Haseo Costume Hacks Its Way Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . December 21, 2010 . 11:17am


.hack fans can dress Asbel up like Haseo from .hack//G.U. if they don’t mind forking over 400 yen ($4.75).



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Namco Bandai also has a set of holiday themed items. You can grab Santa hats and fake mustaches in the Santa set. The Angel set has halos and little wings. Each attachment set costs 100 yen ($1.20).


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On December 22, there’s another round of Tales of Graces F costumes designed by Tales series artist Mutsumi Inomata. From left to right we have: Blazing warrior Malik, Imp style Cheria, Flight Fencer Asbel, Mysterious Person from the Strata Hubert, and Fluffy fur style Pascal. All of these costumes were previously released as DLC for the Wii version in March. They’ll be available for PlayStation 3 for 400 yen ($4.75) a piece.


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  • Oh awesome, these costumes are simply divine!!! lol!

  • MarkMario

    Soo many costumes O___O

    • i wonder if they change costume after every battle -.-, i couldnt deal with the pressure of choosing what costume to use lol

  • goronyan

    wait no tri-edge?!
    does quantum has something to do with it?

  • Trisagion

    Tales of Fashionista more like.

  • urbanscholar

    You know there must be a fan that’s read this news and is counting down the minutes for the costumes.

  • Here’s something better to write about – .hack fans campaigning to get final .hack game localized: http://linkus.dothackers.net – which is on the PSP.

    • I wish they could localize it, but i think i read somewhere regarding to namco bandai’s employee saying when asked about “dot hack link” that it was in the same state as the “tales of” games, this really put my hopes down.

      The game looks good but is kinda a downgraded ver of the ps2 games, still, they should just bring it to let us finish the darned story T_T and it gives a lot of love reuniting all the dot hack games char D:
      Thinking about it, it must be a hella work to get the same voice actors again, i wouldnt mind to get it voiceless or just jap though, but i dont think sony would let them…

      • MarkMario

        I didn’t like it that much, was a bit too repetitive for me.

        • Yep, but it still is the closure for the story we’ve been through for ummm 7 games?, at this point,i wouldnt mind how bad it is, i love the story and characters xD and now they all re-appear =0.

      • I want them to Localize it. I really do.

      • Yeah that’s actually from a Facebook post by some random person. It’s not very authentic.

    • At least this is a better and civil way of “trying” to get a game localized than people spamming Namco Bandai facebook page with stuff like “LOCALIZE TALES OF GRACE, VESPERIA AND XILLIA NOW”. Anyway this is merely my own opinion, .Hack//Link is really a bad and repetitive game. It’s also a bad way to end the “final .Hack game”. I’m sorry but even I wouldn’t even want to support this campaign. This is coming from a person who has pretty much has all of the .Hack related media that ever released in the western world.

      Also please I may be a random poster but next time could you please reply something thats related to the the article than advertising something completely different. Oh well it’s 0.1% related to this article as one of the costume is Haseo Xth Form.

      • I respectfully disagree with you Kaishou on both points. While //Link’s gameplay may be watered down, it has a pretty good story and has something for fans of any part of the whole .hack universe. Yes it’s a shame it had to end on the PSP, but looking at Namco Bandai’s current financial meltdown, this probably had a big factor in it.

      • Technically it is releated, as .hack//Link and Tales of Grace are actually within close collaboration with each other via cross over media. Haseo from .hack//Link also gets Asbel’s wardrobe as a bonus in the game. In actuality, this campaign, though orginally created for .hack’s sake, may also affect the future of Tales games being localized as well. Many Tales fans are in support of it as we speak. The goal of this said campaign is to grab the attention of Namco Bandai and CyberConnect 2 to consider localization for .hack//Link, as it is the final game in the series. It is also key to note that it has been nine months since it’s Japanese release, and not a word has been brought to the light about it’s localization, so those supporting this campaign are simply fighting for an explanation, and hopefully, some actions ruling in their favor, about .hack//Link seeing an english release, while also bringing Tales into the mix. I’d say join the cause if you wish for what you see here in this very article to be released internationally.

    • They should just localize the manga then, I think. From what I’m reading the gameplay is lacking but the story is quite good, so this way everybody wins. Unless..does the manga have a different story than the game?

      • The manga has been localized. Vol.1 and Vol.2 have already been released, and yes, the manga has a completely different story than the game.

        • Speaking of localization.. the U.K never ever got the G.U series of .Hack// games… it’s sucks because the original set is still some of my favourite RPG’s…

  • Eri

    Getting the Angel set :)

  • Draparde

    the costume looks pretty nice :O Malik should have a Ovan suit

    • Not with that giant arm case he can. lol

      • Draparde

        lmao i forgot about that xD

  • Okay, now THIS is just unfair! ;(

  • Hmm,you know, the amount of outfits in this game seriously makes me consider buying this game. One thing I have always liked about JRPgs and anime in general are the wardrobes, but so few I have played have little character customization beyond stats. I would consider importing this game, but I don’t know a bit of Japanese and my luck with importing games has been poor as of late.

  • joesz

    Now that’s hilarious

  • does anyone have a list (including pics) of all the DLC costumes that have been or will be released? I will be getting Graces F in the mail after Christmas and was planning on getting some of it. Thanks. :)

  • Guest

    This is getting out of control. I say if they really want to piss people off overseas why not just go full out crazy and get Dragon Ball or Naruto or Marvel or DC license rights and get some comic cosplay in there too lol

  • LOL mustache made me laugh alot
    oh a Halo, they are dead ( no offence i just joking )

  • PrinceHeir

    ohh i just remembered that even though CyberConnect2 is the developer of the series. it is still stuck at namco bandai vault’s which unlikely will be released on western shores.

    why not remake the last .Hack game for the PS3 or PC. that would be the best .hack game ever :)

  • holyPaladin

    Wow all of them are awesome

    And you make me remember that .hack//LINK not localized like Tales..

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