How Easy Mode Makes Final Fantasy XIII Easier

By Spencer . December 20, 2010 . 3:36pm

imageTo differentiate the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan, Square Enix added a few different features. Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International has English Voice acting, "My Hands" from Leona Lewis, and an easy mode.


What makes the game easier? Famitsu’s report explains players deal even more damage when you get an enemy into break status. According to the reporter, you can just slam enemies with a button barrage once they are in that condition. The game is, unsurprisingly, very easy including boss fights. Although, the write did run into a game over when he didn’t use tactics while fighting a fish. The writer surmises players who aren’t accustomed to difficult games will enjoy this feature.


The reporter also mentioned that he feels the graphic fidelity took a hit from the PlayStation 3 version. He said he say "jaggies" during event scenes, but gradually became accustomed to the game’s look.

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  • This is really pointless, the only parts when i really enjoyed FF13 was when i beat a boss after many tries, after thinking until my head explodes about what strategy/combination would go best.

    It even felt pretty epic when i finally beat a boss, lots of works but it feels good to see my strategy working. This is like, killing 70% of the game’s strong points D:

  • Well in my experience, jaggies are to be expected on less powerful hardwares, such as the Xbox 360, the writer must not be an xbot if he was surprised by it.

    • One of the advantages of being a software developer first and foremost. I remember thinking about a decade ago, how potentially 3rd party game developers would have made better first parties, than the existing first parties at the time. With a powerful enough, general purpose designed piece of hardware, savvy software developers can get just about anything to run on it – operating systems, APIs, BIOS, etc. We saw a bit of this when SEGA brought out the Dreamcast back in ’99; developers were given the choice of which OS to run the system under. But with Xbox 360, Microsoft has taken the concept to entirely new heights. Every bit of software running on the system is tied directly to the development environment, meaning every bit of software on the system can be rewritten, updated and refreshed, so long as it still runs under the development environment, it will still be 100% compatible with the system itself.

      The obvious benefit to this approach, is that you can continually re-invent the system as you see fit. And Microsoft has certainly seen fit to re-invent the system, and no doubt will continue to re-invent it, adding extra years to this generation.

      The downside to this approach, is that developers are not allowed to write games in assembly code, direct to the system’s hardware. A lot of gamers wrongfully assume that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 (in truth, they are more evenly powered than most people, even in the gaming press, are willing to give credit for), but in actuality, the difference between the two consoles comes down to one being able to be written direct to the hardware, and the other not. Of course with the way the PS3 is designed (which was not for games, but for blu-ray decoding), as a developer, you really have no choice but to write directly to the system’s hardware to get great results from it. Which is where the learning curve that took years to hurdle came from with the PS3.

      Back on the 360, one of the other advantages not yet talked about with how the 360 is designed (with all software required to run inside of the development environment), is backwards compatibility on future Xbox-branded hardware. Once again the games on the system are not tied to the hardware, like every other console made before the 360 (and even the PS3 and the Wii). The games are tied to the development environment. Think of this environment like the Windows OS on a PC. We all know that when we buy a game on PC, we can get more powerful computer five years later, and the game we bought, will still run on a PC – no need for emulators, no need for special hardware or anything like that. The game is tied to running under the OS, and the OS is not necessarily tied to any particular bit of hardware. So long as the new OS has a similar kernel and registry system to the old OS, the games just continue to run. Well, Xbox 360 was designed in a similar fashion – Microsoft learning from their mistakes with the first Xbox. Games you buy now, even the games you download from Marketplace, should simply run on the Xbox 720, right out of the box; and it does not matter what hardware or hardware vendor Microsoft choses to go with for their next system. They could go with AMD (CPU) and a super spec’ed PowerVR (GPU) in the next system, and 100% of the games from Xbox 360 should run on the new system just as if they were running on the 360. It’s a really sweet setup, which leaves Microsoft free to shop around for the best deals on hardware every time they decide to update to the next generation.

