More Details And First Screens Of Devil Survivor Overclock

By Ishaan . January 5, 2011 . 11:36am

Devil Survivor Overclock on the Nintendo 3DS is an enhanced remake of Atlus’ Devil Survivor on the original Nintendo DS, announced in this week’s Famitsu magazine.


It looks a little sharper and a little bigger on the Nintendo 3DS, even though the action is confined to the system’s non-3D bottom screen.


The top screen is reserved for menus and information. Famitsu point out that the increase in resolution and screen size of the bottom screen — 320 x 240 as opposed to the original DS’ 256 x 192 — means that messages and other text are now easier to read, and map width has increased. Additionally, you can now select a difficulty level to play the game on.


To recap last night’s news, Overclock also adds a new scenario taking place on the 8th day after the 7 of the original story. It also comes with 150 demons, where the original Devil Survivor only had 130. In addition, Atlus added voice-acting to the game — there are 20,000 lines of voiced dialogue.


Here’s a comparison of the two, with the original Devil Survivor on top, and Devil Survivor Overclock below it:




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  • Draparde

    Watch a Disgaea 3 port be on the 3DS. (i’d so get it…)

    on topic: i love me some crispy-clean art :D.

    • I dont know, I cant imagine how they would fit it on the 3DS as well as keep dual language tracks, as going from a Blu-Ray to a smaller cartridge, something is going to have to give way?

      • It depends. The ISO for Disgaea 3 is 1.6 GB, a lot of which I’m sure is composed of uncompressed audio and other assets. If they could stream the larger battle maps from the cart well enough, the game would look and play fine.

        • I don’t really get why FF13 didn’t need install data to play smoothly and disgaea had to install a 500megas install data, i never thought the strategy maps and turned based game was that hardcore xD

          • Well the maps were in 1080p if I remember? And it could play both audio tracks with no loading in between them, actually, was there any loading in Disgaea?

          • Well, starting (loading) the game is the only loading i remember in disgaea (and i just some seconds for the game to load), but its not like i’d expect a game like disgaea to have lag/loading screens you know, disgaea 2 didnt had if i remember correctly, can’t say much about Disgaea 1, it’s been a while since i played it.

            And FF13’s with its higher everything in the tech/visual aspects, had the loading screen only changing the map, but i really think it was pretty fast anyway, resonance of fate felt more laggy and it has a 4 or 5 gigs install, the only loading that bothered me in FF13 was the one after loading the game…

        • Didn’t like the developers stated Disgaea 3 could only be made on the PS3 (when it was released) due to the PS2 not having enough capability to render everything they had to offer in Disgaea 3, if I’m not mistaken. If that’s the case, probably it wouldn’t be on the 3DS. But hey, there’s a disgaea on every platform, so it might be on the 3DS as well

          • mirumu

            The 3DS has substantially more modern graphics hardware than the PS2. It’s capable of many things the PS2 isn’t like HDR, rim lighting, self-shadowing, etc. Unlike the PS2 it also has programmable shaders which is a big deal. Capcom claim they’re using the same engine for their 3DS games that they use on their PS3 games.

            On the other hand the screens on the 3DS are very low resolution at only 240 pixels high and 400 pixels wide at best. Lower than the PSP.

            So yeah…who knows. I think porting Disgaea 3 to it is possible, but it would still feel like a cut-down port.

          • Actually, one of those details is off the mark; 3DS doesn’t have programmable shaders. What it does have are the most common shader combinations that Nintendo felt developers would look for and use. The decision was made to cut down on power consumption. :)

            That said, yes…the 3DS is substantially better-looking than the PS2.

          • mirumu

            I’d thought the 3DS supported OpenGL ES 2, but yes, seems it’s only OpenGL ES 1.1 with some extensions. No programmable shader support in 1.1. The fixed-function shaders they do have certainly look to be doing the job.

          • I learn new things everyday I guess. Initially I thought the 3DS would be better than the PSP, but weaker than the PS2, but you guys just blew my mind XD with all these facts. Awesome. Now I’ll just be a good boy and wait for Sony to open their mouths about the PSP2.

        • malek86

          I’m 99% sure Disgaea 3, just like other PS3 games, doesn’t actually have uncompressed audio.

          Or better, not in the way you think.

  • Making a new Devil Survivor would have made too much sense, apparently. Why are they even porting this when the DS version will work fine on the 3DS hardware?

    • Bri

      Yea, I love Atlus but…I’m a little tired of them releasing the same games over and over but just ‘tweaked’. Is Catherine really so dominating of their staff that they have to give us filler SMT titles?

      This is such a…douchey industry move, and you’re better than that Atlus.

      • Testsubject909

        I do believe they also had Persona listed under the 3DS launch titles or something.

        I highly doubt it’s a new Persona. So I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a tweeked Persona 1 for 3DS as well.

