Students Of The Round DLC Code Changes Graphics From Chic To Super Deformed

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 3:05pm

imageExperience’s PC to Xbox 360 RPG, Students of the Round, has stylish art, but if chic character portraits aren’t your thing you can replace them with super deformed characters. For reference, this is what Students of the Round usually looks like.




The first print includes a code for a deform change patch, which switches the art to super deformed. As a bonus, it’s kind of unique. I can’t think of another console RPG that gave a graphic overhaul as a bonus. You also get a soundtrack CD for 6,195 yen ($75). Students of the Round comes out on February 10.

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  • Here’s to hopin’ for a US release.

  • Chibi powa

    • Aoshi00

      Nendoroid Pa-waaa!P.S. I just rec’d my FF13 Int’l this evening, the box is nice and big like the Jpn ver of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, VHS box size w/ each disc having its own tray (instead of stacking in the US ver). Would’ve been nice if they used the box art in the back as the cover (the shot of the group standing w/ Nautilus as the backgroud), oh well… But Yes-Asia forgot the pre-order bonus booklet they promised me *.* (I am the most curious about the epilogue novel!), I was like that thin thing inside can’t be it right, it’s just a regular manual. I just sent them an e-mail about it missing, and request them to ship it w/ my next order, hopefully they could fix it… see, w/ pre-order bonus, NCSX is still the safest..

      • Haha, well im seriously considering bring tales of xilia rather than other game i wanted (since it will be ps3 exclusive (wich makes it cooler)) i hope it brings some extra stuff, ahh it will be expensive D:

        Grr gotta finish FF13 already -.-‘!

        • Aoshi00

          I’m not a very big Tales fan, otherwise I would’ve gotten Graces F, the art looks very good, and there are some free skits on the Jpn PSN.. Xillia looks cool too but need to see more, I like Fujishima’s design the most for tales games, but this game it’s a hybrid of two artists.

          My friend tried playing on 3 occasions but he still couldn’t get very far.. he thought he was disappointed w/ 12, 13 he couldn’t even bring himself to play it.. I’m going to finish it in Eng. this time, the discs are shiny :) Would install everything.. let’s just see how much “worse” the cutscenes’ resolution are…

          • I do love all the tales of games, i seriously love the skit system, and the style of the games :D, so i’d be really happy to get that game (even more if it will never come in english(maybe))

            Lol xD i like FF13, but seriously, this constant moving forward and battles just tire me too much, i seriously need some towns and people to talk to, so i can take some minutes to stay away from battles at such. Of course the story doesn’t help too much but i like lighting and snow enough for me to finish the game… eventually.

            And now i strangely feel the need of playing with my ps3 (ive been psp/ds all these days) just because i brought an Adell from disgaea 2 avatar from psn xD is weird haha.

          • Aoshi00

            I love the skits in Tales too, funny scenarios and making the chars closer..

            Exactly, towns, that’s what I’ve been saying all along, and people say “the hell w/ towns, we don’t need no stinking towns in our RPGs, it’s more streamlined anyway, just battles, cutscenes”.. in that respect, I even liked UNS2 more since there’s so many places to run around and people to talk to in Konoha and Sand (I haven’t gotten very far), Last Story seems to have big towns too when Sakaguchi showed us the map. There’s just nothing to break up the boredom in FF13, rinse and repeat.. the story and chars weren’t enticing either.. btw, I’m replaying FF9 on the PSP Go now on the bus, so fun, love Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Vivi :)!

            Yea, I saw your cool Disgaea avatar, very nice. There are many nice ones recently like the monkeys from Megaman Legend.. I’m so tempted to get some Puzzle fighter avatars, 50 cents is nothing, but you can only use one at a time anyway.. I love to mess around w/ themes and avatars on both PS3 and 360.

  • malek86

    Our chances of seeing this game are pretty much nil (as well as the chances of being region free). Too bad, because it does look interesting. If only Rising Star or someone like that would give it a chance…

  • PrinceHeir

    is this game a shump, visual novel, or jrpg?

    looks interesting :)

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not very sure either, if it’s a strategy RPG? But the art looks nice and cute :) If it’s something like Agarest, then it’s not my cup of tea though..

      • Darkrise

        It’s completely unlike Agarest at all… This I think can be categorized as a dungeon turn based rpg at best… For now.

    • I’m not sure what you classify as a “JRPG” (story heavy RPG?), but Students of the Round is a dungeon crawler. Think Wizardry or Class of Heroes.


    I bet you Aksys or Atlus may bring this over to NA not sure about Europe.

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