Final Fantasy XIII Debuts On Xbox 360 With Less Than 22,579 Units Sold

By Spencer . December 23, 2010 . 2:00am

imageSquare Enix re-released Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 under their budget Ultimate Hits line. This version has English voice acting, a new easy mode, and a booklet showing content cut from the game plus an epilogue of sorts titled Episode i.


When Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International was announced in September Microsoft pushed it with a video where one of the Xbox Mission Division members thinks the news is a dream.


Apparently, few people woke up to buy it.


First week sales were less than 22,579 units according to Media Create, which doesn’t release exact sales figures for games under number twenty. Mario Kart Wii took that spot. Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International was #39. It beat out Poupee Girl DS 2: Elegant Mint / Sweet Pink Style. The Nintendo DS game debuted at #47 and Pac-Man Party, which isn’t even in the top 50.

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  • Osu! Now that’s done, please continue focusing on Agito and Versus XIII.

    But, why are there no PS3 FFXIII:Int?

    • It’s the big question everyone’s wondering about. This is the first time an International version of a Square Enix game isn’t released on the system its base game was originally released on… and these are the results.

    • ikiryou

      Perhaps they’re secretly making an Int. edition for the PS3 with all the cut content? Just a thought ^__^

      • They already suffer from management issues, so I’d prefer them use their resources to complete Agito and Versus instead of re-re-releasing the same old FFXIII. Besides, 360 users won’t be too happy if that happens

        • karasuKumo

          I agree so much! It’s like they don’t even care about Versus or Agito -__- The cheek of them!

    • Because Wada has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, running Squeenix.

  • malek86

    That’s pretty much on par with my expectations.

    • Aoshi00

      yea, I don’t think anyone was expecting much.. most people who have played the game wouldn’t get it again since there’s no substantial addt’l contents. Half of the people who bought it sold it. The game’s been out for a year in Jpn, if there’s still someone who hasn’t played it, they could’ve just easily picked up the PS3 ver used for dirt cheap like 1000 yen anyway..

      If the content that got cut actually made it back into the game, then that would be a different story.. now they’re only text in the booklet. I hope the booklet is worth it at least which was why I got it (even though the game sucks big time).. They didn’t even bother making a new attractive cover either, so you can see they didn’t try very hard.. Well, at least now it’s finally multiplatform in both the US and Jpn, so literally anyone could play it.

      • andref

        Well wasn’t there already a lot of sell backs when it first came out on the PS3, I remember hearing that within a short time the game was returned in droves or something of that sort

    • And another free ¥112443420 in their pockets

  • ha….hahaha…..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! xD

  • Wow so awesome those numbers…

    Go Wada make your next awesome decission an let Versus 13 go 360 and Japan Exclusive!You clearly see how awesome and loved the 360 is there!Go!

    Oh and those few people who bought were probably most “gaijins” living in Japan.

    • Aoshi00

      But why wouldn’t those gaijin just pick up the US PS3 ver since it’s region free? There’s no Jpn track in this Int’l ver. I think it’s actually the other way around, Jpn gamers who want to hear the Eng dialogue w/ Jpn subtitle (which is absent in the US ver)

    • Chiupon

      lololol. Just the idea of that is amazing. I hope he doesn’t read this. I mean, if it went multi-plat in the US like FF13 did, it would do better. :V After all, 13 had absolutely NO problem getting out units in it’s opening week; If I remember correctly, it even topped Mass Effect 2. However, since the game was crud, it’s reception didn’t go over well and it got returned x 1000.

      • godmars

        But the thing you and he, everyone, is forgetting is that prior FF titles have sold better on one platform before this. FFXIII on the 360 and PS3 just barely matches FFXII numbers on the PS2.

        If Square could just reintroduce some gameplay variety and honest character development, not just recreate a basic MMO, they cold sell vsXIII at MH levels just on the PS3.

  • If I were a bit more immature, I’d post a picture of Nelson going “Ha Ha!”

    But since I’m a completely mature adult, all I will do is nod and say, “I see.”

  • Xeahnort

    At least S-E and MS achieved their goal: Deliver a slap in Sony´s face

    • If the slap was supposed to be delivered by a nine year old girl. I imagine Sony are laughing at these numbers. And just think, they’re going to get smaller next week.

      These numbers are actually lower than the first week PS3 Japanese sales of X-Edge! That should say something! A Final Fantasy title! One that sold almost 2,000,000 copies on PS3 in Japan (almost 4.5 million worldwide)…sold less than the PS3 X-Edge in its first week. This is a huge flop and an embarrassment to both Squeenix and MS.