    • Moriken

      …seriously…and every game just needs a remake or a perfect-edition-enhanced reissue!

      • Im sure they gave their all on giving more voice to the main character…….. such a worthy port, hahaha

    • Guest

      Because they are jumping on the 3DS portwagon

    • gatotsu911

      My guess is because Nintendo wanted a 3DS launch title and they didn’t have time to make a new game from scratch. But yeah, this is still kinda lazy.

      • Joanna

        Huh? Last I checked, Atlus never answered to Nintendo. If they did, we would never be seeing any Atlus titles on PS3/360 or PSP. So this is all 100% an Atlus/Index Holdings decision.

        • gatotsu911

          Nintendo doesn’t have any ownership of Atlus, but that doesn’t mean they can’t solicit titles from them. First-party publishers do it all the time.

          • Joanna

            Yeah, but that doesn’t change that this is still 100% Atlus/Index Holding’s decision (they could have made nothing, or waited like Image Epoch. Of course I understand that this is in the best interest of Atlus to do so, but that again does not change that it was Atlus’s and only Atlus’s decision to do this port, in fact, it actually just proves that Nintendo had nothing to do with it). Just like Capcom is 100% responsible for Legends 3 and RE: Revelations being on 3DS, even if Nintendo asked them to put some games on their new device (by showing off the features, giving development support, etc.). That is also the reason why the Wii doesn’t have good third party support. Soliciting can only do so much, you are giving too much credit to Nintendo. Now if it was some kind of deal (like Nintendo will pay for development or promoting the game a la DQIX or Samurai Warriors, then you could claim this was partly Nintendo’s fault since they are actively involved in securing the game).

    • Testsubject909

      Same move as with P3.

      An updated game that sold well with more content. It’s a quick profit to fill up the coffers so to provide more money to the next project.

      Plus we also need to remember. Atlus was bought by another company a while back. For all we know, this might not have been their immediate choice and certain pressures were applied for them to supply a guaranteed income.

  • I took me 13 months to finish the original game, I’m sure many are not revved up to do it all again.

  • SolidusSnake

    Yuzu’s boobs seem a little bigger, but the screens mostly look the same. Definitely not going to push me towards a 3DS purchase.

  • Looks awesome!

  • Day 1 Baby!!! Day 1. I so can not wait for it. I missed out on the first but this is a must buy and a compelling title for the 3DS!

    20,000 lines of voiced lines is a lot, hopefully it doesnt consist of just grunts of “hm, huh, uhm, gah, gr, gh, ke, ko, ho, mo, mh, mr” lol. Im also glad to see that 2D character portraits are still continuing on the 3DS, most of which has been shown for the device have been in true 3D fashion so this is nice, as I love 2D portraits.

    • You know those lines are in japanese? we don’t know how will it end in english (if they want to do new voice lines in english) or if we will be even getting it… atlus USA might think is too soon, or not worthy, japan is always making enchanted ports

      • Heh I like to remain positive dude, with hope that it will see release in English, voiced too.

    • mirumu

      There’s a lot of negative posts about this upgraded version, but as someone who wanted but never got the original game (I had too much else to play at the time) I feel as excited about it as you are. I’m down for a day 1 purchase too if Atlus will oblige us with a translation.

      I don’t think the odds for a translation are that bad either as there are certain advantages to having your game as a launch title on a new platform. Might even help bring in a new audience to the SMT series. If it doesn’t get a translation it’ll probably be due to the cost of creating a new English voice track. On that note I just hope Japanese audio remains an option if they actually do that.

  • Bought the original, played like 2 hours of it and never touched it again.

    However, I plan on buying this, if for no other reason than improved graphics, and will play through it this time! (I swear!!)

    • Why did you stop playing it?

      • Didn’t really grab me at the time, found it a bit boring, and I was playing other things that distracted me. But I have a friend who keeps telling me how awesome it is, so I want to force my way through it to get to the good part(s) :)

    • Ladius

      Graphics aren’t improved at all, they have just adapted to the new screen resolution. If you see some compared shots they are exactly the same.

  • gatotsu911

    If I had bought this game for DS I would probably be disappointed by this, but it slipped through the cracks for me (and presumably many other gamers), so this is interesting. I might pick this up at some point, if I ever get through the deluge of current and upcoming and handheld RPGs I am or will be playing. To be honest, though, as SMT ports go, I’d rather see Persona 4 or Nocturne.

  • keriaku

    I think this is go na be awesome. The original already had loads of atmosphere, and this can only help. Hope it comes to North America

  • malek86

    I expected something a bit better. Looks like they got the Sting syndrome.

    • Heyy but STING is cool and kawaii D; , they are nice even with all the ports

      • malek86

        I know, they are my favorite developers. But I must admit they make a lot of ports-remakes-whatever.

