Dead or Alive: Dimensions Has Lots Of Touching, Too

By Ishaan . January 6, 2011 . 6:16pm

Similar to Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Team Ninja’s upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions allows you to use the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen to input commands.


However, while Super Street Fighter IV only allows you to map up to four moves or combos to the 3DS touchscreen, Dead or Alive will let you pull up a list of all the commands at your disposal, and you’ll be able to tap any of them to pull the relevant move off. Team Ninja are calling this feature “Digital Instruction.”


Dead or Alive: Dimensions is clearly aimed at newcomers to the series, as Team Ninja head, Yosuke Hayashi, has mentioned in the past. The game includes a “Chronicles” mode that serves as a tutorial with a story. Chronicles mode will chronicle the first four Dead or Alive games.


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  • MarkMario

    I thought when you said “touching” it would be something perverted…
    I’m disappointed :(

    • corti

      Exactly. I mean come on, “touching” “3DS” and “Dead or Alive”? What ELSE could it be? Well played, Ishaan, well played.

      • Im sure this article will attract more people that is not even a fan of dead or alive games xD

      • I think he’s on fire tonight! Look at the Love Plus charger’s title! XD

        • Hahahaha rofl xD, i didn’t read it fully at first but now im like “LOL!”

    • Allow me to make it up to you:

      • MizuMikomi

        That works, well played, now I want a 3DS… *Shot*

      • MarkMario

        Hurray :3

    • Testsubject909

      Okay, here’s the plan.

      Play as Tina, challenge any girl, combo all her grab moves.

      You’ll get a Looooot of touching.

  • I hope the 3D is so robust that we will see one of those images actually popping out of the screen. Im dying to see the 3D in person. I was always a fan of those pop out images from movies and things in the third dimension.

  • Apache_Chief

    Those screenshots…look like a really tiny console game.

    • vadde939

      Isn’t that what handhelds should aspire to? The 3DS is such a huge improvement over the DS in terms of graphic power which is suprising (but awesome) coming from Nintendo who usually don’t seem to care about that sort of thing.

      • onilink888

        I’ll have to correct you there, it’s only in the current generation that Nintendo has been behind the competition in the hardware/visuals department.

        The SNES, the N64 and the NGC were graphical workhorses. They were no slouches hardware-wise when compared to their competitors. :P

        On topic: damn it, I came in expecting boob stimulation minigames!

        Would have been cool if you could give the girls oil massages using the touchscreen that would ease the tension in their bodies and allow them to perform better.


        Then again, the same would have to be done to the guys…

  • PrinceHeir

    please release a console version of it for tournament play :)

    • The 3DS wont be capable of tournament play?

      • Exkaiser

        Easier to hold a real tournament with a single copy of the game and on a large screen that spectators can watch.

        Of course, less serious tournaments are possible and will happen, too.

      • PrinceHeir

        well that kind of tournament play im talking about is events like EVO and Nstar games where people gather and play on the big screen with tons of money matches and stuff.

    • gatotsu911

      Won’t that just be Dead or Alive 5? Which is almost certainly coming out sooner or later?

  • kylehyde

    I don’t know if Treasure was the first one with the idea of putting the especial moves on the touch screen in a fighting game (both bleach games for DS) but if thats the case, I think that they should have patented it or something, seriously maybe I’m a little paranoid but if a game puts a feature that you created and nobody gives you credit about this then you should do something with lawyers.

    Putting my crazyness outside, I loved the touch feature, it help to not feel frustrated when the moves doesn’t execute (the D-pad doesn’t help with this kind of game) and when I was in danger and I have the three special bars at full then the super special move was at the rescue, with the time I learned to execute the move with the controls and I don’t needed the touch screen aymore (except for using the special cards but that was important an important part in the game), so for that reason I think that is great that they have added this feature, it could help a lot to the newcomers on the fighting game, but considering that the 3DS now has an analog stick which is more friendly with the fighting games then maybe this feature could not be used for many people.

    • Exkaiser

      “…if a game puts a feature that you created and nobody gives you credit about this then you should do something with lawyers.”
      But if that was the case, wouldn’t Capcom be able to sue pretty much every other fighting game for having special moves that are activated by special button combinations? That’s pretty silly, man.

      • kylehyde

        I was not talking seriously in the first paragraph as I pointed in the second, so read better, in fact it was more to show that sometimes it appears that many media ignore that Treasure probably was the first to implement this touch screen feature.

        • Exkaiser

          My response wasn’t serious, either. You might want to read a little closer, yourself.

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