Square Enix Online Manga Store Now Open

By Ishaan . December 18, 2010 . 11:21am

Some of you might recall that at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, Square Enix announced plans to launch a digital manga store in North America and France. This store is now up, but Square still haven’t announced how much content on the store will cost.


As of now, the first volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater are available through the store. You can also grab the first two volumes of The Record of a Fallen Vampire and Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector. Each volume costs $5.99, which is a special, temporary introductory price. You can find the French store here with its own selection of manga, at 4 Euros per volume (also a limited time price).


You’ll need to be registered with the Square Enix Members service (registration is free) to purchase from the store, but you can preview it without registering.


The first update to the store is scheduled for January 11, 2011. New titles will be added bi-monthly after January. Perhaps this image from Square’s San Diego Comic-Con site earlier in the year is indicative of what to expect?


For those wondering, Square’s online manga store only lets you stream manga through the Internet, not download it to your PC. Perhaps this has something to do with discouraging piracy, which Square say the manga store is meant to deter.


In addition to offering Square Enix manga — that is, manga originally published under Square Enix in Japan — Square will also partner with local publishers and localizers to promote printed versions of their manga globally.


It would appear that Square Enix will be one of the only Japanese manga publishers not collaborating with the coalition of 37 companies currently preparing to launch an online manga portal for North America.

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  • Bleach? How did Square Enix get Bleach?

    I still need to see Durarara. No one provided an update on if it were being dubbed :(

    Maybe I will go into FMA…but Im already watching Brotherhood and it seemed to stick extensively to the source material thus far so I cant see a benefit to reading it.

    • adam483t


      • The meaning that I gleam from your post doesnt really make sense.

        Because people hate when I talk, I contribute nothing? Hatred creates the lack of contribution? Hatred of a speaker creates a sense of nothing to gleam from their platform? I do not think that makes sense. Sure people can carry feelings of disdain toward one who speaks, but that should lie separate in the evaluation of what they are saying.

        I think that at least in this topic of published manga in American, that I do have enough experience and participate in the buying of such material on domestic lands that I am justified in posting comments on such a topic and in fact am capable and qualified to post questions in such a topic.

        Honestly, I dont know what to even do when I’m told that people hate when I post. They should be gladdened that there are people actively posting in the comments here and glad that Im not a no good do badder who screws the rules, lol. They should join in posting too, isnt the famous saying, speak now or forever hold your peace, so one ought not let things go unspoken, dude. Like I said before, just sit here posting grinning like no tomorrow, commenting while eating my chocolate chip cookies like there is no tomorrow, lol.

      • Dude give him a break. Not everything he says is total ignorant nonesense.

      • Why bother starting a problem for no reason when it contributes nothing? He has every right to speak his mind,no matter what people feel about it/him.

        • PurpleDoom

          This. The only thing more useless than a troll post is when people post complaining about posters they don’t like. It contributes nothing. If you don’t like the guy, just ignore him.

      • Ahaha~ What’s funny is that you’re coming out looking worse than he is! :D

    • The manga and the anime both for FMA are well worth looking at. The anime is definitely more dramatic, but there’s a feeling you just have to get from the original work’s art and character interactions, especially in the backround. It’s all pretty amazing.

    • Anything on that list after Durarara is Square-Enix’s Play Arts line up.

      • Oh thats right…that reminds me that I do need to get those Ichigo, Toshiro, and Rukia figures from the Play Arts line, so awesome…especially Ichigo!

        • Ichigo’s Play-Arts look a tad weird… It’s like his hakama is skin tight.. Rukia and Hitsugaya are well done, I must say.

    • karasuKumo

      Durarara is definitely worth watching subbed :) I wouldn’t hang around for the dub if I were you.

      • It’s popular isn’t it? I am kind of surprised it wouldn’t get a dub.

        • GamerKT

          Funimation’s dubbing it,if I’m correct.

    • That one wasn’t part of the manga listing. Bleach was listed because Square manufacture Bleach action figures.

    • Durarara is indeed being dubbed by Aniplex which will start releasing the series in January to DVD. You can check out a whole series of casting videos on their YouTube channel.


    • PS: Yes, Durarara is getting dubbed. :)


  • NeoTechni

    “For those wondering, Square’s online manga store only lets you stream manga through the Internet, not download it to your PC. Perhaps this has something to do with discouraging piracy, which Square say the manga store is meant to deter”

    Mwhaha. And they think that’ll stop anyone with a printscreen button? I could make a program in an hour to automate the process.

    • Congratulations, I am very proud of your elite pirating skills. Anyway, I suppose I will try this out. I like to support the industry anyway nd this is a decent step.

      • NeoTechni

        Oh I’m not even a hacker. Thats the sad thing. Regular bitblt + scripting the IE control would do it.

        • I agree with you, it just seems unneeded to mock SE when they are at least TRYING to do something progressive for the manga industry.

          • NeoTechni

            I disagree. If I buy something, I’m keeping it.

          • That’s a fair point.

  • Meh I’ll stick with Amazon. This maybe has the potential to be something great but right now, what they are offering isn’t enough to get me thrilled.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re going to release Gangan titles that have already been in stores first and then work on new titles after that.

  • I really dislike the idea of streaming. What happens if it isn’t profitable for Square Enix anymore, and the online manga store goes down? And, while it is probably unlikely, they could just decide to get rid of a series.

    I’m hoping in the next few years a good and reliable system will be in place when I upgrade to an iPod Touch. :P Until then, I’ll make do with the $5 volumes at Half Price Books and getting stuff at Borders when I have a 40% off coupon.

  • Roses4Aria

    Hmmm. I don’t care for the series they have listed so far, though I guess Soul Eater is okay. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big shounen fan and there are only a few that I have any interest in. I know they are just starting and I don’t want to be negative about things since I do believe this could be a step in the right direction. Now that I think about it, does SE even have any shoujo series? Here’s hoping we see more of a variety in genre with future updates.

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