Giana Sisters DS Jumps And Stomps To North America

By Spencer . January 9, 2011 . 11:38am

Thanks to an ESRB leak we know ex-Fullmetal Alchemist publisher Destineer picked up Giana Sisters DS. The original game, The Great Giana Sisters, stirred up a bit of controversy since it’s strikingly similar to a game with two running and jumping plumbers. You know which one…




A German developer brought the series from the Amiga to the Nintendo DS with Giana Sisters DS. Giana Sisters DS still has running, jumping, stomping, and fireball throwing, but now has its own style.




That’s the game Destineer is bringing to North America sometime in the future.

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  • malek86

    The C64 had some pretty bad stuff and lots of clones, but the good games were really good.

  • ECM

    Huh, I imported that seemingly ages ago and it’s a great little platformer and virtually nothing like its Mario-a-like forebear except in the most generic of ways.

  • I can’t believe Nintendo are letting this be published when the original game was taken off store shelves within a week. After watching a gameplay video, it still has a huge amount in common with Super Mario Bros. The brick blocks look exactly the same, there are multiple-coin blocks; all that’s really new here is a graphical update. I guess Nintendo are fine with generic rip-offs of their games as long as they get a piece of the pie. :/

    • Testsubject909

      It’s business. And anyways, if the game is fun enough and good enough in quality, it might feel more like an homage then a derivative piece of work.

      It all depends on how you look at it… Unless you find out the intentions of those who worked behind it, in which case that’ll definitely color your opinion.

    • The developers of the original game contacted Nintendo to ask for a license of Super Mario Bros. to port it to the computer standards popular in Europe at the time. Nintendo declined, but that didn’t stop them from releasing their own version of it.

  • pedrron

    I for one can’t wait! What the world needs is more platformers!! Well, good ones at least.

  • caddyalan

    I didn’t expect this announcement. Especially since people say that DS game software isn’t selling any more, and since the 3DS is just around the corner… Well, if I see Giana Sisters on the shelves, I just might buy it.

  • *yawns* It still looks generic and pretty ugly, it looks more like an SNES game than a DS one.

  • Its “own style” still dosen’t look that much more different to Mario’s…Wow that sounds like something a jaded gamer would say.

    Well whatever, still not interested.

  • I can’t recommend this one (played Euro version about a year ago).

    While of course a ripoff, the original had some good physics and stages, the latter similar to jp. Mario 2/Lost Levels in terms of enemy placement, gimmicks and traps.

    This new Giana Sisters feels like a light version, with not enough good new stuff to compensate. Everything was designed to make things very forgiving, SPOILER: >>> This becomes highly obvious when playing the hidden classic stages, but with the new gameplay intact: You are so mobile that the once well designed stages become too simple<<<

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