The Hyperdimension Neptunia Siliconera Fan-Powered Q&A

By Ishaan . December 31, 2010 . 3:29pm


It’s time for another fan-powered Q&A! While the start of a new year may be approaching, the console wars will keep trucking on, unaffected, in a frenzy of heavenly fury…in Hyperdimension Neptunia.


(Although, they’ll probably keep trucking on in real life as well, unfortunately. Just without the eccentricities and cute anime girls.)


Here’s how it works. Post your questions in the comments (be polite!), and we’ll ship them off to NIS America via passenger Prinny. Don’t worry; we’ll use a cannon to launch him over like in Prinny 2, so he’ll reach them fairly quickly.


Following that, the poor Prinny will be cannonballed back to us, answers in beak. Once he gets here, we’ll post the answers on the site while he recuperates. Maybe he’ll even let people pet him once he’s recovered. Just don’t make any mention of panties…that’s a bit of a touchy subject at the moment.

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  • Don’t really have any questions related to this particular game. I know that the Japanese DLC will be American DLC and that any patches the game had will be in the NA disc. Looking forward to it and, uh, looking forward to hearing what other PS3 titles NISA will have coming after Disgaea 4 and Ar Tonelico. But, not really sure if there’s a real question in there.

  • PrinceHeir

    will it include all the post DLC(including the christmas outfit)? does it also include dual audio(jp/eng) with subs?

    also do they plan on localizing is At leir Totori coming out? :D

    • Every NISA PS3 title has had dual audio and they’ve also said that anything that’s Japanese DLC will eventually be American DLC, so it won’t be included. Any patches that the game has had, however, will.

  • How and when will extra characters such as Nippon Ichi, Gust, Red and 5pb. be released?

    • I second this question. I want some Nippon Ichi girl.

  • Genjo

    are you best friends with IF? (as in close relationship )
    will we be able see the Extra Downloandable content apply to our released? or be on PSN when the game is release?
    which of the girls seems sexy to ya?
    how did IF approach ya with neptune about releasing it in u.s and eup?

  • Will there be any effort to fix glitches/freezing bugs?

    • they will release the already patched and fixed version, or so i’ve heard

  • Ereek

    Lately, NISA has taken more of a Working Designs-type of approach with slightly more liberal localizations with the use of pop-culture and memes. The “hardcore” Japanese-only types get rather offed by this and want a stricter translation rather than a localization.
    I understand for a game like this where there’s a lot of humor that isn’t possible to translate some of the jokes properly, but are you trying to appease both sides of the localization/translation argument, or are you going to be sticking primarily to one type? You seemed to try the appease route with different names in Sakura Taisen, but with the results not being to your expectations, will you continue trying?
    For the record, I’m on the localization side of the “argument,” I’m just curious about NISA and its future approach to this debate, which seems to be the new JapanesevsEnglish VA.

    Can you elaborate on both the similarities and differences between Neptune and other IF/CH games, such as Trinity Universe?

    How many working hours would you say localizing a game like Neptune takes? I know you work with the developers during your localization process, do they work hours comparable to the English side? Or, for that matter, have you ever had any disagreements about certain words/text?

    Who is your target audience with this title? I’ve seen a lot of interest in Neptune outside of what I would consider NISA’s normal audience, do you think this game might expand your borders?

    This one’s a bit odd and I’m probably going to be getting some heat here on Siliconera for asking about it, but. . .
    I enjoy IF/CH games, and I’ve been looking forward to Neptune, but I’m just curious as to the level of male-fanservice. I mean, you’re basically playing as magical girls wearing no clothes and it seems like much of the point is to sexualize consoles.
    I suppose what my real question here is: Do they actually have any personality? What are their conflicts? I know they’re trying to save their world from R4/Piracy, but I want to know more about the characters themselves and their motivations.
    Is it like Agarest where the actual amount of fanservice is much smaller in the final game?

    • JustaGenericUser

      “you’re basically playing as magical girls wearing no clothes”

      Stopped reading there.

      • Ereek

        Glad you read the rest of my comment. Too bad you didn’t actually read my reasoning, though!

        • JustaGenericUser

          –(ignore this)–

        • JustaGenericUser

          Well, now I see I’ve been too harsh. Please forgive me, I get a little antsy these days when I see what I perceive as an attack, it’s been happening A LOT towards JRPGs as well as anime that happens to have cute girls in it.

