Another Tiny Glimpse At Kingdom Hearts 3DS

By Spencer . January 9, 2011 . 5:22pm

Kingdom Hearts 3D was not playable at Nintendo World, but Square Enix released a Jiminy Cricket amount of content for the event. There’s this artwork of Sora in his Kingdom Hearts 1 costume and Riku…




… plus a tiny trailer.



image image


When we spoke to Tetsuya Nomura, minutes after the game was announced, he told us Kingdom Hearts 3DS is a brand new game. Players will get to control series stars Sora and Riku in this game, plus explore all new Disney worlds. The theme of Kingdom Hearts 3D is trust.

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  • I trust KH3 will be made next? Oh and Sora looks awesome with that smile, lol

    • Wouldn’t bet on it
      Nomura is busy with 200 Projects and Wada is on the way to ruin SquareEnix even more with selling their stuff to Microsoft.
      Nomura doesn’nt want Versus 13 on the 360 because its not possible so he probably would refuse to make KH because they(Wada) could force him to directly start Multi
      And no one wants KH3 on the 360…Rather no KH3 or anythingelse than Multi or 360 exclusive(Still no released PS3 Exclusive from SquareEnix this Gen)

      • FireCouch

        No one wants KH3 on the 360? I can bet a ton of people do.

        • Perpetual636

          The people who don’t want it on 360 are people who’ve been playing since the start and have always been loyal to Sony.

          • I’ve been playing since the start. I’m loyal to SE. I don’t have a Ps3 and, as long as putting it on the 360 doesn’t hinder the quality of the final product (576p vs 720p doesn’t mean squat to me), I’d be fine with it on both.

          • Perpetual636

            I said loyal to Sony, as in they only buy Sony consoles.

        • ThunderGod_Cid

          Not in Japan.

          • Joanna

            But that doesn’t really figure into the equation since like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts is an international brand. Re: Coded most likely exists because no one outside of Japan could play Coded. If only Japan mattered, there would be no Re:Coded. So your point is rather odd. Sure maybe like 5% of gamers in Japan would care, but that isn’t even an argument for a series that is intended as an international seller from the start. If we were talking Tales of or Disgaea, you would have a point, but not in this case.

      • PurpleDoom

        Will people stop with this “Wada is giving everything to Microsoft” stuff? SE has developed three games for the system. Last Remnant, FFXI, and FFXIII. Note: all of those games are multiplatform. SE has been giving a LOT more stuff to every other system…

        • What about So4, Infinite undiscovery, Nier, Front Mission, etc?

          Also, Last Remnant was 360/PC only, so I don’t think that counts for your argument…

          (Note, I’m just pointing out fallacies, not picking a side)

          • You are right that about Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant, but Star Ocean 4 and Nier were both available for PS3.

          • Microsoft were actually the original publisher of Infinite Undiscovery. The decision for Square to publish it only came later. I believe MS hold the rights to the series as well.

      • It would be nice if you could think things through a little more before posting inflammatory comments next time so it doesn’t come out sounding crazy. :)

    • There’s 1 or 2 more things Nomura was planning to do before KH3. I’m not sure if he’s dropped those plans though.

  • A glimpse?! more like a blink O_o, eh, can’t say much, it even looks like taken from kingdome hearts 1 lol freaking town, i will never forget that town, getting to see it eveeery game lol -_-

    • Somehow to me, from the first time I heard about the trailer’s contents, it has felt like that’s just a concept trailer. The concept? The game is starring both Sora and Riku. Traverse Town and the Twilight Thorn are just there to fill the trailer or something like that. There’s also the fact that Nomura wants us to take note of Sora “falling”, which isn’t seen in that clip but it’s in the trailer, although I don’t think anyone has any idea what that means just yet.

      • What i found strange (and it seems someone else pointed it out as well) is the clothes… If this is supposedly after KH2 (i think this is what Nomura said right? im not so sure), why those clothes D:?…

        Falling uh…? Well, maybe those clothes also hint something… i really don’t hope it is related to go back in time, or Sora becomes small again or w/e…

        Anyway is way too soon to think about something that could make any sense xD

        • Yeah. I don’t really want to speculate anything now. All that we can really make sense of in this trailer is that Sora and Riku share the spotlight equally in this game and that’s it.

  • FireCouch

    I’m glad he is still 14, wearing his clothes from Kingdom Hearts 1 and is back in Traverse Town.

    • Aoshi00

      But Haley Joel Osment can’t really voice Sora anymore right, I think Irino Miyu could still do a good job, he still has that youthful voice as a seiyuu all these years.. a Sora KH would be nice.. the organization and all the Sora look-alikes lost me..

      • Well, if they would move past 14-15 year old Sora for 5 seconds, Haley could still do it. Every Sora appearance outside of KH2 and the BBS Secret Ending has been Young sora, even though Sora hasn’t had his young voice since KH1/CoM.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s true, I haven’t played that many KHs later on, but I heard him in Chain of Memories PS2, he sounded older but still like Sora, at least his voice is not totally deep. the Jpn seiyuu still sounds quite young though, he was the voice of Haku in Spirited Away, Sena in Eyeshield 21, and Kou in Cross Game.


            If he can do Sora with his actual voice sounding like it does in this video, I think he can do Sora now. On a side note, after hearing his voice in this video, it seems like he didn’t need that much effort to change his voice for the other character he does in the series…

          • Aoshi00

            Sounds like he’s still got it. sigh, I got to finish KH2 one day.. I have only beat 1 and played a little bit of BBS..