      The PS3 on the other hand, having much of it’s software written to the hardware itself (just like the PS1 and the PS2), are either locked to using similar hardware for their next console, or forced to keep the PS3’s CPU and GPU inside of the PS4 (just like the launch PS3’s had the PS2 chips in it, and the PS2 had the PS1 chips in it), to get proper backwards compatibility. Considering how much money Sony has invested in the Cell processor, I am going to go on a limb here and assume they will stick with the Cell processor for the PS4 (which is probably why Valve Software decided to finally support the PS3 after years of ignoring it). Since Sony does not own the PS3 GPU, there is no guarantee they will stick with Nvidia on PS4, but the possibility is still there – but ultimately that is a decision that comes down to which GPU vendor can deliver the best performance vs. cost ratio to satisfy Sony’s needs on their next system.

      Anyway, that’s just a brief look into the difference in basic design philosophies behind both consoles. The 360 was designed with the outlook towards the future of the Xbox and LIVE as platforms that would continue to add to itself with each new (hardware and/or software) iteration – which is why it is so flexible to re-invention. With PS3, Sony looked at what they had done successfully in the past, decided if it was not broken then don’t fix it, and replicated past design choices on the PS3. One console is more geared towards future profits, and the other, like it’s two predecessors, is gear more toward maximizing profits today.

      Food for thought.

      • Kaoro

        I’m only a third-year computer science student, so I don’t claim to have any particularly profound understanding of the low-level workings of the various consoles, but I’m a bit confused by what you’re saying.

        First, an OS is most certainly tied to the computer architecture it was designed and compiled for. The reason you can upgrade processors and still have Mac OS X / Windows / Linux run is that Intel and AMD both manufacture processors of the same architecture. Games continue to run on your computer because the OS maintains backwards API compatibility. The game and OS both rely on an x86 processor, for example.

        “Tied to the development environment” means what? That developers are expected to take advantage of MS-supplied APIs and OS hooks? Or do you mean that Xbox 360 games run in a sort of virtual environment like Java? While I don’t know for sure, I highly doubt Xbox 360 games could afford to run in some sort of virtual machine.

        I do not think 360 games are future-compatible by default like you claim. If MS keeps a similar PPC architecture and their future console has a 360 compatibility-mode, then it is possible. I think a complete architecture swap would require a recompile of a game’s code at the very least, assuming there is no hardware-specific code in there.

      • You got trolled HARD.

      • I just did a fast read, but…, basically, the xbox is like some PC, like, even if they make the PC better, the games will still work no matter if they are made for the first “pc”, so they dont really have to waste space/materials like sony when they want to put backwards compability?
        I guess this would really make the “making of” a game more… umm flexible?

        But still, when it comes to hardware and software, i still think the ps3 has the upper hand here.

        I dont have a xbox, but ive been on a friend’s house and played with it, i liked the design of the menu and stuff, but i dunno, it didnt seem “stable”, “steady” (and it even shut down by itself once). Also i feel the games made to the ps3 are a lot more specializated for it, of course, it seems is more work to make one so of course it will end better.

        Anyway, with xbox’s way, they will save a lot of trouble in the future… But i still dont think is worthy to lose quality over that.
        This is just my point of view though

      • So neither is more powerful?! That goes against all my thinking! Thanks for that awesome writeup, I learned something!

      • So, in other words, any idiot can program for the 360 and have it look decent. If the same idiot with the same limited knowledge programs for the PS3, it’s going to look like crap.

        In order to get a decent looking game on the PS3, you have to actually know what you’re doing, but if you really know what you’re doing and how to work the hardware, you can get a better performance than you could with the 360.

        That’s pretty much what I got there.

    • I am going to ban you if you do this ever again. I demand you stop baiting people with your ill-thought-out comments. There are plenty of games that look better on the 360 than PS3 despite being multiplatform. Sometimes, it’s a question of what the lead platform is. I’m serious, stop this nonsense.

      • I dont have a 360 so I dont really know if there are games that do in fact look better on 360 than on PS3, so I can only make the claim based on overwhelming numbers of comments stressed in reviews on Amazon. I can stop if I understood what this baiting is, is posting my experiences and what ideas I formed from them considered baiting?

