Yes, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Has Online Play

By Ishaan . January 8, 2011 . 9:21pm

Capcom’s presentation on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, hosted by producer, Yoshinori Ono, just ended a few minutes ago, and answered a few questions that we’d been wondering ever since the title was announced.


First off; yes, the game has worldwide online play. It also includes a neat feature called Channel Live, which allows you to watch other people’s fights as they go at it. With regard to the roster, you’ll have access to all 35 characters from the console versions of Super Street Fighter IV, and each will have three costumes available — the original, Arrange and Super Arrange.


Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition allows you to play the game two ways: the traditional 2D fighting game view (with or without stereoscopic 3D effects enabled) or a 3D view designed to work with stereoscopic 3D turned on. The image above compares the two views.


You can read more about Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’s other features here and here. The game will launch alongside the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on February 26th.

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  • Guest

    Yes! Normally I don’t play online much just local but with a handheld I’ll definitely need online to play with more people and Im glad 3 big titles Im interested in support it. (SFIV,DoA,RE:M)

  • Yukito

    Something tells me there will be more SF4 to come…. Seems to me like Capcom is going to milk it dry…..SF4, SSF4, and now this.

    • Guest

      “and now this”
      You act like we haven’t known this game was coming for over a half a year. SFIV is already milked though. SFIV,SSFIV,SFIV3D,SFIV Arcade.

    • That’s how the Street Fighter franchise works, bro.

      Though I’m not THE online player, this could be quite fun, always like my beat ’em up to be played with more people :P

    • JustAnotherTraveler

      Unlike huge RPGs or something along those lines, fighting games do not require years just to make a single sequel. Once a fighting game engine is created and is proving successful, the developers can crank out sequels to it each of which are more than worth the money if you enjoy fighting games. I do not understand why people still act surprised when creators “milk” fighting games.

    • evilhero

      All depends on what kind of games you like/community you’re from. You could say the same thing about a game like Persona 3 as well.

      New renditions of SF do so well because every new rendition changes things up, you’ll find when a new version hits, people will be analyzing every small change that was made to their character. It creates alot of hype in the FG community and if you ask most people who are part of it, it’s well worth the money.

      SF4 revived the genre, SSF4 added a ton of new content, SF43D… Well i’d say it’s more for the casual crowd (personally, I don’t care for fighters on handhelds.) SF4AE will add a couple new characters and some gameplay changes (not worth another game purchase, that’s why its DLC.)

      I find it strange people always say that Capcom milks the SF franchise, but doesn’t say anything about how ArcSystems barely adds any new content to GG/BB when they do a retail release. Maybe it’s because of the first imperssion SF2 made.

      • Because street fighter is the more popular franchise? Honestly, if you ask someone on the street whether he knows street fighter, chances are, he does. Try asking him about Guilty Gear/Blazblue. /sadface.
        Most of ArcSys rehashes were about balancing, so the casual player won’t notice the differences in how characters play from one version to another.

      • Guilty Gear barely changed anything? The differences from #Reload to Slash and then from Slash to Accent Core were very drastic. Characters were given new moves, and completely different properties to their already existing moves in Accent Core. Same thing with Slash when that was released after #Reload.

        • Code

          Yeahh, the problem a series like Guilty Gear faces, is the changes from game to game are always apparent to the hardcore gamers, but go practically unseen to the casual player usually. It’s basically just how ASW rolls, but to be fair I think Blazblue has really tried to step it up, when it comes to making wider scale changes which can be appreciated by the casual and hardcore alike.

  • hope the online is good

    we all know how nintendo is with online

    • Guest

      Yea, they STILL haven’t detailed how online is gonna work on 3DS. They can’t possibly keep the horrible setup they’re using right now but you never know.

      • vadde939

        I am gonna rage if those horrible friend codes are used on the 3DS. Nintendo really need much better online for the 3DS & their next home console.

        • Guest

          We all are…

      • Code

        I thought the word was Nintendo was going to build there own Live/PSN-type network for games, for the 3DS?