            He really does still got it. Although, looking at his resume, he’s actually done quite a bit of voice acting throughout his career, even landing the role of the main character in the Production I.G. x Cartoon Network anime Immortal Grand Prix in between his work on KH and KHII.

        • kylehyde

          Well that will depend, if he is not drunk or high. Yeah i know that it has been 5 years since his incident, but many times the peopl doesn’t change.

  • :D

  • Perpetual636

    Man… I really want a Kingdom Hearts game with Sora and the gang that is 100% new. Not recycled visuals and such. Hope those new worlds deliver the goods :/

      • Perpetual636

        Oh ok. I hadn’t seen that before. Thanks :)

    • DemonicX

      I just want KH3. Is that too much to ask. ? =p

      • PersonaBull

        Yes, considering the ending of KH2 left absolutely no reason to care about a KH3. A message in a bottle? Who cares? Having played through “all these side games” I’m considerably more excited for the obviously coming KH3. You’ll get it soon enough. Don’t ask for them to rush it just because you don’t care about plot and character development.

        • DemonicX

          First of all, let me correct you right there. I am NOT rushing them to make it. I am just saying that I want it, but I am not sending them messages saying “Make this right away!11” When I typed “is that too much to ask”, I was joking a bit. Do you not see the little smiley face? There’s a difference between “rushing” and “wanting”. I suggest you learn it.

          And you also said “who cares?”, but the funny thing is, even if they had released it like that, without any plot, you know you would’ve bought it.

          • I think the point that he was trying to make was that the side stories have only expanded the story and made the coming conclusion to the saga even better, whereas a message in a bottle, Which, SPOILERScontainstheentirestoryofbbsSPOILERS would’ve been, while sufficient, pretty lackluster and eventually fans would’ve asked for what’s now BBS anyway.

  • Man they sure love making ways to go back to the same places over and over again.

    • Well, Traverse Town is a staple of the KH series (Not to mention it’s only been in 2 games, 1 if you don’t count CoM). It’s like not having mushrooms in a Mario game.

  • Apollokids

    Kingdom Hearts is a fairy-tale in and of itself.

  • Between these 8 seconds and Mega Man Legends 3, there’s a 3DS somewhere with my name on it.

    I know some folks are tired of new Kingdom Hearts games and the absence of KH3, but they’ve all* retained the quality and charm that made the original so good. In fact, I’m playing through Re: Chain of Memories right now and aside from reusing a lot of assets from KH, it’s every bit as enjoyable as KH and KH2.

    I wouldn’t want ’em to drag it out too much longer, but more Sora and brand new worlds in KH3D? I’m happy.

    *That I’ve played. 358/2 Days and Re: Coded will have to wait until I get a 3DS.

  • vadde939

    Although I really liked KH Days for some reason I’m beginning to feel pretty apathetic about KH now. I have zero interest in Re:Coded and unless KH 3D does something to make me care about the series again I’ll probably pass on this too.

    • You mean if this game has any reason for anyone care about Sora in his first venture…..AGAIN! Yeah, Nomura said this is a new title. If it is, it’s a pretty twisted one. We still see young Sora (and somehow Riku) on his first venture, and Nomura thinks adding a Nobody and new lands will make this count? Sorry, not seeing it. This is the 7th game that does this 1st venture “trend.”

      KH:Coded(though it’s more of a phone App)

      It’s like Star Wars going into 3D, a waste of time and innovation. We know KH1 was great. We know what Sora and company have been through. That’s why Square needs to continue the series. Build a new story. Make KH3. I don’t care if you make a KH4, at least that means you’re innovating!

      • PersonaBull

        First off, the final mixes are a trend in Japan for most games. “international edition” and “remix” are the terms used in plenty of other series’ second edition versions. Ever played Super Street Fighter IV? Star Ocean: The Last Hope? Counting that as a “secondary venture” is just reaching.

        KH: 358/2 Days, KH:BBS, KH2 weren’t “innovating” enough for you?

        Re:CoM and ReCoded were ports to widen the audience. If ReCoded weren’t made, the US wouldn’t have anything but the internet to go on for that game’s storyline (there isn’t as much, but it was a cell phone game). Re:CoM was SE being nice to the US. That was originally just a bundle to go with KH2:FM+, meaning the US would never have gotten to play it otherwise. Complaining for getting what plenty of people were asking for? Sure, I would have liked to get the final mixes, personally, but I’ll take what I can get.

        Also note: If you played Chain of Memories, you’d realize it was hardly a rehash of “Sora’s first venture.” Yes, it used the same worlds, but could you honestly not tell the difference in even the basic theme of the game itself? Each world hardly felt anything like their KH1 versions, even in storyline.

        KH:3D is going to be a completely new story which can be easily speculated on if you’ve played the previous games (especially BBS/ReCoded). Regardless of if anything in that concept trailer will be used in the actual plot, does it really matter? How does adding a number make something innovating?

        You people are so contradictory in your reasons for wanting a KH3. “Build a new story.” Everything past KH1 wasn’t building enough for you? Stop complaining because it’s the cool thing to do and think for a second.

