Chunsoft Blog: 999 Japanese Character Ranking – #4

By Chunsoft . December 20, 2010 . 9:09am

< Spencer’s note: As a treat for fans of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors we’re going to countdown the most popular characters in Japan. These blogs from Chunsoft have *major spoilers* so you may want to avoid reading them until after you complete the game… twice. Check back everyday to see sketches, concept art, and comments from Chunsoft. Also, Aksys is hosting their own character ranking poll for North America. Vote for your favorite character here.>


At last, we’ve come to the top 4 characters.






He’s the highest-ranked male character, but he’s only at number 4…


Normal, Smiling, Unspeakably amazed, Suggesting, Hurrying/Frightened/Astonished,

Worried, Sad, Furious

These are sketches of Snake’s various expressions.

For certain reasons, he’s not in the game as much as some other characters, but we still have lots of drawings of his expressions.



Here are some rough sketches of our initial designs. As you can see, it says “Santa.”

In the initial development stage, “Santa” was “Snake,” and “Snake” was “Santa.”

Even though Snake is blind in the game, he wasn’t in the original development stage.


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  • Would have been sweet to have seen Snake wearing those ;D

    • But it would be pretty contradictory xD

  • onilink888

    C’mon, June! You can do it!

  • pridesin

    Wow, seriously, so top 3 characters are going to be all female characters???
    I wonder if the ranking is going to be really base on female character’s boob size.

    • With the insane popularity of pseudo-loli anime, no one can be sure if biggest rack equals victory.

  • Why japan!? Why!?

    • vadde939

      Were you expecting anything else? It always seemed obvious that the girls would take the top 3 despite some of the male characters being more deserving of a top 3 spot.

      • Well… can you blame me? i was expecting the most logical results ._. not this… “charade”!

        • vadde939

          Japanese gamers are pervs ;) The girls get votes for being girls not for being interesting characters. My guess is that Clover will get 1st here ’cause Japanese like underage lolis and Lotus will win the Aksys poll because westerners like impossibly large boobs. Hopefully at least one of the male characters (I’m hoping Santa) breaks into the top 3 of the Aksys poll.

  • Altritter

    Pretty damn disappointed in Japan, but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. I bet either Clover or Lotus will be #1.

    • With a 66 2/3% chance to be correct, I’d say you have a pretty good bet.

      • vadde939

        It seems like more of a 100% chance to me. June is too plain to stand a chance at the number 1 spot. Its all a matter of whether giant boobs or underage loli is the flavour of the day.


  • No doubt about it now… The top three are girls….

  • Yukito

    Lol, I love Japan. Sure, it isn’t the best way to judge, but everyone saw it coming, and they didn’t fail to deliver on that front. I really got a good laugh here. Awesome, just awesome.

  • Ah well, I’m glad he made it so high.

    I always thought of his ‘furious’ face as demonic/psycho/terrifying angel of vengence. Awesome, justified, but seriously scary look. XD

  • Roses4Aria

    Noooooooooooo! Only 4th? *Sob* Don’t worry, Snake, you’ll always be number one with me!

  • I can almost bet the reason why Snake is at top 5 was because Japanese girls voted him. He’s the kind of ‘silent and cool’ character that somewhat really popular in Japan. Especially if he is smart. Not that I’m complaining. I like Snake. A LOT.

    I practically cried when I thought he was spoilerspoilerdead. T^T

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