        • Guest

          Wtf?In their last event or at E3 they have said they were gonna have deeper online integration or something along those lines but Nintendo themselves has never said anything about a PSN/Live experience. You might have just read some wishful thinking on a site or something hoping for PSN/Live online network.

    • I remember reading that you can pick up actual Internet connections with the 3ds, as opposed to needing some sort of peripheral. All I know is, even at it’s current state, it pwns the PSP’s “online”

      • Guest

        You never needed a “peripheral” to get online with DS not sure about PSP but I doubt that needs on too. But yes you can set the 3DS to automatically pick up and login it wi-fi hotspots.

        • But didn’t you need, like, an adapter or something for your computer in order to play Pokemon Online?

          What I meant about the PSP was that, despite having the ability to get an internet connection, using it for internet kinda sucked and only a handful of games (I think only PSP2 and MGS, maybe a few more) actually utilized any ACTUAL internet play. Everything else was adhoc, which blows chunks in the US. At least 3 games for the 3ds have already been confirmed for online play, which beats the PSP before it even comes out.

          • Guest

            Maybe for some weird little feature I might not know about but you could just use regular wi-fi. DS is limited to WEP though doesn’t support WPA/WPA2

          • Huh…

            Well, it still beats PSP.

          • Exkaiser

            Hey, the PSP’s getting Patapon 3, which will have online play.

            That’s at least three games total!

            But, no, seriously, it’s a shame that ad-hoc is hard to get together over here, but the video game-playing population isn’t as dense or handheld-oriented as in Japan.

          • Yes, but you’re comparing a next gen handheld to a current gen one…not exactly fair

          • Well, apparently DS has similar Internet capabilities to the 3ds, albeit less so, and it STILL has it better than the PSP.

          • Dude you dont have a DS or something?

          • I do, but the only games I bought for it were Twewy, KH 358 and RE:Coded, FFIV, Golden Sun:DD, and my ma got a few Pokemon games for it, the only one i sorta liked was Diamond/Pearl. It didn’t interest me like G/S/Crystal did and I never bothered to try to play competitively with it, so I never checked the online; from what my friend toldme, he needed a special dock to connect it to the Inter. and so I didn’t care enough afterwards to check myself.

          • kupomogli

            Every PSP game that has ad-hoc has internet play as long as you have a PS3 with ad-hoc party. If you’re living in the US and you’re three states away from whoever you’re playing with with an internet connection doesn’t suck it’s full speed or close with a lot of games, but certain games like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite are full speed regardless because they’re developed with ad-hoc party in mind. In Japan almost all games are probably full speed because the distance between the users is much smaller.

          • zweii

            “But didn’t you need, like, an adapter or something for your computer in order to play Pokemon Online?

            What I meant about the PSP was that, despite having the ability to get an internet connection,”

            You’re dismissing PSP’s online because theres a Nintendo branded usb wi-fi adapter? Then you’d be suprise to know you use can non-branded usb wi-fi dongle to play online via lan line thru pc which is what the DS wifi adapter does. It also works with adhoc only games so it goes online thru a pc and with adhoc party thru PS3 you can play games as if it has online support. That means games with no ability to connect to the internet or PSN like Fate/Unlimited Codes or SFA3 so you can fight online and not be restricted to a close proximity.

            And further more despite DS wide variety of games and PSP’s lack of, the PSP still has more online supported games than the DS.

            The 3DS hasn’t been release yet so we can only know whats been announced but it only has one thing new in terms of online capabilites is tag something?(sorry i forgot what its called). Which is not really new at all and just given a new twist. From what i understand its just ghost data transfered automatically as oppose to manually which the PSP or DS already do now. You are probably familiar with it if you play racing games or fighting games. In racing its that ghost car A.I. you race with thats actually drives the exact line you take in a previous session. In fighting games like Tekken, ghost data A.I. takes on the name of a real player you previously fought and mimics his moves. Thats basically it just now with the 3DS you wont see it and happens automatically and wont probably used much oftern because having the wi-fi all the time will save battery life to 3 hours.