        • It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. You have to realize that there are less frustrating ways to voice your opinion. You can’t bag on something someone else likes and sound like you’re taking pleasure in putting it down, because that just annoys people. This is why people react to your statements the way they do.

          • gatotsu911

            You give this guy too much leverage, Ishaan. He’s obviously a troll. I say, ban away.

          • No no no no no! Dude, Im not a troll! I can straighten up, I even changed my profile pic as a testament to my commitment to be a better commenter!!!! Im not that terrible to be banned!

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Allow me to introduce to you Digital Foundry, a place for in-depth technical analysis and comparisons (graphical and performance) of major multiplatform HD games, done with expensive equipment and minimum BS:

    • WTF? a week ago you were whining that 3ds should have uber graphics and prioritize blocky fingers in an action tps about killing zombies!

      You, sir, are an ignoramus and a troll.

      • I think you have my idea backwards? The 3DS is a powerhouse so it should be inexcusable for them to not focus on the fingers. If you have access to all this power then why not spend the time to focus on all details available and work towards making the game the best it can be graphically and gameplay orientated~ly. If we are paying $40 for a game, then that game better be worth every single penny and so it is inexcusable for the game to have a flaw such a graphical oddity that would take us out of the experience.

    • thebanditking

      The PS3 version just looks better and by a good margin due to it being developed for that platform (specifics aside), anything developed with one console in mind always looks better on it’s native platform. Simple as that, but Tsunayoshi you really need to stop doing this to every single post. Its a topic thats been beat to death and does little but create negative attention and start flame wars.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I’m not going to go into depth (nor am I capable with my limited knowledge), but I have read up on the basics and here’s the gist of it:

      The 360 is hardly less powerful than the PS3, if at all. In fact, it has a developer friendly PC-like design that is easier to program for, a more powerful GPU (handles most of what you see on screen), and 10mb of additional bandwidth gushing eDRAM that the PS3 has no equivalent of to supplement its 512mb of main RAM (allows for easier handling of effects like high quality MSAA to reduce jaggies greatly). The PS3’s sole performance advantage is the beastly but largely unfathomable Cell CPU which–while can compensate in various ways for the PS3’s relatively weak GPU–nobody but Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio seemed to have really figured out how to use in any significant way.

      As my sole console of choice this gen, I love my PS3 for its exclusive games… but I have come to face the facts by educating my comp-sci illiterate self at a basic level and so should you. Don’t buy into Sony’s (or the media’s) vague BS.

      EDIT: If you are to blame someone for the 360’s FFXIII jaggies, blame the wide chasm of technical differences between the two HD consoles and Square’s inability to create platform parity.

      • Guest

        Question then: why do all those small company Japanese import games get ported to the 360 when theres hardly a 360 base in Japan in comparison to the PS3? Its not like those games are pushing the envelope of design anyway

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Well, the 360 isn’t leaps and bounds more powerful, it just seems much easier–not to mention cheaper–to make good looking games for, so small companies with less cash and experience will flock to the 360. Also, I don’t know how it started and who started it (Dream Club? Idolmaster?), but the 360 has become the hardcore go-to otaku box in Japan. Countless shmups, ADV/VNs, and various doujin games are designed from the ground up for the 360 in much larger quantities than the PS3.

          • Guest

            Actually I think the real reason is those games are designed on PC and some have PC versions so it’s easier to port to a Microsoft product/console

    • Well, first, it has nothing to do with the 360 being less powerful and everything to do with the amount of compression they had to do to get the game to fit within the three discs of the 360 version. And second, as someone who prefers the PS3, I still cringe when you say stuff like that. There are plenty of games that do look better on the 360. Mostly older stuff from when people had no idea how to work the PS3 architecture, but every now and then something like Bayonetta slips by, which while still my absolute favorite game of the year, just looks better on 360. Has nothing to do with system power in that case, and everything to do with a lazy rushed job by Sega on porting.

  • kupomogli

    FF13 doesn’t need an easy mode. It needs an entirely new gameplay system.

    • godmars

      “Needed” you mean. Best you can hope now is that they don’t repeat the mistake, though they likely will.