        • Don’t really mind Sting porting their titles to be multiplatform on the PSP and DS, but DS to 3DS is a bit pushing it

          • Let’s hope STING doesn’t go that far

          • I’m just hoping the money that they’re getting from this will be used for the greater good. New MegaTen for PS360!

    • Guest

      But Atlus is the publisher. Aren’t they the reason for the ports? I doubt it Stings fault.

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        Not really, Sting has been porting their games for quite a while before Atlus became their official publisher.

    • Ladius

      It would be less problematic if Atlus USA actually cared to localize their new games… I’m really sad we got KitN PSP and no Blaze Union or Yggdra Unison.

      • malek86

        I wasn’t expecting a mobile phone port to be localized anyway, but their lack of consideration for BU was a disappointment.

  • Guest

    Enhanced port =/= Remake.

    There are
    Ports – Okami Wii
    Enhanced Ports = Disgaea PSP
    Remakes = Resident Evil GC
    And this generation they added “Reboots” = Tomb Raider

    I wish people would stop calling everything a remake.

    On topic. The visual update is minor as hell, I could care less. The eighth day, fully voiced story and DIFFICULTY SELECT! is what has me excited. (Oh and the 3D demon portraits is neat little addition) God I hope Atlus brings this version over. I’ll probably finish the damn thing this time. Err assuming there’s an easy mode not just Normal and Hard.

  • pridesin

    Are they keeping same voice actor that they used for the Drama CD???

    I hope new shin megami tensei game come out soon.

    • Ren

      I hope so, I really liked most of their voices. I was actually pretty exited when I discovered Izaya’s and Araragi’s seiyuu was voicing Naoya, but it was a let down, since the voiced Naoya sounded so different than I had imagined.

  • I wonder how much time it took them to make the 8th day, they already had all done in the computer, just some programming, put X character here, talk and done, 1 hour? Argh Atlus, you could had even made something new NEW at least! i don’t know, a different path to get a new ending?! or something like that D:

    I love the game but i’m seriously doubting if i should get it

    • And then there was about sixty billion hours of voice acting.

      But who cares about that? It’s just terrible that they’re porting an amazing game to a nifty neato console and adding demons and storyline to it!

      Completely and utterly deplorable.

      • Joanna

        eh, voice acting is nice, but it doesn’t really make or break a game. Sure there are more demons and extra story, but the actual game itself is the same: same sprites, same artwork (the demon art was reused from Nocturne too…so I’m assuming the new demons will also have the same Nocturne artwork), same battle animations, etc. I think it’s normal to be disappointed given that 3DS can play DS games.

  • kylehyde

    It appears that only Yuzu (the most annoying character on the whole game) boobs get an improvement but aside of this, well, I hope that Atlus made it better the next time (a lot better).

  • Man, when she holds her head like that, Yuzu has really big….eyes…

  • This is only interesting (and pisses me off since I have the ds version) if they localize it……..

    I would rather atlus usa localize persona 2 innocent sin since we never got that game here

    • Dude, didn’t you hear? They’re remaking, well more like updating P2:Tsumi for the PSP. Your wishes might just be around the corner

      • lostinblue

        Problem is legend says they actuallt lost the source code for it (princess crown) and the PSP version was supposed to be running off some kind of custom emulator.

        • Guest

          I know

          • lostinblue

            I want it too, but oh well. Wish Saturn emulation and hack scene was farther along just so they’d hack it into english (and I could play it)

    • Guest

      Princess Crown

      I know it’s impossible…but whatever. Remake it then.

      Also: SRW OG Saga 2, Draglade 2,

  • So they’re porting over a game after like 3 years that you can still play on that current hardware… I don’t understand.

  • I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this due to the inclusion of another day, more demons etc, but it just seems so lazy. At the very least they could have included 40 or so more demons. I mean, it’s not like the demons themselves are animated or even do anything. Hell, SMT: SJ had a crap ton of demons.

    Hopefully, the 8th day will allow you to experience the aftermath of your choices made on the 7th to 6th day.

  • Barrit

    Never played this, but lol @ the screenshot of them looking so cheerful and smiling as one of them threatens them if they call their family “boring” again.

  • PurpleDoom

    Shucks, I was hoping this would be something new (I’ll probably pick it up anyway, as I never got the original version.) Hopefully the other two SMT games are new, but this isn’t getting my hopes up… (and if the main series one isn’t new, make it a remake of I & II and get it localized, please!)

  • PrinceHeir

    looks awesome :D

    i’ll probably buy this as soon as 3DS comes out, damn the lineup is too godly O_O

  • cj_iwakura

    Company releases successful, easily ported title to new console to make easy profit, news at 11.

    In all seriousness, you can’t fault them for this. Easy money.

    I’d have preferred Strange Journey in high-res on the PSP though. (You know it’d look amazing.)