            Lastly, DS uses 802.11 Wi-Fi and PSP uses 802.11b Wi-Fi. If the 3DS as you say uses the same in with DS, in terms of online tech its really out-dated.

          • Joanna

            “But didn’t you need, like, an adapter or something for your computer in order to play Pokemon Online?”

            That’s only if you had a wired connection and wanted to play online (you can’t just hook up your phone or ethereal cable into a DS, so that adapter was a solution for people without a wireless internet connection). That adapter would send the wired signal from your computer to the area around much like a router. If you have a wireless connection (unprotected or WEP) you could play the DS online without anything else.

      • kupomogli

        Because you know what the 3DS’ current online state is and how amazing it is. Yeah. Tell us more.

        For PSP games that do actually have infrastructure, it actually works very well. Almost all infrastructure games are first party titles and when they were being used a lot they worked extremely well.

        Through infrastructure I’ve played Wipeout Pulse with three other people, have played Untold Legends Warrior’s Code with one other person, and have played Phantasy Star Portable 2 with one other person. None of the games I’ve played during infrastuructre have I noticed any lag. In addition, I’ve played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with a friend stationed in Japan on ad-hoc party and had no lag through that, though have also played Phantasy Star Portable 2 through ad-hoc party with the same person it has very slight slowdown(maybe 97% of full speed.)

        So yeah. The PSP infrastructure has no problem and with some games ad-hoc party has no problem. Distance is a big thing with ad-hoc party though so a lot of games will lag if the distance is too great since they weren’t developed with ad-hoc party in mind.

        With the DS however, Mario Kart DS lagged a lot, though it never had any slowdown. It was usually people teleporting. For the most part though it was fine and the only person who would be teleporting would be the person with a bad connection. The only other game I’ve played was Metroid Prime Hunters and that I didn’t notice any lag.

        Please know what you’re talking about. You sound like the 360 users who say PS3 has poor online because they don’t pay a fee to use it.

    • Joanna

      eh, I don’t know why people keep complaining about the online features with Nintendo, sure it’s not the most robust, but I’ve had no problems playing Mario Kart DS and Wii via Wi-Fi. The only difference between these two and online PS3 games (in my experience) was a lack of voice chat, which I don’t really care about since most people don’t have anything interesting or nice to say anyways. The only time I would want voice chat would be if I was playing with friends and some DS games that do support voice chat work with friend codes. So to me, there is no problem.

      I’ve also never experienced the so called “lag” on Nintendo systems.

      The only thing annoying about Friend Codes is when third parties don’t use them properly, like FFIII’s Mog Net. It should have been a weekly/monthly download quest and the actual mog net should have been optional. In cases such as this, I readily admit the online features are needlessly abstruse, but again, that’s more SE’s fault than Nintendo’s. SE could have easily used the online capabilities of the DS differently.

      So yeah, I honestly don’t understand what is wrong with Nintendo’s online features. Yeah they are bare bones, but what is there, works well.

      • Because it is bare bones, not robust, and when compared to other systems is not up to par. Surely that is an of itself a right to complain. Further, Nintendo listens to the concerns, hence probably why they are going to just one standard friend code instead of one for many games.

        Also, the complaining is justified. Nintendo released the Wii Speak peripheral for voice chatting. What happened? Its under utilized and now perhaps difficult to find. Surely people didnt get it to only use in Animal Crossing, and just because you do not desire to voice chat in multiplayer games, doesnt mean they should have supported it more and pushed it.

        Though it seems most is rectified in the 3DS, so we should all be jubilous, you know? lol.

        • Joanna

          You misunderstood, I readily admit it is bare bones, but some, if not most, of the complaining goes beyond the Nintendo systems missing trophies/achievements, voice chat, a profile connecting all your purchases, etc (that last one would be really nice, I admit, and would definitely create less of a hassle if someone needed to replace their system). People seem to complain about the online itself and I honestly don’t see how they can do that when it works just as well as PS3 online (minus voice chat) and again in my personal experience with Wii DS and PS3. This isn’t just Siliconera, actually Siliconera is pretty tame compared to other sites and the complaining on them.