    • mach

      Funny, from what I remember, the battle system was one of the most highly praised features of the game.

      If you’re trying to launch into another one of those “OMG, there are no towns!” tirades people like to go on, save it.

      • Aoshi00

        How about letting you switch member in mid-battle? So once your main char got spammed and killed, instead of a game-over you could switch to your healer and throw a phoenix down? The battles were fun at times, but way too many flaws. But then again, it doesn’t matter if you die, you just start the battle again w/ a different configuration…And sure, no towns is no towns. If they feel like that’s the right formula to go, there should be no towns in 13 VS either. That was a wrong experiment. No town, no airships, just a straight path/tunnel/corridor, awesome fun. Just battles can’t carry thru the whole RPG, not to mention the bad pacing when the battle system didn’t full open up until 20+hrs into the game.

        • That would take out the thinking part of the game…

          • Aoshi00

            The battle system felt restrictive though.. that’s why there was no game-over and lets you restart on the spot (or even cancel mid-battle and restart) because it was trial and error… I still hate how strong some small fries were… and a game-over once your main char was dead was kind of stupid, even though the other two party members were standing there and their AI didn’t heal you fast enough (because you could only assign it to be a healer but can’t tell him how to prioritize/heal people like 12’s gambits). The battles weren’t bad, but they only felt fun to me at times.

          • The Shin Megami Tensei games do the “main character dies, it’s game over” thing too and I never had a problem with it there.

            In this, it forces you to come up with different strategies and learn who is good for what situations.

          • Hehe xD, Yeah, well, i think the same i thought when i played Persona 3 (first version >80) you really had to think not only what the enemies would do, but also your allies, of course is better to control them directly, but i dont really hate this method. (What really is stupid is that the one hit KO spells worked on the MC in P3 T_T)

            In my opinion, as i said in some other post, the best parts of the game is where you fight againts bosses, the normal battles were pretty much the same and boring -.-, but the bosses! (not all of them of course), i always had to try a lot of combinations and watch their patterns before getting to win. It WAS trial and error, but of course, is not like, “hey! i couldnt win this once but when i tried again i won!”, nope, i had to rethink the strategy, check every character again, and adapt to each boss.

            Ohh and i still remember how hard it becomes when they freaking cast this Doom on your MC and you cant take it out T_T, it was like, OMFG HELL DIE OMG DIEE!!!! maaan that was so epic xD, seriously i never felt so shaken up after a boss battle (mainly because it took me like 30 mins to get his HP to that point ._.)

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly, that’s why I liked P4 better than P3, sometimes it’s luck and your whole party is wiped out (that’s why I’m not good at rogue-like like Shinen or Izuna), I think it was a much needed improvement to be able to tell your party members do what you want them to do instead of gambling, not when I don’t have much HP left before reaching the next save point :) (so at least FF13 lets you restart at any time)The bosses were indeed pretty fun, but I hated some spammers they just ganged up on you and finish your MC so quickly (like those pests in the last dungeon).. it was like a tug of war… I was cursing a lot when I fought Cid, died like 10 times.. I watched youtube videos and thought I was doing the same thing but couldn’t deal enough damage.. if you didn’t kill him fast enough he gets crazy later on. but when fighting small fries, dying and restarting on the spot just felt a little strange, because the game doesn’t let you change your strategy mid-game other than switching classes, instead you need to restart and arrange your whole party again.The Doom thing w/ the eidolon bosses was pretty cool, too bad they weren’t so useful once you get them.. and the transformation animation was so cool too. I hope this Int’l ver. lets you change difficulty any time, not just before you start the game. I just want to see the ending in Eng. (I only got to Gran Pulse in the Eng. ver).The funny thing is as much as I keep saying I disliked/disappointed by the game, I got more trophies than the people who said they “loved it” :) I spent an about equal amount of time on FF13 and Lost Odyssey, about 100 hrs, but I liked LO much more overall. The battles in FF13 weren’t necessarily bad, it’s just that everything else… well, no use crying over spilt milk.. So to get the Serah wallpaper do you need to platinum the game? I want Serah…

          • thebanditking

            I keep waiting to “hate” this game like everyone else but I just don’t. Sure I have not played it for very long but I still really enjoy playing it for both its differences and similarities to the past games in the series. I really like the cast (besides Hope) and overall just can’t bring my self to even dislike it. It’s not my favorite in the series but neither was 12 and I still liked that entry as well.

