It’s Time To Talk About Devil Survivor Overclock For Nintendo 3DS [Update 2]

By Spencer . January 4, 2011 . 5:26pm

imageAtlus’ first Nintendo 3DS project is about to be revealed and it’s part of their Devil Survivor strategy series. Famitsu has the scoop on Devil Survivor Overclock this week, but scans have not surfaced yet.


We’re searching for them and will update this post with information as soon as we have more details.


Update: Details from message boards explain Devil Survivor Overclock is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor with extra content. The Nintendo DS game gets full voice acting and more detailed graphics on Nintendo 3DS.


Atlus also added a new episode called the 8th day (no spoilers, please!) and more demons. Devil Survivor Overclock has over 150 demons for players to find. The game is presently 90% complete.


Update 2: Devil Survivor Overclocked has the same layout as the Nintendo DS game, according to the Famitsu scan. That means menus on the top glasses-free 3D screen. Fights, spell effects, maps, and event scenes are on the touch screen. Unfortunately, the bottom screen is not a 3D screen.
Thanks for the scan B.K.


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  • SolidusSnake

    Sweet! I loved the idea of using a family-friendly handheld gaming system to summon demons and Devil Survivor had an outstanding story in general. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about this one.

  • kylehyde

    Good news to me I loved the DS game and I hope that i could see more about midori, a lot more.

    Forget what I said I’m dissapointed.

    • Guest


  • I LOVED Devil Survivor. It was a great DS game, a few of my favorites. Anything related would be good.

    • Argh how was it?! Ive been dying to land my hands on a copy because it seemed like a great way to step into SMT…

      • Chiupon

        It’s absolutely amazing. <3

      • It’s probably few of the best games you can play on the DS. You should DEFINI-oh wait.

        You won’t like it. It has no voice acting.

        • >xD

        • lulz

        • Come on dude dont be like that, I played through Golden Sun which has no voice acting, certainly Devil Survivor isnt as retro as that, lol.

          • Dude. Just in the last thread, you were complaining about a game having no voice acting whatsoever. Now, you’re entirely contradicting yourself by saying that right now.

            Don’t give me the “but it isn’t a visual novel” or whatnot, because a lot of JRPGs have MASSIVE scripts. Most do have voice acting these days, but I don’t really care if it’s there or not.

            But the game itself is worth buying.

          • NeoTechni

            What kind of game was he complaining about no voice acting? Was it a portable game for a system with barely any capacity for it? Or a console game with gigabytes to spare?

          • He was complaining about Ghost Trick and Phoenix games not having any voice acting.

          • That was really posted? The bottom line to our line of thinking for voice acting is that a game isnt unplayable if it has no voice acting whatsoever, the lack of voice acting acts as an limiting factor to the goodness of a game but in no way leads to not buying and playing a game.

          • @Tsunayoshi Sawada

            I’m not going to continue babysit you after this post.

            You say that everytime you read about something that doesn’t have voice acting. You’ve been doing that ever since you got here as Yosuke Fullbuster Uzamaki. There is no need to do it in everything you see. Yeah, having voice acting is nice and often adds emotion, but you (ALWAYS) make it sound like a game isn’t worth buying because it doesn’t have voice acting. Can you even read books unless it’s an audiobook?

            If you really love voice acting so much go play Chaos Wars or Arc Rise Fantasia. I don’t have a preference in the language dub, but those were truly horrendous English dubs.

            Lastly, if this video doesn’t leave you feeling even slightly sad, then… Well… I wouldn’t have any words for you. It’s all just music and text.


          • Wait! Did everyone see what was just written? The bottom line to our line of thinking for voice acting is that a game isnt unplayable if it has no voice acting whatsoever, the lack of voice acting acts as an limiting factor to the goodness of a game but in no way leads to not buying and playing a game.

            So, either Tsuna is Venom or there are, as some of us suspected, multiple people posting under the same name.

          • SolidusSnake

            “So, either Tsuna is Venom or there are, as some of us suspected, multiple people posting under the same name. ”

            Sure man, there’s no way any one troll would be THAT dedicated.