          • Ereek

            Oh, I see. I understand, it does get a bit annoying with people constantly attacking the games just because of an art style or where they were created. In general, I try not to be negative and I knew I would probably be making a rather controversial statement considering the site I posted it on.
            I just think it is a legitimate question and a good question to ask in an interview for people completely unfamiliar with the game. The official website tells us practically nothing about the characters and it gives some time for NISA to elaborate on the story while they’re at it.

      • Testsubject909

        That comment alone would get that game to sell.

        Just add innuendo up the wazoo like Ar Tonelico did, and you’d get more sales and more shame from purchasing the game.

        Win win! sorta.

    • Apollokids

      I have a lace garter on my ps3- I don’t need games to sexualize my console any further. Idea Factory and Compile heart are two mediocre developers. Your loyalty is misplaced. Look past the haze of pretty artwork, and fanservice and bland looking environments that seem to have all flat floors and no actual terrain. Past the turn based fighting system, or only the specials that are shown in this video. Without good gameplay, this game is nothing- and I am seeing nothing special. I’d be surprised if it gets favorable reviews. If it went my way, this game would bomb on release and make NIS rethink its partnerships.

      • What if some of us happen to like pretty artwork, fanservice, and turn based fighting?

        • Then you are obviously the cancer that is killing video games. Mainly just because of the fanservice part though.

          • JustaGenericUser

            I like pretty artwork, fanservice, and turn-based combat. I also liked games that don’t have fanservice and real-time combat systems. Also ones that happen to have serious stories instead of light-hearted ones like this one. What now?

            Seriously, I don’t get people who think you can only play or like one type of game. IMO, they are the true cancer because they always tell people to stop enjoying things.

          • Here here!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sadly, it’s just evidence of how far gaming needs to go. In books no one would claim dime novels, social discussion, historical documents, teen angst and whatever else has ever been published can’t exist alongside each other. And only the most foolish of fools would judge each of those by the same matrix.

            Look in theatres right now; you can go see True Grit or Tron. Both star Jeff Bridges, and both give some measure of the Jeff Bridges ‘character’ — but they are very different films. Allowing for the biggest tent possible can only help the industry.

            ….Now if someone wants to debate whether or not the industry should do better in developing the more serious side of things, that is a different issue. After Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, Persona and perhaps Uncharted, the anything close to mainstream titles that attempt this get kind of slim. Even for all the recent posturing, hot indies like Braid, Deathspank or Limbo are more about the style. But the only thing to remember if you go forward down this path is Werner Herzog is only a niche product, too.

          • Assuming Paul’s outdated joke is a reflection of his mindset. Those people are largely unreachable. They have an opinion, but few people actually listen to them. The fact that we have serious games like Heavy Rain whilst games like Disgaea still exist proves this.

          • Apollokids

            A bad game is a bad game. You can sugar coat it like they did with the first Agarest. But without gameplay, the mediocrity sets in sooner or later. It would be morally hazardous to give money to a developer for giving you sub-par games. If you want artwork and fanservice, there are legions of mangas with good stories that fit this mold. Best spend your money there giving credit where it is due.

            This next part is for M’iau M’iaut. A bad book is a bad book, its not the genre that defines this aspect but the way it is written. I don’t care that these games have fanservice or pretty artwork. But they should complement the game and its gameplay systems like its Turn Based Fighting system. They should not be the focal point on which the game props itself up.

          • Many successful games have fansercive. Not to mention you like splatter house, which itself is a form of fanservice, so aren’t you also the cancer killing /V/?

          • And the worst part is that Splatterhouse isn’t even good gore fan service. It’s a game with poor controls, poor collison, and constant recycling of the finishing moves.

            In fact, if we want to talk fan service, what about the Playboy-styled topless photos of your girlfriend you have to retrieve throughout the game? There’s not even a good story-explanation of why those pictures exist in the game. Rick actually has a girlfriend who carries semi-nude cheesecake photos of herself at all times? At least, if it were her in bondage or something, you could say that was Dr. West taunting you. But the pictures in the game do nothing but give them an extra check on the “Why we got an M rating box.”

          • Ladius

            This kind of self-righteousness, lack of flexibility (because only one kind of plot can exist, God forbids us from liking a serious political-themed JRPG like Tactics Ogre, a fable-like one like Ninokuni and a comical one like Neptunia at the same time) and fanatism (because only in videogames you see fanservice labeled as something that destroys an opus’value even before one can actually try it) is the “cancer that is killing video games”, if there is any.

