Flammie Drops Secret Of Mana To iPhone This Month

By Spencer . December 18, 2010 . 2:22am


Sometime soon you’ll be able to summon Flammie on the go. And you won’t need a drum to call him. Square Enix has a Secret of Mana port for iPhone and it’s coming out this month.


This port has a slightly different interface with items and elementals on the right. The controls, like most iPhone games, are mapped to a virtual gamepad on the touchscreen.


I suppose this isn’t a "secret" anymore, but if you max out an element beyond level eight there’s a chance of casting a supercharged spell. Powered up spells have different animations like a tornado blast when you cast Air Blade, a smiling mud ball for Earth Slide or a subtle double drop when you cast Cure Water.


image image image

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  • Ill play the better snes version thanks

  • d19xx

    All these ports of old Square Snes titles is probably caused by FFIV massive failure. Squeenix is really deep in the crapper due to that mess and their doing this ports of classic titles to recoup their losses…… sigh….

    • Its more than that.

      Like namco, square is realizing we dont want any of there westernized games

      We just want there japanese games/rpgs

      • I am all for that realization, but it would be nice if they released some of their Japanese flavored games on the PS3 again. The past is nice, but I don’t want to live their, especially if it’s on a phone.

    • karasuKumo

      You’ll know when they’ve hit rock bottom when they release VII for a handheld. It’s only a matter of time.

  • High res 5-minute-Photoshop buttons & numbers mixed with the beautiful low res sprites and backgrounds :|

    • This matters so much! Especially because your fingers are going to be covering them for the entire game! Oh the humanity

  • Isn’t it hard to play action-ish games on a full touchscreen platform?

  • I have never beaten this game and I probably should.

  • karasuKumo

    Square charge for more than they should for their iDevice titles/ports. Gamevil are brilliant when it comes to the prices, the Zenonia titles are £0.59 (I think that’s $0.99) compared to FFI or II that are around £5.49 (around $8) each! Craziness :/ I’ll get it when it goes down in price, that’s if it even does considering their financial situation lol. Also not too keen on the buttons -__-

  • Oh man, one of the first RPG’s I completed back in the day (yeah I wasn’t great at NES RPG’s, but then again at the age range of 5-8, the concept of “grinding” wasn’t exactly something I was familiar with…It actually took SoM to teach me the art of levelling).

    Heh, I remember getting to a particular boss battle in SoM the first time I played it. kept getting my ass kicked so I stopped playing for a while. Restarted the second time and somehow way better (manage to complete the game O_O)

    SoM is still pure excellence. It’s so colourful, characters are amazing, the dungeons and fields are so well designed, the challenge is just right (well, enemies can cheaply chain you with hits but that’s a small niggle) and the music is awesome (I love the outside music and boss battle theme). Totally on my top ten games list and it’s what got me into RPG’s.

    I can see the Iphone controls hampering the game a bit, which is a shame because if this is a solid conversion, many people should experience it. This is why I would love to see a clip on gamepad for the iPhone.

  • Happy Gamer

    I wish they would release a vastly enhanced version of this or of course, the game we never got, Seiken Densetsu 3…HD enhanced.

    Oh and SE, I still love your games but you guys are slightly losing it.

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