        • You, my friend, have just made a new…friend…~.~

        • I find it rather confusing that you assumed (twice) that I didn’t like KH2 or BBS, when I clearly I did. :P It’s not a contrary to Nomura reusing this venture in an attempt to create new story and fill in the blanks. That’s good and all, but I still think we knew as much as we needed from KH1’s lore. Seeing Riku’s side of the story might be interesting, but it’s still weird that Square added a Nobody boss.

          But whatever, KH stills needs to continue.

          • PersonaBull

            What I said about KH2 and BBS wasn’t saying you didn’t like the games, rather that they were both progressive and innovative steps from the “first venture.” I was just covering every game.

            But, besides all that, I find it astounding that Nomura can use the same character fighting the same bosses in such completely different ways. I played through Traverse Town in ReCoded today, and it had a completely different feel and theme to it from the first game. I fear that people take these “side games” at face value without seeing the many different underlying themes in each one.

            Also, again, it’s not that weird that there’s a Nobody boss if you consider the timeline and previous games’ hints as to what 3DS will revolve around story-wise. But, as has been said, this was merely a glimpse at a concept trailer, so it doesn’t tell you really what will be happening in the game aside from Sora and Riku and “isn’t it pretty”?

            KH has been continuing. People just haven’t been letting it. Before games even come out to prove themselves people turn their noses up just because they aren’t on the PS3. Yea, I would have gotten KH3 directly after KH2, but I probably wouldn’t have cared enough to finish it at that point. These side games’ stories and themes have gotten me through every game with full enthusiasm so far, and I can tell you now I’m not one to finish many games. I got about an hour into Heavy Rain. I still haven’t finished FFXIII. I never finished FFVIII or FFXII, either. I never finished Persona 4 or Persona 3 Portable, or even The Answer of Persona 3 FES. I don’t finish games, but I’ve finished every single Kingdom Hearts game. The gameplay and storyline always seem to succeed in drawing me in. To say that they’re all fake games past KH2 is a blatant lie.

          • Well, people have the same issue with Valkyria Chronicles when it’s still made for the PSP. Sega has their reasons and having the series be adapted back to the PS3 would be good. I don’t care which console it’s in because the series is still continuing.

            I’m impressed you actually finish playing the KH games, but not P4 or P3? Especially Heavy Rain? You don’t know what you’re missing. lol Maybe you never got much free time?

          • PersonaBull

            Oh, I know what I’m missing. I’m just very easily distracted. I’ll be halfway through one game and I’ll hop over to another one. I have a bad habit of marathoning stuff, so I end up getting burnt out on most games before I have the chance to fully enjoy them. It’s not that I don’t like the games (I love them, in fact, and I WILL finish them eventually), I just end up not feeling like playing them after a while >.<;; Especially Tartarus. Some games, as amazing as they are, just exhaust me.

          • lol If you’re going in between games, you can focus on one game then play another lasts forever. An F2P MMO perhaps. Namely, Dungeon Fighter. :)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Yeah, that’s right, beat ’em up with a key! That’ll show ’em! :P

  • hush404

    I’m so lost with KH now :S They jump so many platforms and twice as many plot points that my head is spinning.

    KH1(PS2) was decently straight forward and while KH2(PS2) did a little spinning it was still pretty solid to hold on to… since then I’ve tried to make sense with the addition of 358/2 Days (DS), Birth By Sleep (PSP) and Re-Chain of Memories (PS2)(didnt play the GBA original), next up I’ve gotta go through Re-Coded (DS) and now we’ve got something different with this 3DS project? Then we’ve got rumors that KH3 will be a (PS3) project? *Sigh.

    • You mean the rumors say KH3 will be a Wii project, dude.

      • hush404

        Ahh, there are but many rumors.

    • I don’t see how the overall plot is confusing, to be honest. I could understand little bits and pieces, but overall, It’s not that difficult to grasp. Just because they’re on a bunch of different consoles doesn’t make it less coherent, at least not to me.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder when will KH III be ever released?

  • The central theme of “trust” for KH3DS seems to be something of a poor joke. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything close to trust regarding Nomura’s vision for the direction of the franchise.

    Perhaps a more important alternative theme could have been “passion”, with the development team challenging themselves to produce a game that inspires this.

    • PersonaBull

      How dare he develop a franchise you don’t completely agree with! Clearly he should stop making games because nobody enjoys them!

      Perhaps the central theme of “wrath” would be more appropriate, since that’s all Nomura seems to get in terms of recognition anymore.

      • How dare, indeed. I oft suspected it was a personal slight.

        In all seriousness, I’m more than happy to see Nomura develop all the games he wants, regardless of my personal taste but I’d also like to see him deliver on what was promised in the first game along the way.

        • PersonaBull

          The thing about him not delivering is more that so many people seem to feel that getting something later is worse than not getting it at all. Kingdom Hearts 3 WILL happen. There’s absolutely no denying that fact. So, most of the arguments I’ve seen are a pure lack of patience and “trust” as you put it.

          Nomura made the game series. The way he takes it is up to him. Have you ever read a book and, halfway through, demanded that the writer go back and change/remove a section? Have you ever read a manga/comic and refuse to read a certain arc just because you only want the ending arc? I don’t see why the guy should be punished for creating his art just because of the medium he chose to utilize for it.

          You’ll get Kingdom Hearts 3.