          • raymk

            No mainstream games like shooters and wii type games are killing video games. Its because the of the wii that we have every system with something that envolves getting up. Besides there’s a lot of games that don’t use fanservice that come from japan. There’s also plenty that come from the west that does use fanservice.

      • Except yknow, the gameplay IS good. Idea Factory games might be too complicated for you but some of us appreciate the character customisation, item creation and most of all the detailed combo systems. Every single battle in Cross Edge was a chance for me to try out a new combo and try to get higher damage/combo hits which kept me interested in every battle, while I’d be tired of grinding in many RPGs.

        Flat floors? Really? That’s what makes or breaks an RPG for you? Seems like some people can’t get past Idea Factory’s previous bad reputation and it’s just become trendy to baselessly trash their games without playing them.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          There are few if any games that don’t recycle, use the good old palette switch or the current love of different shades of all things brown. Hell, in Red Dead I lost count of the number of times I shot the same damn horse.

        • Ladius

          Completely agree. The IFCH haters usually haven’t played more than a single games by those companies, and in the majority of cases they haven’t a clue regarding the gameplay.

          Don’t even try telling them that Generation of Chaos and some Spectral titles are practically the only heirs of Dragon Force (with some common team members), or that the Agarest games actually have less fanservice and more serious plots than many other series (fanservice is mainly a marketing tool, with 30-seconds cutscenes spawning every x hours if you meet some rather obscure requirement), or that Trinity Universe and Neptunia’s turn based battle systems are more original and well thought than many traditional turn based rehashes lauded simply becuase they are identical to 16bit era-games.

          Also quoting hard the paragraph about complication: if there is a fault with some IFCH games is that they are too deep for many jrpg gamers, and are lacking in serious tutorials (GoC4 was the worst offender among the localized titles).

          But no, they are all shxt because they are low budget, because they are perceived as oh-no-fanservice (and you know, sexy equals EVIL) and because the first PSP ports’bad loading generated a bad word of mouth.

          • Ereek

            I’m not sure if your last part is targeting me in particular, but I posted this below and I believe it’s relevant here:

            I didn’t mean to sound like I wouldn’t play the game based off of the fanservice. If you play niche Japanese games you have to have more than a little tolerance for this. I just wanted to know more about the characters beyond the first impression of sexualized consoles.

            That said, Agarest definitely had some serious issues it needed to clean up. It’s in no way a perfect game, but I enjoyed it. It’s unfortunate that I had to play the absolutely butchered European version.

            GoC is far and away their best title in the last few years.

          • Ladius

            I wasn’t targeting you at all, I usually read your posts with pleasure and saw nothing wrong with your questions about the game (well, I think hoping to have uber-detailed personalities in a game that is openly parodistic in nature isn’t the best way to go, but that’s a matter of tastes) ^^

            The ones I (and Sieghardt, I imagine) was answering were those “I hope it bombs” and “you’re the cancer of gaming” comments from Apollokids and Paul.

            Regarding IFCH games’ quality by no means I’m saying that they are masterpices or that every single one is a good game: the GoC titles and Spectral ones are my personal favourites (even if they are widely different depending on the single titles), while I found Neverland Card Battles to be utterly boring and Agarest too repetitive for its own good (while by no means a bad game, even if its formula need improvements to the tactical formula). Rogue Hearts Dungeon is a good title that has a cult following in its niche, and I think Trinity Universe was really interesting because of its unique kind of dungeon crawling, hybrid battle system and quirky humour (no, we don’t need every single jrpg to be pull a Tactics Ogre or Front Mission 5, even if I’m the first to drool on that kind of plots because I also love serious, no-nonsense political and war stories).

          • JustaGenericUser

            I only played two of their games (well, the ones that I’m aware were made by them), I pre-ordered Neptune though. Cross Edge WAS okay but it had one of the worst plot progression systems of all time, and the battle system… egads. So much potential, but it had so much BS such as the fact that you ALWAYS have to skip a turn to get double AP to even do a decent attack while enemies never have to skip turns. Also pretty much nothing was explained, I had to read a darn guide to even figure out what the heck stuff like Be-II or whatever mean. I won’t get into the true end requirements.

            The next game I played is Trinity Universe. Ah, so, sooooo much better in pretty much every way. The battle system, plot progression, and true end requirements are all less BS, and the game is more enjoyable overall.

            I haven’t played Agarest, probably never will because I have a PS3 and it’s still almost $50, and it’s like 10 GB. Thanks a lot, Sony.

