom. I’m sure if he got to work for a bunch of blowhards at Activision he might change is blanket statements some about Western dev support compared to Japanese.

    Still I think it’s largely a case of finding it hard to adapt from making a cutting edge graphical game like Rockman 1 to the current Japanese market. Twenty years later dealing with game development trends that give priority to cell phone and portable system games over anything capable of competing with a new Call of Redemption : Reach… or whatever.

    Anyways, his last interviews around the time he left said he wanted to make Japanese games with Western methods, so him starting a new company is hardly surprising.

  • Pretty much, the video game industry is global now and you have to stand out in order to be noticed and influential. Inafune’s copycatting of western games runs counter to this. Copying American games might be good for the short term, but in the longterm the Japanese style will have been erased from the global consciousness. I am not saying western games should be ignored and Japanese should exclude them, just don’t copy them.

  • Ladius


    double post, sorry.

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