          It usually comes down to Friend Codes and like I said, most of the cases of FC online functionality being abstruse is usually a direct result of third parties not utilizing the proper features for what they want to do (i.e. Mog Net uses FC for quests where it would make more sense to make it downloadable, a lesson SE seemingly learned with DQIX…or maybe it was L5 that had the forethought to add it.) Pokemon, Brawl, and Mario Kart let you go online without FC and if you use FCs, then I believe you can also use the mic in pokemon (or maybe that was just Advance Wars). I also don’t recall Luminous Arc needing FCs to do online versus…so to me it seems like people are complaining for the sake of complaining because some games use FCs in the wrong way. And I think they are missing the great thing about FCs, the ability to control who you play with, which I personally think is much more important than voice chat, but you are free to disagree.

          I never meant to say that my experience should extend to others, I simply stated why I don’t care for lack of voice chat with strangers. If it does matter to one, I guess you could complain, but like I said above, most of the whining seems to be related to Friend Codes. Or at the very least, people seem to make such blanket statement like “Nintendo’s online sucks”, without stating why. Which leads me to believe they are either being inflammatory for no reason, or honestly think all the online is bad, which was what my first response was about.

          Wii Speak: I think this is a real problem with all peripherals and not just Wii Speak. You have a few games using the balance board and the zapper. So I do agree with you here. Nintendo should try to incorporate this one into more games, especially ones with online features. So yeah, you can freely complain about lack of support for this feature, but again, I just wish people would either be specific about what they dislike, or at least make some sort of argument.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “worldwide online play”

    Is that so? Huh…I wonder if that means that the 3DS will be region free. Afterall, it would be kind of hard to have worldwide online play with region restricted handhelds.

    • Lol, now that you say it, truly this has to mean something.

    • Wasnt Mario Kart Wii with worldwide online play, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing?

      • Yeah, region locking has nothing to do with online play. People may be getting the two confused.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          The thing is, when a region lock is in place, usually players are restricted to interacting and playing only against others in their own region. While I could be mistaken, I get the impression that it is quite rare for something to be both region locked AND have worldwide online play.

          Plus, I am preety sure that both 3DSWare and the Virtual Console will be region specific, just like their Wii counterparts are. If that turns out to be the case, I am honestly unsure how they would facilitate both a region lockout mechanism AND worldwide online play. It just seems so prone to exploits.

          • kupomogli

            Being region locked doesn’t mean that you can’t play against another region. Region locked is games that cannot play in a system that’s not from the same region regardless if it’s the same system.

            Here’s an example. All PSP games are region free yet if you go online Wipeout Pulse for the first time under your PSN login you choose which country you’re in, which also at the time tells how many rooms are open in each country. As soon as you choose a country to play as you’re unable to go back and change unless you create a new account.

    • Aoshi00

      You could play the US ver of Wartech w/ Jpn players’ Senko no Ronde, but they’re region locked.. like Senko no Ronde Duo, but you just need a Jpn 360.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Senko no Ronde (at least the US version) is one of the rare Xbox 360 games that are region free.

        • Aoshi00

          Um.. you know that 99% of the US 360 games are region free, but 99% of the Jpn 360 games are region locked right? The Jpn Senko no Ronde was not region free, the only region free Jpn 360 games I could think off of the top of my head are BlazBlue and a couple of Cave shmups. Most US 360 games are region free (at least free for Jpn and US consoles, never paid attention to Europe) w/ a handful of exception like Culcept Saga, Infinite Undiscovery, Deathsmiles, etc.

          So region locking and worldwide online multiplayer pretty much have nothing to do w/ each other, like others have pointed out.

          Right now it is the DSi ware that have people worried. I don’t know of many region locked DS games, the only one I have encountered was Alice in Wonderland (because of those Disney online feature), it could not be played on my Jpn DSi, at first I thought I got a lemon cartridge or there was dust, then I popped it in my old US DS lite (and now DSi XL) and it played.