          • Sir, you mistake me for someone who wants a Kingdom Hearts 3 on a home console – I don’t, it wouldn’t benefit me as I own neither a PS3 or an Xbox 360. In terms of format, it would benefit me infinitely more if the series remained on portable devices. I honestly don’t care whether the game has a ‘3’ appended to its title or not, that’s not the root of my disappointment.

            Please don’t presume that because you are answering the replies of many other people voicing complaints about a lack of KH3, that every comment of a different opinion will stem from this point of view.

            What I want however is a return to the aesthetic and sentiment of the original game, not the sequels. I feel as if the comparison between an author and Nomura’s lead design for a game franchise does not hold any water either, especially considering the vastly different creative cultures the two mediums originated in.

            Perhaps the comparison would hold up better if the author of our book had the weight of Disney and Yoichi Wada on his back pressing him to make money. His decisions are not those of an artist in a void, rather of an employee of a company and, as such, I find them lacking in terms of the promise of the original story. I am aware this cannot be quantified as a reasonable complaint but there we have it.

            Not everyone following this franchise has always been enamoured of black robes and suits of armour.

      • I dont know, shouldnt he develop the franchise catered to what the most vocal and caring fans want, the ones whould buy the games & be satisfied with the product instead of taking it where he wants it to go consistently having the fanbase split on the stories and relevance of the games?

        • PersonaBull

          I’m not caring and vocal? :<

          But, as I said in another post, that doesn't work at all if you think of Nomura as what he is: an artist. This is the same reason why so many people got upset at Inafune leaving Capcom at the start of MML3 development. Nomura not producing what he wants to produce is just the same as Nomura not producing it. Don't make an artist a robot simply dishing out what fans think they want. The mass people don't know what they want. Most anyone with business experience could attest to that. I think it's much better for Nomura to create the series as he sees it, not just to make a quick buck and be done with it.

  • Good grief, what is it with you lot and “KH3”? Does a number really mean all that much to you? Birth by Sleep was every bit a mainline Kingdom Hearts game, and Square Enix treated it like one. Note that it had no number on it.

    Nomura has said countless times that KH3D will consist almost entirely of new worlds AND that it’s the latest game chronologically, so I really don’t see what the problem is. Here, see for yourselves:

    As for the concept trailer, that’s all it is — a concept trailer. We have no idea what Sora and Riku will actually look like yet.

    • Thank you!

    • malek86

      I wonder why…. some companies seem reluctant to release numbered games to portable consoles. Not just BBS. Also look at Peace Walker, which Kojima once said was effectively MGS5. Or, for a slightly different example, they could have just released Strange Journey as SMT4. Squenix was pretty much the only one with the balls to actually release Dragon Quest “9” on the console.

      Like I said before, some people seem to have something against portables, but at the same time, companies aren’t doing much to try and dispel that kind of thinking.

      • Because when all the previous numbered games were on consoles, one would expect the sequels to be on consoles as well. To suddenly have the game be on a system that, in a lot of people’s opinions, my own included, is not meant for long-time play, feels like a betrayal of consumer loyalty. People supported the franchise on a console, previously, so they expect the money they invested in it to be rewarded with a sequel that they can actually play.

        As for “having something against portables,” I explained this a while back when I said that this trend of putting bigger games on portable systems is a trend that only happened in the last three years. The longer someone has been playing videogames, the less likely they are to be accepting of this. If you just started in the last few years, I can understand why you would be wondering what people have against them. If you had been playing since the NES days or longer, you’d understand. It would’ve been inconceivable for Sega or Nintendo to put a BIG sequel on the Gameboy or Game Gear. It was all smaller spin-off titles and that’s what we’ve become used to.

        And the reason for that is that many of us still view portable systems as something only to be played on a trip somewhere, in quick doses. If you’re at home, why would you want to play a portable when you have a perfectly good console set up on a big tv in your living room/bedroom/whatever? Maybe others can communicate their own reasons for this, but for me, if I am playing a game on a console, I’m investing my time. If I’m playing on a portable, that’s to pass the time.

        The obvious solution to this is to increase the definition of a “multiplatform” game. If 3DS games from Capcom, for example, are using an engine that can be used on the HD systems, why not make console ports of those games? Does anyone think that a PS3/360 version of, say, Megaman Legends 3 or Resident Evil: Revelations wouldn’t sell? Maybe even better than the portable version?

        I’m actually looking at getting a portable system in the near future because when you tour, there’s a lot of time where you just sit around and wait. I’m debating between a PSP and a 3DS (although that 3DS price is certainly turning me off), but here’s the thing. Whatever portable I get will collect dust when I’m home. I would certainly never play it here when I have a perfectly good PS3 to play and, although it would make sense for me to take on the subway with me, it would also take away from the time I use to think and write, most of which is done during subway trips or while walking somewhere.

        So, it’s not that anyone dislikes portable systems, it’s that some of us feel that they have a different function than a console.

        • PersonaBull

          Well thought out argument without pointless bashing <3

          As for other views on portables, I personally enjoy that around the house partly because I find the need to multitask. My concentration ability has generally always been lacking, so when gaming I usually have a tv or music along with AIM/MSN/phone conversations or family/friends around while I'm playing games (at some point or another I've done all these things at once. scary, I know..) Growing up, my family didn't care nearly as much about video games (and my mother actually would get motion sick just trying to watch), so I could usually only play around people (playing alone in my room does get quite lonely, after all) for very short amounts of time before I'd get yelled at for taking up all the TV time. Portable systems with full games, such as the more recent Birth By Sleep, help me to spend time with my family while they do what they like to do.