            So right now for me, these two companies are “okay.” I’ll probably have a final opinion of them when I play Neptune.

          • I really liked Cross Edge’s battle system, once I got the hang of it.

            I will say, though, that you’re not really missing much by not downloading Agarest. That game has a great storyline, but, god, is the gameplay ever a chore.

          • Apollokids

            You should not get Agarest. Get disgaea and you will be happier for it.

        • Apollokids

          Yeah i bought agarest. Was one of the decisions i regret. The music just cuts into your ears. The maps were bland. The alchemy was good. The way to get rare items was simplistic. The “hd” sprites bored me. Your first move/ placement of heroes is the same. It just couldn’t deliver the same way Disgaea could. And yeah, ill be as shallow as to say that in this decade, flat floors piss me off. Ill forgive it if the gameplay is good, but if the game sucks, people will bring attention to the most inane detail and blow it up hugely.

          Oh and some systems of Cross Edge are COPY PASTE into agarest. Thats the mark of mediocrity. I’m pretty sure it was the item creation system that they copied over.

          • haisihwait

            You do know that Agarest was made in japan a year before Cross Edge right?

            And to me the the music was average until i heard the battle theme of the dark knight, And the god’s theme in post game then it was awesome.

          • Apollokids

            Why am i even arguing this with you? You say no copy paste. But there was. I don’t care who came first. My point is that the system is the same. Next time i won’t even bother to connect the dots if you can’t. Its the mark of mediocrity from the developer.

    • RupanIII

      ‘What are their conflicts….I want to know more about the characters themselves and their motivations.’

      ..I think you might be reading into it a bit too much

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Perhaps a few others have tried to read a bit into Ereek’s comments, too though. From what I see there, and other things posted, (s)he loves this stuff as much as the rest of us nerds.

        That being said, far as characters go, it looks like we’re gonna get a selection of most of our fav food groups — twin tails, loli, tsun tsun, MILF, best friend and I’m sure others. Pick your poison and enjoy once February comes…..and I’ll personally take issue with anyone here who would begrudge anyone that! :P

        • Ereek’s a woman.

          • Ereek

            I am, thanks Tommy! I know the name might be a little confusing, but it’s not pronounced like “Eric.”

            And to M’iau M’iaut, I do enjoy these games! Ar tonelico is one of my favorite series on the PS2, despite all of the fanservice. I enjoyed Agarest quite a bit, despite some of the pictures (some of which were hilarious). I didn’t mean to sound like I wouldn’t play the game based off of the fanservice. If you play niche Japanese games you have to have more than a little tolerance for this. I just wanted to know more about the characters beyond the first impression of sexualized consoles.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Apologizes for my own misunderstanding.

            It’s just the last few weeks have seen board behavior that we can all do better on. Of course we all are passionate about the ‘unseen side’ of gaming, but we shouldn’t and can’t all those passions to overwhelm. I’m for ribbing and jokes as much as anyone — in fact it’s evidence of a strong and appreciative community. But not every post here as of late has had as purpose, expressing our passions or ribbing those with shared passions.

            I just wanted to remind everyone of that……

        • RupanIII

          Was just teasing, as it doesn’t exactly seem like a deep and complex cast of characters, not a value judgment or anything..

          I’ll have to agree with you on the comment section in general lately, though.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Oh it’s all quite alright, I figgerd what you meant. Neptune is a fanservice focused game, and that’s how it should be judged. Hell, part of me doesn’t want a lot to get in the way of that. Take it as any prototypical harem show — sure I know it’s garbage, but a little garbage in the diet every once and awhile won’t kill ya. (Not talking garbage as ‘bad’ quality but like one of those huge lolipops from the fair or one of Carl’s/Hardees 3000 kcal shorten your life by 3 days burgers.)

          • RupanIII

            lol I like your analogy, and yea I think everyone has a little of that type of stuff in their ‘diet,’ even if they wouldn’t like to admit it. Doesn’t have to be vapid cutesy fanservice either, as somewhere else is this comment section someone made the point, is gore fanservice that much different for example?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @ Rupan, that we are up to Saw XLVII (or whatever ridiculous number), multiple Paranormal Activities and any number of knockoff TV shows, gore fanservice is even more prevalent than moe-loli-jailbait in Japan…….and it ain’t even against the law in Tokyo to boot!

            We’ve all got that kind of diet……I’ll even let you know who eat all the shonen he wants…….but will remind him from time to time that cutesy kawaii can be tasty too!