          • Dude, why does one think Im a troll, heh, the point of linking my blog to this, my disqus profile, was for the sake of showing that I am truly sincere in all that I post here and that it accurately portrays my true feelings and emotions rather than being a place to carry out an escape from the real world by using ulterior thoughts and patterns to turn the site upside down and take over the comments section by storm with ridiculous, silly, and downright repulsive lines of thought. Dedicated? Of course Im dedicated, its my own sincere thinking, I wouldnt change it for the world. Maybe, through the learning and grasping of ideas, but at its core, its me, as I am in the real world and online through aim, msn, formspring, tumblr, raptr, gamespot, neogaf, siliconera, facebook, and any other site Im apart of.

            @Firo… Im just used to having full voice overs, so it was always shocking to just not encounter it in game. I said it and I meant it, and I will never go back on my word (for that is my nindo, my ninja way), but the lack of VA will not make a game not worth buying. Maybe I am at fault for slightly exaggerating its effect on me, but at the end of the day, VA is only a tiny part of a game and to be honest, its the gameplay that truly counts, as a game could be drastically boring but have outstanding voice actors, and it would be a tragic experience and dull and a waste of my time and money. If I truly exaggerate it that much then I will add it to my list of statements to decease or avoid saying, I hate to fall victim to sounding like a broken record and boring people to deaths, lol.

          • Ereek

            This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone call Golden Sun retro.

            I’m not sure what I expected out of this moment, but it certainly wasn’t this.

          • GoldenSun retro? hahahahahaha … wtf

          • What? It isnt retro, it seems like its in the same exact style of games from the early part of last decade…retro.

          • OVERUSED


          • Believe it or not, his blog says he’s 23….

          • Actually 22…why, its a shame that as an elder member on this site I get such undue treatment at times…

          • >retro


          • Lolretro

            I highly suggest you read and educate yourself.

          • Golden sun is not retro lol -.-‘ final fantasy 1 is retro if you want me to give an example

          • 1) There are plenty of people older than you on this site as well as younger than you.
            2) Your behavior and attitude is what one would expect out of someone 10 years younger than you, hence the surprise when they all find out your age. For example, you’re one of the few “adults” in the world who would actually quote something from Naruto and form your philosophy around it.
            3) You already do sound like a broken record.
            4) Golden Sun’s formula/style is not old enough to be called retro. Old (w/o the “e” you always add at the end. That just makes it sound like you think something is older than retro) perhaps, which some might find debatable as well, but definitely not retro.

        • I love you, no homo.

        • Oh u. I lol’d

        • Ohohoho looks like from the scan Alexander Groce provided, it will be full voiced! But that’s the only one I can tell. The rest of the scan is just too blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

          This should be good news for our Tsuna chan. To get mauled by overpowered devils :3

  • EvilAkito

    Awesome. Devil Survivor was a great game, but it would have been better if it had a bigger selection of demons and a better interface (plus the ability to catalog and buy back demons like in the other games). I hope to see them make the necessary improvements in this one.

  • Oh god, /yes/.

  • neocatzon

    Nice, I hope there’s online devil auction

  • pridesin

    I hope Atlus decide to use same artist for the Devil Survivor on 3DS. I really like the art style of Devil Survivor, Strange Journey art style kind of make human being look scary.

    • Exkaiser

      “…make human being look scary.”
      Welcome to Megaten.

    • Have you played Persona 2/Raidou Kuzunoha or anything pre-Persona 3? The art style’s pretty much Kaneko Kazuma’s trademark

      • pridesin

        I only played Nocturne, So I am more familiar with Persona 3 art style (Also, I am kind of into Animation, so prefer that kind of art style).

  • animeftw999

    omfg awesome a new game
    truly best DS game i have ever played music was awesome,plot chacters evrything also hope they add some way to get back ur old demons after fusing them

  • Guest

    Please add an easy mode! I sucked at this game…

    • Hraesvelgr

      Also add an intelligent AI mode! So many game overs just from AI partners you have to protect dying because they ran straight for the enemy and died in one turn.

      • Ohh i hate that, like PROTECT X CHARACTER, and then the character moves in the midle of 4 summons and gets pwned

      • SolidusSnake

        The stupid thing is they usually weren’t even “partners” but just some random stupid civilians you were trying to save… so many missions I had to repeat just because my strategy had to be completely organized around compensating for NPCs’ stupidity.

  • ECM

    So you made a post to tell us you’re going to…make another post.