          Also, for my brief stint at college, if my friend was playing a console game in his or her room, a portable would generally be my only option for my own entertainment while we enjoyed each other's company and input on the games as we played, storyline or otherwise.

          These are probably reasons why I get offended at some of these comments claiming all the portable KH games are garbage spin-offs that are mere wastes of time. To me, a portable console is just that: a portable console. Sure, it doesn't have the visual power of the PS3, but that doesn't in any way limit the entertainment and storyline of the full-fledged game I'm enjoying without being tethered to a TV alone in my room.

          But that's just a personal example. Some other reasons why, even in the US, portable games in a series can be just as viable as their console counterparts. I'd often go to my local Borders to play my DS or PSP while having some overpriced dessert coffee or just generally loitering about. Plenty of people take their favorite activities on the go, regardless of how much time they consume. I'd often see when I went a chess club, a mahjhong club, or even the obvious book club.

          To sum what I'm trying to say up to the simplest way I can: I don't see why I have to limit gaming to being in my bedroom.

        • malek86

          I started playing some 18 years ago (my cousin gave me his old C64 when I was 6). Not only that, but previous to 2002 (the year I got a GBA), I never cared about portable games. Like you said, most of the games on Gameboy were just time wasters. Especially for a PC gamer, who was used to more complicated stuff. At least that’s what i thought.

          However, once I converted myself to consoles, a bit later I also tried a GBA… and discovered that, after all, the games weren’t that different from their console counterparts. Simpler, maybe, due to less buttons. But then, console games were already simpler than PC games anyway. A second change wasn’t nearly as traumatic for me as the first one. Then again, as a PC gamer who didn’t care about consoles until 2001, I know I probably can’t understand how console gaming was back then, or what console owners thought about portables. At least I can say I’ve tried everything :P

          That said. The 3DS (but even the PSP before it) is not like the GBA, with its 4 buttons and a handful of Megabits. Now portables have 3D graphics, and also a good number of buttons, and internet too. Not to mention, lots of space in their cartridges/discs. Today, there’s no real barrier to making a big game on a portable anymore.

          Saying that a console game is a time investment while a portable game is just to pass time… it’s not necessarily wrong, but what’s stopping me to treating portable games as an investment too? So it’s not necessarily right either.

          As for the consumer loyalty concept, it seems very relative to me. DQ9 broke the mold of not making sequels on portables, and it ended up selling more than all the other games in the series, and even did pretty well in the west. I think people are more interested in the games themselves, than in the system they run on.

          • PersonaBull

            I agree with this. I’ve been playing on consoles since Atari 2600 (Note: I was born in 1988, so this is merely what I’ve had a history of playing on) and the only consoles I haven’t owned since were Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, and Gamecube (all of which I still had the pleasure of playing with). I’ve been playing games all my life. Apparently I knew how to start up and play my grandfather’s PC games when I was just 3 years old, even. I enjoy playing for gameplay and for story, regardless of the combination of each element.

            Knowing all this, I can’t say that calling a portable game something to pass the time is any different than calling any video game merely something to pass the time. This is actually the argument I have with most non-gamers when they question why I can sit and enjoy playing video games on a nice beautiful day. It’s the hobby that I enjoy, regardless of what hardware I’m using for it. It’s no less meaningful than someone learning a craft, reading a book, or playing a sport.

            I also agree that portable consoles are in no way limited, either. The power of the 3DS is what is so astounding about it to me, not so much the fact that it displays in 3D. Our handheld systems have come a long way from the original Game Boy.

          • malek86

            Well, a portable does have some limitations. If I were to make a list of games that wouldn’t fit on a portable system, they would be either PC-type games with lots of buttons and menus on screen (such as strategicals, simulations, WRPGs, etc.), in which case however I also think they don’t really work on consoles either. And arcade-type games (such as fighters, some racers), only because they are supposed to be played with friends, which can’t be done on a single portable unit (but online partly makes up for it anyway).

            Everything else is fair game though.

          • PersonaBull

            For the record, I did mean limitations purely in the sense of storytelling space, which can at times limit it visually (KH 358/2 Days had what my friend called “pancake hands”). They aren’t limited to extremely simple stories and gameplay elements.

            Technically speaking, as you pointed out, the PS3/Xbox360 have plenty of limitations in comparison to PCs as well. I simply meant that portables can be big games, too. :)

        • Completely understandable on the portable front, and I appreciate that you explained it in such a level-headed way. Thanks! Like malek, I grew up as a PC gamer (despite being into anime really early on in life) until I was in my mid-teens, so maybe we simply have a different outlook on things. :)

          What’s annoying is to see the same posts complaining about “KH3” from the same people every time something about Kingdom Hearts is even mentioned, and it prevents any sort of productive discussion about the current game.

          It’s also that people feel like they have the right to complain without fully understanding all the facts. The KH team is working on Versus XIII (hi there, PS3 owners), which they’re probably trying to get done ASAP. What do people expect them to do with KH in the mean time? Let it just stagnate?

          The Osaka team that did Birth by Sleep (and are now doing 3D) have proven themselves more than capable of handling the series and completing development relatively quickly on the portable side. These games have also been selling extremely well. Of course they’re going to keep making more of them.

