Square Enix Preparing Final Fantasy Type-0?

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 7:21pm

imageIt appears Square Enix has another Final Fantasy spinoff in the works. By searching Europe’s trademark database, we discovered Final Fantasy Type-0.


In addition to a trademark for a potential title, Square Enix filed a logo for Type-0 with "type zero" written in kanji. Usually, Square Enix just files a title like Nier or Tactics Ogre. Since Square Enix registered a logo too, this is probably bigger.


Square Enix’s 1st production press conference is just a month away. Perhaps, we’ll see Final Fantasy Type-0 popup there.



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  • luckgandor

    The first thing I could think about was Final Fantasy + Eureka Seven. The title certainly piques my interest.

    • First thing I thought of was Zengar Zombolt. Cmoooon Blade that Smites Evil Fantasy

      • Exkaiser

        That was my thought, the Grungust Type-Zero. Pretty certain it’s written with the same kanji while the Nirvash isn’t, but it’s been a while since I checked either.

      • ROFL!!

      • Tom_Phoenix

        An SRW/Final Fantasy crossover. Now that would be something.

        Kain: Hey, I see something enormous in the distance. I wonder what it is?
        Celes: I can’t recognise it, but it looks like a extremely large machine…and it has an oversized sword. Cloud, you have a sword just like that. Can you tell what it is?
        Cloud:…I am not sure, but it looks like a giant rob-
        Sanger: CHESTOOOOO!

    • Guest

      Something shitty mixing with something amazing. Please keep your FF out of my E7. =P

  • Darren M

    Some kind of series reboot? Maybe? Hopefully?

  • Yukito

    Oh boy, another one. =/

  • Zero? They’re making a game about their profit margin? Hahahaha

    • square had a historic year last year in terms of profit. Of course there would be a drop off.

  • Barrit

    If it is a type of reboot.. just please, please, please don’t try to create characters to appeal to the West.

    • SolidusSnake

      Surprise! It’s a crossover game with Kratos and Marcus Fenix as the main characters. Now you can see how your favorite summons like Bahamut and Shiva fare against a chainsaw bayonet!

      • Barrit

        Hmm.. they could totally turn it into the Square Enix version of Cross Edge! (except with flashier graphics!)

    • Testsubject909

      If they have plans of overseas distribution.

      They’ll try to appeal to the west.

      If they don’t try to appeal to the west.

      They’ll never have enough blind confidence that their efforts to appeal to the west is worth an overseas distribution.

      It’s a curse. Either get a game bastardized by a disjointed view of what sells outside of the US and be able to get your hands on the game. Or have the game kickass with it’s proper Japanese flair, but never see a western release.

      • “Or have the game kickass with it’s proper Japanese flair, but never see a western release.”

        That’s why you hope the game is a PS3/PSP title and you flip off Square Enix if they don’t localize it.

    • neocatzon

      reboot? then what is fabula nova crystallis for?

    • They’ve got kanji in the logo, and that somehow gives me a feeling that this won’t be an appeal-to-the-west game.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      What is the point of rebooting a series in which every game is it’s own unique storyline? The entire point of a reboot is to get rid of the baggage that the previous games in the series brought with them. With Final Fantasy, though, Square Enix can just make a new game in the series or a spinoff and it practically won’t matter if it is entirely different to the previous games.

      • Barrit

        I know, I know. It was more of a joke considering the big trend with “appealing to the West” and a stab at them for what happened with the western release of Nier (I know they didn’t develop the game, but were they the ones to request the change for the western release?) Either way, regardless of company, it seemed to be a big trend this year with Japanese game companies.

        I know each game can potentially be a reboot, but imagine if they took such a drastic approach like what happened with Nier.. wow, that game would induce some vomiting. Of course, I don’t honestly see that happening though :)

        • Having actually played both though, the father-daughter approach really drove home the point of the game a lot better than the brother-sister approach from the Japanese version. Say what you want about how Nier looked but his character was much stronger as a father figure.