  • Are there any plans to bring over all the DLC that has been & is still being released for this game? (Characters, Items, Costumes, ect)

    • I’d like to know this the most, because I enjoyed the DLC in the Japanese version.

    • Kai2591

      I would really like to know about that too.

      I just LOVE DLCs. Especially Neptune’s.

  • Edgar Cumplido

    My Question is for the Preorder Bonus
    Will it be NIS Shop Exclusive or will it be at gamestop like Atelier Rorona where gamestop had the Box with Art Book and Game and the NIS Shop had the same but with included soundtrack?

    • I can agree with this one, I would like to know too.

    • Darkrise

      Better yet, is it just U.S exclusive?

  • Guest

    I’ll just ask this to the Siliconera community. Does this have random battles?

    • Ereek

      I haven’t played it yet, so someone who has can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going with Yes/No. Yes in that they’re “random” but not exactly in the early FF/DQ way. There’s likely a way to show you exactly when you’re going to get into an encounter. It might be a line that goes from blue, when you’re nowhere near an encounter, to red when you’re going to encounter one very soon.

      This stops you from getting encounters every five steps and limits the amount of overall encounters. It’s definitely a step up from those badly designed games with non-random encounters where if you’re running from an enemy and you hit another enemy with them still following, and you’re forced into two separate battles in a row (ala Chrono Cross).

      Some of these games with this encounter style also limit the number of encounters you can get into in each area. The result, in effect, is that it’s exactly the same as non-random encounters except you can’t see the enemies right in front of you.

      • Guest

        Ugh. So theres no real way to avoid it huh? Thanks for the detailed explanation though.

        • Ereek

          Apologies for the late reply.

          It depends on the game. Some games have items that allow you to completely avoid encounters for a limited amount of time. If it’s like Trinity Universe, it’s not too bad and I’d say there aren’t nearly enough encounters. In TU you can fight 5-6 random battles and not encounter any more. for the rest of the dungeon.

      • Sounds like the system Cross Edge had.

    • I hope so. I hate running out of enemies when I’m trying to level up.

      • Guest

        Just leave and come back…
        Err I detest random battles. I refuse to play any game with them Pokemons the only exception because it actually makes sense.

        • Being I haven’t owned a Nintendo system since the NES, what’s the explanation for random battles in Pokemon. Just curious.

          • Guest

            Well you’re looking for Pokemon and stuff right? So if you were able to see the sprites of all the Pokemon it would take away from that sense of discovery. Searching every nook and cranny and going to spots where a rare Pokemon might be is part of the fun. Even so it does get annoying but I can accept it Pokemon.

          • That makes sense, I guess. I still prefer random battles to having to return to an area so the enemies will respawn.

          • JustaGenericUser

            @ LOVEoo:

            I think he was asking how the Pokemon are encountered, not why the game has random encounters.

            @ Charles:

            Wild Pokemon appear in three places: Tall grass, inside caves, or at sea (riding on a Pokemon). No random encounters in any other terrain, and no encounters while riding the bike (I think). You can enter minimal encounters to and from an area if you try to avoid as much high grass as possible, although that’s not a good way to level your Pokemon, let alone catch any.

  • godmars

    Any chances of seeing a PSP/PSN SHMUP or Prinny hero type title?

  • Does it support custom soundtracks?

    Is it much like the classic Dreamcast title SEGAGAGA?

    Was it a fun one to translate or difficult?

  • mach

    Which studio was used to produce the English dub (and if it’s possible, can we get actor names)? Also, what percentage of lines that were voiced in Japanese will be voiced in the English version?

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    If given the chance, would you guys localize SEGAGAGA?

  • HarryHodd

    The game was patched after release in Japan. Do you know what the patch fixed?

    • The patch added the option to skip attack animations.

      • HarryHodd

        That is all?

  • this is not a question but more like a prayer to NISA inc. PLEASE PUT PRE ORDER BONUS FOR AMAZON AS WELL!! THAT IS THE ONLY PLACE I CAN BRING GAMES!! Woooooo! *cough*

    ehem, now with the questions

    Are you guys going to put some DLC in the shipped game? I seriously would like to be able to use the prinny girl! You guys should let her be free! she is the super sexy version of a prinny! :D

    What else…? I wonder what Ishaan meant with “Just don’t make any mention of panties…that’s a bit of a touchy subject at the moment.” That only make me more curious… but i guess it must be hard to censor all that xD (lets hope not)

    Anyhow i only have that one big question and the prayer, thanks for bringing us all these rpgs too! You guys are great! Happy new year!