          I wish people would understand that Japan is primarily a portable market now. Those systems are the ones they’re most comfortable developing on, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. If people want “more Japanese games,” they need to be able to accept them on the systems that the Japanese prefer to develop them on.

          Sure, they also make a few great console games every now and then, but a lot of Japan’s talent is dedicated to portable systems because that’s where they believe the current (and future) market is.

          • No worries.

            See, I started as a console gamer, way back in the early 80’s with the Colecovision and also the local arcade, which I’d spend all my Saturday’s at. It wasn’t until the big videogame crash that I even played anything on a computer and that was mostly the Infocom text adventures and the Sierra games like King’s Quest. At the same time, I was teaching myself how to program in basic on the ADAM add-on for the Coleco.

            When more advanced PC games came out, I wasn’t able to get into them, because I had been so used to console systems. For example, I couldn’t play more an hour of Alice on a friend’s PC before the lack of a controller just frustrated me too much.

            So, yeah, I think we are definitely coming at it from two different perspectives. I’m coming at it as a life-long console gamer.

        • PSP is cooler, and makes you feel with style, and a sexy screen, get that one first :D and wait until 3DS price gets lower. Unless you just want to get one, then surely the 3DS sounds more attractive.

          I read everything you said, i could understand, but i do really play everything at the same degree, i could spend hours in my bed playing psp or ds with some earphones and be happy, or play ps3 or wii everyonce in a while, i cant really play too much outside (because my country is not that secure) anyway.

          And yes, i really disliked when they announced chain of memories, i got mad because i had to go off my tracks to get the freaking GBA game, and knowing is a sequel, i HAD to get it, imagine my surprise when they announced the ps2 version. That is another thing im disliking as well, then psp, then DS, now the 3DS, wtf!! and this one seems to be important for the main story, i got no choice but to get it, i would get it anyway but now i feel im going everywhere just to keep following the story of a game i like, and it really makes me lose interest, no matter how much i like the game.

        • Joanna

          To add to PersonaBull: I’ve also been gaming, albeit more lightly since the NES and it wasn’t until the GBC that I got really into games. So there is definitely some personal bias on my part with me almost exclusively playing on portables since the GBC (I’ll only play on the consoles when no one is home and thus I cannot be disturbed). I got my GBC right when Pokemon was getting big and I got it because my cousins had the games and I wanted to play them too. (I still remember it; me and my mom had to go through multiple stores to find one with a GBC in stock, I wouldn’t wait a few days for them to ship. I was such an impatient child. lol.) My family was pretty strict about buying too many expensive electronics, so I just had my GBC and I sort of kept it that way: I went for the GBA and only the GBA afterwards, and only picked up a PS2 way down the line. Got a DS first and then picked up a Wii and PS3 later (both of which my brother uses a lot more than me…even though I own a good handful of games I could be playing on them…)

          Then there is also the problem of the TV. My house has two TVs, and I could probably use one of them at any time except the evening when both are being used by family members….but I hate playing games around people…I don’t why, but I find it distracting when someone watches (probably because my brother had a bad habit of talking too much when watching me play and it drove me nuts! It would be especially bad if it was a game he already played…he would try to tell me what to do and I wanted to figure that out for myself so I stopped playing when he was home…) and I hate having my story segments disturbed. Since my room has a lock, I can simply snuggle in my bed with a portable with headphones on and no one can disturb me. And thus my preference for portable gaming. This is just my case though, PersonaBull provides more normal examples. xD

      • Apollokids

        Again very simple. Look at where people stood when they found out Valkyria Chronicles 2 would be on the psp. Made alot of gamers unhappy.

      • I agree; I think that’s a mistake, too. Like you said, Square Enix had the foresight to do it with Dragon Quest IX, and that worked incredibly well for them.

    • Apollokids

      ZZZ… =__= its not the number that people care about it is the continuation of the story. We want an end- closure. We want the game to be on the ps3. And for the record, they ALWAYS say the same thing. New worlds, new enemies. Well no duh, because people will think twice about buying if its the same rehash from a previous game. We were happy when we got 1 or 2 spinoffs. But then it became their business plan. See, it gets to the point where the market so so saturated with Kingdom Hearts games that the Whole of the series diminishes in value. It’s Enough. We get it, no one is denying that BirthBS is a great game- now make KH3 and FINISH THE STORY.

      • 3 Spinoffs isn’t too far from 2. And out of the group, the only one that doesn’t advance the story is 358. I’d say 2/3 is a pretty good record (Or 3/4, if you count CoM as a spinoff, which I don’t). And for finishing the story, well, Nomura has already been planting seeds for things to come after the Xehanort Saga, so I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

        Just as people have been clamoring for a KH3, they’ve also been asking for a Riku game. As long as the story is being continued, I don’t see why people are so upset, other than having to buy a new console for it.

      • PersonaBull

        The question I’m always asking at this comment is: closure for what? Before all these “side games” all there was to go on for a KH3 was a message in a bottle. There was no reason to finish the story, since, from what we knew, that particular story was completed. It wasn’t really until Birth By Sleep that a KH3 even mattered to anyone, aside from the secret video in KH2 that answered that call. Nomura hasn’t lead anyone on with lies and fake stories. He’s been quite straight-up with the world about his plans with the Kingdom Hearts series.