          • Barrit

            Well, I’m sure that is a debatable point. I played both versions as well. I don’t understand Japanese, so I can’t really compare the differences in dialogue between the two, therefore I’m unable to say which version drove the point better for me in regards to the story. I do have a sister, so both settings work for me. I hear quite a few people say the father-daughter approach works better, and I’m not really sure what exactly they mean by this: is this is reference to preferring the English VO, difference in dialogue, not having a sister, etc? My initial thought when I read this response from people is “Are people saying they wouldn’t care as much if that happened to a sibling?”

            After playing both versions though, I will say Nier Replicant had slightly better, crisper graphics. I also liked how the time jump was better represented in Replicant (different appearance and voice actor). Some dialogue/actions that seemed a little quirky and weird in the US Nier also made more sense in Replicant. That’s not taking anything away from US Nier though, it was an excellent game and a shame it didn’t do better in sales. But honestly, it wasn’t until I started visiting this site and reading comments about the game that I decided to give it a try. The cover just gave me the impression it was a cheesy, Conan-type action game, and I didn’t have any interest in it whatsoever. I just view Nier as a sort of “mini-reboot” that probably pushed more people away from it that it would have actually appealed to before the change.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Oh, I wouldn’t limit the rebooting “habit” to just Japanese developers. Western developers have increasingly been doing the same thing as of late and for increasingly dumb reasons (see X-Com reboot).

          But yes, I agree with you about the whole “appealing to the West” aspect. To be honest, it is getting tiresome, beacuse Japanese developers are just copying what they see in Western games without understanding the values behind those games. Thus we end up with Japanese games with a westernised cover (Nier being a prime example of this).

          Besides, do we REALLY need more games with shades of brown and over-the-top violence? People buy Japanese games beacuse they want something new and different. If we wanted Western titles, we would have bought Western titles from Western developers.

  • Type-0… … makes me think it’ll be a prequel to the very first FF game. I wonder how much more primitive it will be.

    • Testsubject909

      Dissidia is technically a prequel to the first Final Fantasy if it’s to be considered Canon.

      Actually, the way they’re going at it, it’s as if they’re building Dissidia to be the prequel to all (or some of the) Final Fantasy games…

      While also being in the middle of each games too, but since they technically forget about the events that occurred to them during their stay (debateable, I know, especially for the one we follow, the Warrior of Light. But, his position is CLEARLY at the beginning of the game as he goes towards the city with orb in hand.) it brings a lot of question as to when and at what time did each of them get dragged out of their respective games.

    • Dissidia is the prequel to FFI ;P

      And in FFI, the ancient civilization is far more advanced than the FF1 towns, so If it were a prequel, it could quite easily take place in a futuristic environment.

      • I meant in terms of gameplay, not settings.

        • Why would they make a more basic gameplay style to Final Fantasy 1 after ALL these years? That’s just plain stupid -.-

  • Dude, liek giving all of these trademarks from non Japan locations sounds pretty awesome! I can only imagine what type-0 is!

    • Testsubject909

      Hopefully it won’t be the score fans will be giving it.

  • I will always have faith in you SE.. lol.. Nier prove to be a successful game (for those who played it), in the midst of their many recent FF failures…Been clocking in tons of hours on that game and still feel its uber fun… but please have a better looking character and no emo-ness in the new game plz.

    Note: The success here means how successful the game in bringing people fun! I say nothing about sales figure here! Geesh!

    • Testsubject909

      Proved to be a successful game (For those who played it)?

      You know, that doesn’t tell me anything about it’s critical acclaim, or how well it sold. And for Squeenix as it is right now, they probably don’t care if it was good for those who played it, IF the game didn’t sell.

      They’ll figure something was wrong and alter the game (before first realizing that maybe it’s the marketing that went wrong, and also the alienating of certain fans who would’ve enjoyed having the same choices as the Japanese had between a more japanese stereotypical hero or a western stereotypical hero. I’ve seen a lot of people sour about being force-fed the father route rather then the brother route)

      • I do not really get what you wanted to say here, all I know is that you just wanted to find fault in that very sentence, well, I guess you could just reduce all the word and said Nier is a failure even if people who played it said its nice.

