Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #6

By Chunsoft . December 16, 2010 . 9:09am

Today, I present to you the character in 6th place.

We’re almost halfway through, but still in the bottom half.

{No. 6}




OMG. It’s Junpei, the main character.


This uninteresting halfway position has given him this expression.


He’s furious about it.

Seven: “Hey, I got it worse! I’m number 8!”


Junpei: “Yeah, but…I’m the main character…”


These are some sketches of Junpei from the initial development stages. He hasn’t changed much.

Next time, we’ll announce who made it to 5th place.


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  • WHAT!? I CANT BELIVE LOTUS IS AFTER JUNPEI! wtf… This just proves that girls are really important for the japanese in a game T_T, this kinda sucks lol, were they voting by design then?? >_>

    He was so cool in the endings that… were not “bad ending” , and he made many good jokes (i still can remember, in 2 routes i took, when he compares lotus to Mercury’s sign hahaha, a woman symbol and horns xDD) -.- i hope american’s pool will prove characters by characters and not by design…

    I think i can guess the next one… If its snake, i will just double wtf but it will prove my theory, if its Lotus, well, i wont think that bad of the japanese’s ranking poll

    Seriously, i liked Lotus, but at the end, she was just there doing nothing… I dont dislike the character, but there are many better

    • vadde939

      The next one is totally going to be Snake or Santa. The 3 girls will be the top 3 for sure. Im guessing this: 1. Lotus 2. Clover 3. June 4. Santa 5. Snake

      • pridesin

        Is the ranking going to be base on the boob size of character??^.^

        • Lol, seriously, if Lotus is first… this will be PRETTY pathetic… And if that’s the case, June should be before Clover xD

          • vadde939

            It’ll be Lotus. I’m calling it now. Lotus will get the no 1 spot. :P

          • Lol, saw the list somewhere else…? I seriously cant belive is Lotus, this must be some kind of joke the japanese did

          • vadde939

            I dont know for sure its Lotus im just guessing. The way the list has been going so far it seems like the most logical result.

          • But that’s not logical!!! AHHHhhh T.T

          • vadde939

            I just ran the chunsoft blog through google translate and it seems Lotus did not get 1st place. ^_^ She did get very close though…

          • So, there IS a god watching is xD

          • watching *us, not is -.- cant edit…

  • Now this one surprises me, but I can kind of understand why he got that position.

  • Junpei is made of all sorts of win :D!

  • onilink888

    Well, damn! :P

  • O_o *SHOCK*
    I might have guess that the girls might be after ranking 5 or something…but for Junpei to be the sixth!? Whoa….that’s just sucks… I kinda like him…

    Maybe if we have more Japanese girls vote, Junpei can be at least at the top three.. I kinda bet Santa or Snake might be the first…

  • neo_firenze

    That’s…that’s practically blasphemous. Say you’re sorry! Apologize to the funyarinpa!

    (the more I’ve thought about it, I kinda like Junpei more and more. Mainly because sometimes he just starts acting goofy and has some really funny lines. I’d bump him up to #3 on my list. Tip: when you get the cards of all nine people for the puzzle, check Junpei’s card several times.)

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