    The Internet (and the drive for traffic/I had it first) has become a little nutty.

    • No, we made a post to tell you the game exists. Devil Survivor Overclock was in Famitsu’s table of contents. Considering there are a bunch of SMT and Atlus fans here we thought you guys would like to know.

      When scans come out we’ll update the same post with details.

      • Guest

        I’ve been meaning to ask. Any info on that DQX rumor? Some people are saying Aussie-Nintendo got V-Jump mixed up and there will be no announcement next month. I figured if it was true or false you guys would have posted up something about it now.

        • I saw that image on a few Japanese blogs. It didn’t say anything about DQX. :p

          • Guest

            That’s all I need to know. ;P

        • Is this that dragon picture thing that says V-Jump is delayed?

          • Guest

            I guess so. A-N, GN, and now Destructoid have picked it up.

            UPDATE: Is there a limit to threaded messages? I can’t reply to your bottom post.
            Well a big news story gets posted everywhere regardless. I know you guys dont post normal news just to post it. That said DQX is big and if a revealing was announced I’d expect you guys to post something about it. But apparently this DQX news was just lost in translation…or something.

          • We wouldn’t just post something other sites post, but if it’s that dragon picture it doesn’t say anything about Dragon Quest X. I don’t even know how that rumor got started.

    • Guest

      This confirms a new game that has only been 1 list for half a year now. This says a lot. The Atlus games on the 3DS apparently wont be just ports of their DS/PSP counterparts. This IS news. Though Overclock sounds like the title for an enhanced port instead of a sequel.

    • Have something againts SMT? Uh!? HOW DARE YOU!?


      • Guest

        Slow down and read (also remove caps) because he isn’t even badmouthing SMT.

        • Sorry i know is hard to know in the internet, but i was actually joking :P

          I thought the excess of Caps would make it clear, the sudden “anger” and with the “Uh?!” making it feel even more sudden, but it seems it didnt, and with the finishing sentence… I thought it would be pretty hard to take it seriously, Oh well…

          • Guest

            But you use caps and all that internet speak a lot. It’s hard to tell if you’re ever serious.

          • Heh, in my opinion is all the contrary, is hard to know if someone is being serious

  • I am crying tears of joy at the promise of playing a possible remake or sequel of Devil Survivor. Man, I loved that game.

  • YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Now, let’s save money for the 3DS…. after getting ghost trick, neptune, ar tonelico 3, agarest war zero… and i know there are more… god T_T

    Edit: whaaaaat? just a port, even with the extra feature that is kinda lazy atlus D: is not like the game was released that long ago

    • Hopefully it comes out in the summer, after browsing Amazon filling my list for 2010, this spring for me is gonna be packed with so many anime on Blu-Ray (zomg there is Eva 2.22, Soul Eater, FLCL, FMA: Brotherhood, and I wanna get Durarara, and Baccano) ^_^, as well as a few of the games you mentioned, and a 3DS on day 1…

      • You do know this is a video game site right? You do also know this is not your blog or a fangirl site, right? Wait, you’re a guy… This has just turned creepy…

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          Well to be honest this site also covers anime and manga, but I’m pretty sure that’s only during the weekends.

          • Completely forgot about that, but it’s primarily about video games, and not a blog or fan girl site which makes my reply so creepy, since he’s a guy, 22 at that.

          • Jaxx-Leviathan

            … says “Loli Desu”… >_>’

    • Testsubject909

      I won’t bother buying the 3DS. Definitely not at launch.

      I’ll secure some of the games I definitely want to play, such as Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright.

      But aside from that… I’ll patiently wait for the 3DS to go down in price while I secure other games I want to play, mainly for my PS3 this year.

      • Joanna

        that’s my plan too~
        But rather than a price drop, I’m waiting for the sexy redesign. >:)

  • Slashlen

    This makes me very happy, even if it turns out to be a remake. Devil Survivor is my favorite DS game.

    I may have to pick up a 3DS sooner rather than later.

  • Ren

    I wish you gave us a Laplace Mail telling when the scans will surface, after all, there’s nothing like a creepy mail telling you how the world is going to get fucked up today to relieve the waiting.

  • MarkMario

    *v* I died *v*

  • Guest

    I hope they really up the graphics and take advantage of the 3DS power. I want demon’s lunging at me in 1st person in 3D

    • LOL dude, you said exactly what was on my mind!