        But does that even really matter since you did not even play it… ?

        • Testsubject909

          It wasn’t a fault purely on that one, but rather, that this sentence itself doesn’t help your argument.

          You see, a game could score 10/10 everywhere with every gamer that plays it…

          But if only a thousand gamers, out of millions, have played it. if it sold less then 10K despite being a relatively high profile project.

          It’d be a complete disaster from the viewpoint of their maker. There’d be a near zero chance of a remake ever being made, not unless such a cult classic, sleeper hit, suddenly and unexpectedly becomes some incredible game with constant buzz spreading through the gaming community, increasing the support for a sequel and creating a much larger fanbase that would guarantee better sales a second time around.

          That’s what I’m saying here. You’re saying Those who played it liked it.

          How many people played it? Enough for Squeenix to believe it’s worth financing a sequel? Or were the numbers too low to impress either them or their investors…

          If it’s the latter, then don’t expect a sequel, no matter how good a game may be, if it doesn’t sell nowadays, it’s typically a dead project.

          • well, i did not said that they should have a remake for Nier or a sequel of sort.. all i am saying is that they should have similar type of game.. with better character design( the old man is one of the main reason for its unattractiveness)..

            Also,what I am trying to say is that base the feedback they get from people who thought the game is a success may help SE come out with better factors to attract people. So, There is no connection with Nier being dead or alive..Its just that we gamer thought its good and SE should rectify their mistake and make new game similar to it..

            btw, why are you so fixated with the sales figure for Nier? I mean, look at the DLC that they make base on the reason many international players want to get a taste of younger version of Nier… so which means if there are player out there enough to make them feel such game is doing ok, then well, who knows? But I shall stress again that what I am talking here is not about a sequel!

          • He’s stressing on the sales figures because simply, a game that does not sell does not get a sequel or anything related to its legacy. The publisher will view it as a failure because it doesn’t generate enough profit for them and they’ll pull the plug. Simple as that.

            What Tetsusubject was trying to say is, you might know a lot of people playing it, saying it’s GOTY, but how many is exactly “a lot”? You can say “Oooh me and my family and my network friends think that it’s a good game, and we’ll spread the love!”, but in the end, it makes up roughly 1/1000000 percent of the general gaming population. It might be “a lot” to you, but definitely not the publisher. I am referring to “Its just that we gamer thought its good and SE should rectify their mistake and make new game similar to it”

            How many gamers are we talking?

            And what does this say to us? There will be no more games like Nier. They tried the formula, didn’t work. So why would they do another game which has the same essence as Nier? It’ll just flop all over again. This is why we’re so concerned about sales figures. It’s the reason why there are Call Of Duty games every year

          • Yes, sales is indeed important, I am well aware of that, but, we are not talking about shooting games here which is repetitive and sale is important to determine whether a market still wants it or not.

            RPG needed allot of resources to begin with. You need to pick up things here and there to make it different just like when you are writing a story. You pick things from your favorite book and also your life.

            What I am trying to say is that SE may not have the same game legacy like Nier due to it not being famous.

            Heck! They do not need to do anything near it as long as they know that some people do enjoy certain elements in the game, it can then be some sort of inspiration. Perhaps they can have 10% of innovation from it, whereby the new game could work out great!

            Btw, when I said success to people who play it, I am not trying to say that, oh, there will be a sequel for it. It is not a kind of statement saying that such feeling of fan is enough to secure a legacy for it. No. But, no matter what happens, it is still the very truth that for people who play it, feel it is a successful game.. Because it successfully bring them fun! The success here does not mean by the sale figure, it means how much people enjoy it!

            That is why I do not understand what is the point of arguing a sales figure which I am drag into too.. Lol..

          • Joanna

            You just reminded me that I saw the EB Games by my house having a sale on Nier. It was reduced to 10$. Really really sad. I got it for 30$ earlier. :(

    • Angst is not emo. Emo, by definition, is people that display their emotions. So what you’re asking for is more people like Squall and AC Cloud, as opposed to Zidane or Bartz?