    • Guest

      Actually I’d have preferred a new game (like most) but if had to be a port…..then Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Or maybe a single player MMO port of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine with online multiplayer options like Phantasy Star Portable 2 has.

    • Exkaiser

      Mmph, hi-res Devil Summoner/Soul Hacker Kaneko art…

  • Serge73

    Highly disappointing. I don’t know what’s I’m disappointed by more; the fact that it seems like a very small upgrade to a game that is already playable on the 3DS due to backwards compatibility, or the fact that they’re not even re-working the game so that the action takes place on the 3D screen. u_u

    EDIT: This comes from a person who loved the original Devil Survivor. That’s part of the reason why its so sad to me that they’re not making a sequel or more of an effort on a port even…

  • The existence of this is pointless, stupid, and just a desperate leap onto the ridiculous bandwagon that is the 3DS craze. *Rolls my eyes* Atlus, stop letting everyone tickle your asshole. It’s not going to bring you back as a company.

    • Well if people dont buy the game then, well it will maybe decrease chances of them doing truly original games for the 3DS. Then again the first game sold so low in the US (more than expectations) as well as in JPN that a updated release is probably a guarantee of money to hopefully fund original projects.

      Bring you back as a company? What, havent they been on the rise since 2008?

      • “Then again the first game sold so low in the US (more than expectations)”

        Uh, where did you hear that. They said they were very satisfied with the sales of Devil Survivor for the DS.

        They said it exceeded their expectations.

        • I put in parenthesis that it was “more than expectations” but in reality 40,000 sales…is just a low amount of game units in general.

          Which is 0.0008% of American DS Owners bought the game…. (49.28 mln DS’s)

          • what if one person has 3 DS and brough 5 games?!! that destroys that percentage, muahaha

          • >_< You're helping his case with those numbers. It should be 5 DSs and 3 games.

          • What is that 1 in every 80,000 DS owners bought it. If we use your estimation into the same mathematical model, then thats actually even less people buying the game, and the fan base for the game being even smaller. Even shovelware sells better… :(

          • Joanna

            That’s not too wrong. I know lots of people with more than one DS (I’m one of them) and we also know there are quite a few people here on Siliconera with more than one DS…so yeah WildArms, you are not wrong to question a statistic using amount of DS versus amount of Devil Survivor sold to get amount of DS owners who purchased the game. It’s just…I don’t think 5 games is accurate…I don’t see why anyone would buy 5 games, two yes, but five? (If they are gifts than they don’t count because another DS owner is getting the game even if they did not pay for it). /just my two cents on stats.

        • Actually… He is saying they sold more than expected, but from his POV it’s still too low. And you know how his POV trumps anybody’s POV.

          Edit: Oh. I was right to think that’s what he was thinking.

          • Haha, i just wanted to bother a bit xD

  • Yesshua

    Dear Atlus: You have an uphill battle convincing me to buy this. There are several things you can do to convince me that this is a worthy purchase:

    Tell me how long the 8th day episode is. I want to know how much new content is involved here.

    Tell me if I can transfer save data from the original.

    Tell me if I can change the difficulty setting mid-game, so that the bosses at the end aren’t as ridiculous as they once were.

    Provide me with a trailer that showcases the voice actors. If adding VO is a selling point for the game, then it had better be high quality stuff.

    Tell me you fixed that bug where every so often the game freezes. I only encounter it once every 13 hours or so, but it’s often enough to be unacceptable.

    Tell me if the 8th day story is different for every 7th dayending. If it is, that will go a long way towards encouraging me to buy the game.

    • Exkaiser

      I’ve never encountered the freezing bug. Are you sure it’s not just your copy? Honest question, as I haven’t heard it mentioned before but I haven’t really spoken to many people about the game.

      As for the VO, I’m sure they’ll put out a trailer for that.

      • Yesshua

        I don’t know of it’s my copy only, having not played any others.

        It’s only happened three times, but I’ve only played it for 40 hours or so.

        Can individual game copies have their own bugs though? I mean, it’s all the same code isn’t it?

        • Exkaiser

          Yeah, it’d usually be a physical defect in the card rather than a code error.

          I haven’t run into it in ~30 hours of gameplay.

        • Joanna

          Same here. No problems whatsoever and I’ve played around 30 hours as well.

  • Sakurazaki

    Forgive me for saying this, but after reading about voice acting being in the game, I’ve been getting a REALLY big Johnny Yong Bosch vibe from Mr. Protag.

  • xNekux

    I swear Yuzu’s breasts got bigger

    • lol I think you and others are looking at the wrong thing here

    • Exkaiser

      The art’s exactly the same, man.

  • Testsubject909

    Seeing this, my immediate thoughts are “Yuzu’s tits looks a bit bigger in a higher definition”.

    …And somehow that feels like it could be a selling point.

  • I’m sooo buying this!

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