    • I’d say it will pull a Strange Journey and have animated sprites in battle, but I can’t see it going further than that.

  • Man i can’t play devil survivor again, i already invested 100+ in getting all the endings and i rather not go through that again (i know i dont have to but I’m a completionist). I’ll just spend my money on newer games than rerelease of existing game even with extra content. Also the more I hear about developer comment about the 3DS, the less chance I would even want to buy it at launch :(

  • I really loved Devil Survivor (as I do all Shin Megami Tensei games), but this just feels a bit soon. I’d think I’d have preferred a sequel rather than a spiffed up rerelease.

    It is a great game though, so maybe it’ll help get more people to buy the game. (Or encourage more 3DS and DS owners to find a copy of the original DS Devil Survivor.)

    • nyrjin

      I agree. But as things go, it doesn’t seem like a bad choice based on Atlus’ methods of operations. They seem to focus on making the first game on a new hardware a form of experiment almost. Since the 3DS probably doesn’t have huge requirements on the developing end, they probably feel more open to using something that is already known and loved. Then compare it to Catherine, where they went into something new for them, I would think without as much expectation from the development team, so they wouldn’t risk the possibility of an accidental calamity on one of their main series’.

      Wow, I just made a horribly specific assumption.

      Also, as far as I’m concerned, devil survivor felt like it was missing a little bit of something. But nothing story related though…

  • ShinGundam

    Pointless port >____< 3DS is backward compatible with DS.

    • The extra content might be worth it. But I am hoping there is a little more than what we have seen thus far. The more demons thing gives me the impression that we will be able to use the demon bosses(Hopefully). The voice acting is ok, but the 8th day should make the pace of the game a little less Hectic for me.

      • Sadly I doubt we’ll be able to use the Baal characters, cool as some of them might be.

      • Joanna

        I’m kind of confused what you mean by the 8th day will make the game less hectic for you. It’s not like it’s real time, nor is there any thing that is timed in real time from what I recall. The day system just makes you choose between certain events. And you can grind without using time….so I’m confused how the day system in devil survivor could be perceived as hectic. :/

  • Guest

    The sprites were pretty bad in the original. Wonder if they’re getting 3D models or redrawn sprites. KitN PSP visual enhancements were extremely minor I hope its more than that. Oh and hopefully they’re animated as well.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Right when I was just getting back into the game this news comes out. Ah well, maybe they’ll also add new routes in this version as well. I would love to have endings for Keisuke, Midori, Misaki and the others

  • SolidusSnake

    It’s just a remake? Oh… well… I guess that will save me $250 + the cost of this game that I can put to other uses.

    • SolidusSnake

      Man, I’m gonna be so pissed if the Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey titles Atlus announced for 3DS months ago turn out to be ports as well.

      • Exkaiser

        I don’t know about you, but I want the Megaten title for the 3DS to be a remake of Old Testament Megami Tensei.

        • SolidusSnake

          I could dig it, although I’d rather have a completely new title.

          A remake of Shin Megami Tensei 1&2 might also work since we didn’t get the GBA version.

          • Maybe they could update the first games with better graphics. The stories are for the most part fine and the gameplay isn’t too bad but it would be nice to look at something a bit more impressive.

        • I still need Soul Hackers. Nemissa >_<

          • malek86

            We can always hope for that translation team to actually finish their job soon.

          • It’d be awesome if that happens… I wonder what happened to the Tales of Destiny 2 translation project.. It’s been a couple of years

  • xNekux

    so basically… Devil Survivor + DLC
    I wanted an actual sequel… :(

    • kylehyde

      same here

    • Joanna

      Yeah me too. I can’t see myself buying this game again for voice acting and a bit more content. I bought Devil Survivor Day 1 too. Maybe if this ever drops to 20$ but I will not bite for more (the most I’m willing to pay to see the extra stuff).

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Well, the story was so awesome that it should deserve a voice over, so I’m okay with this remake.

  • kylehyde

    A remake of the game that only has been released two years ago for a system that can play the original?? Atlus have to be f*ck!ng kiddin us, seriously I’ve never expected this lazy choice from them, maybe from other companies (cough cough namco banda cough cough EA) but from them, seriously this sounds too cheap on their side.

