BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Shifting To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . January 7, 2011 . 6:12pm

It looks like the PSP isn’t the only portable system getting BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II this Spring. We came across the above image while snooping around on Nintendo’s 3DS software page.

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  • This has me so much more pumped for the 3DS now… UGH, THE WAITING IS KILLING MEEEEE!! T_T

  • Omg… I have mixed feelings about this, but hey, this game will be great in 3D O_O

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Not to be a downer but… just how will this be in 3D? Unlike 3D models the sprites are (duh) flat to begin with, so unless they do some extensive tinkering (unlikely), it’ll either not have 3D at all or give off the effect of paper cutouts in front of a 3D background.

      • Well, IIRC, the original Blazblue had 3d Backgrounds, so they could have the backgrounds popping out on the sides and the Sprites have a bit more playing room for combat.

      • Simple fact: The 3DS can now run games that was previously inconceivable on the DS. Without the use of 3D, this still exhibits what the it 3DS can do as a handheld.

      • GamerKT

        The background would have depth and the sprites would be more focused-on.

      • Code

        Actually I could see them doing a lot with the layers on which you see the sprites fight on, also perhaps having parallax backgrounds >w<' I think it could potentially be neat, and actually if anything I think the look of depth in the background could work really well.

      • Take Muramasa as example! :D just more “3D” You will see like different layers, and give us a “depth” feeling, that is how i picture it.

  • kylehyde

    The DS was a desert on the fighting genre but it appears that the things are going to be a lot different with the 3DS. For the moment I have another reason for have a 3DS.

  • awesome coz now I dont have to worry about breaking the analog pad when using it (compared to the PSP’s)

    • Calamity Trigger Portable never let you use the analog stick aside from as a shortcut. I hope CS2 fixes that…

  • WOW the analog stick is in a weird place, lol! I cant wait to see it in action, though 3DS version or PSP version which to get now!

    • To me, the loading times will make my decision :P

      • Bigger/wider screen won’t? … er, well i still have no idea how cool the 3D effect could be so this might be a stupid question … I imagine the cartridge would be faster than the UMD though

        • Another thing that may change my decision is the quality of the sprites. We haven’t really seen what it WILL look like yet, so we’ll see.

      • I prefer controls over loading time. If the 3DS’s d-pad is anywhere like the DS, I’ll prefer playing on the PSP pad

        • If the D-pad is anything like the DSi’s, then I’ll definitely be wanting to play it on the 3DS. I say this because it clicked like the old-school DS, and I prefer that over slightly hard to press buttons like the PSP’s.

  • I’ll probably get this. I’m going to get pretty much all the big 3DS games! :D

  • Now let’s wait and see wich version is the better one(gameplaywise), not sure if the 3DS is worth it, but this will increase the chance of me buying it.
    Still, as I don’t quite remember, could anyone tell me if CS2 will be released only on handhelds? If no, there would be no need for me, to buy the donwload content.

    • PurpleDoom

      The DLC and patch are functioning as Continuum Shift II for the console versions. As of right now, only the handhelds are getting versions with all of the CSII additions already included.

  • The more the merrier I guess. But if there’s no significant improvement over the PSP version, I’ll stick with PSP thank you

  • PrinceHeir

    all we need isa console release :D

    • Not really, all they have to do is just patch this stuff into the console versions of vanilla Continuum Shift.

  • I’ll wait to see which version people say is better before I dive into this one, but this does sound really exciting.

  • Now Watch how, even though the PSP is a more established system, The 3ds version will STILL have more US sales than the psp version.

    • vadde939

      Is there something wrong with that? I for one will be holding out for the 3DS version.

      • The 3ds will have more because of Piracy on the psp. I was trying to be subtle, lol

  • vadde939

    YES! awesome news!

  • masuto

    Woohoo! Aksys, if you’re ever doing this, you got my money!

  • Hours

    Interesting. :)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Very glad to see more 2D games on the 3DS. Personally, I think 2D games can benefit from stereoscopic 3D as well. It’s just a matter of how you use it and for what game you use it.

    • Guest

      Muramasa on 3DS and those crazy rotating backgrounds and particle effect would be cool. I definitely would like to see some more 2D plane stuff on 3DS

    • Code

      Totally agree, honestly I felt like 2D games would benefit perhaps even more from 3D since it can add additional 3D depth to a 2D images.

  • Yesshua

    Wow. Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, and now BlazBlue?

    I’m in. It seems the 3DS will be where I finally learn how to play fighting games well. I wonder if the new Soul Calibur is also coming to 3DS? That definitely seems to be the trend.

    I wonder how long until someone releases an arcade stick peripheral? Those always come to systems with lots of fighting games.

    I guess the next inevitable announcement is Tekken.

  • Jjuam

    i’d probably stick to the console version, k thanks.

    i’ve only picked up a copy of this game yesterday and, im having heaps of fun already. ofc, with beginner mode :D

  • thebanditking

    Not sure what all the fuss is about, this along with SF4 are going to be old news by the time they release in the west, and this title will already be available in Japan on the cheaper and better established PSP. Though this is a better game for potential early 3DS adopters then say Nintendogs…..

    • Lol you cant be serious right? SSF4 is a launch title for the 3DS in NA, and theres no chance of this or any other 3DS game getting ported to PSP.

  • Amazing!

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