Final Fantasy V Finds A Job On Wii’s Virtual Console

By Spencer . December 24, 2010 . 4:33pm

imageGet ready for… Gilgamesh! Next month, Final Fantasy V will be re-released as a Virtual Console download in Japan.


The job mastering, meteor landing, dimension traveling, jump-to-kill Shinryu classic will cost 800 Wii Points ($8) as a download. Since most Virtual Console games are unaltered you should be able to do the Double Magic / Mix trick again.


World Heroes Perfect from SNK’s heyday and old Jaleco shooter Super E.D.F. are slated for release in January too. Europe has the latter so it’s only a matter of time until Nintendo releases it here.

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  • RupanIII

    I started the PSX version of this a few months ago right after finally beating IV in my campaign to cut down on my pile of shame. But I kinda stopped after a few hours. Somehow it wasn’t drawing me in like IV, I’m gonna give it another go tho.

    • BK0000

      If you have a Gameboy Advance, you should really hunt down a copy of Final Fantasy V: Advance. The translation in the PS1 version is TERRIBLE.

      • RupanIII

        Hrm I do, perhaps that would help. Granted, I didn’t get too far in, but in the PSX version the dialogue and character development and such just felt rather bland/lacking in personality to me. Faris and the whole pirate motif I liked tho.

        • don’t get the gba version

          if you’re a music purist like me get the snes version (with translation patch)

          can’t stand to hear the gba versions music

          • RupanIII

            I’ll have to poke around for that one

            No wonder they port their games so much, there’s something wrong with each version -_-;

          • BK0000

            Don’t listen to him. There’s nothing wrong with the audio. It’s fine. It may be a little different, but it’s not like they replaced the soundtrack. You probably won’t even notice a difference from the PS1 version.

          • Code

            Definitely prefer GBA version to the PS1, the GBA audio isn’t really that much different, maybe a slight step down, but not worth sacrificing a better translation. And plus seriously if your playing to enjoy the highest quality OST, you should actually just listen to the official OST >w<; GBA version is the best there is at the moment imo.

    • Avojavo

      I didn’t like FFV that much either. I suspect it’s the job system; I got tired of Final Fantasy Tactics’ job system too. Once I reached the 2nd (or 3rd?) job classes, the amount of thought needed to make each class work just turned me off.

      Don’t feel ashamed about your unfinished games. In my library of games, I’ve only finished… uh, less than 10. Maybe less than 5.

      • RupanIII

        Nice to hear I’m not the only one haha I’ll give V another go eventually (I think a livelier translation would help, thanks for the suggestions guys) but for now I think I’ll focus on games I really enjoyed and got quite far in but didn’t finish due to time/school/whatever. I have a way of getting 3/4 or more through an RPG and then not beating it, forgetting the story and just starting over (Wild Arms, Xenogears, FFVI, VIII, Chrono Trigger..)

    • the load times will do that. The original games had no load and were pretty quick to the action.

  • one of my favorite games in the series

    5 6 and 9 are my top 3 (in no particular order)

  • So Squenix, how about sharing those once-forsaken classics with Nintendo of America’s Virtual Console, yeah?

  • Barrit

    Good ol’ Butz. I remember playing this on rom so long ago.

  • Five is a great game & Bartz is one of my favourite FF characters, however, the DS remake of this game was far superiour to the original. I will get this though & have a stressful/good time playing it again

    • There was no DS remake… GBA you mean?

      • Exkaiser

        Sounds more like wishful thinking to me…

  • PrinceHeir

    i’ll just wait for the FFV and FFVI remake for the PSP or PSP2 thank you ^^

  • Testsubject909

    “We’re losing money! Quick, ship out one of our old beloved games for cheap. Quick!”

    Seriously, that’s what I’m seeing.

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