    And ishaan, remember to put the super hero scarf to the prinny, so he wont explode

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Hoping that ‘panties’ are just a running joke with prinny’s quest for said panties right around the corner — and not some late ‘content’ concerns from some nanny with her panties in a bunch.

    • No no no, that was just a Prinny 2 joke…don’t read into it!

      • Hahaha ok xD i tend to think too much >80 thanks for clarifying that up

  • Er… This is nowhere near being a question, but throw in a “Happy New Year” in there from us to them.

  • 1. Will it support playing music from PS3 harddrive?

    2. Will Nippon Ichi, Gust, Red and 5pb DLC be available in North America?

    3. Will there be a sequel or spinoff on ps3?

    4. Is there 3 players co-op during battles (some like to use their own controller instead of passing the controller when its their characters turn) or will there be DLC to add local battles co-op, or maybe in the sequel? Will Goddess form while exploring be a feature added later on?

  • It’s a small but simple question that’s been bugging me… Why the name change? It’s such a minor one too. I just… I just can’t understand it o_o;

    • I imagine it’s because Neptune’s the name of the Roman god of the sea.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Something else is called “Neptune”, they probably wanted to avoid copyright issues or something. Which is funny because I did a wiki search and I can find a million Neptunias.

    • Trademark issues. Neptune, the term, is pretty general…

    • androvsky

      I was curious about this too, so I checked the U.S. trademark database, and sure enough, someone else has a trademark for the word Neptune in relation to computer software. While they could, in theory, work out a deal, it’s messy and definitely not worth it for what’s such a minor change.

  • silver_baron

    I think back to the recent review of Atelier Rorona on IGN that ripped it for having JRPG tropes that fans either don’t mind or even see as plusses. When the title of a review accuses the game of having child molestation jokes, you know you’re not getting a fair shake. Now, we all know that Neptunia has off-color humor, anime girls, etc. I guess that nobody can really control who their game gets given to for review, so how do you react when major review sites give your games to reviewers who don’t “get” your games?

    So, do you feel like you heavily rely on good scores from these big sites like IGN and Gamespot to drive sales of your games or do you feel you can rely to some extent on existing NISA fans, grass-roots coverage on sites like Siliconera, word of mouth, etc.? I’m not baiting for criticisms of any particular bad reviews/reviewers/sites or anything, but if NISA has a take on any of this that won’t get them in hot water with anyone I’d be interested to hear.

    • I can’t think of the last NISA game that got a good score on IGN or Gamespot, actually. Part of why I don’t read those sites.

      • JustaGenericUser

        Basically, if you want a decent review for a JRPG, either ask a fellow JRPG fan or go to japanese game-friendly sites like Siliconera. It’s pretty obvious sites like IGN hates JRPGs, unless it’s named Final Fantasy. And even then.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Sad to think IGN largely started as a fan-centered DC site, which had a huge focus on PSO and the like back in the day.

    • SolidusSnake

      Actually I’m pretty sure you can have some control of the review given to your game if you have money for the site / magazine in question. I remember awhile back when a reviewer actually got fired for giving an honest score to the first Kain & Lynch game. This is business as usual in the industry, unfortunately, so you can expect underdog publishers like NISA to fare poorly most of the time.

      • Yeah, that was Gamespot. They fired Jeff Gerstmann.

      • silver_baron

        Just for the sake of being optimistic and assuming that there’s at least some integrity in the review process on major sites I didn’t want to imply in my question that NISA automatically receives lower scores because they’re a smaller publisher. It’s more of the continued refusal on the part of large review sites to match games with reviewers who understand or respect the conventions of the reviewed game’s genre.

        I wouldn’t trust myself to make an accurate review of FPS or sports titles, and it’s similarly unfair for someone with limited knowledge of (even disdain for) RPGs and such to be entrusted with reviews for these games. It’s unprofessional and even dangerous for small publishers.

        If/when money is a factor I assume it’s more of an indirect thing, such as a.) pressure due to the ad revenue received from larger publishers or b.) apathy toward quality of review articles that won’t generate much ad revenue due to niche status.

        • I can guarantee you that this, Disgaea 4, and Ar Tonelico will get poor reviews from the mainstream sites, while whatever Call of Duty gets released next year will get, at the very least, a 9.