          • Aoshi00

            Hate to sound like a hater, but 13 really left a bad first impression on me for the first 20+ hrs (the first time I was really excited was Dysley fight w/ the chorus in background, for Lost Odyssey, I was alrdy impressed by the 1st and 2nd boss fights), there were just so many points I stopped playing it and didn’t feel like going on thruout the game, the literally straight path irked me so much.. I almost disliked everything about it (which I won’t elaborate again like a broken record..), I couldn’t get into the story/chars either because I was irked by the gameplay and design (straight road, movie, repeat). Once I read the novel after I saw the ending (spent a month reading that book on and off lol), it made me appreciate the story and like the chars more, it just made me think why couldn’t have they incorporated some of those in-game.. it just left so much to be desired.. Like I said, as much as I said I didn’t like it, I played it even more than the people who said they loved the game. The battles weren’t half bad, but some serious pacing problem..

            As for Hope, I actually liked him more after I heard his English voice, the Eng. VA sounds a little more manly while the Jpn VA was very very whiny… and Snow was Hero this hero that.. blah blah blah.. the stories in the novel were really good though.

          • I enjoyed it, but (for the reasons you mentioned) battles felt like work for me instead of fun.

            And I hated the whole tunnel thing too. The story was good, but I missed being able to explore, talk to people and do sidequests. The Pulse part didn’t even make up for it.

          • Aoshi00

            Totally Jenni! mob hunts does not equal sidequests.. they didn’t even bother making up any stories for the monster hunts (just some random person “I died before fulfilling my focus, avenge me”).. *sigh*.. would be nice if there were more places to explore like the beach, Oerba, or the amusement park, alas they’re few and far btwn, and not many people to talk to either, other than useless NPCs.. they didn’t need to voice every line and could’ve given them more dialogue… they could’ve used word bubbles too like the past FFs and many other RPGs (LO, Nier, etc)… not everything needs to be acted out in cutscenes.. I mean no exploration, no NPCs to talk to, no sidequests, what the heck am I playing an “RPG” for, might as well watch a movie or read a book… I’ll stop before people jump me again..

          • That’s because it was restrictive. If i hated MC deaths in Persona 3 and 4, why the hell would i love them in a FF game. At least Persona 3 and 4 were turn based, so you could somewhat head off the enemy attacking and heal sometimes, granted there were times that didn’t work, with knock downs, every party member BUT ME using up my rare homunculus, etc. unlike in 13 where **** healing, we’ll let the computer handle that while we give you the crappiest healing items ever a potion. At least the computer is somewhat more competent at healing in FF 13 then Persona 3 (yeah i am looking at you yukari)

          • Aoshi00

            Problem is sometimes the AI doesn’t heal the right person in FF13. Say the MC has 1000 HP, and the other party member has lower HP, so the healer decides to heal the one w/ lower HP first, but if the enemies decide to spam your MC in a matter of 1-2 seconds while your healer is busy healing the other person, instead of you (which is more important because once the MC is out, it’s gameover), then you’re done and there’s nothing you could do about it. Or sometimes I wanted my party member to cast “slow” or “haste” first, but it likes to to all the buff/debuffing first, I can’t switch to other party members and override their action if I don’t think that’s optimum.

            At least in Persona 4 you have to option of setting your party to auto-battle and take over anyone’s action manually if needed. Of course the AI in 13 is better than Persona, but it still lacks the specifics in 12’s gambits, and FF12 also let switch members mid-battle and manually control them if you feel like there’s need to interrupt the gambits. There were just times that were frustrating when the AI in 13 aren’t doing what I want them to do even if everyone’s in the right “roles”, and that could’ve been remedied by switching party members, but they only let you control the MC and that’s it, like Persona 3.