    Gosh even a remake of the first persona or shin megame tensei game would be more acceptable than this, don’t get me wrong, I played and loved the original game (so much that when I wanted a sequel) but is only two years old. I’ve never expected to say this but, Atlus has dissapoint me this time, specially because I know that they can do it better (a lot better), I still admire atlus, but I just hope that this is only a little slip and not the beginning of a series of cheap decisions under Index Holding and I hope that the next Atlus game for 3DS would be an original and good one.

    • Zeik56

      Then don’t buy it. I can’t say I’m happy that they’re porting this so soon instead of actually making a new game either, but if I don’t feel it’s worth it I won’t buy it. Simple as that.

      Why do people on the internet always feel the need to overreact to everything?

      • kylehyde

        I know that it could be a chance for the people that didn’t play the original game, but this doens’t change the fact that this was a really lazy choice for a hardworker company like Atlus and I expected that they first offering would be original titles as happened on the previous generation and not that they take the namco bandai route (remakes and ports).

        Why do people on the internet always feel the need to overreact to the personal opinions of other persons?

        • Extra_Life

          A port isn’t unexpected, given the 3DS is a new platform and Atlus probably want to show fans that they are a presence on the system. A port of a two year old game is an easy way for them to establish themselves on the machine giving some a chance to experience the game for the first time, and others a chance to play it again with the new additions if they want to.

          In the meantime, whilst a tiny fraction of their development team port this game to the 3DS, I’m sure a much larger percentage are working on something fresher for the machine.

          • kylehyde

            I’m agree that a port is unexpected, it was unexpected to me because I know that they can do the things a lot better.

            “A port of a two year old game is an easy way for them to establish themselves on the machine giving some a chance to experience the game for the first time”

            Maybe thats their plan, but in the previous generation they surprise us with original titles like trauma center and I wanted to see a similar approuch, in other words, that their first batch of games would be composed of titles that we have never seen before, that show the originality and quality that Atlus put in their works. For that reason it surprise that they taked a cheap route.

            But my main worry is about how Atlus will work in a future, I know that the ceo’s said that the things will be ok and that nothing is going to change, personally I want to believe this, but something tell me that this is like the times when the parents said to their kids that the things between them are ok and some time later the divorce happen. What I’m trying to say is that I’m afraid that this is a sign of a change that many of us didn’t want to happen because certainly for me this kind of move is really weird considering that they pur a lot of effort, but as I said before I hope that this turn in a slip.

          • Extra_Life

            I’m going to remain optimistic, Atlus haven’t really done wrong by me yet, and you never know, whilst 10% of their Dev team work on this, maybe 35-40% on Catherine, whilst the rest are happily beavering away on Persona 5 or the next main SMT game (and I’m sure they have been for some time, announcement or not), that oughtta pique your interests, no?

          • kylehyde

            I know that they have Catherine on works (which I won’t buy because I don’t have HD consoles and are not in my list of future adquisitions as oposed to the 3DS, don’t get wrong I think that the game is going to be great but, well I root more 3DS) and probably other games under the sleeve, but I will prefered to wait even 3 years for see a good and well build 3Ds atlus title instead of a rushed product as their first 3DS just for trying to build a name in a easy way.

    • Joanna

      I agree with you, this is disappointing. But all well, what can you do. Like I said elsewhere, I’m not going to get this since I already have the original that I paid full price for. I would pick this up if it were just 20$, since I think that is a fair price for all the extras, but since Atlus games rarely ever fall that cheap, I will most likely never get this game.

      I’m still going to remain optimistic and hope this is simply a quick move on their part to show SMT fans that they will be heavily supporting 3DS. Hopefully by the end of 2011 and into 2012, we will have another Etrian Odyssey, Trauma game, SMT, and maybe even an original I.P. (like Radiant Historia). :)

  • BK0000

    The game takes place on the bottom screen and the top is just used for menus and stats. Talk about a really cheap port.

    • WAITWHAT!? T_T

      Where’d you hear this from?

      • From the Original Devil Survivor, I’d suspect

      • BK0000

        In the Famitsu article, the only screenshots that are widescreen are the menu screens. The others are the same aspect ration as the regular screens.