          Take a look at how many reviews point out how “Japan has yet to move on” from “outdated game mechanics,” totally ignoring the fact that many of us buy the games purposely FOR those mechanics.

          • Dude, Disgaea 4 will probably get 80’s and higher, youre underestimating the quality and innovation of the game, though compared with the phenomenal Call of Duty series involving modern warfares, well, maybe not rank that high.

          • Disgaea 3 got a 75 from Gamespot, a 67 from IGN, and a 67 from 1UP. I seriously doubt 4 will get anything higher from them.

            As for the Call of Duty games, I find them boring. If I were reviewing them, none of them would get higher than a 6.5 out of 10, with the majority of them in the 4’s and 5’s. And that’s because I dislike realistic first person shooter titles. If I wanted to watch that, I’d watch “The Hurt Locker” or “Restrepo” instead.

            That is also why I probably shouldn’t be the person reviewing them, as I have a pre-existing bias against them, just as the JRPG haters at most mainstream sites shouldn’t be reviewing NISA games. I said it before, if you had me review Gran Turismo 5, it would’ve gotten a horrible review, since that style of game bores the hell out of me. Doesn’t mean it’s not well-made, but it’s not what I’m into. So, I wouldn’t recommend someone trust my opinion on whether or not GT5 is a good game.

            If you want to know if you’ll like something, you need to ask those with similar opinions to you.

  • looks neat, hopefully there’s an option to switch the voices.

  • Xeahnort

    Will there be a mandatory or optional HDD install?

    Any plans for PSN avatars or themes

    Thanks for bringing us awesome titles

  • OH OH OH! Here’s a good one! Will there ever be any sort of chance that you guys would localize the Melty Blood games? Even if it’s just Re-ACT, Act Cadenza, or better yet, the newest one, Actress Again Current Code!

    I’ve done my job of supporting the series by buying all of the PC version games, but I was really hoping to see a US release of it so that I can recommend it to my friends and they don’t have to struggle with importing games.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Ohhh, good idea. Count me in about the Melty Blood thingy.

      I mean, after all, that Fate/Stay Night fighting game got localized by Capcom, so it’s not like the whole Type-Moon series doesn’t exist here.

      • On second thought, that question had nothing to do with Neptunia. It’d be pretty stupid to interject something like this in a Q&A about Neptunia…

        Oh well, it was worth even posting it on here.

  • Guest

    Can you guys add future DLC weapons like “Purple Activator”, “Black MOVE” “Green Konnect” and “WhiteMotionPlus” to the four main characters?

  • JustaGenericUser

    Pretty much all the important Neptunia related questions have been asked (DLC and such), so can I ask some non-Neptunia related ones?

    1. Ar Tonelico Qoga has been left completely intact, right? I think you might have said yes before, but I would like re-confirmation just to be sure.

    2. Are there any chances that you might localize the PSP versions of Atelier Violet and Judie?

    3. What do you think of that new PSP game called Criminal Girls?

    4. In Disgaea 4, NIS of Japan just took out that “horse” from the punishment room and replaced it with the cat enemy due to conflicts in ratings. Will the same occur in the American version? (Or maybe the player can switch what the character sits on and we just didn’t know it?)

    • You know we opened this Q&A for Neptunia. We may do a Q&A for other games like Ar Tonelico Qoga in the future, so please understand that we may not pick these questions.

      • JustaGenericUser

        I figured, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt, especially since we rarely get NISA, or any game company in general, to answer us directly.

        • Umm… we got the CEO of NISA to answer reader questions here… sure it was a few months ago, but I think we’ve been pushing the envelope on fan-powered interviews and Q&As….

  • Saranwrap

    Since pretty much all questions about Neptune have been asked, can we ask how come La Pucelle: Ragnarok has been refused for localization, especially in light of the localization of Phantom Brave PSP who had much less support then the former.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Mastiff still holds the US rights.

      • Shizuka5

        No, they don’t. Just email them about it and see it for yourself. I’d like to know about La Pucelle: Ragnarok as well, as I’ve asked a million times and have been ignored.

        • androvsky

          Mastiff may not own the rights to the Japanese game La Pucelle, but they’d almost certainly still own their own translation. Therefore, NISA would have to either buy it from Mastiff (unlikely), or start over from scratch with their own. That makes the game as expensive to localize as one that’s never been localized before, but since it’s a PSP port of an old PS2 game, the demand might not be so hot.

          • Methylene

            Actually, people have e-mailed then and they have said that they don’t own the rights to the translation anymore. So Mastiff is out of the picture, completely.

