Log Online To Play As Other Characters In The Last Story

By Spencer . December 16, 2010 . 9:08pm


While playing through The Last Story’s… uh… story you only control the Gathering power gifted mercenary Elza. The cooperative online mode lets players use other party members.


So, instead of protecting wizards, you can play as a wizard and cast spells. In an Iwata asks interview, Hironobu Sakaguchi joked people playing as mages may be asking other players why they aren’t protecting them. Online battles use a chain battle system where you can deal more and more damage by taking turns striking the enemy. Takuya Matsumoto thinks this system will up the affinity between players.


The battle royale mode, according to Sakaguchi, has a different atmosphere from the story mode for players to enjoy. Sakaguchi hopes players will show off their costumes during multiplayer fights.


The Last Story doesn’t have voice chat, but it does have a chat system. There are so many recorded lines in the Wii game, Mistwalker developed a system that lets players mash these together into custom quotes. Sakaguchi says in addition to conversations during event scenes, you’ll hear characters talk while you walk and before battle where the leader gives advice. There are many interesting lines to use, Sakaguchi says, which he wanted to let players use for online play. Matsumoto gave an example of Yuris repeatedly saying "father" and laughed after he mentioned it.

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  • Ugh once again the low powered and dated hardware causes a games online mode to resort to unconventional means to generate comradery between people playing online. Seriously, prerecorded lines in this manner sounds decent on paper but in practice gets annoying and feels constraining. Another case of a great game being on the wrong system.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Considering how voice chat gets used in most cases, I think I’ll take this over that. Well, that and I’m not really interested in online for this type of game. It’s fine on the Wii.

    • puchinri

      Yes, because there has never been a case of good chat system online with the Wii.

      It’s probably smarter for them to use this route. Game isn’t even out and you’re talking about feeling constrained… I was going to say something else, but then I remember who I’m talking to.

      Seriously, over half the stuff you say sounds decent in your mind I bet, but in practice, it’s past annoying and dated.

    • Avojavo

      “Camaraderie”, buddy, not “comradery”. Use Google Chrome or Firefox; they come with built in spellcheckers.

      I disagree about the whole “wrong system” argument, but I agree pre-recorded lines is a bad idea. However many lines they already have, they will never have enough. And mixing and matching sounds time consuming and difficult to manage (Pokemon’s “build a 4 word phrase!” thing felt so artificial).

  • Guest

    This has nothing to do with this article since I already read the news earlier but I’d just like to say thank you siliconera for being the only the second site I’ve seen to have a 3DS category. It came in handy today.

  • Code

    Hooray costumes! I’m rather curious just how the multiplayer aspects will work. The more I read about The Last Story the more I realize just how much is really packed into this title >w<'

    • vadde939

      It seems to me that Sakaguchi has put so much care and effort into making this a really great game that it would almost feel criminal not to buy it. Nintendo had better be localizing this and Xenoblade ASAP. I’m probably the only one who feels this way but I’d much rather Zelda Skyward Sword stays in Japan if it means we get Last Story and Xenoblade instead. These two games are the most excited I’ve ever been about a JRPG this gen of consoles.

  • Fonic

    Not crazy about multiplayer in non-MMO RPGs but I guess that’s just what’s popular these days.

  • badmoogle

    I will not allow myself to care about this game until we get a western release.
    Yes i’m still bitter about Xenoblade.

    • vadde939

      I wouldn’t give up hope on Xenoblade just yet. It was only released in Japan 6 months ago and big RPGs (except for ones with Final Fantasy level budgets) take a lot of time to localize after all.

  • PrinceHeir

    The Last Story and Xenoblade are the only one’s iv’e been waiting for a western release, besides Tales(which is unlikely)

  • alastor3

    so in single player, we can only control Elza ? :(

  • Heh, I can imagine the custom chat to make some pretty entertaining (and annoying) speeches. Still I like the idea and if it’s even a little bit successful, should be fully fleshed out in future.

    The Online mode sounds neat :D

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