Make Hatsune Miku Move And Dance With Kinect

By Spencer . December 14, 2010 . 10:26am

With MikuMikuDance and Kinect you are Hatsune Miku. This 3D music video maker for PC has been adapted to support OpenNI for real-time skeleton tracking. Once set up with Kinect plugged into a computer you can make a Hatsune Miku model follow your moves.


Right now, there are some bugs, like tracking a users lower body, but it’s still a neat little program. Perhaps, one Sega should check out, just in case they want to make a beat touching Hatsune Miku game for Xbox 360.


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  • Michael Jackson is one thing but………..

  • malek86

    Is it bad that all these open source programs are making me want to buy a Kinect far more than the official games?

    Of course, I could then use it for Child of Eden too, but that would be merely an extra. I’m really really interested in this kind of experimental stuff right now. Sigh, if only I could get one for a lower price, like 99€ or so.

    • No love for Steel Battalion, Forza 4, or Dues Ex that may support it as it features the Kinect trademark in the credits, something ONLY Kinect games do?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Being a skeptic of it, I’m dying to see how they make Steel Battalion work. From dozens of tactile controls to no buttons… As for Forza, I don’t see how you could better a force feedback steering wheel accessory with pedals and stick shift, as air-steering wheel and air-pedal driving is casual and arcade at best. Head tracking is a something of a bonus rather than a focus. Deux Ex, you say? That could be have potential for interacting with characters in first person, but somehow I doubt they’ll spend that much time developing that aspect considering it’s multiplatform.

        But who knows what the future holds?

        • From what I have “gathered” Kinect will be used to incorporate head tracking in Forza 4, along with a “casual” mode where it is used to play the game, as well as “garage mode” as shown at E3 2010(and seen in the recent trailer).
          Steel Battalion though, being an owner of the first, and loving how it made the game work, I am looking for a control scheme that uses both the controller and Kinect. As an example: Say you are walking, hit a pothole or whatever, and fall into the dirt/mud. You would right yourself, raise your hand from the controller and manually move the crank windshield wiper(no electronics hah so fun).
          Deus Ex….I have not a damn clue.

          And on an unrelated note, is it possible to set up email notifications for when you are replied to on here?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            iirc, I automatically received email notifications when I signed up. Maybe change your email? Not sure. Address Spencer directly.

          • Ereek

            For the latter: You can turn the function on and off. By your profile page at the top, before the comments is “Edit Profile.” Click “notifications.”

      • Testsubject909

        “Only Kinect can do” is a bit sketchy to me.

        I mean, limb tracking and head tracking is available with the PSEye and further supported with the PS Move. Sure, it’s not as up to date, but it’s still quite capable. It can also do outline tracking instead, which combined with Move could really easily emulate Dance Central.

        Now, as for Steel Battalion, one of the greatest appeal was that extremely deliciously intricate control scheme… So no, there’s little love for this ripoff sensation they have with Kinect. Not unless they show something more substantial then what seems to be an on-rail shooter.

        Forza 4, seriously? A racing game using Kinect? Have you seen the recent racing games? Talk to any racing enthusiast, Kinect is the last thing on their minds when thinking about racing fun. This is aimed at the more-then-casual, at the non-gamers and it’ll sell for them, but for any gamers of any worth, they’ll steer clear from using it with Kinect.

        Deus Ex with Kinect? Seriously, doubtful. I doubt they’ll integrate it in any proper means.

        So yeah, it’s mainly just the open source stuff that seems interesting. And even then, I’m not interested in supporting the Kinect knowing that Microsoft is making a near 3x profit with every sales of the Kinect and are fooling developers into supporting it by making them believe, through sheer numbers, that there’s a large support base, where in reality it’s probably the pirate PC only base that’s making good use of it.

        So no. This “ONLY Kinect can do it!” tagline doesn’t sell me. Maybe for the PC, but on the 360. The PSEye and Move can do wonders there and can easily emulate what the Kinect can do, at least up to date.

        Perhaps in two years or so, when developers will be able to tap into it’s full potential with the 360’s limited specs (mind you, the PS3 also has limited specs, meaning, don’t be impressed by the PC stuff thinking it’ll work on the 360), then maybe we’ll see some genuinely “Kinect only” stuff.

        But for now, it’s pretty much just an overpriced accessory with little actual gaming support. Best wait a year or two, till you can actually see a clear future for the Kinect, and then judge whether or not to get it. Not to mention, the price will then fall to a far fairer price.

      • NeoTechni

        “No love for Steel Battalion,”

        The best thing about SB was the massive controller. Taking that away is not a good thing

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      It’s true. People are doing far more unusual and funtional things through open source than Microsoft is doing with their fun but mild casual games. If Microsoft is smart they’ll take note and expand the official functions of Kinect, or make games that take better advantage of the hardware.

      Because if many people are only interested in this stuff, hardware sales are going to to flourish deceptively while games bomb. It will be another PSP situation, where people bought it for hacking, while ignoring the games. But I don’t think that’ll happen, at least not for a while.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Funnily enough, consumers seem to feel the exact same way. Looking at the NPD figures for this month, while Kinect has sold rather well, not one piece of Kinect software has managed to breach the top 10 list. Even comparable titles, such as Just Dance 2 and Wii Fit, sold better than their Kinect equivalents.

        Of course, such a state of affairs cannot last forever, since it is ultimately the software that sells the hardware. If Microsoft fails to provide any compelling software for the device, Kinect sales will plummet quite fast. Momentum gained by novelty can only take you so far.

  • Nice. Can’t wait for the flood of well done videos on NicoNico Douga.Say about otakus what you want, but they are really serious about making their stuff look good.

    • doubletaco

      Hundreds upon hundreds of Haruhi dance videos beg to differ.

  • holy fps drop batman!

  • goronyan

    i already saw that, but in the video the guy was teasing both Lat式Miku and Teto (*tears of blood* ヽ(`Д´)ノ ).
    But Miku in 360? Hell no!! They already have [email protected] girls for them

    • I wish someone would do this with [email protected]
      They already a few games like this on the Wii, right?

      • goronyan

        i’ve never saw this on wii o.O

  • maxchain

    Your move, Project DIVA.

  • Nice.
    Seems like the virtual diva also inspires new technologies, huh…

  • karasuKumo

    I’d do fighting moves XD

  • This will sell like hotcakes, just made

  • Quite impressive

  • NeoTechni

    Wow. First good use for Kinect so far.

  • Aoshi00

    Man, I was happy and thought finally we’re getting a Miku console game (I’m not talking about hooking up the PSP to PS3), and a Kinect game at that. Well, I like the Kinect games that are out so far and Jpn should be cooking up some nice ones too.

  • jotun_of_greed

    “tracking a users lower body”

    is it just me or this sound sankaku-esque?

  • Xekyo

    i’m so immature. the flagrantly obscene movements i would make a virtual puppet do. lol

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