Nintendo Shines With Amaterasu Trademark

By Spencer . December 22, 2010 . 3:06pm

imageNintendo kind of owns the rights to the Shinto sun goddess. They filed and successfully obtained trademarks for Amaterasu (in both katakana and kanji) for use with video games.


Amaterasu, according to Japanese mythology, is a radiant deity. She also appeared in a number of video games including Okami and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.


We’re not sure what Nintendo plans to do with "Ammy," but were curious.


image image

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  • malek86

    It smells like something that will remain in Japan.

    • mochiron

      Concepts have smells?

    • joesz

      Now that is getting ridiculous.We know that most of the tales didn’t get localized(and probably will never)But you can’t say that when the game is not even revealed

      • malek86

        Let’s say it’s just a hunch. Of course, Nintendo’s track record with localizing their more japanese games doesn’t help.

        • Code

          Let’s say it’s a hunch. Of course, Nintendo’s track record with localizing their more japanese Mother games doesn’t help.

          There narrowed it down for you >w<'

          • There are a few other Nintendo titles in recent years that weren’t localized.

  • Yui

    So, Nintendo owns Amaterasu in relation to video games? Excuse me for simply clarifying the point, but I think this is wonderful. They should buy out Jesus in video games as well. Trademarking of religious icons can only end well. =P

    • joesz

      Moe is Japan current religion.

    • WonderSteve

      Especially with Islam these days

      • gatotsu911

        Oho!! Tasteful!

    • I don’t want to imagine a game starring Jesus

      *Remembers bible games from AVGN review*

      However, if he’s kicking demon’s butt, ala Bayonetta and DMC, I’m in

    • Code

      Already been done by Enix ages ago~! Jesus: Dreadful Bio-Monster +o+

      • Yui

        I won’t lie – I would play that game, if I could. =D

      • The “Jesus” the title is mentioning is a monster infested space station with the acronym J.E.S.U.S. though… Unless, is at the core of the infestation is Jesus himself? I never played the game, so I wouldn’t know.

  • Gio32k

    that’s the name of the wolf from Okami too!

    • CrisSpiegel

      That’s because that wolf is the reincarnation of the sun goddess in that game.

  • liamscanlan

    Guys, Okami was about Amaterasu and IT made it outside Japan. I bet this will too!

  • I feel that it’s kinda wrong to trademark something like this. I mean, Amaterasu is a god/worshipped being to them right? Forbidding the use of a god’s name in anything because of trademarks feels like… I don’t know.. something that shouldn’t be done..

    • gatotsu911

      Did you read the article? Their trademark is for the name as used in the title of a video game, not in ANYTHING. It’s still a little dubious, but it’s not THAT bad.

  • PrinceHeir

    interesting :D

  • endaround

    Well people can stop worrying about a P4 port now

  • kylehyde

    Maybe this is something related about that new monolith soft project, I don’t know in this moment I’m kinda drunk.

    • rofl xD. Maybe it’s related to the next Kyle Hyde game >80, he will get into a japanese culture case where “amaterasu” might be the central theme of the case.

      Maan how i wish another game like that, i wouldnt mind getting it even if they change the Main character, i love Kyle Hide, but if a new game of that style means losing him, i would give it a try, they will surely but Hyde around anyway.

      • kylehyde

        hEY maybe I’m drunk but I’m still have some conscious to know that is nonsense in many ways, beginning that Cing is not around anymore.

        However after finishing last window I think about what would the future of the series if cing has never dissapeared, will Kyle Hyde still be the protagonist of the series? What about give a chance to Brian (I always thought that he was the one that helped to reunite Jenny with Dunning, I mean Nile will never release her)?

        However I think that in 6 months we will know wTf is Nintendo’s amaterasu, but it could be cool if is an RPG.

        • Haha xD, you dont need to be drunk to be possitive! Didnt nintendo localize The Last window? (dont remember hotel dusk though), maybe Cing’s group were invited to go into Nintendo! >=0

          • kylehyde

            Only in Europe, but in America sme fans are still waiting (I imported the game some weeks ago). I really hoped that Cing get invited to nintendo like happened with HAL laboratory many years ago and well at least the things ended well for a member of that company (Iwata), however is lost the most of the hope many months ago becuase if they were really invated then it will be covered like monolith soft adquisition.

            But still I have a little portion of hope that one day I will wake up and see the new “nintendo anounces his new studio, nintendo-cing” or something like that, but thats just a silly dream.

            Also the alcohol is a depressive.

          • Well when it comes into alcohol it really varies from person to person xD, it may be depressive at times but all the contrary at other times, i remember i used to play a mmorpg with a friend and it was freaking hilarious when he was drunk, he was like “thee world is beautifuuuul ~_~” theme with everything he said.

            Yeah, we better keep our hopes up, if its not us, then nobody will remember the cool company Cing was…

          • Joanna

            I don’t mean to go all technical on you guys, especially since it’s been 3 weeks, but man it’s bothering me because you are both misusing the term. Alcohol is a depressant and a depressant doesn’t make you depressed but rather they are drugs that reduce the performance of your nervous system. Common symptoms are slurring, slow reaction time, slowed thought processing, and loss of consciousness (in extreme cases where you get really drunk). Basically depressants are the opposite of stimulants, which increase the activity of your nervous system. Again, sorry for being so nit-picky, but this is a pet peeve of mine. ^^;;;;;

  • RupanIII

    How about a game where you play as her bro Susanoo getting drunk and wrecking up the place?

    It does seem rather tacky when you think about what it would be like in a western context. It’s like Adam & Eve: the game. Dodge temptation and a lifelike 3d snake on the new Playstation move! (sold separately)

  • Guest

    Ignore this post.

  • …So… Persona 4 Portable for 3DS maybe?! :D

    One could hope for a P4P.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    As long as they don’t start trademark trolling, it’s all good!

    We all know how that ended up for Langdell.

  • ipatz

    Miyamoto probably already obtained a pair of Sharingan from Madara.

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