        • Maaaaaaannnn… that’s totally laaaaaaame…

          • Agreed. : (

            Well, seems like I won’t be selling my DS copy no longer.


  • I found this scan on gamefaqs.

    It’s a double page spread.

    • Im liking what I see, thanks for that. Did they mention it gets a new soundtrack too?

  • PrinceHeir

    why didn’t atlus made a sequel on it?(haven’t played it to determine if the story is finished or not)

    oh well hopefully we get another Shin Megami game for the 3DS :)

  • malek86

    A DS port? Eh, ok then. Next, please.

  • This is one of the most worthless remakes Ive ever seen.

    I hope the other 2 shin megami games arent as worthless

  • Just saw Princess Crown being offered below this news post…Please someone make a localised enchanced port for the PSP, 3DS (or hell the PSP2).

    *ahem* anyway I would be somewhat disappointed if not for the fact this is ANOTHER Shin Megami Tensei releated game that I have yet to beat.

  • “90% complete.” Yeah, with as much content as they’re reusing, it had better be.

    That said, I never picked up Devil Survivor for DS because it never hit that $20 sweet spot—so if this new game comes out in the US and fails at retail, or kicks the old game’s value to the curb…eh, I guess it works.

  • Am I the only one seeing the 3DS as a glorified ‘port-to’ system at this point? If it had some actual original content, a sequel to something as great as Devil Survivor or anything SMT, for instance, I would have likely jumped on a gaming system with so much potential HARD at launch.

    To me, it’s just a sign of holding off if not evading entirely.

    • Well, not everyone here has seen the second update and/or the scans yet. Now that I have though, I agree with you. Although this seems like a P3FES to P3 thing, with more demons than the original and the 8th day scenario.

    • Dude, youre just realizing it will have many ports, the Star Fox, OoT, Metal Gear, One Piece, Tom Clancy,, didnt raise these flags for you? I guess its a decent way to quickly get games on the system, and make 2011 packed with games hopefully, I hope we do not end up with a 1.5 year drought of 3DS games or else I will be angry for picking the 3DS up on day 1, lol.

      • That’s the problem – I was fully aware and that’s what turned me off to the concept initially months back. We’re STILL not getting anything new that catches my interest outside of ports of things I’ve already played and to that I take issue.

        I’d rather wait til it drops in price if I decide to pick it up, if I feel like it.

        • gatotsu911

          There are at least a few noteworthy new titles coming out for the system, namely Paper Mario 3D (a must-buy for me), Mega Man Legends 3, Resident Evil Revelations, and the three Level-5 games. They’re certainly outnumbered by the ports and remakes, but at least they exist.

  • Yesshua

    Oh man. That’s rough. It took me forever to track a copy of Devil Survivor down, and now that I have it Atlus goes and announces a better version? That’s brutal.

    Will I buy it? It’s not impossible. Atlus has an uphill battle convincing me the new content is worth it though. You know, if they even translate this.

  • My favorite game genre is Tactical RPG. This is a great year for me with Tactics Ogre PSP and this port. Sadly I realize only few tactical rpg are released nowadays.
    I hope the 3DS will get many, like the DS. I like serious plot and “political” driven ones though. I don’t like much the FFTA and Disgaea series.
    I pray that Mastuno will continue his series at Square Enix :)

    As for Devil Survivor 3DS i hope Atlus will not make the mistake of not keeping the japanese voices for the US Release.

    • I heard the cartridge packs more space, perhaps they will be able to have dual language on the cartridges for 3DS games?

    • I love Disgaea, but if it’s serious and/or political plots you looking for have you played Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for PSP?

      • Yes. I played all of Matsuno games till now. Can wait to see his new projects

  • thebanditking

    Wow here I was thinking I would have another game to make me want a 3DS and they go and do this? Lame does not even cover it, for one the bottom screen should never be used for a graphical display on the 3DS as its both smaller and lower in overall resolution, meaning this game will likely feature very little in the way of actual presentation enhancements. Atlus I am a very disappointed in you…

  • vadde939

    Hmmm I never played the DS version but I just might be interested in this.

  • I love Atlus games but I have to say I was hoping for a second game in the Devil Survivor series, not a remake. Sure it’ll be nice getting to hear Naoya, Haru and Amane and I like getting more demons but this really isn’t what I was hoping for.

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