Virtual-On Force Is Region Free (And In English!)

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 11:35am

image While Virtual-On Force has not been announced for North America, it is import friendly. Over on the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force blog, Murayama from the porting team announced the Xbox 360 game is region free and is translated into English.


Play-Asia confirms this by noting the cheaper Asian region version is region free too.


The news comes to us from Kris who’s daydreaming about a Temjin 707 vs. Temjin 747 battle in class. Thanks to Sega-Addicts and Mecha Damashii for pointing this out!

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  • neo_firenze

    This is pretty good news, but also seems like an implicit announcement that it’s never getting an actual US release. Most Japanese publishers, Sega included, don’t allow their 360 releases to be region free if there’s any future chance of localization (or licensing to another company to localize/publish). Not that it’s terribly surprising that Sega would think a 10 year old arcade game with niche appeal wouldn’t sell well in the western 360 market.

    Anyway, good news for people who can’t play Japanese region-locked 360 games!

    • Guest

      I cant imagine those 360 Japanese visual novel developers have any hopes for their games being released outside of Japan. Any SRW game too especially. Or even Galgun for that matter.

  • This would be good for me if I was still a Virtual-On fan and had the ability to create my own twin stick arcade controller.

    But for those still in love with Sega’s unique fighting game, this is very good news indeed.

  • godmars

    So I don’t see why they just don’t release it worldwide. They’ll get more sales that way than they will through people actually having to go to the trouble of importing them. Even in this day and age.

  • shion16

    PS3 VERSION PLZ!!!!!!
    FOR ME T.T!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kris

      I wish, since I don’t like the staggered sticks for playing twin-stick style.
      Still, Microsoft touts Virtual On as a pretty big exclusive in Japan as far as I can tell, so I don’t see it happening, sadly.

      I’m just glad that this release is Region-free!

      • shion16

        with this one and monster hunter, microsoft is getting more and more stronger in japan

        • godmars

          You have gone beyond the realm of ROFL. The 360 MH, which was a PC port didn’t make a dent in sales. Likewise I doubt this one will either. VO fans will certainty buy it, but few others.

          As a VO fan this upsets me since as a straight port that really adds nothing it should be on all consoles, maybe as a DL, yet MS convinced Sega to release it as an exclusive.

  • doubletaco

    One, please.

  • Guest

    What?? So then… why dont they just make all those obscure Japanese 360 titles region free?? More munny

  • I bought a PS3 so I could play region-free games like this and now they’re all going to 360. :P

  • PrinceHeir

    oh my man i would love to play Virtual On on PS3 :)

    i played on the arcades with those dual joystick. it was fun as hell ^^

  • So both the Japanese and Asia releases were region-free? As far as I could tell, only the Asia release was confirmed (through Play-asia) as being region-free. (Tried reading the linked blog, but had trouble understanding the version posted by Google’s translator)

    In either case, if the JPN version is indeed region-free as well, going to be keeping my eyes out for any CEs possibly still around. Only reason I initially passed on that version was not having any way to play the game included with it. ><

    • Sega’s blog says both, but Play-Asia only confirms the Asian region version.

  • if every japanese games is like this …

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