Watch Edgeworth Face His New Rival In Ace Attorney Investigations 2

By Ishaan . December 16, 2010 . 10:05am


Edgeworth’s new rival in Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is a female judge by the name of Mikagami Hakari. Character designer, character designer, Tatsurou Iwamoto, describes her as something of a female saint — an older sister type that he’d look up to. She’s the graceful-looking lady with the long gavel.


Meanwhile, the kid with the blue and red clothes is Ichiyanagi Yumihiko. Like Miles, he’s a prosecutor.


Capcom claim that Ace Attorney Investigations 2’s sprites, as well as its backgrounds, look better than those of its predecessor. We’ll see for ourselves when the game releases, but Japan will get it first on February 3rd, 2011 in standard, collector’s, extended and limited editions.

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  • There must be some internal contest at Capcom: who can design the most ridiculous hair.

    • Welcome to japan industry? xD

    • Aoshi00

      Your live action Inazuma 11 avatar has crazier hair :)

      • Code

        Haha I was thinking the exact same thing earlier, lol. But I personally like over the top crazy hair, so hooray!

        • Aoshi00

          Me too, I bet they have a hard time outdoing themselves in every new game. I think I just felt in love w/ the judge :) I thought the first Investigation game lacked a cool rival for Edgeworth. You know what would be better than a Edgeworth figure, a judge figure :).. wonder how they’re going to name her in the Eng. ver, her Jpn name is cool but a bit obvious (Hakari = balance).

          • Joanna


            It captures roughly the same meaning as balance AND it’s used as a name. :)

          • Aoshi00

            Harmony sounds nice, but might be too soft and not stern enough for a judge? Maybe something like Miriam (like mirror) Scaler or something? Sounds like Skully lol.. anyway, she has Ritsuko from Eva as her seiyuu (not that there are that many voices), so pretty cool.

          • Joanna

            Yeah, that’s just the first thing that popped into my mind when I read your comment. I leave it in Capcom’s capable hands =)

            I guess Libra could work too. Or at least it doesn’t sound odd as a first name to me.

          • Aoshi00

            I thought of Libra too like the constellation in Saint Seiya because hakari is tenbin… Capcom’s usually pretty good, but somehow Apollo Justice just sounded too obvious.. unlike Edgeworth and Wright which are very clever.. I don’t really want to see more of Apollo.. Trucy is fun.. when you said Harmony, it reminded me of the stupid Hope in FF13 lol..

  • AHHH the voices… i dont like edgeworht’s too much… its in the line of like and not like, gumshoe… just “NoOOOoo”! i liked Kai’s though… Maybe because im more used to the first ones using the “beep beep beep” in the Ace Attorney games xD

    The Judge girl is hot =0..

    And the prosecutor kid, reminds me of eiji of bakuman, dont know why.

    OMG I WANNA PLAY IT NOWW, i love the part when he is “fighting” againts the Judge girl!! thanks god CAPCOM always bring these games X_X, thank you god for letting them sell good!

    AND THE CHESS THING, AND DE KILLER APPEARS AND AND AHHH, i love every game these guys do T_T

    • Exkaiser

      I thought Edgeworth and Gumshoe’s voices were great, myself.

      It’s just strange for me to see their sprites matched up with the Japanese voices, since when I read the games, I imagine their voices in, well, English.

      Kinda unavoidable.

      But the game is looking great, hoping it’ll be better than the first one, but you can’t really tell until it’s out there. The trailer has a great, exciting feel, but that’s exactly what Capcom wants! Pre-game hype!

      • I dunno, i though Gumshoe’s was way too exagerated, and Edgeworths was a little too much refinated rich boy style than i imagined, maybe is just me >8(

      • Aoshi00

        Edgeworth and Gumshoe were actually voiced by amateurs, I think they are the game’s staff if I remember correctly, so was Phoenix. Since the games were never fully voiced, they just did the cameo for the trailers for fun. But after so many games, their voices kinda grow on you.But the new chars here are actually voiced by veteran seiyuu for the first time. I think the judge is Yamaguchi Yuriko (Ritsuko of Eva) and the dude sounds like Fujiwara Keiji (Gabrielle in Castlevania LotS), very awesome cast.. the young prosecutor sounds a little like Yamaguchi Kappei, probably not him though.. no seiyuu info on the website yet..Really want the Edgeworth figure if it’s not crazy expensive..

  • PrinceHeir

    never played this type of games. sucks i know.

    will be buying 3DS and i’ll probably pick this up along with the castlevania titles as well as the layton series

    • You… must… play… them… I think Ghost trick will be a good start to get into the group behind Ace Attorney games :D

  • Is it me or the Judge sounds like Nico Robin from One Piece?

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I think so, I never watched a lot of One Piece, but sounds like Yamaguchi Yuriko (Ritsuko of Eva), her stern voice is so fitting for the role :) “Kyakka!” (Overruled!) How I wish they would make a Phoenix game w/ more voices instead of just the trailers and only two phrases in the game..

    • They got some very high profile voice actors for this.
      Edgeworth: Rock Howard, Mitsunari Ishida (Samurai Warriors)
      Gumshoe: Kimura from Azumanga Daioh (lol!)

  • I hope that this time the evidence or reason that the rival going to present when accusing someone as a killer will be more solid then the first game.
    I still remember in the first game that the rival accuse someone as a killer just because they are at the crime scene. Not to mention most of their logic and avidence are flawed and seem childish.

    In phoenix game, the reason/evidence that the prosecuter present is much more solid and acceptable.

    • alastor3

      The main creator of phoenix game is gone so as the good script

  • Testsubject909


    I just took a shower, why’re you trying to make me cream my pants out of the awesomeness I’m being teased with here, huh!?

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