          So “hopefully” no region lock, if not, I would have no choice but eventually getting a Jpn 3DS to play Love Plus and such… which I don’t really mind, I do have both Jpn and US systems for the PS2/Wii/360..

          • Tom_Phoenix

            I see….Thank you. I guess I should have figured that “worlwide online play” isn’t indicative of anything.

          • vadde939

            An easy way to tell if a DS game is region locked on DSi is to check the label on the front of the cartridge.
            NTR followed by some numbers/letters means region free
            TWL followed by some numbers/letters means region locked on DSi

          • Aoshi00

            cool, I just checked the back of the boxes, Alice in Wonderland does have TWL- on the back of the box, I guess there aren’t that many region locked DSi games right, this is the only one that I know of.. maybe some other Disney games are like that too?

          • vadde939

            I know of a few more region locked on DSi games like Pokemon Black/White, Solatorobo, Art Academy, Sonic Classic Collection and a few others but there aren’t very many of them.

          • Aoshi00

            I see, the code is very interesting and helpful to know, even though it’s just a couple of more obscure titles. I don’t play Pokemon, but it would be awful if someone doesn’t have a Jpn DSi and imported Solatorobo.. I hope it’s going to be the same w/ 3DS, w/ all or most titles be region-free, not the system itself.

        • Code

          Most US 360 Games games generally are regional free (I recently invested in a Japanese 360 so I went over this list with a fine toothed comb) about 12-15 US releases are regionally locked to JUST US systems. Most Japanese games are regionally locked to Japanese systems, but the lack of locking on US games means it’s why I’m getting away with owning a Japanese 360 and can still play my US 360 collection, because the US games normally aren’t regionally locked to prevent them from being played on PAL, Asian or Japanese systems.

          Being a huge Senko no Rodne fan xwx; I can definitely say North America and Japan share the same online, no matter what regional disc you put in the machine you’ll access the same online play. Of course the US version isn’t regional locked either though.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder how the lag will be? though if your playing japan there’s no lag at all. they have probably the fastet net connection ever made

  • I guess for the comparisons, it’s REALLY something we’d need to see ourselves.

  • lol people play fighters on handhelds?

    • Aoshi00

      I prefer using the arcade sticks too (actually I suck at fighters and still better w/ controller but shmups is better w/ stick).. but times change I guess like arcade –> console –> handheld..

      • Lol, that doesn’t sound really positive if you say it like that. xD
        Though I agree, I actually never played a handheld fighter so not sure how this will end, but it looks promising and if it ends up as super lame, we still have the console version(some even have arcade, damn you!), for which you can buy the arcade controller.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m not crazy about fighters (or shooters) on portables either, but Darkstalker Chronicles on the PSP was pretty fun.. I think SF4 3DS should turn out to be okay w/ online mode and the 3D mode is cool, I have no doubt Ono could pull it off. The stick is too good for me, I’m not even good at fighters (or shmups for that matter) unfortunately :(.. I just watched Tron Legacy, the arcade was like a crypt in the movie so yea people have moved on… anyway, people should watch that in IMAX :)

          There’s so much possibilities w/ the 3DS though, even 2D games would look cool w/ many layers of background and such that pop out w/ glasses.. I’m still pretty excited by this machine, and I think people are worried about the battery life and price for nothing on the whole..

          • The stick is a bit hard to use at first ^_^. I just switched to the stick this year and had some problems playing it at first as well. But as time goes by, you won’t be able to go back to using a controller XD.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, just too lazy to practice to get better *.* (after years of using the d-pad and getting sore thumb :), my reflex just isn’t that great.. but for SF4’s tutorials/challenges, I could pull off the combos successfully w/ the stick but not the controller. I’m better w/ the stick for shmups though.. Darkstalkers Chronicle is the only fighter I own for the PSP as well (I don’t have much problem pulling off the moves though w/ the -2000) and I never tried the others yet since I’m content w/ the console ver. At least Ono is generous enough to give us the alternate costumes for free for the 3DS ver, and I’m curious about the 3D effect too.