          • Can’t seem to reply to your post replying to me, so i will just reply here.

            I’ve also had the healer in 13 not healing who i wanted, it’s happened, although a lot less after i set Vanille to healer. Although there was one time where i was low on HP and she used a move that wasn’t even related to healing HP.

            That’s why i mentioned P3 more so then 4, since in 4 they fixed the stupid AI by making the party controllable.

      • ECM

        Actually, I never get tired of those, so please tirade on, sir!

      • RagnaXBL

        I like my towns thank you very much

        • mach

          Lovely. And I like pie. But neither of our opinions has anything to do with whether the battle system in FF13 was flawed.

          • RupanIII

            lol but he didn’t bring up towns vis-a-vis battle system, you did. jes saiyan’

          • MisterNiwa

            Final Fantasy XIII didn’t offer pie… 5/10. :(

            But to be honest, it is my 2nd most rated RPG this generation, first is of course Lost Odyssey. Can’t beat the king of RPGs.

      • kupomogli

        Would you good gameplay with your auto battle? That was all the game was. Repeatedly changing your characters classes and hitting auto battle. The game even recommends you to use auto battle. Now you can choose your own attacks, but for what with the extremely limited amount of attacks to choose from and the overly fast “normal atb” or 30 times slower “slow atb?”

        It wasn’t “no towns” that ruined FF13. It was the gameplay. If you can call pressing nothing but auto battle gameplay.

        • Guest

          How does it recommend? If I hit Auto battle when I’m fighting Sahz’s Eidelon for example, he’ll end up using fire attacks which will end up healing it! Think before you speak

          • The tutorial in the beginning recommended it… And if you analyze the monster before auto-battling, it will avoid using the monster’s resistant elements…

      • badmoogle

        Gameplay isn’t only about the battle system.
        Going for hours and hours on a straight line watching cutscene after cutscene isn’t exactly the kind of gameplay i was expecting for games in 2010 to have.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    An easier way to get bored, oh joy

  • endaround

    Does it fix the terribly obtuse upgrade system?

  • Aoshi00

    Great, my copy’s on the way, I’ll probably just play on easy mode then. I beat the Jpn ver but didn’t finish the US ver because I didn’t feel like playing it again, and I just want to breeze thru the game to see all the Eng dub. I was thinking the easier aspects would be more item drops and easier to get gil.. I remember I got killed by Cid for like 10 times before I was able to beat him, just couldn’t deal enough damage when he was broken, also the enemies in some dungeons like the last one did give me some trouble (and I was saving those boost items because they were so rare and expensive).

    • thebanditking

      Just curious why get another copy Aoshi? You played through this twice already and the 360 version doesn’t add anything or have any benefits. Not that it’s any of my business mind you I am just wondering since you did not seem to enjoy it the first two go arounds, lol.

      • Aoshi00

        The biggest draw is the epilogue novel remember :)? I was quite disappointed by the ending as well, but I loved the prologue novel so I think this epilogue book would help me like the ending more as I was quite curious about the aftermath, like how they rebuild and whatever.. the ending just felt so half assed like a big light show..

        Also I never finished the US PS3 ver yet because I just stopped after I got on Gran Pulse, the only reason I wanted to play thru it a 2nd time is to experience the whole thing in Eng. because the Eng. dub seems to have improved on the original Jpn dub, like FF12’s excellent Eng. dub. But I got bored and gave up.. I wasn’t getting any new trophies either because the Jpn and US PS3 ver both share the same set of trophies. So w/ easy mode now, and getting some new achievement (i’m a whore lol), I think it might be easier for me to breeze thru the game, watch and listen to the whole thing in Eng.

        But it was the booklet (script for unreleased scenarios/Epilogue novel/artbook) that made me get it, I thought it’s only 50 bucks what the heck.. also I was expecting some really nice brand spanking new cover art, alas it’s not to be, a very ugly Ultimate hits shrunken cover..