        I don’t quite understand why everyone seems so intent on disrupting an artist during his work in the first place. He will create whatever game he wants to create, as it’s his work. He wants to make it the best way he thinks it can unfold. Who are you to demand otherwise? Are you making billion-dollar industry games? What experience or talent do you have that a world-renowned game designer simply can’t comprehend?

        Speaking of, what a surprise: a business with quite the profitable business plan! With you complainers always whining for the end of the series, why would such a profitable series be shut down so quickly? Regardless of Nomura’s intentions (which I find to be just fine, as I very much enjoy these “garbage side-games”), who’s to say people like you will stick around for the next adventure after KH3? Nomura has stated he wants to keep going with Sora as the main character even after this particular arc concludes, but you guys all seem to want the series completely done with. From a business standpoint, it’s pretty easy to figure out the order of priorities: zip up all loose ends by KH3 and start with a fresh franchise.

        • Billion dollar industry games? The Kingdom Heats spinoffs are truly that profitable. I do not think anyone said for Kingdom Hearts to end, just for a true three to be made, surely one would have a longing to know what happens next, like one would have wanted to know, what happened before (via BBS). And to be honest some of the games stories really rivaled that of average level fan fictions and were really nothing to write home about. Maybe the games are fast to make and generate a nice stream of info, but KH3 would do the same and then he could make a fourth one and be on with it. I thought one even said Disney was pressuring him to make a third one as well, so other business associates want it too, not just fans. Im quite sure one would get more money from console games than from…portables, especially in this day and age of high definition console dominance in the western world for third partys…

          • PersonaBull

            Did you even read the comment I responded to? Also, you’re not someone I want to hear about writing capabilities from. What exactly makes you so sure a portable game has no chance of meeting expectations of a console game? LovePlus didn’t bring in enough revenue to you? Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker didn’t sell enough units? Monster Hunter 3? Dragon Quest IX?

            Construct a valid argument with sources to your claims I’ve never seen before, please.

          • Loveplus came out in the states and beyond? None of the titles you mentioned did excellently beyond JPN I thought.

            Otherwise Im sorry and take my leave.

          • PersonaBull

            You’re kidding if you think Japan-based companies depend on worldwide sales. There’s actually quite the awkward stigma on plenty of Japanese games in the west, regardless of being on a console or portable platform. A Japanese video game company doesn’t lose a dime by not localizing a finished product. Sales in the west merely need to cover localization costs, so by breaking even any title does excellently beyond JPN.

            Besides that, I was citing the first couple of examples that popped into my head, one of which I left out because I felt it was quite obvious: Birth By Sleep, which came rather close to matching Japan’s sales to date:
            Comparing those figures to KH2, in terms of units sold, you’d probably be right and a console sequel would probably be more profitable. But, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Why go all out and finish hard before you can make that much on a portable, like they did with BbS? My point was that. Businesses don’t make money off a single big title alone. It takes many smaller victories to win the war of business, my friend.

            I’m sorry if I left it up to you to figure that out, and I’d honestly rather you not leave. You wont learn anything that way. Come at me and grow from the experience. I didn’t say never post here again, I said to construct a valid argument with sources. I’d be willing to take what you said as true and admit being wrong if you could back it up with anything other than “from what you’ve heard.” That’s what discussions are all about, man.

          • … I thought the first title you’ve played in this series was Birth by Sleep. You’re just parroting what people who are spouting negative rhetoric about the series are saying there. And your mixing up that info too while your at it. The only game that people say Nomura was pressured to make was the original Chain of Memories on the GBA.

          • Although the first title Ive played extensively in the series (>80hrs) was Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (the best IMO), Ive played other Kingdom Hearts titles, owning and playing them to completion myself an entirely different matter. I do not think Im that negative about the series (all the games had great mechanics, the story is a different matter)

      • I don’t want an end, i want a story that moves forward, they can do all the spinoff w/e they want, but at least dont take so much to finish the story, many friends told me that before playing KH3 they will have to replay 1 and 2 so they can remember the story well, seriously im starting to forget things as well, and i dont really have time to replay games just to remember…

        • I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way to trigger your memory about the important plot points in the series in KHIII. I mean they did do that for KH in KHII.

          • PersonaBull

            Really, you could watch the intro video for Kingdom Hearts 2 that goes over the first game and CoM’s main plot points for a refresher and then the Blank Points secret video in Birth by Sleep. Those should be enough when added to what will be another compilation at the beginning of KH3 to jog your memory enough to keep up with the series if you’ve played all the titles before.

          • Yeah i hope they do that, but there will surely be those kind of curious things that is pretty cool when you discover then by yourself when you know everything too well, and you are like, –oh! so this is … or, oh he is!… or he did this before!– and thsoe kind of stuff, i remember i used to know everyone in organization XII or was it XIII?… Now im like, uh? Axel who?

        • Just look at the Opening of Re:Coded.

          • Saw it, so what? It didnt told me anything im intested the name of Organization XIII and each one of their personalities, and all that has happened between all the chars? nope. Im not talking about basic stuff like, OHHH SORA KILLED XENOHART oR WHATEVA i dont even remember his name or why he did what he did, and i barely even remember some of the unknown too.

            Im obviously not talking about main stuff like endings or opening of the games, there is a lot into kingdom hearts, ahh i still remember when i read all the secret reports

          • All you have to do is pop-in your KH2 disc and look at the journal for the names of the org. Members. Infact, just read the journal for pretty much all you need to know. As far as Org. Interactions go, 358 didn’t even do a good job of that.