  • Natat

    Will the English dub be full? I remember that in Trinity Universe it wasn’t, and that was a bit of a dissapointment.

    • I don’t think they’ve ever done a full English dub, outside of Sakura Wars (and that might not have even been fully dubbed. I just remember it having more spoken dialogue than usual).

  • Hours

    Neptunia Question:

    -Will the US be getting all the DLC that was released in Japan?

    Non-Nepunia Questions:

    -Do you plan on releasing Atelier Totori for PS3?
    -Do you plan on releasing Atelier Violet & Judie for PSP?
    -Do you plan on releasing La Pucelle: Ragnarok for PSP?

    • I hope you understand that this Q&A is primarily about Neptunia…

      Not, is [insert title] coming here? How about [this title]?

    • Apollokids

      Do you plan on releasing La Pucelle: Ragnarok for PSP?
      I don’t think they can release La pucelle ragnarok for the psp in north america because corporate america states that Mastiff can only publish that game here. Also i think the script for the game is written internally by mastiff translation team. In japan, NIS developed and i think published the game by themselves. Probably need Mastiff to go bankrupt for this game to come our way.

  • Could you explain the origins or inspiration of using characters based on current generation consoles in Neptunia?

    Are the character’s personality traits (goddesses, HDD form) and settings reflections of the general conscience of the gaming systems?

    Did companies like Gust, Compile Heart, Nippon Ichi and others that make an appearance in this game have any input as to what their moe anime girl counterpart would appear as at all? What did they have to say about the designs?
    If not, what did the character designer how to look for when they had to illustrate the mascots?

    Could you tell us more about Nippon-chan and how close does she come to resembling the actual company? What did you think about her? I think they caught her “spunkiness”!

    How is the future forecast for DLC? Can we expect more characters available to use for battles?


  • bugmeknot

    I might have missed something here, but am I right in thinking this game let’s you use R/W discs with games presumably pirated onto them to defeat the R4 cartridge for DS? Like fighting fire with fire.

  • Methylene

    I have a question, if we feed the Prinny, will Etna kill us?

    … what? All the intelligent questions have been asked already. 8Db

  • Barrit

    After watching the English Neptunia trailer, it seems as though the boxart was censored from the original Japanese boxart (Neptune’s claw-like hand is covering up her chest). Was there anything removed/censored from the game itself?

  • Guest

    Are you guys bringing over Neptune’s DLC’s?

  • 1.Why you replace the cute loli version character art ( before henshin like in japanese/korea version) of limited edition box package and replace it with the same cover as the standard game cover art (the one with angrier look/ after henshin ) you plan to continue this practice of eliminating cute /moe/ loli/ or anime character from your cover art in the future????, if you plan to do so is there any possibilites that we could get reversible cover with anime art in your future game like ar tonelico qoqa (if you chose to remove anime art from your cover (especially us/na/asia version since looks like eu version get their rorona in the cover))

  • Neckbear

    Hopefully I’m not too late:

    What made you guys bring this game over? At a surprising speed, as well, considering other NISA releases.

    Will the DLC come over North America? If so, will it be free, or something like that?

    How hard was it to translate the game’s dialog? As far as I know, there are alot of jokes in Neptunia, and probably some of them didn’t translate well into english.

    • On the Playstation Blog, they did say that they were going to bring most, if not all of the DLC over, but it wouldn’t be free.

  • malek86

    Just one small question: is the european version going to be a joint NISA (or NISE, whatever) and Koei release, or did they simply give Koei the full rights to publish it by themselves?

    I’m not sure if this question can really be answered by the american division, but hey, I’m curios.

    • I’m curious as well, as I was hoping for a European limited edition

  • I enjoyed your quality localization of Atelier Rorona. I hope you give Neptunia one that’s on the same quirky level :).

    My question – Why the huge delay when bringing Rorona to the US and the relatively small one with Neptunia? I haven’t played HDN, but I almost know for a fact that AR is a superior game…just asking.

    I won’t ask if you’ll bring Totori, but I sure hope so, looks a lot better than Rorona, and I loved it!

  • Is the limited edition/premium edition version of the game gonna be available outside of NA? Like in Singapore?

  • Is this going to be like a pokemon game were you take turn to attack

  • ugh too many game critics >.<

  • Is it true were not getting the OST CD and Beach towel for our Premium edition? I REALLY want that CD so i can blast it off in my living room.

  • animeftw999

    well the US ever get the korean version?

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