      • what I mean by emo is cloud type emo and not angst from Nier… Well, I din explain it properly though…

        • Cloud is not emo. He’s whiny, depressed, and self-sabotaging (initially), but he’s not Emo.

          • I on the other hand have a different view on emo..No matter what cloud is still emo with his pessimistic personality.. Btw, wasn;t angst an emotion too? lol

    • Guest

      Square didn’t made Nier, they just published the game. Thank Cavia, the developers of Nier, for making the game. Square by itself hasn’t made a good game in a while.

      • I know that, but, still they believe in that company and think that their ideas are good enough to have published it for the company… so, yea, it still comes down to SE’s decision… I know legally speaking its a very different thing but somehow, it is just like their own staff coming up with proposal but in this case its a different company that do that… so I still believe in SE… Even if Nier was not their production but, hope they learn from it..

  • Come on, at this point, we need new things! COME ON COMPANIES, GIVE ME SOME GOOD STUFF

    • Testsubject909

      They had the perfect chance with Fabula Nova Crystalis. Rather then chicken out and go “This is a trilogy of Final Fantasy games, seriously!”

      They could’ve just went. “We’re making a game with the same spirit as Final Fantasy, but which is it’s own series and we’re calling it Fabula Nova Crystalis. The New Fabulous Tales of the Crystals!”

      And their relunctance to go with a new IP caused them to alienate long-time fans of said brand name…

      Expect nothing but safe bets from now on, unless it’s a portable title because portable games cost less and therefore can take a bigger hit.

      Unfortunately fans want that awesomeness on home consoles, not on small portable devices….

      • What? But FF13 agito and FF13 versus look great, i can’t say they have ruined that fabula nova saga or w/e yet. D: (and i hope i dont have to)

        Anyhow, im talking about new, new stuff not just FF13,14,15,16,17 etc…

        • Testsubject909

          Which is why I’m saying. Fabula Nova Crystalis could’ve been something entirely new. Unrelated, yet somehow connected, to Final Fantasy without being Final Fantasy.

          A fresh new IP that would’ve provided them far more freedom.

          Of course, new games would also be good, but as it stands, it seems as though they’re on red alert here due to profit not being nearly as high as they had expected and due to the recent failure of an MMO that they just released.

          Also, FF13 Versus looks nice, true, but faith is dwindling here, and both of these games are still in heavy production as far as anyone knows. With little but a single trailer for either and barely any footage of gameplay, with Versus showing a main character in-game traversing a completely abandoned wasteland and fighting a singular monster, leaving very little to be hyped about.

          To date, both these games have one trait that remains similar to FF13. They both “Look Great”.

          But Looking Great differs from having Great Content and Great Gameplay. Since we’ve no hints of any of this yet, we’re left with nothing but conjecture and speculation, which with the sour taste recent FF games have been giving players, is not going to be all that positive, but will be hopeful.

          Many, myself included, will probably just wait it out, see how it goes, and buy it when it cheapens out patience willing, IF and only IF the game is worth it…

          But yeah… New good IPs would heavily help Squeenix.

          • thats not even true weve seen alot of ingame footage for versus now

            and more in january

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I wouldn’t really call a 2 minute cutscene and 30 seconds of gameplay a “lot of ingame footage”…

          • FF13 didnt looked great, ever since i heard it wouldnt have town or world map style rpg thing. D:

            These 2 games do look good though (versus and agito), and they are part of the FFnumbers for a way to put it xD so i dont take them as “new” series. Besides, FF is always changing the games, they hardly do the same gameplay between final fantasys, that is what i love of the franchise.

            But this one is out of the FFnumbers thing.

            That is what im talking about, im waiting to see something good and new

        • Kaoro

          Agito and Versus do look great, but 13 looked fantastic (to me) while information about the game was very controlled and limited. I still enjoyed 13 but it did not come close to what I was hoping for.

          (Just read Testsubject909’s reply which says the same thing but better-worded. Still gonna post it tho!)

