The Xperia Play Playing PsOne Games

By Spencer . January 10, 2011 . 9:02am

It’s not exactly a "PSP phone," but the PSPgo (or Mylo 2) styled Xperia Play can play PsOne games. A video shows a leaked phone running ROMs of Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer.



While a bunch of Xperia Play videos have surfaced, Sony itself has not said anything official about the device’s ability to play PlayStation games or its specs.

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  • See, now, why can’t my phone do that? :(
    All it does is makes calls, who the heck wants a phone that can only do that?

    • I wouldn’t mind a phone that could also access the internet. But that’s just me.

  • Well its a start, though, what in the world would inspire one to wanna play olde PSOne games on this phone device (considering many of what I guess the most coveted games have seen rereleases in numerous forms by now), I cant even think of any reason.

    I wish they would try mini’s or something, that is far more lucrative, and I like PS Minis! (Carnivores!)

  • androvsky

    Most android phones can play PS1 games, there’s a PS1 emulator on the app store. Bet the Xperia Play can run SNES games too! Won’t that be a headline!

    (there’s already an SNES emu on the store too. Also, any app that uses the 2.3 SDK can take advantage of the controls on that Xperia phone).

  • Crap. Crap. Megacrap.

  • This is definitely one of the PSOne emulators already available on the Android Market. If it was official, they would be showing off the Analog Sticks (especially since they were playing the Dual Shock version of RE2).

  • Just get the 3ds/psp2 for gaming.

    This really isnt.

  • Before anyone gets excited – and as various posters have said below – this is just someone running an emulation.

    With that said, the fact it can use the gamepad is actually a great thing. Still I want to see games not emulated games before I decide if the PlayStation phone is worth investing in.

  • Xekyo

    the gamepad is a plus but the iPhone has already been able to emulate ps1 games alongside GBA, SNES and some others as well.

  • tubers

    Not to really to diss on the good news w/c is dpad and face button support for PSOne games but it’s just on the android emulator and not on Sony’s “real” software or pseudo PSN :(

    But hey, at least no more awkwardness in all other emulators because of the dpad and face buttons.

    Now, please show this has semi next-gen handheld games [pre-PSP2 games](something that looks 3x better than PSP1 games and uses that weird anaogue pad).

    • Gestahl

      I’ll be more than satisfied if this will become my emulation/ScummVM machine. Tangible buttons rock!

  • AdamBoy64

    I’m pretty interested in this – my old phone just has to hold on long enough till this is released. I think I’m more interested in it for the phone side – if someone already had a ‘smartphone’ they were happy with then this might not appeal to them much.

    However, if it doesn’t connect to PSN or have access to the online PSP catalogue, then yeah – that’d be – interesting (eg. bad).

  • Tokyo Guy

    Let me preface this by saying I bought the PSPGo on the first day of launch here in Japan, and then bought another the next month (I decided I wanted black instead of white). I like digital downloads because it alleviates the hassle of carrying around discs, it (potentially) saves battery life, etc. In the past I could never see myself buying the digital versions of games because I loved the physical media (be it the manual, the actual disc, the box, etc) but now it’s like I’m only going to look at it MAYBE once or twice, so why even bother?

    With that said, some of the tech sites-especially the more knowledgeable readers-are pointing out that the hardware inside this phone isn’t capable of running PSP games, which (if true) would be a major drawback for this product, especially given that Sony ideally wants to increase the rate of digital downloads. If it can run PSOne games that’s good I suppose.

    As for battery, I have imported a Nexus S which apparently has a “longer lasting” battery because of Android 2.3 and yet it really doesn’t seem to last that much longer. If you play a game (i.e. the backlight is on continuously) then the battery drains quite fast. I can’t see Sony making this with a sufficient battery, especially given that it’s basically the same size as the PSP Go, AND it needs to run constant phone functions in addition to the game aspect.

    I kind of see this as Sony wanting to have something new to offer around the 3DS release, and with the idea that the mobile game market will be more profitable than the portable one (in theory). It probably WILL sell well though, given that so many people are partial to Sony products, but I can’t help but wonder if the release of the Arc will overshadow this…

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