All About Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden’s Battle System

By Spencer . December 23, 2010 . 4:06pm

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Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden is Namco Bandai’s next Dragon Ball fighting game. Like other games in the series you can take brawl on the ground or in the sky.


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See the bottom screen? That’s reserved for touch screen special moves. Tap any attack name to unleash a super attack like a Kamehameha or Frieza’s death beam.


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Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden has a rock-paper-scissors style system for regular attacks. We’ll start with weak attacks.

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Strong attacks beat those

007[3] 008[2]

And throws counter strong attacks, but are bested by a swift weak attack.

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You can block weak attacks by not pressing a button in Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden. The Nintendo DS game has an auto guard system.

014[1] 015[1]


This won’t work against strong attacks or throws. You have to defend against those by pressing the B button to use the dodge command.

013[1] 016[2]


While Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden has touch screen specials, there are also button commands for players who want traditional controls.

022[1] 023[2]


Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden is slated for February 3 in Japan.

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  • shion16

    not bad, good graphics, they even look younger than in the anime
    the battle system seems to need some brain

    this could be a decent

    • andref

      If you can grasp your head around the controls

  • I like the touch screen specials. Means no need to having to memorize semi-complex button commands :D

    • D:
      It’s just QCF,QCF Punch/Kick, or 236236 A/B/C


      Edit: or in the previous Butoudens on the SNES, QCB,F, Ki

  • Looking forward ,but still I would rather have a REAL DS sequel to Super Sonic Warriors!

  • Code

    rar, I just visually find this game really, really nice looking >ww<

    • Exkaiser

      They added a bit saying there would be input specials.

      My DS has no fighters at all, actually…

      • Code

        I got Dissidia but strangely enough it never mentally comes to mind when I’m thinking of fighters for the PSP opo; Portables aren’t really my platform of choice for fighters any ways too rough on the pad/buttons xpx;

        Also totally approve of input specials, totally pleased thus far~!

        • Exkaiser

          Yeah, I made a typo, I meant to say DS!

          When it comes to the PSP, I’ve got Dissidia, Guilty Gear XX #R, and Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus.

          And Virtual Fighter on the Sega Genesis Collection, I guess.

    • Try
      Bleach: Souten Ni Kakeru Unmei
      Bleach 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem,
      Melty Blood (aweeeeeeeeesome)
      Battle Stadium D.O.N
      Gundam VS series
      Evangelion Battle Orchestra
      Fate/Unlimited Codes
      Arcsys’ Hokuto No Ken

      I’m spreading the licensed title love <3

  • i am soooo buying this.

  • Looks really charming and from the video from earlier this week, it looks pretty fun. Haven’t bought a DBZ game since Supersonic Warriors 2 but this is definitely on my watch list.

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