The Last Story Has A Tougher Second Lap

By Spencer . December 24, 2010 . 8:22am

imageThe Last Story’s main quest clocks in at 30 hours, maybe more if you explore every nook and cranny in dungeons. Afterwards, you can replay the Wii game using your saved data. The "second lap" as Mistwalker head Hironobu Sakaguchi explained on Twitter, "considerably difficult." Mistwalker rebalanced the game and set up different drops.


Sakaguchi also discussed the game’s online options. The Last Story has two modes a battle royale where players fight against each other and a cooperative mode. After you reach the first save point in The Last Story you can use either online mode.


Battle royale has options for team battles. You can either meet up with friends by exchanging friend codes or fight with random players online.


The Last Story comes out on January 27 in Japan.

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  • SneakyHawk

    New Game +? Hell yes!

  • gatotsu911


    I like that screenshot, though. “Hey, guys! …guys? What are you looking at, guys?”

    • Guest

      They’re looking away because it’s cold in there and her revealing top is a reflection of that

      • gatotsu911

        I think the one guy who’s looking away had a Catholic upbringing. I mean, even the girl’s getting an eyeful!

    • Aoshi00

      Siren has bewitched me for a while, her wild red hair and tattoo… Or are you referring to the eye-patched guy, as they ask in Seinfeld, “are you supposed to look at the eye patch or look at the other side?” :) Liking the design of everyone.

      Xenoblade is a great RPG, but the char models and faces just look awful compared to Last Story.

    • ikiryou

      “They’re real and they’re spectacular!” XD

  • Code

    I always, always approve of new game+ honestly it’s a sin when RPG’s don’t have it opo; I kind of missed the part last topic, about RPG/gameplay time, but yeah definitely have to agree with people the sweet spot is 30 hours for me.

    30 hours with maybe another 20 hours worth of side quests and searching around for stuff usually is comfortable for me, that way I can usually play my own pace first run and have an enjoyable weekend, then have some nice replay value in the second play through/or first play through seeking out/finishing up all the little extras. Anything in the 50-60 hour range has risk of dragging or worse, getting popped over to the back burner.

  • It would be nice if the “second lab” did have a different story though. Oh well, sounds cool. I think its strange that the game hasnt been announced for the US even though he technically is working on domestic US shores…

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    I don’t know…it really depends on what you get to keep or boost on your second playthough.

    The best examples of New Game+ :

    Chrono Trigger – EVERYTHING carried over.

    Tales of Symphonia/Abyss/Vesparia – You used your accumulated Battle Points to choose your bonuses on your second playthrough, the more points you have the more you get to pick. (bonuses like 2xExp, 10xExp, 2xMoney,etc)

    The worst examples of New Game+ :

    Trinity Universe – you just keep your Items.
    Atelier Rorona – you just keep your money
    Persona 3/4- your Social Stats(i.e.Courage,Knowledge), Key Items, Persona slots, Persona Compendium list, & money.

    • You could do much worse than just losing weapons and levels. Imagine not having your Social Stats and/or Money.

      • Probably the best examples of how not to do new game + is eternal sonata and rogue galaxy.

        Rogue galaxy only let you carry over costumes, which even that required you to hold i believe L2 when you started a new game, Eternal sonata’s new game + was nothing more than a hard mode, nothing outside of costumes carried over, but the game got much more difficult.

        I personally would say the best form of new game + i’ve seen recently was end of eternity/resonance of fate’s new game +

  • T17K11

    It would be nice if there were reason to play a third lap or more besides to see the last story again. I really wish more developers would go the battle trophies route especially when they make games on the Wii.

    As for the online support, requiring friend codes and playing with random people is not fun. That is only mentioned for battle royal, but I must assume cooperative mode would require friend codes. Didn’t developers learn anything from Monster Hunter Tri?

    • Guest

      Hmm I had fun playing online randomly with others in Reginliev for Wii as opposed to Valhalla Knights which only used Friend Codes.

      In terms of replaying the story, I think Japanese RPG developers should start trying to use conversation trees so the story can always be different each playthrough. They do it somewhat with ADV games so why not in their RPGs..

      • T17K11

        To each their own, I don’t see any purpose in playing with randoms and I feel the friend code system puts me off as much as DRM.

        I would normally agree with you on changing the story, but given the title it would suggest the first play through is “The Last Story” and the second is “The Last Story (really).” I just think extending the game with some kind of achievements would do more good in this case as too much branching would suggest many last stories.

        • Guest

          Achievements seem shallow to me just bragging rights thing or something I dont see the point of them. Now playing through the game and getting a different look into the story or enjoying it with friends or meeting new friends through the game…how can anyone argue against that and put “achievements” in front of it instead? Makes no sense.

          • T17K11

            When I mentioned battle trophies I had SO3 in my mind. When I said especially for games on the Wii, I said it because they do not have a system like achievements or trophies built in. I won’t fall into the trap of gloating about the battle trophies I got, but some of them are indeed challenging. More so than breezing through a standard JRPG. I will mention that I don’t buy bad games just to get achievements; I just play the games I like and clear things for myself.

            Seeing the game from a different character perspective would allow for a same “last story.” What I didn’t want is branching routes for multiple last stories of the same perspective as variation would indeed be present in that supposed last story.

            As I said, to each their own, because frankly – I think they wasted resources on any online support. Do people play a game like this for the story or to make random friends?

    • HarryHodd

      I agree the online for this doesn’t really appeal to me at all.

    • Friend Codes is just that to play with your friends. So if you planning to play with your friends. The only issues FC really cause is the lack of effort into inputting them. Capcom controls the serve for Tri that is why it runs that way.

  • NoElixirs

    New Game + is one of the premier strengths of video games too.


  • PrinceHeir

    aww man just localize this and Xenoblade ninteando :)

  • Aiddon

    didn’t Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon have New Game+ modes where the game was harder?

  • Hopefully some different areas will also be opened up in the second lap and the different drops could mean sweet gear :D I’m liking the slight Monster Hunter feel to it :D

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