            Xehanort is his name. It’s kinda memorable… Maybe I remember this stuff Cause I still play KH2FM on and off these days, but this stuff doesn’t seem THAt hard to remember…

  • joesz

    awesome artwork! but man those shoes are just too big:) I can basically live in there.

    I hope we get a new trailer or something about this by 17 January.

  • The more KH the better! Can’t get enough =) Bring Re:CoM to the UK to!

  • So is this a remake of the first Kingdom Hearts? I’m not against that actually seeing as how I never got around to finishing the first one.

    But come on Square Enix, at least more news on Kingdom Hearts 3 this year please :D

    • PersonaBull

      I’m looking at the wall of comments underneath this article and wondering if you even glanced at any of it. I’ll save Isshan the trouble of responding to the same comment again with the links he would have:

      Honestly, it’s like nobody is even reading these articles.

      • “I’m looking at the wall of comments underneath this article and wondering if you even glanced at any of it. ”

        Not till now :) And that was only because I was checking who liked my comments :D

        Actually i did miss the first story. The second I read but forgot to take in the “that nearly every Disney locale in Kingdom Hearts 3D will be entirely new.” (I was speed reading ^_^)

        I don’t see anything wrong with asking for more Kingdom Hearts 3 info to be revealed this year :D

        …Yup all points covered…A remake of the 1st one would be awesome. Or better they just ported Final Mix to the western 3DS :D

        • PersonaBull

          I agree with the anticipation for KH3 info sometime this year <3. I was just facepalming a bit from the "So is this a remake of the first Kingdom Hearts?" comment due to the repeated explanation that Kingdom Hearts 3DS is a continuation after the events of KH2 and in no way a remake.

          The baseless negativity surrounding Square-Enix in general lately has me a little frustrated, so I'm sorry if I came off as snappy :/ I just don't understand people sometimes.

          • Nah it’s fine. It was a comment I made based of the screenshots (it looked like Traverse Town) and didn’t bother to check up -via comments and previous news-

            Still the screenshots do give of that impression of a remake. So I’m afraid you’re likely going to be hearing that around you, if not on here >_<

  • PersonaBull

    I can’t wait to see a full trailer for this. I’m as excited for KH3DS as I was for 358/2 Days. I really wish I could see the full concept trailer, at least. Maybe once the 3DS has demo spaces in stores the trailer will be on that.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      All your comments are fantastic. That’s probably why I’ve liked all of them xD. First time I’ve seen anyone defend/discuss the games as well as you have. Pure quality :D

      • PersonaBull

        Haha, thank you. I’m really just a fan, though. I just can’t understand why people have the rage-filled reaction to news about a game they supposedly enjoy getting any kind of sequel/prequel, especially when the game they complain about most is 100% going to come out eventually. It’s not like there’s any chance of otherwise happening, and it’ll even be localized with full voice casting! It’s just very…frustrating to see fellow fans act so childish about things like that usually without any logical argument :/

        • It’s not like this started a week ago or so, these childish rage filled fans exist for years now, and if you want to stay healthy you shouldn’t take what they say to heart, ’cause it just starts to really hurt sometimes, believe me, it’s brutal..

          • PersonaBull

            Ehhh, I wont lose sleep over them at all. Besides that, differing opinions I feel are necessary for world progress, anyway. Even if it’s just to prove them wrong, it’ll be good for them to learn something, right? I don’t believe in holding things in if such an act robs someone of learning something new. That, and as I said earlier, I could be proven wrong! It’s better to give people a chance to form and voice their own opinion than be silent while they all parrot at the few willing to defend what they enjoy.

          • Aye, I agree with you, good sir. :D
            Though most of the extreme ones are too stubborn, or one sided or whatever to even think about what other people say, or at least think about what they say(heck most don’t even have facts or other things to present). But yeah you’re right. :)

      • Agreed. Persona is my favorite person on the site right now.

  • adam483t

    Love Sora’s expression in the first picture.

    This, coupled with the “enhanced facial features” in BBSFM, makes it seem like the characters in future games are going to have a lot more emotion to them.

    This makes sense, since all of the new games will be on newer systems. I can’t wait to see the new graphics for the new games!

  • Quite honestly I just don’t get a spark when I hear kingdom hearts anymore. I still enjoy it, but after KH2 I just didn’t pick up another game. I was very content with just reading the entire story, spoilers and all. I remember seeing screen shots of KH1 in a gaming magazine at my grandmothers house years ago. I remember jumping for joy when I read “Final Fantasy meets Disney”. The wonder that was in my eyes as I played the game. I had a similar feeling for number 2. All I want is a game that takes me back to magical feeling of fantasy and adventure. A game that just makes me smile. That is all I want, no matter the console.

  • Joanna

    You weren’t kidding when you said the trailer was tiny! I am excited for the game, mainly because I enjoy the gameplay and exploring Disney worlds, which will be all new for this one. :)

    I’m not going to complain just yet because I haven’t read anything about it, but I am worried about the story. I really hope Nomura can weave this game into the timeline without having to resort to anything sloppy like time travel, dreams, memory loss, etc. But I guess BBS tied the Riku/Sora/Ven thing together well, as well as the other points, so I shouldn’t worry too much. :)

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