          Not sure what kind of involvement Nomura has with BbS and Versus, but I am playing BbS right now and if this is what Versus will be like gameplay-wise, I am worried :-/. And the story… again BbS is making me VERY worried about Versus’s quality.

          • Birth by sleep? well that is a hard thing to compare with since the story and all is based on the kingdom hearts series, but VERSUS doesn’t really have to be limited to anything, i hope the story is good, actually, i dont know why but im not worried about gameplay (but i dont really think it will be like kingdom hearts) But i hope the story is good, with the videos so far it looks cool but we still have no idea of what is it about xD

  • Final Fantasy Nirvash? 2 of My favorite things can’t go wrong!

    • puchinri

      I have this odd sense of dread and excitement mingling together at the thought of that.

  • PrinceHeir

    just release Parasite Eve Archives, Chrono Cross/Trigger for PSN and i’ll be happy ^^

  • First thing that popped into my head was a Final Fantasy game starring a character based on the late Peter Steele.

  • Code

    rar, so far I like everything about it!

  • idofgrahf

    I do not mind them making games that appeal to the west so long as it actually APPEALS to the west, square seem to have the idea that throwing low to mid budget games like Neir or Front Mission Evolved will actually make the westerners like these game and forget that the west likes quality as much as the Japanese do. If they can make a action game on par with say Uncharted and a character like Drake, then by all means they should but the thing is, they can’t.

  • Who needs the west?

    Make an rpg thats good. Hopefully this is

    • xxx128

      i havent seen an rpg from them that was good in ages…so hopefully, yeah …

      • That’s so true they haven’t released a good RPG in AGES. Their last good RPG was Final Fantasy for the NES.

  • krokounleashed

    Square Enix is dead. Deal with it. Level 5 and mistwalker are much better than them now. I mean c’mon everything they released in the past 5 years sucked (FF12, FF13, FF14 and even the lastest FFTA) or was made extern by Level 5. I’m so happy Tactics Ogre was made by the original staff and not SE’s trainees.

    • monolith

    • I guess you could count Jupiter as a 3rd party company, but The World Ends with You is my favorite game ever released under the Square label, or at least my favorite since Chrono Trigger.

  • lately FF is getting shittier and shittier so square enix’s trying to move away from numbering beyond 14

  • When I see that logo and title, I can’t help but to think of shmups. God, what is wrong with me

  • Well…At least it’s not a Final Fantasy I-IV remake/port/spin-off…Is it?

    If it’s a remake of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Adventure, I swear I’m gonna rip a plushie’s head off ¬_¬

    • neocatzon

      the plushie do no sin (‘,’) but someone next to you does…

    • They already did a sucky remake of FFA (Seiken Densetsu) and called it Sword of Mana. A true-to-the-original remake of that game would actually be desirable.

      • Joanna

        huh, that’s interesting. What was wrong with Sword? I thought it was pretty good and the story made sense. I didn’t play the original, so maybe I’m missing something. I’d really love to hear why Swords isn’t true to the original.

  • karasuKumo

    Hmm It does sound like a type of reboot. Hopefully a good one! I’m trusting you Wada!

  • hadjimurad

    i hope it’s their new line of SRPGs! (which it totally won’t be)

    when will using “reboot” become cliche? oh yeah, already.

  • Why are people talking about a series reboot? How can you reboot a series which every game has a different story/characters and nowadays gameplay? Final Fantasy did everything an RPG could be without ever following a straight storyline. I guess a series reboot could be possible, if it had nothing to do with Final Fantasy and was the complete opposite of an RPG… but it would still be called Final Fantasy… hmmmmmmm.

    You guys are thinking too much. What have they not destroyed yet? Or, what have they not done on Next Gen yet? FF13 Versus is their Action RPG. FF13 is their “traditional” RPG. My predictions are: A third person action RPG with a cover/targeting system to compete with “The Last Story”, or it’s just their first SRPG on Next Gen. I vote for SRPG, I wanna see a next gen FFT.

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