        • It’s actually quite good. I have GGX2AC, Gundam VS Gundam, BBCT, Fate Unlimted Codes, etc etc and they all play fine. They key is to use the d-pad though. Analog nubs won’t get you anywhere. Although some of the older games were not designed to play properly on the PSP (it’s ridiculously hard to pull anything off in DarkStalker Chronicles), but most of the fighters that is on PSP all have decent controls

          • I actually tend to use the d-pad on consoles, too. The analog sticks bother me when it comes to trying to be precise.

          • Bah, true I have Unlimited Codes and GvsG too, sorry it’s so long I last played both that I forgot about them. xD
            Indeed they work just fine, though you have to get used to play with the psp, but maybe that’s just me as I have hard problems having the screen and the buttons on the same heigth xd

          • kupomogli

            Gundam vs Gundam ftw ^_^.

      • I have my own custom sticks that I like to play on, but I see nothing wrong with portable fighters. I play them when I want to get a quick fix, or get in a little practice.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m not good w/ modding, so I just got the Seimitsu HRAP for 360 and Sanwa HRAP for PS3.. but I prefer the tighter Seimitsu stick and btns so now I ended up playing both shmups and fighters on the 360.. I think portable fighters are okay, I’m just not a really big fighter fan (I’m not good at competitive matches), so I just play them on consoles occasionally.. and got Darkstalker Chronicle since it’s not on PSN or XBL yet (they keep selling the Avatars on PSN though :) I’m very interested in the 3D thing though, plus we finally get all the nice alternate costumes for free. Otherwise I usually just play games like Layton, Phoenix Wright, or the portable exlusives instead of ports.

          • Oh a HRAP! *_* How nice

          • Aoshi00

            lol, I learned a lot from the arcade stick veteran users here, they say if you get a stick you might as well get a good one, and I’m not handy enough to mod the buttons and such on my own. They’re still too good for me though because my skills are only casual even though I like to play them (I was never good at SF2 at the arcades back then).

            You’re right, one really needs to learn how to play differently again w/ the stick, it’s the right way to play it but you won’t get good automatically w/ a stick until you practice and make the baby steps again.. to give you an idea how lazy I am, I haven’t even gone thru the whole tutorial in Continuum Shift yet *.*…

          • At least you know there’s a tutorial for CS. Some people just can’t be bothered to find it in the main screen >_<

            I didn't finish the tutorial too. I went to Lambda's combo section and I was like, meh : Tutorial for me is only when I need to indulge myself with Rachel's verbal abuses. I'd rather go online and look up for information, aside from challenge mode. Man, those are hard.

    • Honestly, my ex keeps trying to get me to buy a PSP, and keeps trying to sell me on “They have BlazBlue and Guilty Gear.” I really don’t like portable systems, but I may end up buying one later this year, because things can get boring on tour when you’re in the hours between load-out and performing, especially if you like being sober when you perform.

      But that means I’ll probably be picking up a PSP or a 3DS sometime in the next year. I can’t see myself actually ever wanting to play a fighting game on one of them, though. Just like I feel RPG’s should be on big tv’s, I kinda feel the same way about fighting games.

      • sfried

        Tell your ex that BlazBlue is coming to 3DS and most likely Guilty Gear is to follow. And what’s nice is that you don’t have to worry about loading on the 3DS given its media.

        • If there was a GGX3, I’d want it on consoles first

          Nothing beats sitting in your room, using your own stick, meeting random players online and losing a match because you couldn’t deliver the final blow due to lag

          • Own stick, meeting random people, and losing because of “final blow lagging”, yes nothing beats this experience in all areas of life.

        • Honestly, I’d rather not talk to her about portables because then the conversation will turn to, “So, when are you going to get a PSP, so we can play Peace Walker?”

    • Guest

      Yup. We’re not all elitists. We just like to play fun games.

  • Godly stuff!!! Day 1 purchase =D

  • If i ever do buy this game and encounter ken or ryu 5 times in a row, I’m returning it.

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