Get A Gold Award From Famitsu, Get A Bottle Of Dom Pérignon Too

By Spencer . January 5, 2011 . 1:31am

imageFamitsu’s gold medal awards come with an actual prize for publishers, a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne to commemorate the achievement.


Hiroyuki Miura, producer of SaGa 3: Ruler of Space-Time – Shadow or Light, posted pictures of the lavish gift given to him by Famitsu’s editorial department.


Games with a a gold awards have a score between 32 and 34. Higher than gold is the platinum award for games, which range from 35-39 on Famitsu’s scale. A perfect score from the magazine is 40, which would mean all four reviewers gave the game a 10. Hmm… I wonder what kind of gift Famitsu gives when a title gets a perfect score.


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  • PrinceHeir

    soo nice :D

    ” Hmm… I wonder what kind of gift Famitsu gives when a title gets a perfect score.”

    maybe a golden statue or something? :D

    • kactaplb

      a gundam. rawr.

    • Buy one, get one free!

  • A perfect 10 out 10 is either a hot female to be used for their pleasure for a year or a rare model kit. I’m guessing the majority would choose the latter.

    • a hot female to be used for their pleasure for a year

      …Dude. I know you were making a wota joke, but I really hope you realize that:
      a.) there are women who read Siliconera and
      b.) the way you put this comes across as pretty fucked-up and objectifying to at least one of them.

      • A what joke now?

        a) Females? Into games? I would have never known that :O…Wait what year is this ¬_¬
        b) I didn’t put it in anyway. You read it that way (whatever that way is…You have me confuzzled). So I could say your thinking is fucked-up :) If females wanna joke about men in whatever way I’m not gonna be offended ^_^

        If it came across on the offensive side well…I hope your not offended (I’m not sorry for what I said).

        What I was joking about is a rare model kit being more appealing then a hot female.

        • “wota” = otaku. Nerd; specifically, Japanese nerd. I got the gist of your joke; my issue is with your phrasing.

          Listen, you come right out and say that the “hot female” is meant “to be used for their pleasure”. You don’t “use” human beings. You use objects. The girl is an object used to satisfy some person’s whims. That’s not my thinking. It is literally what you typed.

          …If you’d said something like “free trips to a strip club for a year”, it’d be different, and I’d have snickered instead of being creeped out. I know you didn’t really mean any harm; I just hope you understand why your comment doesn’t come across that well to me…and I’m guessing at least one other person.

          • Free trips to a strip club come when a game sells over one million.

            On one hand I see your point. On the other hand human beings are used all the time. Armies are used to fight wars, police are used to fight crimes, a man dressed in a pikachu (or whatever Pokemon is popular today) costume is used to get children and pokemon fanatics to buy pokemon stuff, butlers are used to serve their masters and kick ass* and a hot female is used to serve sushi and complete survival horror games :D

            *according to anime and some martial art films.

  • Rabid_the_Otaku

    Actually it’s backwards – The perfect score is the free gift given when the publisher gives famitsu a good enough present. (like $100,000)

    • fallen

      Yeah, y’know, this kinda makes a case against that rumor-slash-obvious-truth. Where’s a Japanese Dan Hsu when you need him, to EXPOSE THE CORRUPTIONS.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I wonder if this is just Famitsu being pretentious or if their scores really carry so much weight nowadays that it warrants a reward. :P Anyway, it will be interesting to see what is going to be the reward for a perfect score.

  • malek86

    A 32/40 is not that difficult to get nowadays, so they’ll be sending several bottles.

  • joesz

    that medal looks hot*_*
    I though it was the best award due to its weird brilliance.

  • I only know about Dom Perignon from Pawn Stars. I feel so uncultured

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