      And, uh, I’m pretty happy about it.

      • LORDMATRIX2004

        Gotta love fanboys… “rolls eyes”

  • Good thing Wada said that they should start from zero again…

    • Testsubject909

      I think it’s more of a “We have no choice but to start from zero again”

  • Honestly were they expecting an entry into the top 20. Dosen’t matter what series it has, an Xbox 360 game will always have the disadvantage of getting a high position in the charts because…Well it’s tagged with the distinction of being on the Xbox 360.

    Now if this was on the PS3, I could it being more successful. Oh well, better luck next time SE and MS.

  • Guest

    Whats this epilogue about I wonder if its posted up somewhere

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Ultimate Hits huh Square? Try switching the “s” in front of the “h”, it’s more indicative of its sales.

    Though if an international version for the 360 released in the US, would the numbers be more abysmal? Or better? I imagine the former because gamers who care for the dual audio in games are (sadly) in the minority. And word of mouth has already gotten around that the game is not so great.

    • Barrit

      Or they did what I did and bought the Chinese+English version for PS3 a long time ago. Better graphics (compared to the 360 version) and Japanese audio with English subs.

    • thebanditking

      Not likely the PS3 version out performed the 360 in the States as well as Europe so i doubt an international release would spark any interest. I said a long time ago that I estimate the market for a Japanese style RPG on 360 to be between 500 and 600K max, and thats under perfect circumstances like no big titles that month, nothing multiplayer oriented or a FPS and the titles also needs to be a bit more geared towards the 360 audience no female leads or overly feminine characters

  • Gestahl

    FF XIII International sold less than 12k, probably less than 10k:

    • thebanditking

      Ouch, that’s a really poor showing. I knew it would be bad but if its under 10K thats really pathetic, makes you wonder why they would bother at all. A small bit of market research on their part could have avoided what will be looked at as an embarrassing waste of resources by their shareholders.

    • HarryHodd

      So PS3 version of GM3 = 185k
      360 version = 12k

      I foresee the inevitable drop in support for the 360 in Japan going forward.

      I mean 12k? What Is the point?

      • Testsubject909

        Actually, the team that handles the 360 in Japan has decided to ban the show of panties right as there was an eroge-like rail-shooter to be released, causing an immediate censorship via tight shorts instead of panties.

        It caused an uproar amongst fans, and was put up in place in an attempt to increase the appeal of the Kinect. A piece of hardware that requires more suggested space then is available in the average Japanese household and whose main appeal is not very apparent to the common people, though for the perverts, are growing higher.

        As for all the impressive freeware stuff that can be done with it. It’s also mainly touching the interests of perverts in japan.

        So, vainly attempt to get your console to be considered a “Family oriented console” to up the sales of an already poorly marketed Kinect in Japan, whose technology doesn’t fit their standards of living to begin with, while the fact of the matter is that for the general populace there, the 360 might as well be connected to perverts to begin with. Not to mention that their nicknames as a whole are “Molesters” (PS3 owners are called Gatekeepers and Wii owners are called Mothers).

        ALSO! Not to mention that for Squeenix, who already has a dwindling popularity and reputation might I add, has pissed off it’s larger PS3 fanbase by going back on their promise that FF13 was going to be PS3 exclusive in Japan. Not because of PS3 fanboys crying their hearts out, but because a company straight out lied in their faces, being dubbed dishonorable and losing a lot of trust from it’s fanbase.

        Squeenix is digging a hole.

        360 is shooting it’s foot.

        I expect both of them to survive on life-support for a while.

        • Can you explain the “gatekeeper” thing, unless it’s like Ghostbusters and they’re waiting for the, uh, “key master.” Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  • Darkrise

    I knew this would happen, squeenix is really making mistakes lately… This so happens to be one of them.

  • HarryHodd

    Laughed when it was announced and laughing again at it’s sales.

  • thebanditking

    Well releasing this was a colossal waste of time and resources, as was exactly what i expected to happen.

  • Steps To Failing The Release of A Video Game

    1. Re-release a terrible game.
    2. Re-release a terrible game with negligible additions.
    3. Re-release a terrible game with negligible additions on a foreign platform in a country that has a strong sense of national pride and as such shun foreign products.

    Square, y’all sure on a roll. Things like this is why you cut your profit forcast by 90+%.
    Keep on keeping on…….keep on….keeping on….

  • JustaGenericUser

    That’s what happens when you re-release a game on a console nobody in the country owns.

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