        And I have yet to listen to the ending w/ Leona Lewis’s My Hand :) It grew on you.. and the scene when Snow and Serah were riding the bike in the fireworks, the silent scene worked much better than the Jpn ver w/ the J-pop song, not a bad song, but no music actually worked better.

      • Doesn’t this version like, add more cutscenes and dialog?

  • HarryHodd

    Hmmm. Didnt find the battles hard once I got a handle on the battle system. Some of them were long maybe, but I alwAys felt a good sense of accomplishment with the bosses. Those moments are probably gone in this version.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, it’s optional… I wonder if you could switch difficulty mid-game, that would be nice. Sometimes I didn’t start a game on easy (thinking it’s for noob) and it gets really hard and I bit more than i could chew, but I can’t switch to easy unless I restart the whole game.I finished the Jpn PS3 ver. alrdy, don’t feel like spending many more hours on a game I didn’t even like, I just want to experience the whole story in Eng. again because I did enjoy the Eng dub much more than the Jpn dub, because I felt bored by the PS3 ver on my 2nd playthru..At any rate, I think it’s nice games have a range of difficulty instead of just one, fitting people’s skills and play style.

      • HarryHodd

        Good that its optional. It’s gotta be switchable mid game for the people that find it too hard.

  • MizuMikomi

    Wait.. an easy mode, what for?

    I just got this game a few days ago and even though I LOVE IT, the game is ridiculously easy once you figure out a good strategy for each type of enemy/boss.

    Or you can just use War & Peace/Yin & Yang and mash the X/A button, either way it doesn’t need to be easier. Heck Paradigm spamming is a perfect way to use a make-shift haste. Its fun and I am enjoying it, but it could have been a bit more… challenging.

  • The game was already EASY.

    Medic Medic Sentinel
    Commando Ravager Ravager

    Put a paragigm-whatever in there of saboteur and synergyst for certain battles, you beat the whole game without upgrading weapons or anything.

    Go back to playing something easy like Pokemon if you had trouble.

  • Oh man. I only wish that SE should make achievements/trophies easier to get. And what I mean by that is to make it less time consuming. I want to have 1000 GS for this game, but it’s boring and tiring to grind for CP with the Oretoises. Same deal with their other RPGs for Xbox360: Last Remnant and especially Infinite Undiscovery.

    • Aoshi00

      yea, the achievements/trophies were quite hard, had to grind so much CP for the trophies, I got 59% I think, but I just couldnt go on, don’t think I could ever kill that big turtle… even though I wanted all wallpapers/themes for my XMB… does the 360 ver unlock any goodies w/ some achievement like Avatar items?

  • “even more damage when you get an enemy into break status” I’d say this dosen’t make the game easier, it makes it farier as the later in the game, many of the monsters get ridicilous amount of HP to the point it feels like your facing a mini-boss rush.

    The Paradigm Shift system was brilliant though.

    • Aoshi00

      They needed to knock off a couple of zeros from those ridiculous numbers of damage.. when it gets to one hit taking off 13489797 HP from a small fry, it started to lose meanings, it’s not the tongue in cheek Disgaea you know…

  • xNekux

    DLC that brings the victory tune and prelude theme back PLEASE

  • salarus

    FF13 or Press-X-athon…honestly, there were times in this game I would just get up with my controller, walk into my kitchen where I couldn’t see the TV to get a drink and just continued to press X. Why you might ask, because there was no reason to have to watch the onscreen action as just pressing X was more than viable in 95% of all battles. Worst FF game ever made, no doubt. Yes, that includes Mystic Quest. MQ was better than this crap

    • You could say the same about a lot of FFs (Cursor Memory, anyone?). At least 13 didn’t have a 30-hour long cutscene that you could spam and kill the ultimate boss with in a few turns.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Euh, 95%? That’s really impossible. Even the mooks in the starting area could kill you if all you’re doing is pressing X.

      Unless you meant under-leveled mooks near the end of the game, which would be the case for every other FF out there.

  • PrinceHeir

    it would be cool if they release an international PS3 version of the game. can use any party at anytime, more weapons, skills, towns,

    but that would require to remake the game. oh well still love FFXIII despite it’s shortcomings.

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